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“Expansion:” the conversation continues

There is nothing so potent as an idea whose time has come. There is nothing so powerful as a technology (and perhaps meme) introduced into the world at precisely the time the world needs it. When people are spiritually thirsty, kindness offers them a quenching. When they are hungry, sustenance delivers them and beyond the crisis… it inspires.

In the interest of our continuing dialogue about “Expansion” and as a prelude to more conversation about it, I want to point out something you may not have thought about before. The world can change overnight. Human thinking and human direction can be shifted by a single event. And one person can change the world– or in one case in a story told here– can save it.

The world can change overnight.
That may sound like hyperbole, a huge tale, yarn or fish story, but it’s principally and absolutely true. Destructive trends can be changed; the collective mindset of humanity can be impacted; a danger can be haulted; humanity can turn on a dime; something can become obsolete or human consciousness can be impacted and awakened in an instant. The Hundredth Monkey can catch on; the tipping point can be reached; collective consciousness can reach critical mass; the game changer mental software is downloaded and suddenly… yes, it’s a new game. 

The day is coming when humanity says “I’m on it” and the world says “I got this.” 
“I’ll Be There.”
“Will You Be There?”

 Game changer moments:

• When the offshore drilling platform collapsed and oil spilled into the gulf; overnight the use of fossile fuels to power the future world became obsolete.
• When the tsunami hit Japan, overnight the safety and efficacy of using nuclear power as the best solution to fuel the world came into question
• One incident brought to a peak the growing and barely discernable disgust for tabloid journalism and its practice of phone hacking for headlines and profit. A public enemy was identified.
• One rogue cop (of many isolated but similar incidents) spraying pepper spray captured on camera embodied the abuse of power and authority.
• A space adventure gone awry captured the attention of the whole world as a nation scrambled to bring their astronauts home safely. The whole world held its collective breath during minutes of the communication blackout of re-entry into earth’s atmosphere; that same world let out that collective breath that erupted into a cheer as the Apollo capsule emerged into view.
• One man dragged from the cab of a truck and beaten galvanized a city into action despite its miguided methodology and intent.
• A single terrorist event encapsulated and demonstrated to the world the treacherous effects of religious intolerance.
• One young woman dying in the streets motivated an entire culture and region
• A chance location of a hurricane strike demonstrated to the world racism, classism white privilege and brotherhood all at the same time.
• A mining accident gained the attention of the whole world toward a group of men trapped beneath the earth.
• The chance happening of a natural disaster— an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, volcano or accident, brings out extraordinary compassion in a race that appears mostly indifferent to the suffering of others of its species.
• A bullet to the head of a beloved congresswoman caused a whole nation to rethink political rhetoric and the violence in words and speech. Her struggle to recover and her courage brought a chamber of mature men and women normally staunch, mostly formal, and occasionally pompous– the American Congress– to tears.
• The death of a princess brought people weeping into the streets all over the world
• The death of a superstar found people both weeping and celebrating his life in the streets and almost crashed the Internet


The ego’s shadow and the consciousness that informs it can be flipped to bright shadow given the opportunity and the perfect moment. So, if you think one person isn’t powerful enough or one person can’t change the world, you are wrong. Some days it takes only one person to save it.


Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov: Not On My Watch
The Enemy Who Saved the World

(c) 2010 Reprinted from “Playback: Stories that should be told” at Voices Education Project
(Original story and photos:) 
contributed by Barbara Kaufmann

The nightly mantra went something like this: “When they do come and I get vaporized, I hope I don’t feel it. If there is no hope and nothing left, then please God, take me and everyone else straight to Heaven.”

The end was only and always, one millisecond away. I was deathly afraid of Russians, the word “Communist” brought shivers while the image of St. Basil’s Cathedral resurrected terror from the heart and bile from the stomach. No one in my generation expected to live past thirty.

If by some miracle I were to live, I vowed: “when I am a grown up, I will do something” because none of the adults were doing anything, and I couldn’t understand how they could let this madness go on. They spoke of the only viable retaliatory military option: “mutually assured destruction.” MAD. Mad? Viable? Not until I was an adult myself and decades into the peace movement as an activist, and in the Sister Cities program with Russians, did I learn just how close we came to doomsday. And ironically, it would be a Russian who would save us.

Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov (Станислав Евграфович Петров) born 1939, and now a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Soviet Air Defense Forces, on September 26, 1983, suspended the madness and saved the world from nuclear annihilation. Petrov was on watch stationed in the Serpukhov-15 secret location near Moscow within the early warning system bunker code-named Oko. The newly inaugurated system signaled the launch of a U.S. Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile which was used for one purpose only—to launch a first strike or immediate counterstrike in case of nuclear alert or launch from an enemy. The Soviet Molnyia, vast elliptical orbiting satellites, were supposed to decrease the likelihood of natural phenomena being mistaken for a launch. However during that midnight Autumn Equinox in 1983, the sun’s reflection on high altitude clouds against the darkness of space mimicked the launch of first one, then later several, U.S. missiles on a trajectory toward the Soviet Union.

It was a particularly volatile time because just three weeks before this incident, the Soviet Air Force had shot down Korean Air Flight 007 with 269 people on board including United States Congressman Larry McDonald and several other Americans. President Reagan had implemented Able Archer 83 Defense System which the Soviets interpreted as an American first strike nuclear plan and policy. Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov was utterly convinced that the American government was planning an all out first strike nuclear attack against the Soviet Union and in anticipation, had implemented a LAW- launch at warning order instead of the usual required confirmation of actual attack. The confirmation would mean that Petrov notify his superiors only after noting the actual radar presence of missiles on the horizon of Soviet Air Space. Waiting for the radar to confirm an actual launch would mean loss of strategic retaliation advantage since waiting for that close range confirmation would lose valuable time for an effective retaliatory launch. Confirmation had been scrapped for the launch at warning dictum.

The LAW in MAD or Launch on Warning in a Mutually Assured Destruction scenario was a dangerous doomsday moment in the world’s close encounter of the third kind—a near third world war. Petrov’s orders were to alert the chain of command to any launch warning. He delayed. His logical reasoning intervened when he considered that a first strike by the U.S. would likely mean the launch of hundreds of missiles simultaneously, not just the few seen on his screen. He speculated, accurately so, that there was a computer error. The MAD doomsday before his very eyes was a reflective illusion.

While the Soviet government assured the world later that one man could not have made a unilateral decision to launch an all-out nuclear war, the climate at that moment most likely would have meant a “go” launch by superiors in immediate retaliation to any reported launch alert. Tensions were measured high and distrust was astronomical in those hot days of the cold war. Hasty and uncalculated actions at that moment in history might have meant the end to life as we know it on this planet.

Accounts vary as to what happened to Petrov as a result of his actions. He was, of course, grilled hard and incessantly by his superiors in an interrogation rivaled only by the KGB, FBI or CIA. He was both praised for his actions and reprimanded for not entering the incident properly in the military diary. He was not rewarded. In fact, had he been publicly recognized and applauded, his superiors would be embarrassed and the scientists behind the program would have been humiliated. For his efforts, he was assigned to a less sensitive post. He took early retirement and suffered a “nervous breakdown.” Analysts speculate that in the hair trigger paranoid climate of that incident, had Petrov reported a missile launch up the chain of command, the superiors with only moments to make a decision would likely have decided to launch. Petrov’s hesitation may have stayed an execution— of all life.

Stanilav Petrov was invited to the United Nations in New York City in May of 2004 where the Association of World Citizens presented him with an award and a trophy for his heroic action or in this case, inaction. The same day the Russian Permanent Mission Federation to the United Nations issued a press release contending that a single individual would be incapable of starting or preventing a nuclear war because of the failsafe procedures within government military protocols. However, Petrov’s role was crucial in making any kind of decision while he says he was just “doing his job.” CBS’s Walter Cronkite conducted an interview with Lt. Colonel Petrov and a documentary has been made of the incident that has yet to be broadcast.

All those Cold War years, the frightening 007 movie From Russia with Love, the radioactive symbols, the constant nuclear drills in schools, the eerie and piercing air raid sirens, the underground bunkers and fallout shelters, and the terror that lived in the children of a whole generation—was because of the imminent threat of nuclear annihilation by the Russians. Yet when the definitive moment came, it was a Russian who said to the death of the world and life as we know it: “Not on my watch;” and became the Soviet enemy and man who saved the world.


It was Anthropologist Margaret Mead who said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”

If a few committed citizens can change the world, think what a few million Michael Jackson fans could do.

I do have some ideas and am working toward a launch. But I’d like to hear your ideas- in comments or to

Arundati Roy said: “Not only is a new world possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

Today is that day. You have the breadth. Are you that breath?



