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Get Ready: Global Oneness Day October 24

Thursday is the first annualGlobal Oneness Day .”

Michael Jackson came to the planet with a message for our time. I wish I could quote the summary of his message and philosophy precisely but I can’t. I was not allowed to record it. But that summary is out there; it exists in his own voice captured decades ago. I have personally heard it recited in his own words and authenticated it. We can pray that someday it will be made public. But first, those in the positions of decision-making would have to understand what exactly they have. That requires some enlightenment. Michael at his most wistful and philosophical speaks from a place of vision and conviction that is a culmination of his spiritual exploration and journey into his own spiritual maturity. The problem with it is that Michael’s work and his messages were mostly viewed as:


The off-the-wall ramblings of an eccentric pop star.
Simple pop-star lyrics rather than in depth philosophy.
A sneering and cynical peer or critic’s dismissal: “Oh, there’s goes Michael Jackson again trying to save the world.”

The art, spirituality and depth of this megastar went unrecognized because nobody expected it from “an eccentric pop star.” And it was ridiculed and pronounced shallow by so many music critics because: they, themselves fell victim to the industry’s conspiracy to contain his power and influence; assimilated the tabloid campaign to capitalize financially on a manufactured scandal; they themselves were not spiritual or on a spiritual journey and therefore lacked the spiritual maturity to understand what they were hearing. So many of them just adopted the meme from a humanly, humanely and spiritually immature media that pilloried Jackson for his deviation from the misogynistic, macho-bravado, sex-obsessed “standard portrait” expected of males (and sexually predatory and opportunistic rock stars) of his generation.

Brought up by a mother he adored and who taught him to treat the “fairer sex” with respect, Jackson, one of his generation’s first male feminists– respected women, was mesmerized by beauty whatever the gender, and treated females and children as treasures instead of possessions. Jackson’s philosophy of how women and children (in fact, all humans) should be treated can be read in his hands– the large hands that caressed cheeks, heads, and spanned the occipital area of the womans’ heads who were pulled up on stage to dance with him in concerts. Only a gentle man knows that touch. His touch trumpets respect and cherishing of the humans that are before him.

He was born believing that “we are one.” There are those remarkable children who come to the planet with that imprint. And they are the ones who change the world. It takes a certain level of spiritual mastery to see the world as one and all of humanity as your family.

That was Jackson. And he was one of the first. He had spiritual advisers who advised him. The Beatles had Maharishi Mahash Yogi and Michael Jackson had Deepak Chopra. The music of those times– sixties and seventies– were the guiding blueprints of building a world sustainable and friendly to everyone. That generation was interested in solving the world’s social problems and in spreading the message of “oneness” on a planet threatened by an arms race with the kind of fire-power that could wipe out all of humanity. John Lennon and company said “All you Need is Love” and Michael Jackson echoed that message. And he grew up on “Kid Power.”

Lennon’s campaign for peace landed him on the FBI list and the government attempted to deport him because they saw him and his message as a threat to youth and the status quo. What do you imagine went on behind the scenes of Jackson’s life? Those who trumpet the message for peace challenge the military industrial complex and male power and hierarchical dominance. And they make the money people who supply the tools of human discord, separation and destruction nervous. Paradigm shifters are never welcomed by those entrenched and invested in an old paradigm.

Oneness and global solidarity in the service of humanity has always been Michael Jackson’s message. And his “legacy” are the fans that he personally asked to carry that message and philosophy forward. It’s a “Global Oneness” message. Global oneness (love for all humanity) is the essence of Michael Jackson.

“We are the World”
“Heal the World”
“Another Part of Me”


Here are some messages from other Global Oneness voices and those who speak for those with us in Spirit on this most auspicious day:

Some of my teachers…

Another way to look at it:

What you can do for Global Oneness Day:

This is the Sister Program to Voices Education Project that hosts the “Words and Violence” Program dedicated to Michael Jackson:
What you can do to help global oneness is sign the Charter for Compassion.

  And to keep us up and running- here’s something else you can do to support our work on global oneness:

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  1. Nina Hamilton said . . .

    Yes. report that 150,000 people from five continents were in St. Peter’s Square on October 26th to meet the Pope and hear a children’s choir sing ‘We are the World’ on the 20th anniversary that Michael and Lionel Richie wrote it as an anthem. The occasion was to celebrate the importance of ‘Family’. I feel quite overcome, which is probably why I have had to have two goes at this!

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