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Review and Revolution

In response to reading Those Crazy Michael Jackson Fans…”

someone just wrote me a comment about Michael and their experience after his passing. I share it because I think it echoes the sentiment of lots of people:

“Hello, this was nicely written. I felt the very things you wrote about, I wasn’t a fan prior to his death and I actually believed that he was guilty and just got away because he had money but when he died I got curious why the world was impacted by his passing. I watched a tribute by one of the music channels in my country and I was truly amazed by the songs and videos. I somehow remembered them from my childhood. I was still a skeptic and I still thought he was a child molester so I went on to read articles written about him, both pro and anti –Michael Jackson and I saw how the claims were ridiculous. I looked for videos of him speaking and found him extremely shy and when he was around children. I saw how careful he was holding them. I started to question the child molester label people put on him though I still think he let the wrong people in his life.

I felt sorry how the man was set up and bullied by the media and i felt that people, especially where he was from, have a bad habit of raising someone up and dragging them all the way down when they got too famous.

I didn’t really know about his charitable works then but when I was watching an interview of the people who met him during his tour to the Philippines in 1996, all they said were good things about the man, how gentle mannered he was, how he was so kind to visit an orphanage and gave ample donation to a hospital, and how kind he was to the hotel staffs.

I guess it’s true that we’ll only realize someone’s worth once they are gone. I am really disappointed how I missed Michael Jackson’s talents when he was still around but I’m glad I became a fan, not just because he created universal music but because he was a kind person who despite all the hardships still remained gentle and forgiving.

I love you Michael and I’m sorry.


I want to clarify something though… this post was written 5 years ago on October 10, 2010. A lot has happened since then. When I began writing and answering emails about Michael and the sorrow people were feeling, there was a solidarity of grief among the fans. Nothing will change the soul like heartbreak and many fans went on to create amazing projects, start non-profits and donate to children in homage to Michael.

The media was cruel to his memory because first of all, they don’t know the whole story of how the tabloids operated and how they used him for spectacle to sell their publications. They don’t know how a particular cynical reporter used Michael as a platform for her career and to gain recognition setting herself up as an “expert.” The sorry misguided and selfish actions of one person were echoed everywhere and contributed to the destruction of a man and his legacy. She will have to account for her misdeeds when she meets her maker (and Michael.) There is no remorse and no  recognition of what she did. The public did not learn about the real Michael Jackson until his friends and colleagues began to speak up and they tell a much different story than the tabloids.

The tabloid heyday and that era and its bullying will go down in history as a very dark time in human development and evolution.

The fans, of course were upset and angry and very hurt because the media-loid spectacle drove their grief deeper. I and others called for civility and integrity in the behavior of fans and asked them not to stoop to the trashy level of bullying when addressing the ignorant who just repeated the meme created by the tabloids. For the most part, fans were gritting their teeth and being civil, or at least trying to.

That is not the case now and the offenders seem to be “second generation” fans who weren’t original fans and who were not mature. Many Jackson fans are dismayed by this new wave of cruelty because Michael Jackson was anything but cruel and the true fans know that he would want his fans to behave well and be kind even in the face of meanness. Many original fans backed away from the melee created by the oncoming crew of fans because it was too painful. Michael Jackson was a kind, generous, peace-loving soul and he would not want anyone to be cruel on his behalf or in his name because that is who he was. He was known to ask fans to “stand down” so as not to embarrass themselves or tarnish his love for people and his name.

Bullying is a form of terrorism and has no place among those who would pretend to love Michael Jackson or care about his legacy. There is far too much bullying, an ugly and unnatural trait of human nature, at the hands of those who feel justified unleashing their inner brat on anyone they have decided is not worthy of human and humane treatment. And that is precisely what happened to Michael Jackson– dehumanization. Social media is an amazing invention that can bring people together in solidarity to change the world; it should not be a platform for evil and bullying.

Here’s why that is so important: Michael Jackson was a champion for the Earth. Go back and listen to “Earth Song.” Michael is begging for us to come together to save the planet. We can’t do that until we drop our mean girl BS and get on board with saving this world. Deliberately dividing people by creating everyone you don’t know or don’t agree with to be the “Enemy” goes against anything ethical or compassionate or loving– everything the real Michael Jackson was. So if you are doing it, STOP. We are at a critical point in history with a critical mission.

So, I would suggest reviewing some critical material. Then let me know what’s on your mind. Maybe you want to be part of a revolution? A revolution of compassion? A revolution to save the Earth?


The Earth needs you to step up. Listen to Michael…


What happens next, fans?



  1. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    Barbara, OMG, I am not even going to mention synchronous transmission but it is alive and well anyway.
    Revolution? That box was ticked a while ago.
    Review? The urge to revisit Innermichael has been building over weeks. Then a newer fan turns up and starts it for me. In the very short revisit so far, I am amazed at what has not been read or taken in completely. What a treasure trove we have here!
    For myself, I feel much closer to my authentic nature, even though I live with a knot in my stomach most days. Learning to carry on productively regardless is the lesson of the moment, I believe. My intention is to reread it all, plus comments and see how closely they resemble the new me. Exciting!

    Posted February 5, 2016 at 12:16 am | Permalink
  2. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Wonderful! Congratulations. Please update again.
    I’ve missed you.

    Posted February 5, 2016 at 1:21 am | Permalink

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