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The Creatures of the Night Return

And I’m not talking about Halloween.

Well that was predictable, wasn’t it? The crawlers scurried back into their dark hiding places and waited for something to happen to exploit Michael Jackson again in the recent Katherine Jackson v. AEG trial. They need something to validate the filth that they peddled as news at intervals in Michael Jackson’s career. Instead, they found the jurors left the trial with a much different opinion of Jackson. They liked him as a man. So the creatures have emerged from the dark hiding places yet again. They arrive right on time, just as the Katherine Jackson v. AEG trial was wrapping up. To make sure the stingers go in while the public is focused on Jackson because one never knows when one might have another stab at Jackson.

And this again regurgitated slime lands on the New York Post– Rupert Murdoch’s “model of journalistic integrity.” Rupert Murdoch, “media”  mogul whose Fleet Street excoriated Jackson in headlines every opportunity they had. Murdoch, who gave marching orders to his minions to go after Jackson and Madonna in order to grab the youth demographic. Murdoch, whose editors dubbed “Wacko Jacko” “weird,” “bizarre,” a “freak.” No one is surprised by the return of these creatures’ pens to spread their poison, just their boldness. Those with scant grey matter, having been indoctrinated to consume shadow, gossip and drivel will read it as “business as usual.” And some will believe. But know creature of shadow, that your day of reckoning is coming.. There is a price to pay for peddling darkness to humans; a debt for betraying a fellow human. And a grand debt if he is a friend. And particularly if he works to benefit his fellow man, to change the world, to “heal the world and  make it a better place.” Imagine the bounty that will be exacted for that.

You, who do not understand how the Universe works, how shadow works, how human nature works, will suffer the consequences of your ego and ignorance. You, shadow peddlers apparently do not comprehend how this works. Your finger pointing, accusations, and shadow peddling by accusing others (Jackson) is actually your own confession of who you are inside. This dark and cynical peddling of judgment and scandalmongering reveals not who they are, but who YOU are. Where do you think this salacious and cynical mind is? It’s not in them; it’s in you. Especially in this case. That mind is gone and is no longer subject to the harm you have inflicted– for decades. But your mind is still in that tortured place that has to lunge and stab again and again. So tell me– who is the real tortured soul? Pathetic.

Your need to justify yourself and your menacing of this man is transparent; you are revealing not who he was over and over but who YOU ARE. Nobody is fooled by your proclaimed “search for the truth.” It is perceived as your pathetic need to cover your own naked deception, disease and self loathing. Don’t you know how the human mind works, creature? What one cannot bear to acknowledge in self, what has to lie deeply buried in the psyche, what one loathes so much about self that it is unbearable is what one chooses to project onto another. Why do you so strongly believe it is your duty to keep stabbing at a dead man? Don’t you understand the law of reality is that whatever you do to those among you, you do to yourself?

Let’s Call it What it IS- “Bullying”
People may not understand all the mechanisms of the psyche because that may not be their course of interest or study but there are those on the planet, the teachers and way-showers who are enlightening the public about how this mind and psyche stuff works. Instead of deliberately setting your sights on bringing  light to a world so badly in need of  light and those who bring it, you have chosen to peddle shadow. You bring humanity nothing of value. You, in fact, bring humanity more sorrow. You demonstrate bullying. You role model this bullying to a youth that in high numbers are taking their own lives. Story after story surfaces about yet another youth bullied by conscripting media for shadow purposes. So, your adult demonstration to children of how this bullying is done is quite effective. Suicide is the number one cause of death among teens. Job well done! Kids are dying because of what you are contributing to the world. Where do you think they learned how to bully effectively with media?

So now when you evaluate your self-conjured elevated position as “better than” someone, factor that in and ponder that reality– you bring nothing that is healing or life affirming to this world. You bring, in fact, harm and death-dealing shadow to humanity.

Congratulations. You are a part of the smut-peddling industry and a part of big business that does nothing to contribute to humanity or to the world but in actuality, makes the world darker, more bitter and more cynical. You are the people who prefer to promote human darkness over human hope. You know very well that it is a business and a lucrative business at that; you’ve made your thirty pieces of silver over and over on one man. But that’s never enough for you. You have to come back again and again. I invite you to think about what that means beyond trying to hide what you have done and to prevent the truth of what you did to him from surfacing. Your actions are self serving. But do you know what part of you they serve? They serve to reinforce your own dark nature. They serve an industry that makes billions of dollars by torturing, slandering, ridiculing, dismembering and destroying other people. What a noble profession you claim!

