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The Blueprint

The Legacy Part III


Michael Jackson left many footprints. This one is particularly significan for fans or fans in becoming:

Michael Jackson was a prominent artist of the twentieth century. His contributions to art and his works while widely known but rarely understood at their many levels and depth. Understanding Michael as a pop star is one level but it is hardly the deepest one.

Michael was mocked for his soft looks and how they changed over the years, his skin color, his sexuality, his lifestyle, his home- Neverland, his soft spoken manner, his love of creatures, his love of the planet and its people, his free-spirit and childlike demeanor and behavior, for not being promiscuous, for being married, for having children, his longing to make the world a better place, for embracing his feminine side, for his seriousness about global social ills, for his humanitarian and philanthropic work. His love of innocence and admiration for children and their intutitive gifts was twisted into something sinister by those who could not accept that Jackson was not your average guy but was “different.”

While the media satirized, marginalized and capitalized on the “Michael Jackson” factor creating a veritable caricature of him over decades, he was engaged in his art and churning out some serious work. He leaves behind a rich library and a legacy as a provocateur who was very much aware of his place in culture and history. 

He also left behind a little known and obscure book written in the early nineties by an author with a command of esoteric and transpersonal literature who wrote it in homage to someone she recognized as a “modern master.” Mystics, messengers, Bodhisattvas and messiahs, even the reluctant ones, are not limited by time and place or certain eras. Teachers come and go to and from the planet. Cultural contributions are made by those who showcase the human condition and sometimes hold it up to scrutiny. Genius is rarely recognized in its own time.

Jackson was busy making music, creating art and film and championing the world’s marginalized humanity. He wrote two books and he approved this one before it was published.

C. Mecca’s assignment and mission was to find a modern master, someone who demonstrated a knowledge and understanding of the Universe, consciousness, culture, manifestation and evolution– not in physical terms but in the evolution of the mind of humanity.

The author of this blog long ago recognized the mystic and messenger hiding in plain sight– and the message in his work. The spark of recognition ingnited upon his death comes full round now in the discovery of a work by an author who recognized it too and much, much earlier. 

The book is a transpersonal journey– a trail or roadmap to what C. Mecca and Jackson see as the formula for a life of mastery. By all accounts of those who knew Jackson, collaborated with him or orbited his inner circle, the precepts in “American Master” resemble his life much more closely than the caricature or cultural meme constructed by a media eager to capitalize on his popularity and “difference.”

Fans will find this roadmap particularly interesting for they, having studied Jackson for decades, will be best equiped to flesh out the skeleton that provides the scaffolding for who Michael Jackson aspired to be. Since Jackson said to fans “you are my legacy” it follows that they will be very interested in the markings of this trail left by Jackson himself as told by a storyteller who spoke his language.

Here are excerpts from the book Michael Jackson American Master:
by C. Mecca, Copr. 1996, Cam Publishing

Qualifications of A Master

I.  Has control over his own life and affects the lives of others.
II. Develops his talent to the best of his ability.
II. Is concerned with the expansion of ideas and is not limited by arbitrary boundaries.
IV. Has a message or proposal in his life to share for the betterment of mankind.
V.  Teaches and lives by example, which is in harmony with his beliefs.
VI. Is a philanthropist and a humanitarian by putting back into the environment in ratio equal to and that which he uses.
VII. Realizes that he is a result of nature.
VIII. A bides by and has a clear understanding of the laws of the universe.
IX. Enhances the world by his very presence.
X.  Believes and uses the invisible power of intuition, inspiration and thought.
XI. Is a manifestor for our day and age.
XII. Has a thought process based on truth and, therefore, is free of making false decisions and judgments.