  1. gertrude said . . .

    September 26, 1983; I was likely pogoing in some dance club to punkish rock. Its almost paralyzing to think that in mid-laugh and mid-jump myself, and how many hundreds of millions of people– the entire population of the USA and surely at least Canada to boot – could have become vapor. In one flash. That massive, massive expanse, immediately gone. That’s what could have happened to us that day, in those seconds after the hit? We could be that ephemeral? THAT vulnerable? I don’t know how to wrap my head around this reality. This reality has never left us, has it? But many of us have lost considerable track of it. We think other things now are more pressing. Are they?

    How do we measure the kind of good fortune that put one, ONE being of sanity in the critical position of saving an entire, massive planet? Does God have these anonymous little seeds planted among us, poised and ready to single handedly save BILLIONS? To think that one small decision wields THAT MUCH power. I never understood people who said WE are almighty, until now. Stanislav Petrov was literally almighty at that moment. He was the right person in the right place at the right time doing the right thing, and he saved. the. world.

    What if it so happens WE are all in the right place at the right time right now, poised and ready to do the right thing? What if that Moonwalker kind of placed us here? What if WE start to understand our almighty power? We would get behind our selves, we would focus, WE would be Invincible. No wonder evil was so terrified of Michael Jackson. He BELIEVED in himself. He COULD have erased it. What if he has, because he has US, and just no one knows it yet?

    I have never heard of this event until now. Never. I am stunned by the ramifications of what transpired then.

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  2. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Yes, G; we came very, very close to anhilation that day. The immediate blasts, mutually retaliated would have wiped out much of North America and the subsequent radiation and nuclear winter would have wiped out the planet’s entire living species except probably for cockroaches. If one asteroid hitting the earth wiped out the dinosaurs, a war with these weapons would have ended life. Completely.

    I believe we are in the right place at the right time. And I know that Michael knew exactly what he was doing recruiting his fans as his legacy. There is too much in the research that indicates he wanted his teachings (lyrics) to impact the world and he expected his fans (legacy) to “be the change.”

    Mr. Petrov was divinely guided to that place on that day; there can be no disputing that. If the destruction of the planet’s life was destined to be “accidental” ask yourself how “accidental” was this event on his watch. Consider how hush hush is this story and its hero.

    But in the larger sense, when you step back from this incident and view it from a wider angle, you comprehend the potential impact of ONE INDIVIDUAL being at the right place at the right time and being divinely guided or inspired. Michael was just such an individual. The people whom he threatened were afraid because of their propensity to live in and from their egos. Racism played a huge part in this; money and greed and the quest for fame and feeding the ego vicariously drove much of it. Envy took care of the rest.

    So I ask you this… what if Michael Jackson fans could embrace their spirituality, move beyond their individual egos, learn diplomacy and become a voice and body for change? What if they embraced and embodied the concept “Heal the World” or “make it a better place” or “We Are The World?” What if they decided to “Occupy Michael” or “Occupy Earth?” There is a vibe in the occupy movement that bears a closer look. It is the concept of sitting in circle, of community, of quiet and non-violent revolution, of beyond individual ego and for the good of the whole. Watch and listen.

    This little vignette is about power and is an illustration of what can occur when you step into your intuition and its power. I leave you to think about that. ~B

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  3. Kim said . . .

    Wow, we came so so close. I sit here and think about where I was at during that moment or day in 1983. I know that I was completely asleep to all of what had transpired relative to the Cold War, let alone this particular situation. To think that one individual was in the right place at the right time and made the right decision and the impact of that decision. I am stunned.

    How could it be an accident that Mr. Petrov was in that place? I don’t believe it. I like Gertrude’s reference regarding the little seeds being planted in each of us. Those seeds are preplanned and there for a reason for each one of them. I truly believe that. I think that as humanity connects to their higher self and higher vibration, those seeds will open up and grow. The higher vibration frequencies are like plant food and water. I believe Michael did have many seeds planted and one of those seeds was to connect to his fans, who became, and who still are, his legacy. As I write this, I truly feel Michael with me. He sees his seeds growing and being replanted through us.

