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Halloween Thriller

Some people are very upset by recent events such as releasing a guilty person from an incarceration that wasn’t adequate to begin with.

We understand. And yes, some would like to see another kind of justice…

But is it worth it? Some people are just toxic…

So instead, imagine being someone who has to look over your shoulder for the rest of your life and being the target of millions who are angry and disgusted not just with what you did but the injustice of your sentence. Imagine being a doctor who will forever known for killing your patient or at the very least, allowing your patient to die on your watch. Imagine having no credibility because on a prime time interview from your jail cell, you sang and serenaded your interviewer on live TV and the audience concluded you were not mentally stable. That’s a tortured life. And that is a life sentence.

So, let’s move on to better memories and thoughts. And to knowing that every Halloween from now on will remind millions that a man came to spread joy, entertainment and fantasy to millions around the world.

Now go eat some candy and pretend it came from Neverland.

Happy Halloween.

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