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Thriller Questions continued: Are you Awake?

“No matter what, the most powerful thing in the world is the human mind and prayer, and belief in yourself and confidence and perseverance. No matter how many times you do it, you do it again until it’s right. And always believe in yourself. And not matter who’s around you that is being negative or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off. Because whatever you believe, you become.” ~  Michael Jackson  October 26, 2001

I always come back to wondering how in the world he did it. How did Jackson stay vertical through the massive bullying and beating that he took at the hands of the media? I can’t even imagine combating all that negativity coming at someone. How could one withstand that kind of vicious personal attack? How did he continue? Where did he find the inner strength to go on? How did he show up for life?

Some readers and fans have asked about how to deal with the media and I have been trying to build up to and answer those requests. There are questions from fans and readers that have come up that are important to answer, but right now they detract from the current mission. Readers have asked me to address how to become savvy with media reform. The questions sent recently are important. It’s also important to get back to talking about Michael and “Inner Michael” which is a metaphor for the “inner artist,” “inner superstar,” “inner change agent” and so on, who lives inside us. “Inner Michael” is a metaphor for the inner light and the revealing of that light and one’s life mission in the world. If you tap that deep “inner self” you can change the world. That is Michael Jackson’s greatest message. And we will get back to that. But if we let the dark and selfish forces grab the world’s real estate and rape the planet and its people of their god-given resources, then we fail in our loyalty to people like Michael Jackson and Lady Diana who asked us to help them heal the world by bringing peace to the planet and helping the children.

There are people who interfered with Diana’s mission to heal the world. There are people who interfered with Michael Jackson’s mission to heal the world. Some of these are the same people, the same corporations.

This world is broken in so many ways. There is work to be done. There are changes that need to be made. Michael Jackson is one of those people who asked us to “make that change.”

Instead of doing what’s profitable, what’s expedient, what’s convenient, what’s selfish, we need to get back to, or on to a new incarnation of an enlightened society. We need to get back to truth because telling the truth is the right thing to do.

Fans have the hands and voices to “make that change,” but do they have the hearts for it? Do they have the will for it? The stamina? Determination? There is something happening right now that fans should be aware of. Rupert Murdoch, it is rumored, is interested in the acquisition of U.S. media real estate. You might remember that Murdoch is the billionaire media mogul who came from Australia to Britain and opened up the “Fleet Street” tabloid industry that began mocking the royals and celebrities in the Sun and News of the World British gutter press publications.

After establishing “Fleet Street” he deliberately targeted Madonna and Michael Jackson as fodder for his tabloid headlines and stories. This was a calculated move to capture the youth demographic. He wanted to expand his audience to young people. After all, when you cater to the older generation, when they die off, who is going to buy your newspapers so that you can continue raking in billions as a terroist with words as your weapon of mass destruction? If you want to insure your longevity and be relevant in the future, you must go after young minds to corrupt.

This man single handedly made the world a much darker place while Michael Jackson was at the same time, trying to heal the world. Michael was one of his biggest targets. As was Madonna, Fergie and Lady Diana. Diana was being mocked in the tabloids and that mocking extended to her work with land mines. Who mocks a royal of her stature who is trying to bring attention to land mines hacking off limbs of children? Who is trying to save the lives of children?

That “hacking” word was deliberate. There is hacking and there is hacking. When those who have a bully pulpit are trying to save children and change the world and they are effectively hamstrung and made a laughing stock in headlines, who suffers? The children who didn’t benefit suffer! Lady Diana and Michael Jackson were humanitarians and champions for children. Yet, for the sake of gossip and sadistic thrills in “scandal” and salacious stories, both these champions of humanity were laughed at and mocked for their efforts to save the children and save the planet. Their credibility and their work suffered which means that children who might have been helped weren’t. Children who might have been fed starved. Children who might have felt cherished and cared for were abandoned in favor of selling newspapers to line the pockets of the already obscenely wealthy. Tabloid journalists are sometimes called “hacks.”

