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Will You Be There for “Words and Violence?”

When Michael Jackson died, what died with him was redemption. Any chance of him being publicly redeemed was gone with him. And even if by some miracle he would be magically redeemed from the dark projections of the world, he would not be here to see it. His passing left a lot of questions. What the heck happened? How could Michael Jackson die? Michael Jackson! This larger than life figure who had been here forever and whose music we grew up on couldn’t die! No!

The shock threw many into nostalgia, some into remorse, the world into disbelief. But those who knew Jackson, really knew him, found themselves staggering, navigating waves of weeping uncontrollably alternated with waves of malignant anger. How dare they? And oh yes, they dared. For weeks they dared. All the putrid media propaganda was dragged out into the open… yet again. So acquaintances, friends, family and fans not only had to deal with the overwhelming grief, but the media spectacle and myth that took years to build and drill into the collective psyche. All the old same old, same old came back to haunt an already untenable circumstance.

And as the initial tears dried, instead of process and solace, those loyal to Jackson found themselves examining feelings they didn’t know they had in magnitudes never before encountered. Never before this painful. Not even for friends who passed. Or even family. What was this? Whatever it was, it was unprecedented and well… weird.

It was then that I began to get letters. I had written a couple of pieces about Jackson and people resonated. They said I had put their feelings into words– words they couldn’t find themselves. And they wanted more. They needed a touch-point. The needed to understand their grief. They needed to know that the transition they were attempting to process had all the hallmarks of a spiritual emergency. Now, I’d seen spiritual emergencies before and I was trained as a minister in how to counsel those in the throes of a dark night of the soul and a spiritual emergency. But never had I seen it on this level and with this many people. Something was very wrong here. And it was also very right. And it can continue to be right. At the end of this article I will ask you to help make it right-er.

Only a special person and special circumstances could trigger this kind of widespread spiritual emergency. I decided to look into it and bring to it my knowledge and background as a healer– in the many incarnations that has manifested in my life.

This was grief upon grief. And spiritual questing on top of that. People asked and I responded. My own minister and  spiritual director said it was a calling. My shaman said the same thing. What I realized was that fans needed something to honor a man who had influenced their lives and for some– saved theirs. For them, it was hard to imagine a world without Michael in it. And those sensitive to energies felt the vacuum of a world without him. And they didn’t understand the grit of their own grief.

A spiritual emergency occurs to those who are ready to transition to a different kind of existence. A dark night of the soul carves deeply and the pain feels as if it will leap out of the chest and leave a gaping hole. It crushes the heart because a new heart has to be born. What a magnificent gift Jackson had given the world! A spiritual gift. So there was nothing to do but look into it because it is so rare and because that kind of gift defines an entirely different kind of person than the media had presented. It didn’t add up. Metaphysically it didn’t match.

What the admirers, loyalists, friends and fans needed was to go to work. The first step was a collective soul retrieval for Michael because everybody, it seemed, took a piece of him. The soul healing was imperative. And he was the most bullied human being in the world. And the most undeserving of it, it turns out. So, the admirers and fans needed do honor him and themselves with something spiritual having a ubiquitous impact on behalf of Jackson. Something in memory of him was in order. So I sent out an invitation. They came. The fans who wanted to be a part of building something wonderful from something ugly and sad came and we went to work beginning with case studies. It took 9 months to put together all the case studies and to gather the materials, write, edit, invite writers and biographers, and solicit permissions and to make films for the program.

That program is “Words and Violence” which addresses bullying in all its incarnations and features a great deal of information about Michael, about tabloid journalism and all the way in which bullying harms while featuring to it can be healed. The program is in its 4th edition and is released every year on the anniversary of Michael’s birth.

Last year we featured the arts as healer, particularly the performing arts. This year we look at the ways in which we bully the planet:

This is the fourth year that Voices has compiled a new edition of Words and Violence

The emphasis in this edition is on Mother Earth, and how resilient she has been in the wake of our endless “bullying.” We’ve all heard stories of climate change, deforestation, global warming, pollution, and the misuse of our natural resources. This new edition helps concretize the planet’s reality, and offers hope for a new beginning, providing ways to take our concern and move us to action.