One Hundred Two Guidelines
1. Share your desire and purpose in life with others.
2. Seek to have a deeper understanding of the universe.
3. Realize that your earning power is in direct relationship to your effort.
4. Know the value of a true friend.
5. Have goals and use intuition, inspiration and through.
6 Create new ideas and expand on them.
7. Balance the spiritual and physical worlds.
8. Take advantage of opportunity.
9. Be relaxed, honest, and sincere when communicating with others.
10. Teach others by your example.
11. Use your own experiences in making a point with others. Don’t demean the other person.
12 Take pride in your total being, your environment, your country, and your heritage.
13. Take responsibility for your own actions.
14. Realize that all human beings are the same.
15. Know that all of us, in truth, are brothers and sisters,
16. Be aware that all human beings are one with the universe.
17. Understand the reciprocal relationship between the “giver” and the “receiver.”
18. Believe in your innate ability to create.
19. Know the difference between what you already know and what is foreign to your own understanding.
20. Study the talent of the past and present masters.
21. Know the value of networking and association with people of equal ability or better.
22. Look for the positive side of situations and avoid the negative in thought, word and deed.
23. Believe that our country is one of the most advanced countries of the world, where it is easy to manifest your dreams.
24. Avoid taking into heart the unfavorable comments of others.
25. Search for the truth and be selective in your thoughts.
26. Understand that where we place our thoughts and energy becomes our reality.
27. View the consistency of nature and apply it to your actions.
28. Notice that the world is always ready for a new and innovative manner in manifesting.
29. Attain perfection within yourself so that your ability to solve issues can become refined.
30. Use creativity in all your endeavors in relationships with your talent.
31. Take time for recreation, for diversion and space to enhance your ability to create.
32. Spend time daydreaming as it is a vital part of the creative source.
33. Have mentors who can help you and teach you the important elements of your own creativity.
34. Manifest creativity in your person life and surroundings as well as in your vocation.
35. Claim your rightful space in life; and work all the elements of the space to your advantage.
36. Know more about the subject of your talent than anyone else.
37. Develop and expand your talent in the fields of business and services.
38. Live a lifestyle that is comfortable and enjoyable in meeting your own needs and desires.
39. Be willing to give back to the planet, a portion of the blessings that you received, both in the form of profit and the dedication to a worthwhile cause.
40. Assist people who are less fortunate than you, whether it be emotional, financial, or heath.
41. Remember to be a constant role model for others.
42. Realize that the home is a sacred place where you have the permission to be your true self.
43. Know that you are an instrument of nature and there is a Higher Source guiding you.
44. Know that using projection and judgment are misleading in attempting to exact understanding and motives of another person.
45. Study the children, as they are the greatest teachers because of their innocence and wonderment of life.
46. Setting the mood is the first step in good communication.
47. Keep an open mind. Remember, we know nothing for sure.
48. Believe in wishes and your ability to make them come true.
49. Trust yourself, for only then can you trust in others, and they in you.
50. Learn how to use disappointment and pressure to an advantage.
51. Always be selective in securing a reliable source to get information or share ideas.
52. Understand the value of love and that it is based on respect, acceptance, and appreciation.
53. Remain humble in the midst of the audience.
54. Remember, at times, silence is more effective that speaking, and carries a message of its own.
55. Converse only when you have some message to convey.
56. Realize that putting down someone’s character and life force is destroying a part of you, and you will lose an equal part of yourself.
57. Be your natural self and reflect your own personality.
58. Understand that money is a symbol of honest labor and will manifest in physical form or benefits of equal likeness.
59. Know that the payment of money will never appease the receiver if it only enhances his physical environment and never satisfies the soul.
50. Find the solutions to problems from within and transmit them to the environment.
61. Realize that you can never make another individual change; that such change resides within the individual and a desire to do so.
62. Judging another individual without conversing with him will not give an honest and accurate appraisal.
63. Use your own talent and creativity to enhance your own personal lifestyle and surroundings.
64. Learn and apply the techniques and passions from the previous masters.
65. Set goals for yourself and stretch them beyond their regular boundaries.
66. Allow people the option of sharing what they feel is necessary, pertinent, and interesting in their own lives, and allow them the right to live a life of privacy.
67. Give children the opportunity to be themselves and understand that education and guidance starts when they are very young.
68. See that children have the opportunity to be heard and respected.
69. Acknowledge and associate with people of your caliber who share in the goals that you are achieving.
70. Learn from the principles of the universe and apply those very same principles in your own life.
71. Take time to nurture yourself and the components of the planet.
72. In discussing a sensitive subject, use yourself or a neutral subject as an example.
73. Use empathy and understanding in correcting or guiding another individual; not force, manipulation, nor the ego.
74. Choose a marriage partner who is compatible with your goals in the physical and spiritual realm of your life.
75. Comprehend the true essence of life; that there are very few absolutes in the creative source.
76. Know that the ability to create uses the invisible components of intuition, inspiration and thought, can be applied in all aspects of your life.
77. Believe that the universe manifests whatever it receives. Caution has to be used with this concept because it will produce the good and the bad, the right and the wrong.
78. Use your time on the planet wisely to develop, grow, and expand.
79. Listen to the words of the master when he tells you that each of us has the ability to make our dreams come true.
80. Applying revenge, or making someone “pay” for something they had done, is alien to the masters.
81. Advancing in our own endeavors takes hard work, sacrifice, and commitment.
82. To become complete and experience all the joys of the world, it is necessary to complete all the stages of development. If a stage is missed, it is advantageous to back, learn, and enjoy the missing step.
83. Gather all the information and facts before giving an opinion.
84. Looking and evaluating another person’s behavior without being asked is mirroring your own shortcomings and insecurities.
85. Judging a person’s character, assets, and philosophy is not revealed by his physical appearance and can be very misleading.
86. Concentrate on the important aspects of life and let the small, incidental annoying things pass.
87. Focus upon the task at hand by exercising concentration and purpose.
88. Have a keen sense of timing when interacting with another individual.
89. Work at an activity to its completion, and attain perfection in your own mind.
90. Take control of your own projects, and don’t let outside influences attempt to change your inherent ability to create and reach your desired attainment,
91. Seek to understand the true motives of an individual’s suggestions or actions.
92. Use “Behavior Modification” in assisting another individual to change his actions because then he is free to make his own choices.
93. Realize that in correcting an infraction, the best solution is in educating and training, and not in believing that retaliation is always the best deterrent.
94. Get your own empowerment through your own endeavors and  not at the sacrifice of exercising control or power over another individual.
95. Understand that the family is the nucleus of early learning, view points, and foundation for our creativity.
96. Use caution in stereotyping, labeling, and categorizing people into specific groups.
97. Know that we are perfectly adapted to enjoy all of the attributes, elements, and conditions to sustain us and are present for our success.
98. Know that the masters are present in our day and age.
99. In accepting an attribute, you are accepting the totality of the individual.
100. Operate from a place of love and extend that love out to others by accepting their uniqueness, strengths, and frailties.
101. Know that if the character of an individual doesn’t change, that in truth, the reputation of an individual remains constant.
102. Realize that perfection is not determined by the events in your life. But in the choice of the solution.