    When I step back and look at what transpired back on that day, the resolution all seems so simple, but when you are dealing with egos and the illusion of “us verses them,” things become complicated until the seeds planted start to open up and grow. To watch how something simple as words can make an impact and we have seen the results of those words both positive and negative. I do believe the world can change overnight. For those who are already on the path of growing and nourishing their seeds, they are the wayshowers. They are the ones who will change the vibration to one of love and compassion. I do believe this can be done. I have seen some examples of people stepping into their higher selves and their truth, because they believe. I believe. Thank you for sharing this story Rev. Barbara. Once again, you teach us. For that I am truly grateful. Namaste.

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  4. Heidi said . . .

    Dear Rev. B: Once again thank you for every teaching you give. I was not able to click on the link you provided for the “launch” so I will simply say this. Yes. We are here. We are capable. We are ready. We WILL change the world for that is why we are here. Michael’s Army of Love have been preparing for this since the beginning of time.

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  5. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    There’s no link Heidi- still brainstorming. *wink* ~B

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  6. gertrude said . . .

    Yes Rev. B. Ego = fascinating problem. Working on it.

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  7. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Me too G, me too. ~B

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  8. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    Greetings All,
    Since you started your expansion series, I have been full of thought over the subject. I can say that this last one has struck me out of the blue, I had no idea. The eighties was an extremely busy decade for me but no excuse for being oblivious to such danger for my children.

    I have no trouble comprehending that one person can change the world as I believe Michael has done that already. However that does not mean that I should be resting on his and everyone elses’ laurels.
    It has been a year since I retired and I am soooo ready for action now.

    My contemplation has been the recurring thought that we have been strategically placed and you Barbara are “the Pharoah’s Daughter” for Michael’, leaving the rest of us with the comfort of knowing that he is “safe”. We must be a soul group and as such can consider ourselves very powerful. the words of Michael’s song “Cry” keep running through my mind. Maybe “we could all cry at the same time tonight”.

    Am I out of line to ask you ,Barbara, if you have received any communications from another Kiwi (NZer). I do feel isolated out here and would dearly like to contact them if that was the case. Namaste everyone,

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  9. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Hi L, Wow. What you are saying is giving me chills. That is a great and grave responsibility you suggest. I struggle with the visibility factor and most primarily the adeqacy one (the adeqacy one is shadow, by the way.) Interesting that you would use Egyptian languaging. In a journey guided by my shaman mentor I found myself inside the King’s chamber of the great pyramid. I have worked there often. I also have an Egyptian shaman mentor. My dream is to go on one of her Egyptian adventures with her. The Nile and Valley of the Kings calls to me.

    As for connecting you- it has been my policy to not connect people as that can result in problems. But if someone wants to email me PRIVATELY who would like to make a connection and tell me your reason why, I will think on it. I do prefer to let powers beyond me make those connections for people. I have been asked often to have a forum where people can communicate but I have seen those kinds of groups go sour or devolve. When we began the curriculum for Voices, we started with phone salons or conference calls where we brainstormed and I gave guidance on how to write a case study. The case studies are all Michael fans who courageously told their stories of being harmed by words. It was an amazing experience but occasionally there came someone whose agenda was to recruit participants for other projects. I saw that as rude and I knew we had to stay focused to accomplish our mission. And if you look at that curriculum dedicated to Diana and Michael, it includes some pretty illustrious visionaries and it’s now more than 300 pages and in its second edition. Focus and mission is the key.

    I have had the amazing privilege of working with a group that knows how to leave ego at the door and focus on the goal. The work is in circle and in tandem with souls that shine with beauty and the desire to make a difference in the world. When THAT becomes the goal rather than me, me, me and how I look and how important I am– there is nothing like it. And what comes out of that kind of collaboration changes the world. The artistry and quality of work that comes from that kind of team is stunning. I have that group and I am forming a new one that has the same qualities– leaving ego at the door and contributing something worthy and beautiful to the world. So I know it’s possible.

    Do you think we can build that with MJ fans? That is the huge and looming question. Is it possible to stop all the infighting, the territorial grabbing and attention seeking, the teenage -type drooling over the “rockstar” stuff and roll up sleeves to change the world for the better? Is it possible to make the mission and not self the focus? Is there enough willingness to learn the diplomacy required to speak effectively for change? Is there enough maturity to be willing to be completely anonymous and put the artistry out into the world wihtout taking credit and insisiting to be identified by name? You will remember that Michael insisted on not publicizing his visits to hospitals and orphanges because true humanitarianism is humble, and is to “be the change.” Can we? Can we really? I wonder. ~B

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  10. gertrude said . . .