Who will save us now?” is our invitation to examine the problem of “Bullying the Planet” and to find the antidotes for becoming the solution.


As we consider this poignant question we come face to face with a trilogy written by environmental journalist, Richard Schiffman. Schiffman introduces us to the “Five States of Environmental Grief,” forces us to consider still another question, “Are the Oceans Failed States?” and concludes with exposing us to the issues of “Hunger, Food Security and the African Land Grab.”


In a second trilogy, this time written by Chicago Tribune columnist Robert Koehler, he unmasks his life mission and invites us to join him in undoing the mythology of violenceWalk Softly, speaks from the Indigenous voice and looks at what the earth’s marginalized peoples may have to teach us about balance and how to protect the context from which we live. He explains why We Can’t Afford to Lose Another Decade and why and offers a reasonable request in asking us to grow up and act In Partnership With Mother Earth.


Poet and author of Harlem Renaissance Encyclopedia, Aberjhani, contrasts the philosophy of shared community with guerilla decontextualization—the insidious and deliberate art of manipulation in order to discredit and nullify, in Creative Flexibility and Annihilated Lives.


We enter a day-long healing chamber where we begin Awakening the Dreamer, a process of waking from the modern trance, healing the grief, and creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just world.


Artist and storyteller Carol Hiltner, who works with the Altai of Siberia guides us on a journey with those who have been pushed aside in favor of modern progress and with Maia Rose, we learn their story from the inside out in Mother Earth Cannot Be Bullied.
There is something you casually do every week and more often, that graphically demonstrates bullying to your children– from the time they are toddlers until they become adults. You personally escort them through a gauntlet of bullying that illustrates, in living color, precisely how to brutally bully someone, humiliate them, dehumanize them, and sometimes even dismember them publicly– for sport and entertainment. This demonstrates to your children how to take this bullying public by publishing it to a wide audience. And you do this a minimum of 500 times before they graduate from school. Your silence gives them permission. You may then wonder, “where do these kids get these ideas?” And when the principal calls to tell you that your child has been involved in an incident of bullying– and not as the victim– you may be shocked and asking yourself how in the world your child learned to be so mean. How? You taught them how and your silence was permission. You exposed your child freely and willingly to this toxic environment and you never once complained. Did you Teach Your Children Well ?


In this edition, educator, author and admitted tree-hugger Kate Trnka takes us on a fanciful journey with her students as they explore the magic that awaits them in the forest as they communicate with trees and get to know them intimately in If These Trees Could Talk, Park I 


Lesa Walker, M.D. leads us through some classroom exercises, antidotes and compassion games in Bullying the Planet: Is There an Antidote? Community Activist and Environmental Guru Karen Plamer shares ideas for organizing a community and teaching kids about eco-responsibility with her game “Let’s Save the Earth” as she finds out Can Educating Them to Be Stewards be Easy, Educational, Engaging and Fun?

We then discover HIStory’s mystery person:
 Someone Who Was Singing Earth’s Song Long Before It Was Fashionable To Become Her Voice.


I am convinced the antidote to bullying and the way to ensure that what happened to Michael never happens to another human being– is compassion. And specifically to introduce compassion in a big way to mass consciousness: compassion for self, for others and for the planet. “Words and Violence” at Voices Compassion Education, sister project to the Charter for Compassion is a movement toward creating a more humane narrative on the planet and a more compassionate world.

The Charter for Compassion has invited me to the Compassion Week Conference in San Francisco next month. I have written a book of what is included in the Words and Violence Project. I would like to get some copies published to take with me to San Francisco to spread the word about a program dedicated to Michael and Lady Diana– the two more prolific humanitarians this world has ever seen– both of whom were bullied on a global scaled. And it could be argued– bullied to death.

I promise I will update you from the conference about the interest in this program.

Will you help distribute this comprehensive program about bullying and how to heal it on behalf of Michael? Use the button below to make your contribution to get this program published and distributed to schools, civic leaders and social justice advocates. Michael would be proud. Thank you for your help.

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