And last year saw a new depth of depravity in that word– hacking. You may remember that Rupert Murdoch was taken to task over the practice of phone hacking as a feature of getting the “insider stories” for his tabloids. When it was finally revealed that this was a business-as-usual means of operation at Murdoch’s media holdings, and specifically that his minions had hacked the private voicemails of a murdered teenager to “get the story,” the public was outraged.

Millie Dowler was murdered and Rebekah Brooks, the then CEO of News International gifted the Dowler family with a phone to help in the investigation that was later found to be bugged in order to collect more stories about the dead girl. The NOTW newspaper, while hacking Dowler’s phone deleted some of her messages leading her parents to believe the murdered girl was still using her phone and thus alive, when she was already dead. The paper essentially interfered with a murder investigation.

Murdoch’s corporation included News of The World and The Sun Brititsh tabloids. News of The World is widely cited as the first newspaper to use the moniker “Wacko Jacko” and Kelvin MacKenzie is credited with writing the headline.

Murdoch and his son were called to testify before the British Parliament and explain their illegal and immortal corporate tactics. Law enforcement in both Britain and the U.S. are supposedly conducting an ongoing investigation into the illegal activities of Murdoch, his corporation and minions. Many think Murdoch closed News of the World to put an end to the story that caused an outrage; it is seen as Murdoch’s attempt at damage control.

Now it is reported that Murdoch has his eyes on American media- with the LA Times and Chicago Tribute at the top of the list. We, in America do not want this kind of sleaze in our media. The media is badly in need of reform, not of more darkness and corruption.

Michael Jackson fans should be all over this instead of jumping on an anger campaign about a book which only serves to promote and make more visible that which it rales against. Bad publicity works just as well as good publicity. Michael taught us that. Bad publicity is like a magnet for the curious, especially those who like to roll in the dirt. Reporters have used the fans to promote salacious material and fans have played right into their hands. Instead of an angry, disorganized and schizoid swarm, fans could make a real difference in organizing for media reform if they would keep Michael in mind. He understood where the pain comes from. He understood human nature. He understood that when there is a vacuum where love lives, people resort to their shadow selves.

One Michael Jackson fan recently asked me ‘what became of the LOVE in the Michael Jackson community?’ and begged me to remain the voice of reason, saying “we need you to stay strong!” I too wonder what happend to the LOVE. Can you tell me where it is? I am not saying to overlook treachery. I am saying be smart about being a warrior for truth.

I am asking that you become aware of what is going on in the media around you… take notice… and ask for something better.

We need to WAKE UP and then we need to WAKE UP THE WORLD.

Here are some things to wake up to:

Murdoch wants more media. The FCC is thinking about changing the rules to allow corporations like Murdoch’s to acquire multiple media outlets. That means big corporations like Murdoch’s can have a monopoly on what you watch on the news and read in the newspaper. Do you want Murdoch controlling the American media?

If you object, then you’d better make your feeling known. NOW.

Petition the FCC. Help Avaaz. Help Free Press. Write letters. For god’s sake, no– for Michael sake (and all the future Michaels targeted by tabloid media) don’t let this happen:

Here is the FCC address and website and contact page:

Here’s another Wake Up Call calling to fans:

Michael Jackson’s sexuality and sexual preference was subject to ridicule. He was called “homosexual,” “fag,” “gay” and was accused of the most horrific crimes against children. There is a myth that believes if you are homosexual, you are likely to prey on children. That myth is endangering South Africa right now. And Africa, Michael said, was his true homeland. Where is your outrage, fans? Where are your voices?

This is a tabloid newspaper in Africa:

This is Uganda’s premier tabloid magazine. The yellow banner above the photos and under the headlines reads: “Hang Them.” What do you say to that?

That’s right it says: “HANG THEM.” That is a call for mass murder. And really, hanging black men? Where has that happened before?

Everyone here knows what the tabloids did to Michael Jackson. Jackson fans are particularly sensitive to tabloid stories about his life. Michael himself, spoke of how hurt and insulted he was by tabloids and by the names he was called and the stories invented to sell more newspapers and magazines.

Jackson sang about the assaultive nature of tabloid journalism in “Tabloid Junkie” and after his passing, the estate released “Breaking News” in the “Michael” posthumous album in which he sings “you’re breaking the news.”