    I believe we can build it with some of us at least. I bet many of us have stayed here because we wanted to be somewhere without “the infighting, the territorial grabbing and attention seeking”.
    Now as far as the drooling over that lovely creature – I would be dishonest if I said I didn’t think there was a time and place for it LOL!
    But time is of the essence, this is not the place and drooling must be relagated to leisure time activity outside of our crucial mission (my opinion only)(and I hope this interjection of silliness has not offended. I take this mission we are on together here extremely seriously).

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  11. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    I only meant that there is more depth to Michael Jackson than the drooling. So much more. The sex appeal attracted people to the fold and he used it deliberately and well. I appreciate it too.

    It is the one dimensional fandom that can seem shallow and makes fodder for “crazy” labels. Gushing fans contribute to the laughter that is aimed at them from too many directions. How about we leave the drool at the door for the duration of the serious work and pick it up on the way home. Will that work? ~B

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  12. Heidi said . . .

    Agree wholeheartedly with you Gertrude. We have remained here due to our awareness of the task at hand, and planet earth has indeed been seeded with Michael’s soul group. Now it’s time to awaken to the Sun, arise, and shine. “You’re just another part of me” means exactly that. As for the nitpicking, dissention, and egos within the Michael community, they will see the example set by their elders and imitate accordingly, as all immature children do. And now if you will excuse me, I must tuck my drool bib under my shirt.

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  13. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Nice to see you can drool discreetely Heidi. You can hide your bib all you want; we all know now where you keep it. ~B

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  14. gertrude said . . .

    I want to add I really can’t wait for your next installment on this topic. Remember you said “change the noosphere, change the world” in a previous article about “making the change”, and that what we call Inner Michael is “a spiritual core that is activated and communicates with everything else in the noosphere…the tipping point [of which] affects the world”? Doesn’t this have something to do with the fact that even what we spend time THINKING quietly to ourselves, is seeping into the thoughts of everyone else on the planet – making it even more critical to watch what we think? Isn’t this why Buddhist monks spend their days in group meditation – as they believe they are effectively raising the vibration of humanity by doing so? And in fact aren’t they?

    What I like about the idea of this is that deliberate THINKING to effect change seems like it could act as a mental pro-biotic – and on a mass scale. Another reason I would like to see us explore this is that there is no “scream-back” – like there is when we post against articles that defame Michael, and then have our hearts carved up and the life sucked out of us by having to also correct the haters that show up to spew at us. We have to speak out, but what about the divine stealth of thought? Is that essentially where the real power is

    Lynaire is right I would say. You’re the Pharoah’s Daughter, Rev. B. It makes nothing but sense to me. Michael liked teachers, he only works with the best, and you are a great teacher. You yourself know you’ve been called, so, um, maybe you just need to apply a little more eyeliner so you can recognize yourself better? Heidi thanks for the drool bib reminder – I had forgotten about those!

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  15. karen said . . .

    Barbara, you wrote: “Is there enough willingness to learn the diplomacy required to speak effectively for change?” Learning diplomacy is something I have been reflecting on lots lately; this journey has opened my eyes to many things, and one of those is that I am particularly unskilled at diplomacy, and feel a little lost in exactly how to go about learning this skill.

    I set myself a task for 2012, which is in essence, to learn to be more Mike-like in my communications. I grew up extremely shy, insecure, and self-effacing; I broke out of that shell and found myself on the opposite end of the spectrum– that person who is never afraid to speak up when something seems wrong or unjust. Discovering my voice has been a good thing; my lack of ability to use it with tact, or diplomacy, has really bothered me the last two years. I came into this year with an express wish to learn to be slower to speak, less reactive, more diplomatic and less forceful in my opinions. So YES, although after reading this, it may sound like I’m NOT ready to be part of such a group, it seems to me that I opened myself up asking to learn these skills, and now I’m here part of a group of people being asked, can we do it? I believe so. 🙂

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  16. Nicole P-H said . . .

    Barbara, YES, please count me in. I definitely am ready to get involved on that mission of trying and changing the world, with LOVE. In fact, I think that I am already involved. Here is my idea: Michael’s last wish was to build a children’s hospital. Well, I keep thinking that all of us should find a way to work on that, because it would be a way to change the world effectively, as well as a way to honor Michael. What do you all think ? How can we help bring to life the “Michael Jackson Children’s Hospital” ? Namaste, Nicole

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  17. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Thanks, N. I agree that this would be an amazing project – and I think it comes a little later after we have layed a foundation. I would love to see this happen. It would take a huge fundraiser that would include all dedicated websites and celebrities. Something to keep on the wish list. ~B

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  18. souldreamer7 said . . .

