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Review and Revolution

In response to reading Those Crazy Michael Jackson Fans…” someone just wrote me a comment about Michael and their experience after his passing. I share it because I think it echoes the sentiment of lots of people: “Hello, this was nicely written. I felt the very things you wrote about, I wasn’t a fan […]

A Little Latin Jackson

It translated perfectly to Latin. It lost nothing in the translation but indeed gained a kind of unfamiliar joy that made sitting still difficult. Some in the audience couldn’t sit still but jumped up to Salsa in the aisles. If the sitting was difficult, the melancholy was impossible. It was equally hard not to break into a smile from the […]

August 29 would have been a birthday

Only a racist cares about what color or shade someone’s skin is. Is it too dark for you? Maybe too light? “She is so light-skinned, she could pass for white.” “He is really dark skinned. Probably African.” “You certainly don’t look Native American!” “I love your hair; OK if I touch it?” “But you don’t […]

Not to be Forgotten: the view at Forest Lawn 6/25/2015


Remembering the Man, not the Myth

Today is a difficult anniversary for many. On June 25, in 2009, a unique soul left the planet. Some say that the leave-taking was palpable. It certainly was felt round the world as mourners gathered to console each other, dance, sing, celebrate a life and weep in the streets. It had been a long time […]

Another Word About and From Patrick Treacy

Dr. Patrick Treacy, M.D. from Ireland, wasn’t just Michael Jackson’s Cosmetic Surgeon; he was a friend. After his trial in 2005, Michael left Bahrain and landed in the rolling green countryside of County Westmeath in Ireland at a homestead that featured a recording studio and living quarters. Owned by Paddy and Clare Dunning, Grouse Lodge, a converted cowshed, was […]

Black Music Royalty… Matters

Now the thrill is gone. Another icon has left us this week. Another legendary king has left us– B.B. King passed away at 89 after having a series of strokes. Forbes is reporting that the streams featuring King have gone up by 10,000 percent. What will happen now to “Lucille” because nobody player her like BB. In fact, nobody played […]

Every Earth Needs a Song… (Earth Day 2015)

The Charter for Compassion International Front Page News: Earth Day 2015 “It turns out that we are all in some stage of grief about what is happening to our planet—whether we are conscious of that grief or not. Journalist Richard Schiffman writes about this phenomenon in “The Five Stages of Environmental Grief” included in […]

Media Too, is a Mirror

Read this article in Italian Someone wrote, sent links to articles and requested that I say something about the ethics of journalism– given the recent slips of integrity in Journalism- citing in particular, the Rolling Stone article about a woman called Jackie and her rape at the University of Virginia campus. It’s a story that has […]

Fake Babies

A recent issue of Panorama Italian Magazine featured a story about the designers Dolce and Gabbana. In the article, Dolce expressed his distaste for gay couples having fake children. He condemned not gay marriage, but gay parenting. Curious, because both Dolce and Gabbana are gay. In fact, they used to be a couple. Now they […]