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Don’t kill the messenger- more expansion

 We began a conversation about expansion. Do you wish to continue that conversation? Are you interested in expansion? In exploring what is the next step for “the legacy?”

Michael Jackson clearly said over and over: “You are my legacy.” He didn’t say: “My music is my legacy; my short films are my legacy; my books are my legacy; my dancing is my legacy; my story is my legacy; Neverland is my legacy; my moonwalk is my legacy.”


Who do you suppose the “you” is?

We have spoken in this space about “The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon,” about the “tipping point” and “critical mass.” We have talked about circle and being in circle– drum circles and talking circles and the power of circles. What shape is the world?

We have examined the reality that the effect of people gathering in circle is greated than the sum of its’ parts. Matthew 18:20 of the Christian Bible says : “wherever two or more of you are gathered in my name, there am I in your midst.”

We have talked about magic and how people in circle in an expanded mindset create extraordinary magic. We have examined inspiration its’ genesis.

We have laughed and cried and gotten angry and screamed and smiled and got outraged and grieved and healed together. We have sought answers from “why did this have to happen,” to the tough questions that examine the very mysteries of life. We have traveled and explored deep space together. Inner space.

I have said many times that Michael Jackson fans are awake. Michael Jackson fans can change the world. Here’s why I said that:

There is actually a formula of the minimum number required to make a change to a society. You take 1% of the population of that society and then take the square root of that number and this is the number of people it takes to start making changes in the reality. If you do that math on the Earth, it comes out to only 8,366 people needed to start changing reality for 7 billion on the Earth roughly! That’s 8,366 hard core people that are actually BEING the change they want to see in the world.

There are millions of Michael Jackson fans in the world. We only need about eight and a half thousand of them to change the world.

Let me know if you want to continue this dialogue. Michael Jackson knew this twenty years ago. He spoke of it over and over. He knew his life mission in this world and he knew his legacy. You are that legacy. Behold your potential. Behold the possibilities:



  1. Anne Mette Jepsen said . . .

    I believe you are right Rev. Kaufmannn 🙂 – And I WANT to BE his legacy … I want to be that change … 🙂
    LOVE and GRATITUDE from Denmark 🙂

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  2. gertrude said . . .

    Surely we can gather the 8366 to dedicate and accomplish this task. We are Michael Jackson fans. We number in the multi-millions. Surely we can connect that many of us to remain steadfast.

    I want to. I want to change the ride. I want to be a monkey. I want to do whatever I have to do – 8366!! That’s not hard! Its such a tiny number in “reality”. One by one we can connect and with stealth and genius and silent might we 8366 can make this happen. And by the time the demons Bill Hicks speaks of discover us, it will be too late! We will have won! And said demons will already be too infected – with health, with healing – to do anything about it, right?

    Barbara you are so on what Michael was really all about and why he was really here it’s honestly exhilarating. This website is no accident. The Inner Michael Family is no accident. Science itself shows us we can do this. Is there a reason not to? Your wish is my command. We need to gaze fixedly in each other’s eyes with no look to the darkness that tries to scare us into giving up, but rather, like Helen Keller and sunflowers, turn only to the sun. Don’t we?

    Twenty seven and a half years ago I had a car accident that was impossible to survive. The firemen who cut me out of the car said so, the police said so, the doctors said so. I started to die and it was OK for me to leave, I had “done” enough actually. But I didn’t leave and when I started living this life again, I could not for the life of me understand – or remember – why I was here. I have to admit I spent a considerable part of the next 27 and a half years smacking my forehead and cursing myself, at least half-convinced I must have been mad not to go when I had that chance. I was SO not glad to have awakened again. That’s the shameful truth. I have never known why I was really here since that accident. My contributions seemed so meagre to me since then.

    But now I know why. I know why. This IS it. This matters. This is crucial. I guess I will await instructions? In the meantime, I’ll be googling Bill Hicks. Never heard of him before and he feels and sounds all medicine-man with a very sharp mind. Love you more. Peace out.

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  3. Skye said . . .

    We are the love that Michael speaks of. We are the voice to continue our reponibilty of change in the spirit that Michael spoke of.Yes I want to continue this discussion.
    Thank you for the invitation 🙂 BiG HuGs, Skye

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  4. Niamh said . . .

