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Michael Jackson: Caught in a Perfect Storm

I’ve been researching Michael Jackson and all the events of his life for about 7 years now. The average “Joe” has no idea not only about what happened to him but about what it is like to be a celebrity in a culture that is cynical, judgmental and sometimes even sinister. And when you consider […]

Humanitarian and Philanthropist

Michael Jackson was born an empath. Many of us are. In fact, it is argued by some spiritual teachers, that we all have pan-empathy (empathy for everyone and everything) and telepathy when we are born, but our culture “matures” it out of us. Some cultures like the Indigenous and tribal cultures do not “rationalize” or […]

Raven Woods Huffington Post Article Answer to Radar Online Sham about Michael Jackson’s Child Porn

 THE TRUTH ABOUT WHAT MICHAEL JACKSON HAD (AND DIDN’T HAVE) IN HIS BEDROOM This is old news from a decade ago, and there is absolutely nothing in those reports that hasn’t already had its day in court. 7/8/2016 By Raven Woods, author, educator pop culture journalist and author of All For Love Blog.     […]

Michael Jackson Breaking News: Souls for sale, Shadow on Tap and no Porn at Neverland

I wonder how many times can you  murder a man? How many times can you stab and stab at someone already lifeless and walk on whistling past the graveyard of your own karma? Every year at least twice, there is an attempt on Michael Jackson’s life and he’s been deceased for 7 years. Those attacks occur like clockwork around his […]

Radar Online Sets new record for June 2016

There is a victory dance going on somewhere today… Robson attorney’s office? Conrad Murray’s condo? Certainly at Enquirer and Radar Online offices. When you click on this stuff you are feeding the beast. And the beast feeds the stories. And the stories feed the storytellers. Who is paying for this?           […]

Michael as Mentor, as Inspiration

Seven. It was his number. Has it been that long? Seven years? Most people find 7 lucky, but for him any luck seemed to dwindle the more he grew out of childhood. The only luck Michael Jackson seemed to have was his monumental talent. Even that may have been more lucky for us than for […]

Michael Jackson’s Child Porn

“Boys Will Be Boys” by James Daly More than a book review. In 1975, James Daly published a little book that is one of those books that looks like a children’s book but is written for the child in the adults who happen upon it. It’s a “celebration of the adventurous spirit in every little […]

Memorial Day Doesn’t Tell A War

I think there are those children who are born to come into the world and change it. When they come into the world, they waken at some point; they know that they have a purpose in this world. They sense that their life is not their own, but belongs to the world. Some would call […]

Prince Would Want us to Love but not Forget Earth Day

Prince would not want us to forget Earth Day. People all over this planet are donning purple, playing his music and grieving the passing of yet another icon—the one and only Prince. A musical genius by all accounts from friends and musicians in the industry, who could play as many as 20 instruments and mastered […]

Another Famous Moonwalker Now Walks Among the Stars:

Edgar Mitchell and Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was famous for his moonwalk here on Earth but another moonwalker was famous for actually walking on the moon: Edgar Mitchell was another famous moonwalker. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the last astronaut of Apollo 14, has passed away two days ago on February 4, 2016. Michael Jackson visited NASA and made it known to the […]