The public becomes more and more uneasy with this. They may not understand why they squirm a little inside when exposed to this “journalism” but there is a twinge that doesn’t feel so good. Could it be that the public is beginning to wonder why it is so important for some people to kill this man over and over? To kick the corpse just to make sure he’s not moving? Why do you suppose it’s necessary? No other figure in modern history has been so repeatedly vilified despite continually emerging evidence to the contrary– that he was no villain. The recent AEG trial just brought out more evidence of how beleagured the man was. He had serious medical conditions to deal with, the abuse of his “handlers” and incomparable stress.

Where Does all the Amassed Fortunes and Dark Money Go?
Do people not think for one minute that this assault over and over at a man dead for almost five years is kind of unusual? A bit excessive? Macabre? Do they ever consider that these stories are the same swill that they fed to the public at the trough back then to take down a man who was too powerful, too talented, too wealthy, and too black? A man who wanted to change the world and make it a better place by cheerleading human kind with his lyrics, into it’s best incarnation? A man who wanted to point out the plight of his planet, the world’s children and the impact of war and greed and hatred on the world’s most vulnerable? How could the shadow and filth peddlers and dark money have allowed that? They had to take his megaphone away. Now that same dark money amassed at the expense of Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor, Lady Diana and others is being used to undermine your democracy. That blood money is being used privately to buy politicians, the public’s property (for developers) and elections. Yes the dark money from an industry that you supported and you financed is now being used to buy politicians, elections, the peoples’ property and to dismantle public education. Intelligent people don’t buy this garbage because they know better. Dark money become piles of cash that when infused into the “right” places keeps the populous  dumb and consuming whatever the billionaires’ dark money is promoting these days. It’s trafficing of human shadow.

And for a black man, especially to support that agenda is ignorance and stupidity at its finest. It’s slavery all over again. But apparently some African Americans haven’t caught on that this is not a post-racial world, that racism is alive and well in society. Is it light-skinned jealousy that drives some of this hating on a fellow African American? Get over it. And the white woman that over and over attacked, vilified, slandered and demoted a man’s place in society, unto and even after death, and questioned the race and paternity of his children– do you not see the racism in that? And you think she’s your friend? That kind of blind ambition has no friends. You too, were played. You still are. Just puppets and slaves to the darkness.

Seduced by the system and trapped in its darkness, again and again would these creatures strike like arachnids trying to paralyze a victim who is already gone? They can no longer stick venom into him, so they choose his legacy, his family, his memory. Now that is a man who had a lot of power! Does anybody wonder why these few humans with dark agendas have to do it over and over and kick the body again and again just to convince themselves he is dead and then come back to make sure his legacy is left in ruins? What can possibly be the agenda of such people? And what does that say about their character?

All with the audacity to label oneself “family friend” or family “expert?” What friend does that? And especially a brother! The racist white girl taking perpetual stabs at a too famous black man makes some sense; that kind of covert racist hatred is alive and well in Washington these days. But a brother? And a brother who apparently can’t see that he too is being used by the machine that swallowed up his supposed “nemesis.” And why is he seen as a nemesis? And how can such a creature possibly set himself as superior or above the man he slanders long dead when he profits yet again and insures yet again that if he points the finger elsewhere, he keeps himself from being exposed? Why is it that the body still must be dismembered again and again and now even in death, as if the dismemberment while he was alive didn’t actually do the job?

That’s a lot of fear. It’s a lot of fear to live with.

Why does a single man, a skinny little man who could sing and dance threaten so many?

And to pander to a media mogul connected to Philip Anschutz and a media that spent decades disparaging the man, developing a caricature, calling him Wacko. And a media that made obscene amounts of money each time his name was mentioned. And the darker reference the better the payoff. How much was pocketed yet again, for those recent recycled stories?

I suppose it is to be expected that you must continue to cover up your past transgressions and throw out recycled accusations to obscure the view and hide your past treachery also from view. The conspiracy that was hatched a long time ago must stay secret, the millions that changed hands to keep the meme going (and the money that still changes hands to this day) to keep a dead man down. The guilty cannot afford to have the treachery that was so lucrative for so long revealed. One would not want to have to own up to the damage inflicted or deal with the backlash it might bring.

If the public knew the truth, you could never see daylight again. How would your own dismemberment feel? No matter, in time you will know. While you scoff and laugh on the outside, and cash your checks, are your insides so sure? Do you imagine the fate that awaits?

This full tilt assault resumes and is necessary because the trial humanized Michael Jackson. And it didn’t provide fodder for late night laughs or morning tabloid headlines. what was discovered was sad, not salacious. It upheld his character as a man, son, brother and father. The trial had the effect of humanizing a man who had children, a family life, friends, co-workers, and others who cared about him– some very tenderly. But you can’t allow that, can you? For if people actually know Michael Jackson, the struggles he had to endure and the real character of the man, and about those who again and again sucked the life from him, you will have to answer to your misdeeds. Yes, it will come back on you. So it is well known what fuels your anxiety that makes you yet again, attack a dead man.