    Barbara, this video is the energy upgrade I needed this morning. Thank you.

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  5. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Me too. Welcome Nice to see you. ~B

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  6. karen said . . .

    I am again so very glad to come to your site and find that I am not alone in my experiences and thoughts. I’ve found myself at this place in my journey, asking myself,” Ok, what next?” I know, I know absolutely that I can’t go on holding on to just Michael’s music, his beautiful, incredible light- bearing image, or even just hearing his message with my whole heart mind and soul. Just hours ago I was walking in the snow asking my self, the Universe, Michael, “what next, how do I move forward in this journey?”, reflecting on my desire to put into action what I’ve learned, and what I’ve always known, too, about what we are here for on this earth. And then, I find myself here, reading this… and strangely, Ms.Kaufmann, I was also thinking last week about just writing to you and asking you for advice..on how to take the next step forward with my spiritual growth, how to move spirit into action, and how to find the path that my spirit seeks, the next step forward.

    I believe there are far more than 8366 people whose hearts and spirits were blown open by Michael Jackson, who want with deep commitment and passion to use that wellspring of energy and understanding he connected us to for good in the world…smaller groups are already forming and working together ( Major Love Prayer, and the many charitable efforts in his name), there must be a way to bring enough of us together to make a potent change…in fact I believe it’s already happening. It doesn’t seem like coincidence to me that so very much has happened in the world that signals change and shift of consciousness, in the last couple of years. To me, it has been a foregone conclusion that Michael Jacksons passing was and is a catalyst for awakening human consciousness, part of a much bigger shift that I swear is visible all around us now…Let’s be the change! We are the change, every minute of every day…carrying forward love, light, intention and inspiration…Much love and thank you endlessly for being here, for giving of yourself in this way; I have said it before and it bears repeating: I don’t know how I would have gotten through parts of this journey without your wisdom and love-in-action in these pages. Thank you. Karen

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  7. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    My pleasure. Just like everyone else here, I was drafted . I always knew I would be holding space for this growth. I just didn’t know how. And who would have suspected a skinny little moonwalker would engineer it for us? It’s a beautiful thing that folks are thinking about what comes next. What’s next? To “simply change the world.” ~B

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  8. Suvie said . . .

    Powerful stuff and timely too. I turned 35 a couple of days ago…when I think of it…I panic…half of this lifetime is already behind me. How long before I get it right?

    At 16, my dad gave me 2 books…”Autobiography of a Yogi” and “Teachings of Swami Vivekananda”…I read them and something profound took root but from the same time to this day I have been fighting this battle of duality inside me…2 forces pulling me in diametrically opposite directions. One upwards, uplifting and one dragging me down…somehow in spite of how much I have endeavoured to rise…I am always pulled backwards with a mighty force.

    But of late, I sense something… something is fundamentally altering. For the first time, I can SEE what is happening inside me…I am still going back and forth…but something tells me “this time around….” it ill be different. Thank you Barbara for nudging me forward…

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  9. Kim said . . .

    Count me in Rev. Barbara. Thank you and thank Michael for inspiring us to be that change.

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  10. Nicole P-H said . . .

    YES, Barbara ! I definitely want to continue this dialogue and to be part of Michael’s legacy and change the world with love, light and beauty. God bless the Inner Michael circle – Nicole

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  11. Dalia said . . .

    I always thought that everything that happens in life is not by chance. Maybe our spiritual being has something to learn from these experiences yhat are often bitter. however we were given the intelligence to choose what is right and what is wrong, what healthy or damaging. Who live in the shadows, feeding and feed off of them, those who hurt, kill and cause suffering to others have made the worst choice in terms of spiritual growth, there is no significance whatsoever. We were all called to this earthly plane to something and by someone. Michael knew and understood the importance of spiritual transcendence through the actions, intentions and thoughts directed to their environment. I never thought that Michael was a saint, but something strange happened the day he left this world. Many were moved, shaken by the event and feel the need to investigate what happened to us with this man, why we feel so much pain for someone who we did not know? and then, knowing that someone wrapped in the feeling of togetherness, love inexplicable. A process in my life has changed me for good. Someone invited me to meet innermichael and helped me to realize many of my mistakes unwittingly committed. You helped me a lot Barbara, to leave the shadows, which little by little I left behind. Today I am a different person and I’m ready for what follows. According to SOPA, if you violante the copyright by using Michael Jackson’s music, the penalty for that is 5 years in jail. But for killing him, it’s 4 years.

