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Neverland and Cultural Treasure III

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities. ~Dr. Seuss

Rabbi Simon Jacobsen says this about the natural joy of the child:

“A child is our most natural and quintessential state. The child’s innate cheer comes from an inner peace and contentment which results from a lack of dichotomy in the child’s life.

Seamlessness is the operative world. A child’s consciousness is not split into parts. A child is not torn between its needs and its behavior. We adults are constantly torn between demands upon us and our own needs, between what we truly want and what we must do to survive, between who we essentially are and what we do. Between the needs of our bodies and the needs of or souls. Who among us can say that our daily work and activities reflect our deepest inner aspirations? Is there a person that has no conflict of interest between a personal life and a professional one, between the demands of your job and those of your home and family? Has anyone not compromised some of their idealism and values due to the pressures of the struggle for survival?

When there is a split there is tension. And where there is tension there is sadness. A measure of angst is always healthy – to keep us reaching and growing. But when the angst spills over into anxiety, despondence and depression are not far behind.

Children are the most perfect model of seamlessness: A smooth flow between the inner and the outer; where identity meets expression. Imagine that your outer expressions were always reflecting your inner needs, and your deepest aspirations always had an outlet of expression.

It is only from adults that children learn to be sad. Yes, we adult project our feelings on our children and as they develop and enter maturity where they too learn the world of envy and greed, of selfishness and instant gratification, of struggling between what we know to be true and what we indulge in for our own pleasure.

You may then say, that all this is fine and good as long as we are children. But now that we have grown into adults, our childhoods lost, we no longer can access that inner contentment and happiness that is the domain of the child.”


Michael Jackson loved magic.

Magic is the domain of the child.

When Michael Jackson hosted people at Neverland, he took them back to magic, back to their childhoods, to that carefree place of play and safety and a world without angst or fear or worry. He knew how to heal people from the insults of the “real world” upon their psyche. For the duration of their visit, he made them leave their seriousness behind. From the moment they entered Neverland, they were reminded of their inner child, their whole and healthy inner joy, their magic.

There’s a story about Michael going to the kitchen at Neverland to request something from his staff and finding that they had the television on and were watching a news program. He insisted they turn off the TV. He explained that as long as his guests were at Neverland, they were to be on vacation from the harsh realities of the world they must return to.

The state of the world today reflects the loss of that buoyancy and joy, the free spirit that is a child’s heart, a child’s mind. We are in a trance. We’ve forgotten who we were and especially, who we are inside. The joy has dried up; The world is a desert. People feel that and they thirst.

Michael Jackson understood this thirst for joy, freedom, and the carefree nature of the child within. He understood how important it was to the salvation of the world. He lived his life “with a child’s heart and because he did, children intuited that he was their benefactor, their champion. The world had little tolerance for this man-child who kept his child’s heart intact– not losing it to the artificial dreams of the world but staying true to his inner dreams.

Society had little understanding of the genius of this gentle artist who embraced both his masculine and feminine natures who sought to teach the world cooperation instead of competition, love instead of fear, inclusion instead of exclusion and who encouraged retention of the spirit of child. He believed children were the answer to the world’s indifference to pain– that it was to become “as a little child” that bestowed the keys to the kingdom.

Neverland is a state of mind. But it’s also a symbol. Neverland remembers. It breathes. It represents something so essential to human beings that is akin to breath. The defiling and losing of Neverland too, is essential. It’s an important lesson. For evolution. For humanity. Not losing Neverland is more important than anyone can measure now.

When it’s gone, the loss then discovered, will be immeasurable.


~To Inner Michael~



  1. Dalia said . . .

    All fans do expect a miracle to save his legacy. Neverland is part of that historical legacy for his children, for the fans and for humanity. Unfortunately the coin is in the air, it is uncertain the future of all his legacy in general. His personal belongings and clothes auctioned. Neverland sold, and reputation plummeting constantly and…Who is going to stop this? Who can do that (The Estate) they do not. The Jacksons? They will not…Who?

    The concern about the lack of action by the Estate to defend the innocence of Michael legally as they should be doing with the new charges against him very worrying.

    Posted August 25, 2014 at 10:04 am | Permalink
  2. victoria said . . .

    The distance between childish and child-like is immeasurable. Michael knew that the secret to immortality was imbedded in the inner child – that part of ourselves that is total love, total trust and total joy. Where faith can thrive. But a place that becomes hardened as we grow older so that we are no longer able to see the mystery and the magic of life. It saddens me. I struggle to keep the child alive – but I know it is a challenge worth the fight. Michael continues to lead the way.

    Blessings and thank you Rev. B


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  3. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    “The coin is in the air”- does that mean the same thing as “money talks” here in America? (Meaning that money is placed above all else– values, scruples, morals…?)

    I didn’t add in one of the links you sent. Not because I don’t agree or don’t recognize what is being said, but because I don’t wish to add fuel to the fire, if you get my meaning. Inner Michael’s readership is broader than the fan base. While the fans might understand the cited resource, others would not.

    I listened to Mesereau and he is right, a payout would be disastrous because some would interpret that as an admission of guilt (as much of the world did in 1993) when advisers urged Michael to pay to make it go away and go back to work. As I said, nobody at that time recognized the extortioner as Bipolar and mentally ill. Delusions and hallucinations as well as unpredictable and grandiose behavior are very common with that particular mental illness. It appears the mother in the 2005 case had the same illness, at least in appeared so during her appearance on the stand and in her testimony.

    Money was very much a motivator for those around Michael Jackson. The most famous man on earth and the wealthiest superstar attracted all kinds of sycophants– and many who put their own interests above those of their benefactor. When their treachery was discovered, many were expelled from the “inner sanctum” which they resented. And others succumbed to the lure of money from tabloids looking to “cash in” on the latest scandal. One of Michael’s associates told me the cash was carried in- in large bags. For many, the temptation was just too much especially when the cash offered was more than many years’ salaries. The backstabbing and backlash also came from being banished from the sanctum which made people feel as if they had been cast aside. They missed the drama and excitement of being around a superstar.

    One of the latest accusers had every intention of working on the Cirque du Soleil tributes, particularly in Las Vegas. He just assumed he would be chosen to produce them. When someone else was chosen as artistic director, suddenly he “remembered” he was abused at the hands of Michael Jackson. You may recall reading an article about “two others waiting in the wings” to see how the case was going to be handled and might come forward.”

    It smells more than a bit fishy. And the accuser worked for AEG at the time Katherine Jackson was suing AEG for the death of her son because of their neglect. Coincidence?

    Michael Jackson addressed these woes in a song- “Money” just as he did other issues in his life. If people want to know Jackson’s true biography in his own words, it is chronicled in his lyrics. His legacy is there.

    Someone wrote to ask me why there is always a cycle coming round of the same tabloid and tabloid-trained writers smearing his legacy. It’s because if the world ever learned the truth the resulting earthquake would be off the Richter Scale. The public, finally informed of the real story of Michael Jackson’s life would erupt in anger and the backlash for those people responsible for the incalculable harm would never save face nor save their careers. This group has to make sure the truth never emerges. And that’s so much of the story– little egos in the small minds of some irresponsible and even evil, took Jackson’s money, his reputation, his career, his dignity, his will and eventually his life. They know who they are; they just don’t want you to know.

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