The trial revealed that Jackson had complex medical problems including malignant insomnia. In fact, it revealed that Michael Jackson had medical issues that would have paralyzed an ordinary man and pain that would have crumpled even the most hearty of men.

There were autoimmune diseases that affected his face, his skin, his joints. There was the Vitiligo, another of the autoimmune family where skin pigment eats itself. (Remember how you said he wanted to be white, that he bleached his skin to change his color?) There was the burn that took most of his scalp and hair on a head that was photographed millions of times because he was an entertainer and made his living on stage. Performers always want to look their best; artists always try to look good for the cameras. There were the migraines from the balloon under the scalp that grew new skin for grafts and transplantation. The fans knew what he faced. Now the public knows.

The trial also revealed an assortment of carnivorous corporate types who insisted the show must go on in spite of the fact that their golden goose was dying before their eyes and that people screamed that precise observation to them! Yet they pressed on and even called him lazy. One only needs a cursory glance at Michael Jackson’s performance schedule from the age of 9 to see that this was not a lazy man. I challenge any in the sycophantic crowd on his coattails to match his life’s accomplishments.

It revealed a bevy of sycophantic doctors who stood in line and fought among themselves for the privilege to be Michael Jackson’s doctor, some of whom ignored warnings and pleadings from people who actually cared about Michael, to be careful with drugs for which he had developed a dependence. But big egos and big cash enticed “doctors” who cared only for the reflected glory, privilege and cash, not for the man whose care they assumed. For his last egotistical and cavalier doctor, it meant that name dropping helped to bed strippers. It revealed a doctor who lied to him about REM (“RIM” sic) sleep coming from a drug induced coma when in reality, Propofol precludes REM sleep from occurring. A person deprived of REM sleep over time will develop delusions because their waking life tries to catch up on the dreams they are missing in sleep. Dreaming keeps us healthy, keeps our brains working, our bodies strong. If these concierge “doctors” lied to Michael Jackson about REM sleep, what else were they lying about?

The trial revealed a man so tortured and afraid that he couldn’t sleep and so overworked that he lost weight and became so weak he couldn’t complete one spin. It revealed a man gone through the trauma of a trial that never should have happened, who was forced to give up his only meaningful dream– to give children the gift of childhood fantasies at Neverland and a children’s hospital he had been intending to build since the nineties. A hospital that was already planned and was derailed by the first extortion.

The selfishness of some around Michael Jackson, the culture and media that abused him, and the true story of what happened to a man who came to change the world and only to love humanity, is beyond comprehension. The world needs to know. The inhumanity and humanity of it needs to seen for what it is. It’s a world lesson. This world took this man’s privacy, his home, his career, his reputation, his dreams, his trust, his homeland, his sense of security and belonging-ness, his dignity, the dignity of his children, his belief in himself, and finally his will to continue.

I don’t know how he lived as long as he did. Is there any realization by any of these people of what the man did for this world? There is no one alive who can match his charitable gifts. Nobody.

But there are those who still continue to this day to use his name to make money off his corpse.

How did he even wake up and show up for life? Only for his children. That’s pretty much all he had left.

Even those promoters who were “helping” him to stage his comeback were abusing him, lying to him, manipulating his schedule, screaming at him and slapping him.

This trial was important not just to get at the truth for Katherine Jackson and his family, it was important for the world to get at the truth. The ninety nine percent is waking up and the truth will not be silenced or hidden for long. So…

STOP! It’s enough. You have already traded your soul for thirty pieces of silver. You who used and abused a little miracle child from Gary Indiana who came to change the world… you have much to answer for. If not here, then in the hereafter. And I wouldn’t be in your shoes for all the fame and money and glitter or strippers in this world. You don’t get it do you? Life is self limiting. With no soul the only thing you can do with dark money is to make your soulless misery more comfortable and pay for constant distractions from the truth of who you are. Let me remind you that there is nothing you do here that is environmentally sustaining, socially just, or spiritually fulfilling as the man you chose to torture and profit off of.  You will run from the emptiness of your own soul until your last day here.

But you will answer for what you have done. And you will have to face him again and explain yourself. And there and then you will stand before the Master Intelligence of Creation and will be reminded: you were given the precious gift of life; you had the privilege to witness the expansive magnificence of creation; you were given residence on a planet of beauty, stunning complexity and alive with amazing biological creatures. And you will be asked: “what was your contribution?”


  1. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    Dear Barbara,
    How are you? I have just read this post once more and have to say your forceful, but yet respectful, dismembering of the “creatures” you know and interpret so well, did not bring one instant of “pause”.