What Rupert Murdoch role modeled to the world and the model he gave media for making money is shameful. You can see the Murdoch mentor and model in this latest tabloid handiwork. Murdoch was a good teacher. He has demonstrated to the world how making money for the unscrupulous is done. What the tabloids did to Jackson, the Jackson family, celebrities and the royals was only a sampling of the damage done over decades of the Murdoch rein of terror. And while the gutter press headlines dismembered celebrities for sport and entertainment, they never called for mass murder.

But this tabloid, patterned after Murdoch’s Sun calls for mass murder and genocide in a country with a history of Apartheid and genocide. The Rolling Stone tabloid press published photos of 100 alleged “homosexuals” incountry and called for their elimination:

And there’s another British hack fans should be aware of– the one who did the “Living With Michael Jackson” documentary.

Here is Martin Bashir speaking about Charles Krauthammer who is a Neorologist and Psychiatrist who won a Pulitzer Prize in journalism and who is paralyzed from the waist down yet works as a broadcast journalist:

Yes, Martin Bashir said on air: “I must apologize to any young people who were frightened by that face.” Does that sound familiar?

Here is an article about what Bashir said:

While I am not a fan of Fox News and do not view them as the “fair and balanced,” network they call themselves, in this case they are correct. Bashir’s comment was crass and sophomoric and he should be called out for it. Since when is it OK to make fun of someone’s face? Oh yeah, that’s right, now I remember.

And there are some people who are warriors for media reform that the fan community should watch and support like: Miss Representation. I have been watching Jennifer Newsome and her campaign for media reform in how it treats females in the media. Here is a recent letter:

Dear Rev. Barbara,

Last week, a six year old girl in Ireland wrote an inspiring letter to a game manufacturer Hasbro pointing out the gender imbalance in their popular “Guess Who?” board game. The company reponded and has since sparked an internaitonal convversation online, It’s an important story, not olny because it proves that kids are not immune to the media’s gendered messaging, but because it reminds us that we can all use our consumer voice to fight sexism and influence others.

Last week we urged you to stay vigilant and notice how women were being represented at the movies during hte holiday. Now. we want to make sure you take that same critical eye to the malls an ddepartment stores after Thanksgiving.

When you see an advertisement that demeans women, or a product that relies on harmful gender stereotypes to make sales, don’t buy it– and let the world know by posting a photo to Twitter with#NotBuyingIt (or by emailing us directly)! And, if you see something that is
positive for women and men, make sure and spread the word.

Remember that 86 percent of the purchasing power in America is in the pockets of women, and that there’s no age limit – or minimum – to consumer activism. So let’s use our influence to support gender-inclusive products and avoid those that limit us!
Jennifer Siebel Newsom
and The Team

Jennifer Newsome and her Miss Representation Campaign ( is changing the world. Her campaign and how she goes about making this change is of great importance to Michael Jackson fans who can learn a lot from this woman and how she goes about this work of changing the world. (*hint- you are not going to see her bullying anybody; what you will see is how she fiercely advocates for change and asks for it directly.) She is a force to be observed for lessons on how to go about change and advocacy. Pay attention fans!

So my point is this: Jackson Fans, should they ever decide to get involved in reform rather than revenge, could do a lot to call for change. If fans would get behind a media reform campaign, the world would be a better place because they could demand it.

When something or someone insults a public figure (hint: like Michael Jackson,) they also insult decency and civility. Or when they insult your intelligence or insult someone’s legacy or memory, you can make your voice heard by writing to the offending person, network, newspaper, magazine, online journal, or reporter, etc. Whenever a genre degrades someone, the world doesn’t become a little better, it becomes a little more bitter. Want a worthwhile campaign in honor of Michael Jackson? Work to stop media bullying.