We are not our egos. In fact, allowing the ego to manage our lives is a prescription for limitation, restriction and fear. This is the struggle with the demons within—to not “hide your light under a bushel” as Jesus said in a proverb from the Sermon on the Mount—but to shine and let everyone benefit from your brilliance. Fear prevents us from shining and hiding our fear from ourselves, we envy and project on those who dare to shine. Marianne Williamson, modern philosopher identified that fear well:
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
The book Michael Jackson American Master includes a series of questions for those who are interested in mastery in their own lives, who understand that they bring a gift to the planet that humanity is waiting for:

1. Do I have control over my own life by focusing on what is important? By focusing on my own actions, do I help to affect others in a positive manner?

2. Have I developed my talent to the best of my ability? What others may think of my talent is not the deciding factor. Am I satisfied with my accomplishment?

3. Have I expanded on the original talent or idea? Was I able to exceed the normal and arbitrary boundaries that were limiting my own creativity?

4. Have I discovered my purpose and my talent? Am I using my purpose and talent for the betterment of those with whom I associate, and mankind in general?

5. Do I live my life by being an example to others which is in harmony with my own belief system?

6. Am I putting back into the environment in ratio to the portion that I am using?

7. Do I realize that I am a result of nature or a Higher Source than man?

8. Do I have a clear understanding of the laws of the universe? Do I look for examples that are manifested by nature? Do I feel a close relationship to nature’s energy force? Do I fully comprehend the wonderness of the creation of children that I bring into the world? Do I not only see them as an extension of my mate and myself, but as a gift to us, and our contribution to the planet? Do I realize that my task is to mold and refine this gift, helping them to discover and use their own creativity?

9. Do I work to enhance the world by developing the space that I occupy to the best of my ability? Are other people glad to be in my presence?

10. Am I taking full advantage of the invisible power of intuition, inspiration, and thought? Am I aware and acting on these invisible forms of my creativity?

11. Am I putting into the physical realm the results of my education and training?

12. Am I able to ascertain the truth from the opinions of other sources so that I am not reacting by making false decisions or judgments?

Rev. B’s “Spiritual Messenger Hiding in Plain Sight” may be accessed here:


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