    I shared light and those have widened yet I still shine and expand. I’m bright…The pools of light within my eyes are deep … I shine I shine I shine..

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  19. victoria drumbakis said . . .

    Barbara, Remember that many of us were not Michael Jackson fans but have become advocates only after his return home. We responded to his mission only when it was from its authentic source. It may be this particular group of “after fans” who I believe, may the ones who will lead the way as It seems to me that he chose us. He has our attention long after others not ready for the serious work at hand, have fallen away or lost interest. We who are here now and still working in the field did not ask for this mission. But I believe this is precisely what we are all waiting for. This was the purpose of all that endless Michaeling. Finding the core, the circle of L.O.V.E. And, for those of us who find ourselves in this position anonymity will be the key to its success as it is the only way to create a true soul circle. I think a team can be assembled. I am ready, willing and able to leave my ego at the door. I know that there are others out there like me. And Barbara, you are definitely the one to lead the way. “Can you feel It?” Blessings

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  20. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    There are many who find themselves asking: “what now?” I believe there is so much more that we can do if we work together. In circle is definitely the way to do this– a kind of gathering of like minds. It would take some organizing and commitment. I think we may be called to do this and I believe we are up to the challenge. It will take patience and perseverence and may not demonstrate overnight results or success. But it is staggering what a number of amazing dedicated souls can do. Do you BELIEVE? If you believe, you won’t have to ask the question, “Can you feel it?”

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  21. victoria drumbakis said . . .


    Thank you so much for your response. I know how busy you are and I am grateful for your advice and guidance.

    One of Michael’s songs is “Can you feel it?” and although the lyrics are simplistic it is an extremely powerful call for the whole world to come together NOW. For some reason, which was not revealed to me, when I read your piece on expansion this particular song immediately came to my mind, its melody and words, all at once. It startled me and prompted me to post a comment…. I do BELIEVE that NOW is the time for us to take some of our lofty ideals and actually put them into practice. This in turn will expand the present sphere of influence.

    I too, am part of a soul circle. Every year the circle gathers in Sedona, Arizona, always the second weekend in September and we join in single minded purpose for the benefit of humanity and one another. It is powerful, cleansing, and uplifting but you are right – it does require planning, commitment, organization, patience and perseverance.

    Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you. The way will be revealed. The dedicated souls are available.

    “Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it?” (Written by Michael Jackson)


    If you look around
    The whole world’s coming together now yeah,
    Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
    Feel it in the air
    The wind is taking it everywhere yeah,
    Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!

    All the brothers of the world should be
    Lovin’ each other wholeheartedly.
    Yes it’s alright, take my message to your brother and tell him twice uh huh
    Spread the word who tried to teach the man who is hatin’ his brother,
    When hate won’t do
    ’cause we’re all the same
    Yes the blood inside of me is inside of you c’mon

    Now tell me!

    Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
    Can you see what’s going down, you can fill it in your bones

    Every breath you take,
    Is someone’s death in another place yeah
    Every healthy smile
    Is hunger and strife to another child yeah
    But the stars do shine
    And promising salvation is near this time. Yeah yeah
    Can you feel it now,
    So brothers and sisters
    Shall we know how.

    Now tell me!
    Can you feel it, tell me can you feel it, can you feel it!
    Can you see what’s going down, you can fill it in your bones

    All the children of the world should be
    Lovin’ each other wholeheartedly
    Yes it’s alright
    Take my message to your brother and tell him twice uh huh

    Take the news to the marchin’ men
    Who are killin’ their brothers, when death won’t do no no
    Yes we’re all the same
    Yes the blood inside my veins is inside of you yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Now tell me!
    Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
    Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
    Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
    Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
    Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!
    Can you feel it, can you feel it, can you feel it!

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  22. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Yes, V, this IS the song. I have been working on it for awhile now and its deconstruction and shamanic message much the same as I did with “Black or White” and “Ghosts.” I think the time is coming soon. If you have not read the “Black or White” or “Ghost” series, the links are in the sidebar. A close look at Michael’s work and its deeper meaning will deposit you in a place called “awe”. ~B

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