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Neverland Revisited

Neverland today.

This is what’s going on right now at Neverland Valley Ranch.

No matter who owns this property, it will never be Colony Capital, Sycamore Valley Ranch or anything other than Michael Jackson’s Neverland.

Seems the fans have spoken.

What is it about this place, this property, the man who owned it, cherished it and built it? Yes, it’s that Michael Jackson is part of it. It’s also what “Neverland” means.

“Neverland” can be defiled by someone who is evil, who is looking for notoriety and a legacy of taking down someone innocent and beloved because as a devout Christian, one is offended by someone believed “gay” and therefore must be molesting children. Not to mention that he’s a silly and lowly “pop star” and a “white n…….. ” at that who doesn’t know his place not just in culture but in swanky Santa Barbara, having come from poor roots in a Midwest steel-town city.

This uppity man must be put in his place and that is best accomplished through humiliation.

There is something very wrong with a man being driven from his home and advised by an attorney that a human behaving every bit like a mad rabid dog is going to come after him until his dying day. That subhuman mind has no business being in a position of authority. There is more than overwhelming evidence that minorities were treated badly in Santa Barbara while Jackson occupied Neverland. A look at the arrest records and the course cases filed against the city will reveal that.

So while Neverland can be defiled, it can never be sullied. The evil belongs to the one who carries it in his heart, not to those he spills the vile stuff onto. Innocence wins. Always. It may appear evil wins, but the Universe has a unique way of evening the score. If not in this life, then in the hereafter.

Neverland stands for something. It is an archetype that we all know and recognize. In this case it has a worthy man attached.

Neverland has been featured and discussed before at Inner Michael. It’s worth revisiting.


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