    In fact, it has ushered a phase of what I am hastily explaining to my family as “brutally honest, take it or leave it”.

    I am just so angry that if your name happens to be Jackson, you are coloured, remarkably talented, good-looking and very famous (and I am not just describing Michael here, but all the generations) expect nothing. You will not be allowed any of the usual human vagaries that are forgiven in others. Nobody will take the time to recognise echos of dynamics that run through every family on Earth. How Katherine must fear for her descendants and strive to cushion their lives! Can anyone think of another group of people so systematically brutalised? And it goes on and on and on.

    But we have been recruited to put a screeching halt to this and with the Divine help we have, we will do it. On travels around the internet there is no doubt that our numbers are growing with each day that dawns. In every post that you write Barbara there is courage given to some heart or many hearts to keep the faith and do our part.


    Posted October 21, 2013 at 9:30 pm | Permalink
  2. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Isn’t it interesting that we find ourselves again at yet another junction of civil rights. Once again the Jacksons are targets. In America we have elected the first African American president and we see the erosion again of civil rights and human rights. We see an erosion of feminism and the respect for women. We see the bullying, trafficking and false/pseudo “ownership” rights — even of children.

    The phase you speak of L, may be more wave than particle. More motion than inertia. More direct action than philosophy. I have spoken to more people recently who are “having none of it!” They are tired of the nonsense: elected officials acting like spoiled and tantrum-prone infants; people with “entitlement” issues and egos; corporate welfare and corruption; mean spirited communication; people and organizations with a vacuum where their ethics should be; being gouged by commerce just because they can; a lack of consideration for one’s fellow human beings; financial institutions that bleed consumers with fees while denying loans; elections that are bought by billionaire powerbrokers; a military industrial complex that hides its “collateral damage;” the wealth concentrated in less than 1% of the population and elections that are decided by .0026 percent of the people; dirty money, rogue cops; corrupt politicians; wall street shenanigans; and the erosion of civil rights, human rights and democracy around the world.

    Lies and slander are not “free speech;” they cost dearly. Everybody downwind is a casualty. The first amendment was never meant to be used for deception. Quite the contrary– it was designed to expose it. Elections are not for sale; corporations are not people and money is not free speech.

    The leaders and those in power are out of touch with human values and the people. People are angry and fed up and that is making everybody crabby, unruly and uncivil. We can understand that and we can understand why. It is a holy unrest. Holy unrest is good because it invites revolution, revision and change. But that unrest does not excuse deliberately cruel and soulless behavior.

    Perhaps a metaphor will enlighten and light: “Everyone is feeling their inner tiger.”

    If you are training tigers, you throw the tiger some meat to take his mind off his hunger and detract and dissuade him from coming to eat you. Tigers pace when they feel frustration. They don’t appreciate cages because they are not meant to be cornered, confined and controlled. People need to wake up to their inner tiger. They are pacing and growling for a reason. They’re tired of the cages, tired of the pacing, actually, they’re even tired of the jungle, and hungry for change. The entertainment industry is the meat, people are the tigers and the trainers are those outside the cages and behind that curtain of “Oz.”

    I am human; hear me roar.

    Posted October 21, 2013 at 10:43 pm | Permalink
  3. Katherine Auener said . . .

    Thank you so much Rev. Kaufmann for your words! I just can agree with each one of your words! Thanks for our very dear Michael! May i hug you Rev. Kaufmann with tenderness? Much love to you! Let’s roar together!
    Katherine from France.

    Posted October 25, 2013 at 11:53 am | Permalink
  4. Susanne said . . .

    Thank you for this powerful statement. This is the whole truth, and I wish the whole world would read it. We must spread this and I shared the link on FB.
    Thank you very much for writing such great posts, Rev. Kaufmann.
    God bless you!

    Posted October 25, 2013 at 10:07 pm | Permalink
  5. lynn said . . .

    BRAVO! (once again) Rev B!

    Posted October 27, 2013 at 3:57 pm | Permalink
  6. Heidi said . . .

    Panther. Inner PANTHER. Black and White was, among so many things, a covert message. Enough is enough of this garbage. While it is all well and wonderful for the Children of the Light to sit in lotus position and Ohm and pray, we are being run over while we do so. Re watch “Avatar” for sadly, it is exactly what is happening at this time: Now they are coming after the TREE OF SOULS. Time to wake up. Enough is enough of this garbage.

    Posted October 28, 2013 at 1:33 am | Permalink
  7. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Yes, Panther. Panther is a black leopard. Another great cat.
    And the covert message: The panther has meaning

    Posted October 28, 2013 at 2:52 am | Permalink

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