To have more impact, do not cite Michael or say you are a Michael fan when it is not necessary. You have more clout with the powers that be and those in the corporate boardrooms making the decisions. If you identify yourself as a fan, you immediately announce you are “crazy” and get dismissed as not being a legitimate voice. That is just the way it is right now and when fans swarm, they reinforce the myth about “crazy Michael Jackson fans.” And when you act crazy, expect the public to scoff at anything you have to say. To not identify yourself as an MJ fan is not disloyal to Michael, it is a stealth tactic that Michael would approve of. Michael was called “cunning” for a reason. He was a brilliant strategist. Those strategies can be adopted and adapted to change the world, to end media discrimination and bullying.

Sometimes the bullying is shocking, sometimes it’s subtle. What do you think of this? Yes, it is what it seems- a woman with breasts in front and in back. Whose genius was this? Sony. Take a look:

Here’s the article:

Does that ad degrade females? Is it sexist? Uh huh.

When these things happen in the media that degrade people, we have to speak up. We have to make our feelings know. If we allow a little of something, rest assured a lot of it is on the way. When did the world become so mean and so cynical? When we weren’t paying attention and watching and protecting the turf!


Speaking of Powerful and determined women who change the world-( did you catch that?)…

Here is someone to watch. She was a former reporter who blew the whistle on networks being paid by foreign governments to air favorable documentaries to cover and counter their human rights violations. Her name is Amber Lyons, kand while I don’t agree with her about the “war on journalism” she may be on the front lines of some very damning information about corporate media. I think she’s a very courageous woman:


Here’s a link to the story:

So you see, there is lots of work to be done. But there are CIVILIZED ways to go about this– that don’t get you called “crazy” or “weird.” Being a Michael Jackson fan and being called “crazy” and “weird” is the same as Michael being called “crazy” and “weird.” That does not reclaim his rightful legacy; it perpetuates the “Wacko” one. He’s not here to speak for himself. Did you ever hear or see him engage in an angry swarm? No, you saw him hurt and mad; and how did he handle his pain? He mobilized and acted in a non-violent focused way. How did he, as a warrior for truth fight? With LOVE and art. With fierce LOVE and artful action.



  1. victoria said . . .


    Over the past year I became involved in the Miss Representation campaign organizing small groups to view screenings in and around my home town. The documentary viewings and subsequent discussions have become a force for change in my own life. It has also been a wake up call in the lives of those who have viewed the material presented in the documentary film and on the website. This year’s election showed a rise in the number of women who went out to vote, and an increase in the number of women running for office. I believe this film was instrumental in providing a forum for women to realize the work that needs to be done in government and in media.

    I have come to this conclusion. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is it….Jennifer Newsome’s approach IS the approach that Michael would have us take. It is exactly how to go about “making that change” and it is exactly the way to raise consciousness and awareness in our society on a particular issue without the need for any drama or incivility. It is exactly how to bring about the necessary dialogue needed to get the work done.

    Quite honestly, I do not get it. If we are truly in it for LOVE then why are we not acting in a loving manner? As fans we must go undercover for MIchael, quietly becoming the change that we want to see in the world. We must learn how to get the job done, and it will mean we must do it many times under the radar. And with grace, and tact and respect. Always remembering who and what has guided us thus far, knowing that we have become this catalyst for change because of one man’s belief that the world could be reshaped and redeemed by those who would carry the mission forward. An army of LOVE. That is what he was looking for. Not an army of hate, or hysterics or anger. That is not what this is about. So check your ego at the door. Do the work without fanfare. But definitely make that change…..WWMD


    Posted November 30, 2012 at 4:20 am | Permalink
  2. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Beautifully said. Bless you and thank you. ~B

    Posted November 30, 2012 at 5:04 am | Permalink
  3. Dalia said . . .

    The planned auctioning off of photos showing Michaels 1984 burn accident in graphic details and on top of that the ridiculousely mean “Wacko Jacko Hairball Game” is just TOO much…companies claiming they pay tribute to the King Of Pop and honour his fans by profitting off of his horrible burn accident by selling graphic photos, making fun of his injuries and calling him the most disgusting tabloid nickname this is an example of how the media still have control over how the world should see Michael. Sadly I am a so disappointed. My comment is not encouraging.

