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Remembering the Man, not the Myth

Today is a difficult anniversary for many. On June 25, in 2009, a unique soul left the planet. Some say that the leave-taking was palpable. It certainly was felt round the world as mourners gathered to console each other, dance, sing, celebrate a life and weep in the streets. It had been a long time since a death found people weeping in the streets. The last time that occurred was when the “people’s princess,” Lady Diana Spencer was killed in an auto accident in Paris.

It’s not often that people flood into the streets to publicly grieve, and to hold each other while they try to hold it together. Nine-Eleven, the assassinations of the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, and John Lennon brought people together in their sorrow as they openly wept in public. It’s reserved for the beloved few.

Jackson’s death set many things in motion. Of course, as was to be expected, the initial response by the tabloids and gossip venues was a kind of exploitive glee in their luck of an opportunity to rehash old rumors and tales of the “strange,” “eccentric,” “bizarre” and “scandalous” life of Michael Jackson. For days a man who had been bullied, mocked and humiliated in front of the whole world as he grew up was fodder for bashing the deceased and beating up a corpse. Some of the remarks like those of a KTLA radio personality were horrifying. And after they finished with Michael Jackson, they started on his fans.

A reporter who had obsessed about and stalked Jackson for years sunk the final stinger into already cold flesh by crafting a story about his crypt and how it was once populated by a variety of miscreants and ghouls. A check with the staff proved the claims to be patently false. The reporter appears obsessed and compulsive in her venomous attacks on someone she disparaged over a lifetime making up or exaggerating stories to make them more salacious. Her training was an initiation in the tabloid industry and tabloid TV. The tabloid industry, in a six month study turned out to be a revealing and very dark place. The tactics are credo in how the industry works. Mainstream media followed when they found that a “Michael Jackson” story brought eyes to the page and viewers to the screen. Over the week of his death, the “reporting” degraded more and more while at the same time people who had essentially abandoned him in his greatest time of need claimed to be his best friend. A gay man and partner of a flamboyant entertainer claimed to have had sex with him. A virile man and competent lover according to the women who knew him intimately, he was far from a homosexual. It seemed everybody tried to cash in on their 15 minutes of fame at Michael expense, yet one last time.

Called a “tragic figure” and fallen super star, it was time for the last cheap shots and the last squeeze of cash from the cow now slain and only good for quartering and carving one last time for yet more consumption.

Since then there have been many attacks on character particularly by certain journalists who exploited his life coming through any information that would make good tabloid headlines. And there has been a trial by the man who killed him and several books– some scholarly, some biographical, and once again some accurate but most not.

There have also been courses developed from prestigious universities, social philosophers, musicologists and more. It is being revealed over time just how intellectual and clever Jackson was with his coda and the symbolism and commentary embedded in his work.

It’s being revealed what a generous philanthropist he was supporting scores of charities and leaving part of his estate to charity, and how he hosted thousands of disadvantaged children at Neverland over the years. His speech at Oxford has been studied and is widely available for anyone who wants to know his philosophy about children. It has even emerged what a wonderful father he was and how bright, charming, polite and intellectual his children are.

The thing about treachery and doing unethical things all the while knowing it’s shady, is that eventually it catches up with you. When faced with a choice of light or the shadow of treachery and debauchery, when the choice is for shadow, the cost is a piece of the soul. Repeat that fool’s choice enough times, and the price is becoming soul-less.

There are now multiple books written by the people who actually knew Jackson and their description of his character and behavior is so opposed to the fairy tale from the tabloids as to be hardly recognizable. As more and more truth of the genius of the man emerges and his true nature is revealed, the harder it becomes for those who calculated and strategized how to exploit to hide their own dark side. Not only do we run from our own shadow nature, but we project it onto others– many times on those who least deserve it. So when someone begins to disparage an historic and iconic figure, look for projections the individual is hiding from herself. And having left a trail of destruction instead of contribution, fear will visit along with desperation. They will sweat. And as they do, there will be the last gasps of debauchery and cover up.

As someone just said recently in this space, indeed, “Truth is on the march.” It would be such a relief to cheer for humanity instead of cursing them all the time, don’t you think? That day is coming. It will mark a victory for humankind.

Man Behind the Myth- new version in HD






  1. Katherine Joyce said . . .

    Thank you for publishing this documentary.

    After Michael’s death I read and watched everything I could find at our local library trying to learn the truth.

    I think this documentary should be re-published every June 25th and every August 29th.

    Thank You.

    Posted July 23, 2015 at 2:23 pm | Permalink
  2. Valentin said . . .

    Thanks for sharing this documentary, I’d never seen it. The tributes from people who’ve met him are amazing. I’ve written a tribute of my own to mark the 6 years, focusing on MJ’s inspirations. I think as well as his humanitarian work, ironically his music seems to often left out of discussion. Anyway I’d be most grateful for your feedback if you’d like a read 🙂

    Posted July 29, 2015 at 8:09 pm | Permalink

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