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Thanks Giving

The most powerful prayer is GRATITUDE. The most powerful change one can implement in life is to keep a GRATITUDE journal. So that means that today itself is a prayer. Millions of people are celebrating and giving thanks – Thanksgiving.

It may seem as if they are celebrating turkey, or pumpkin pie, or a glass or two of wine but behind this ritual of breaking bread and sharing it is the spirit of giving and of gratitude.

So for those who celebrate it: Happy Thanksgiving. And for those who don’t, we wish you gratitude and abundance for one follows the other. Giving thanks for what one has is prayer. Giving thanks for what one will receive in the future is creating the future.


I am grateful. I am especially grateful for all of you, for you change the world by being willing to change the world.

Here are some prayers that are worth sharing… (“God” is only a placeholder word; in this context means whatever it means for you… “God, G-d, Jehovah, Great Spirit, Allah, Sat Chit Ananda, the Divine, the Cosmos, LOVE … or whatever it is you believe powers life.)

From Simra Singh:

In the emptiness of now, sit. Be still with it and let it show you that you are nothing. I do not mean nothing as devalued or demeaned, but instead the nothingness that is the birth place of all things. Imagine in this moment of nothingness that you were resting within the heart and mind of God…

as possibility… Infinite possibility. That you were in preconception. Imagine the degree of Love that had to have existed in that space… Imagine that expanse of LOVE!In those moments, there was a Divine desire to have you be a part of this magnificent creation. How much God must have Loved YOU, the mere thought of YOU … created a sigh, an exhale that birthed you. To have placed Divine Essence within, to spark you with Divine Light, to dust you with the power of creativity and to implant within you the Seed of Divinity that is your Heart… how deep the Love for you there must have been.


Do you realize the degree to which you are considered perfection… just as you are? Do you have any idea of how ‘In Love’ you be? Have you fathomed the heart that continually holds you through the muck, mire, and melody that is your soul song? Have you even considered the breadth of possibility, the treasure-fold of talents, and magnitude of gifts that had been placed lovingly, tenderly, gently and safely inside of you? Little secret… The infinite possibility that you were then, you still are. And God is holding space for that continuing unfolding… always.


So how do you give thanks for that? What is the manner where you could be in ‘thanksgiving’ for the Divine blessings that walk this earth. Today… share the Love… Be in Thanks Giving. Go up to someone you know and tell them how amazing they are, how they have enriched your life, how you see them, what gifts they have brought to your experience. And if you really want to be grateful… do it for 3 or 5 or 10 people. And then, go up to a total stranger and do the same… or 3 or 5 or 10 strangers.Will you do it? What would hold you back? Why? Can’t the world use a little more LOVE, CONNECTION, & COMPASSION? Well, its all wrapped up in a beautiful package… the one that stares back at you from the mirror each day. What if I clued you in on a little secret… okay a BIG SECRET… Wait for it… Wait For it. Here it comes…

The only one in the room with you … is God – wearing a lot of different faces, in different places, with different skin, accents, bank accounts, careers, heart aches and triumphs.God is sitting in front of you, behind you, standing in line at the grocery store with you, pumping gas next to you, serving you coffee, taking your order, teaching your kids, nursing your elderly relative, sleeping on a park bench, laying on a bunk in a shelter… Are you willing to see… really see the Go(o)d in everyone? Go ahead… I dare you 🙂

So I want to say Thank You to you ( and YOU… I see you in there God ). Thanks for hanging out with me everywhere I go.

The Divine in me honors, acknowledges, adores and celebrates the Divine in you. In complete Thanks Giving for who you are in my life. Much Love to you and yours…












A prayer:

May the humanitarians of Hollywood be blessed.
May their detractors be blessed with silence.
And may they all be eventually wise enough to know who’s who.

May those who play us to us
use that mirror wisely
and when we look
may we really see who’s there.

May we who watch come to understanding
and learn to celebrate ourselves
until there is no more need for Hollywood
except to remember who we are
when we forgot.

Behold the mirror:

I remember the “wilding”

Thank you Ken Burns for “The Central Park Five.” We’ve got your back.

Cairo 678
Thank you Mohammed Diab for your courage.

Thank you Sam Kadi

Thank you Valerie Zennati,0,5611412.story

Eagerly awaiting this mirror:
Thank you Jodi Foster for your courage and stamina.

For scholars of history and the cliff notes on the 13th amendment and slavery “Lincoln” is a must see…

And there are documentary films that take on malicious prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct- this one from Amy Berg.

I find all these trends in culture hopeful. And I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Rev. B.


  1. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    A very happy Thanksgiving to America. To you Barbara, congratulations on a heartwarming post. Leaving me with more gratitude in my heart than ever. There are so many wonderful freedom fighters in our world, that hold out whatever the cost. The results they get are truly amazing.
    Like as with Michael, we need to keep them and also yourself, in mind when it all feels too much.

    Posted November 23, 2012 at 8:19 am | Permalink
  2. gertrude said . . .

    I am going to try walking around with the relentless mantra in my head “everyone is God, everyone is God” and see what changes. That idea stopped me cold, thank-you Rev B. Again. Again, again. Thank-you for coming from the light, for ILLUMINATING relentlessly. I pray for many blessings to be showered on you.

    Posted November 25, 2012 at 5:00 pm | Permalink

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