    Posted December 1, 2012 at 4:24 pm | Permalink
  4. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    This crass treatment of an artistic icon can only happen when he becomes de-humanized. Creating a caricature removes his humanity. This is a continuation of the practice of dismembering him on the front page of the tabloids. The fact that he isn’t seen as human makes it easy to do these macabre things. It’s creepy. The fact that there is any appetite for this stuff at all attests to how effective the media was in making him into a freak and a sideshow. What kind of world allows this? In what kind of world is it OK to use cutting people up and using their body parts to entertain oneself? What kind of mind makes dismemberment and consuming a continual diet of that and sundry body parts (cannibalism) acceptable? Is that a world you want to live in? This should serve only to fortify the resolve to change the world. It should make you fierce in your determination. I have given many examples of how to do just that. We need to stop crying now and get busy.

    Posted December 1, 2012 at 5:22 pm | Permalink
  5. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    Dear All,
    Tonight, I am in a state of shock. Barbara, like other Michael people I am well versed in the barbaric way he was and is treated, but the game Dalia spoke of, I took the time to investigate. These people are depraved.
    CNNI being paid by Bahrain to present a cosy image of them to the world. Wasn’t that where Michael and his children took shelter? The poor dear man!
    Now I understand your occassional expressions of despair.
    President Obama is aware of this?
    Please excuse my naivety. The country I live in would be thought of as a quaint little Village to most Americans. It is too small for people to get away with any of that nonsense (the ads and such) here.
    Anyhow I would like you to know that there will NEVER be a need to prompt me again. I will not allow myself to be “a good person doing nothing”.

    Posted December 2, 2012 at 10:42 am | Permalink
  6. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    You just made a vow, L; and vows like that come from a deep, abiding place. Those kinds of vows put the Universe on notice that something needs to change. They also set a huge wave of intention in motion. If we could get even 50 people to make such a vow, we would change the world for good multiplies itself with more power than evil. Doing the “right thing” takes no consideration or second thought for it is our birthright to be brilliant and powerful and to shine. One does not need to weight the loss of one’s soul or the effects of karma against the material and temporary gain of treachery in the case of choosing for good. To follow and act on the impulse to do good is is freeing to the body and mind; it lightens the load of being in a human body in a less-than-paradisal place.It creates a little bit of heaven here. And we all share in that reward.

    Your true legacy is what you set in motion in the world RIGHT NOW. We all need to ask this question: “After my death, and after the last person who knew me is dead, what happens to my memory? What happens to me? At that point you are essentially erased from the world, erased from its memory. What lives on as your legacy is what you have set in motion while you were here. What you set in motion in the world while you are here is your true legacy in action and it lives forever. What you set in motion pays it (and you) forward. It makes you immortal for what you release into the world now has an energy and we know that the Universe has a law of physics called the conservation of energy and we know that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

    Everybody needs a hero. Are you being one?

    Your life is the inbreathing and outbreathing of evolution. What you contribute to the world make this place better, or makes it bitter. It either contributes to the evolution of humankind or it devolves us and sends us backward toward the brutes we were upon arrival. Brutes only know destructiveness and eventual annihilation. We are not designed nor destined to be brutes. Our legacy tragectory is toward enlightened and civil society.

    We can either help or hinder our own path to enlightenment and creating heaven on earth (“bring salvation back”) and we can decide by our actions how quickly it comes (“I wish love would come today.”)

    Lynaire is referring to this quote from Irish philosopher Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” He also said: “No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”

    Whatever energy and intention you send out into the Universe is never destroyed. It lives on forever. And it is magnetic, finding those of like energy and so it multiplies itself. It creates the invisible soup of consciousness that we all live in. It “cooks” our reality. So what do you want to cook in?

    You determine what kind of world and what kind of future world by your actions (what you set in motion in space and time here and now.) What kind of world do you want? You are it! THIS IS IT!

