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Your world -Your Neverland

What is an innocent?

What does that mean?

When I think of a person who is “an innocent,” I think of someone pure of heart who hasn’t let the world taint him. I think of someone who still believes in magic.; someone who hugs trees because he or she knows they love hugs; maybe he’s someone who hears music in his head all the time, hums it and then makes a song and shares it; I think of someone who always sees the glass as half full and sees the world the same way. And when the world doesn’t appear half full, she rolls up her sleeves and does what she can with the gift she is given.

Everyone is given a gift. Everyone is given their own dharma (reason for being here and trajectory of their life.) My dharma is not your dharma and likewise yours is not mine to do. But it IS yours to do.

I imagine that should that someone find the world needing in some area, he would find a way to share his vision of a unified and peaceful world and would do everything in in his power to paint that world for othersРwith his words and his actions.

“We Are the World”

I think of someone who, instead of being cynical, believes in humanity’s potential to determine its own evolution toward a kinder and more enlightened being that thinks from the heart of plenty and not from the shadow of scarcity.

I think of someone who would…



Does anybody come to mind?



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