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Black Man Walking

The Oscars was the last straw. The “white” Oscars. The Academy Awards don’t just determine who is the “best” in a category, the winners see more new moviegoers and as a result, inform mass consciousness– of a nation and the world. “The Oscars” show an appreciation for art that conveys pathos like no other medium; pop culture tends […]

Haunting and the Creative Impulse and an Inner Michael Update

Announcement and Update: Hello and welcome back. Sort of. I am saying “welcome back” because Inner Michael has been experiencing technical difficulties. My web host had some security issues and then upgraded the security. Meanwhile, the comments didn’t work and nobody could leave a comment. A reader suggested I let you know what has been […]

Aliza Hava: New Artist working With MJ Grammy winner colleague.

Aliza Hava is an amazing artist and an amazing individual. I met and spent time with Aliza in San Francisco during Compassion Week in November. Aliza is a singer songwriter who has dedicated her life to changing the world through songs and lyrics with a message and as a social justice activist. She has caught the […]

When they say “why why?” Tell ’em That it’s Human Nature

Or, “We welcome only what we can cope with.”

WE WELCOME ONLY WHAT WE CAN COPE WITH. This may be the most important thing you will ever learn or know about Human Nature: “We welcome only what we can cope with.” George Santayana said “All living souls welcome whatever they are ready to cope with; all else they ignore, or pronounce to be monstrous and wrong, or […]

Tabloid Update and Another Kind of Earth Song

From an educator in the UK: “Regarding tabloids: We sit back, read and revel in it today – and you can be sure that one day, it might well be us, our loved ones, our children tomorrow. Excellent piece, Barbara. (She is speaking here of a previous post.) However, coming from the UK and having […]

Dead Man Walking – DS

There is no celebration in this death. Death is not a punishment. Nor is cancer. Cancer is not karma– for good people die too and young children without any opportunity to create karma die of cancer every day. It is a usually slow and painful ending to life. But it is not reserved exclusively for those thought to […]

Bullying the Earth: Earth Song in Another Key

A SLEEP OF PRISONERS Dark and cold we may be, but this Is no winter now. The frozen misery Of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move; The thunder is the thunder of the floes, The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring. Thank God our time is now when wrong Comes up to face us everywhere, […]

Will You Be There for “Words and Violence?”

When Michael Jackson died, what died with him was redemption. Any chance of him being publicly redeemed was gone with him. And even if by some miracle he would be magically redeemed from the dark projections of the world, he would not be here to see it. His passing left a lot of questions. What the […]

Your world -Your Neverland

What is an innocent? What does that mean? When I think of a person who is “an innocent,” I think of someone pure of heart who hasn’t let the world taint him. I think of someone who still believes in magic.; someone who hugs trees because he or she knows they love hugs; maybe he’s […]

Myth of The “Tortured Genius”

“No artist is ahead of his time. He is his time, it’s just that others are behind the times.” ~ Martha Graham A romantic myth keeps “crazy” linked to “artist” and genius. What neuroscience has to say about it… From the Huffington Post: The Myth of The Tortured Genius by Sarah Klein, Senior Editor Health […]