    Posted December 2, 2012 at 2:45 pm | Permalink
  7. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    Barbara. This is a vow that will never be broken. The panther has stirred. I went to bed with a tear in my eye and an ache in my heart.
    During my sleep, I was gifted with a beautiful dream. I was in possession
    of some very large books. They were called “The Light is Coming” and I was giving them to others and attempting to explain it’s contents to them. Though they were half my size, I was handling them with ease.
    Then before the last page was a caption saying, “This is what it will look like.”
    I turned it to see a page of wonder,luminous and radiant. Made up of many
    strands, smaller at the top but flowing outwards at the bottom. Magic.
    A message of Hope I believe.
    I am so grateful for what you do for our World, Barbara.

    Posted December 2, 2012 at 11:51 pm | Permalink
  8. victoria said . . .


    I applaude your work and your incredible prolific writing on the topic of consciousness and change. You are consistently guiding and advising all of us and you have become my go to “teacher” as I try to be that change in the world I would like to see.

    But, honestly I must say to you that I sometimes am taken aback as to the comments you receive from other sources or readers. I wonder if there is really an understanding as to what you are doing here with this Inner Michael forum? Do people understand “Metaphor?” That Michael advocated change and advocating change through Michael’s example is what this is about?

    How can we reach the light when even with a lighted path some tend to give more energy and credence to the dark? We need to observe the dark certainly, but the work is to transform it. Is darkness a strange attractor? I just don’t get it. Maybe you can help me understand. I find it frustrating…You have been espousing for 3 years what needs to be done. You have offered books, movies, forums, a continually swelling educational curriculum, movements that work toward positive change… so what else do any of us need to get started?

    I am sad to because sometimes it appears that too many “fans” are looking for a place to just rehash, remember and regurgitate the same stuff over and over again. I must say I have not come to this recently, I did realize early on in my life that calling yourself a “fan” of any one person or thing can get you marginalized immediately. Maybe Michael Jackson fans are not the population ready to become those “change agents” you speak of. Are they waiting for the “second coming” or something like that? To me a portion of “This is It” contained the most resonant of Michael’s message. They were spoken during the “short film” Earth Song. When I find myself getting discouraged, I go to that part of the film. Everyone who reads Inner Michael should really watch that over and over again….it is a clear and urgent call to action!

    Keep up your positive, informative, direct and even sometimes fierce approach. It keeps me going….and have a healthy, happy and peaceful holiday Holidays bring out the child in me; Michael would approve.

    Bless you,

    Posted December 3, 2012 at 3:37 am | Permalink
  9. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Oh that’s very kind. Thanks for your vote of confidence. Darkness can be a strange attractor not so much because it is our nature (although the shadow and its wounds certainly is part of our nature) but I think, because we are conditioned to it. We are socially indoctrinated by authority and authorities into believing we are less than. Less than perfect; less than adequate; less than desirable; less than pleasing; less than good looking or beautiful; less than loved, less than cherished, less than valued; less than…. need I go on?

    We are conditioned to ask what is wrong with us instead of what’s right. What needs improving. That success is what you do instead of who you are being. We are conditioned to separate, evaluate, speculate, and judge other humans. That’s not hard-wiring; it’s social conditioning. It’s habitual and it’s profiable. The cosmetic industry, celebrity-obsessed culture and religions that fight with each other over who is more wrong or undesirable or unenlightened will lillustrate that tilt toward darkness.

    But it’s not nature, it’s nurture. We have been trained for it. Shame is a debilitating emotion and it is the lowest vibration (energetic strata) that one can live in. We are sumarily shamed all our lvies starting in our growing up years. Jackson was trying to tell people that is the wrong way to raise children in a world in need of healing. He saw untainted and non-indoctrinated children as the light that they truly are for the world. And he was mocked for it and even made a criminal.

    Habits are learned. Imagine if we had all grown up valuing ourselves and our innate talent and gifts? What if instead of separating we began uniting? Praised instead of judged? What if we shamed the darkness instead of letting it shame us? What if we just started valuing the light? Ourselves and others? What if we just kept doing that– calling out the darkness, asking ‘do you like what you see?’ and then supplanting it with light? What if we used the mirror and became the mirror? What if we asked what change do you want to see in the world and then asked ‘am I being that‘? and ‘am I calling others out and out of the darkness and asking them to be that too?’

    Posted December 3, 2012 at 6:00 am | Permalink

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