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Voices Education Project featured two articles from Inner Michael- One is the WMD article posted on this site and the other is a tribute to Michael in the ‘Playback’ section of Voices: ‘Michael Jackson: Spiritual Messenger Hiding in Plain Sight.’

As a result of the interest in the subject of words that injure and the desire to make a change in Michael’s name… Voices Education Project and Inner Michael with One Wordsmith teamed up with Jackson admirers to develop a curriculum for school children called “Words and Violence” that examines the power of words and the effect of words used as weapons.

Michael Jackson’s family of admirers participated in this exciting adventure and they are hoping will put a little love back into the world.

The development began with case studies. If any of those who follow Inner Michael or visit here have ever had an encounter where words hurt, then you are invited to write a case study that will be considered for inclusion in the curriculum.

To make it less intimidating, there is an outline of how to construct a case study here. We need the stories. If you wish to submit one send us your idea. Most of the contributors were not writers or educators. All cases were completely raw materials and volunteer writers and editors help the contributors with their entries.

Putting a case study together is an extremely empowering experience so we encourage you to experiment with it. A completed case study may be found at that has been professionally edited and accepted at George Washington University’s Founding Case Authors’ contributions to the business school and women’s studies programs.

Case Study Outline:

What is the issue/s? What is the conflict or tension? The premise?
What is the setting? Where does this take place?
Who are the central characters?
What is your role is any?
Is there something unusual about the case/characters/situation/result?
Say something in the first sentence that will get your reader’s attention to draw their interest.
Ex: “I have met the enemy and I can assure you he is us…”

What happened to lead us up to this point?
What was the event or tension that created the issue or problem?
Tell the story of the “becoming” of/in this case
Ex: “I don’t know how I lived for 30 years on this planet without realizing that…”

What is relevant to the issue?
Is this a contemporary issue?
Are there other factors that impact this case?
Is there a decision to be made?
Just tell the story as it unfolds/unfolded- in chronological order: This happened; that led to this; and as a result; and finally….
Help us “get the picture”
Who are the key players? What were their roles?
Give a timeline if that is relevant
Spin the tale, tell the story, narrate the situation for us
Ex: “Women are still not treated as equals in business and it undermines our economy…” [Evidence]

Did you take a position?
Make a decision?
Have a suggested solution?
Frame the problem and identify the collaborative efforts if any
How did this affect? What outcome worked or did not work?
Does this matter need more attention?
What are the/your suggestions?
How might this be resolved?
Ex: “More people need to make the commitment to recognize their own tendency to stereotype… If we begin to change the language we use to…”

Insert dialogue only if it creates interest/ has relevance/ helps to flesh out the case

Discussion Questions:
What questions came up for you or others related to the case?
Is there a solution? A resolution? Ask your reader: “How would you…”
Are there human interest features to the story? How? What?
What was learned or should be learned?
Does the case call for change? How? Why?
Things that cause dissonance are a great source for questions: what made you uneasy?
Ex: “How would you have handled the insult of….?”