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  12. Sue Springer said . . .

    I am with all of you. Love and peace all.

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  13. Jane said . . .

    Thank you Rev Barbara, this has made my soul sing – I am definitely happy to be a part of Michael’s legacy – count me in please.

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  14. victoria drumbakis said . . .

    Barbara, I would like to recount this story to you.

    On October 25, 2009 I was coming home from a class, and as I approached the walkway to my home I noticed in my direct path a small monarch butterfly fluttering its wings, perched right in front of me. I had become aware of a monarch phenomenon everywhere, even seeing one over the ocean the day before. These sightings were the culmination of many other unexplainable phenomenon that I had experienced over a 4 month period which also presented itself to me with an unusual burst of personal creativity combined with a total spiritual awakening. I felt as if I had entered a portal through which I was traveling to some unknown destination. I had no explanations for my bizarre behavior. My life had been on an ordinary trajectory, although I had been exploring the inner realms of tai chi, meditation and had been doing energy healing work. But this was different. I had spent nearly 4 months completely enthralled by Michael Jackson, his music, his videos, the websites and was Michaeling whenever I could. You’ve heard this story before, I was really never even a fan. I was in the grip of some sort of metamorphosis, but I did not really know what had hit me.

    That butterfly allowed me to hold it and within one hour it had died in my hand. I saved it and have placed it in front of a photo of Michael as I believe that the monarch was a sign. A few weeks later after seeing “This is It” I was moved to tears when the butterfly appeared in the Earth Song short film. I knew then that it was a direct communication. Many other synchronicities have occurred over the past 2 1/2 years but my butterfly remains as the only tangible evidence of an otherwise intangible experience. It keeps my sanity.

    And so do you…..I found your website at its inception and have been following Inner Michael ever since. Mostly I just take all that you say and allow it to settle into my heart and soul. You have been a God send to me, I am so very grateful.

    But now, I am in this space and I continue to keep asking the question, Why has this happened and now what? What do I do now that I am awake, now that I have exhausted my search for all things Michael? Now that I have listened to the music, memorized the lyrics, read the books and am immersed in the message. I need direction. I want to be part of the movement and I have already committed my own life to doing good in Michael’s name. But where do I go from here? It doesn’t seem like enough. Can you offer any insight? Victoria

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  15. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Yes, V, I have a collection of stories like this- hundreds of people experienced some kind of phenomenon. It seems a group calling or call to action. I have checked with Spiritualists and elders and psychologists and have no name for it as yet. I do have some insights but this is a process. An unfoldment, if you will, for all of us. I didn’t receive some kind of blueprint, guidebook or set of instructions. This has heralded a true spiritual emergency for many. I will be offering some education on that along with other skill building things, There is no quick and definitive answer or direction. It is an evolution or an unfoldment. There are movies, books, people and teachings that will be useful along the way. This kind of unusual calling or experience is echoed in similar form in a one-time popular movie: “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” The movie depicts a fascinating group recruitment that is similar but very different in purpose and outcome. It’s worth watching and paying attention to the “how” not the “who.” I recommend it. ~B

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  16. victoria drumbakis said . . .

    Barbara, thank you again for your comments and advice. I did see the movie many years ago but will now revisit its theme and review it for clues and messages. A group call to action… unfoldment….. I am certainly willing to follow the road less traveled to obtain the necessary map to lead me in a direction necessary for personal growth. But I know that this next phase is no longer just a personal spiritual journey, but more of a critical shift from the I to the we, toward global enlightenment as well, an awesome and worthy mission. I am repurposed.

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  17. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Thanks V. And I think you are correct – it is to be a community initiative. That so many people reached out during this journey of Michael’s passing, that they had spiritual emergencies and that the transormation continues tells me that there are perhaps stages to this process- shock, despair, grief, consternation, anger, disgust, empathy, generosity, humility, surrender, gratitude, helplessness become power and collaboration and community. I don’t think it’s over and I think there is a phase two. (Or perhaps phase four given all people have been through.) What an amazing journey with all of you. Soul sized! In Close Encounters– the significant part of this movie is the form of comunication in the calling or call to action. My favorite part is the mashed potato scene and it becomes a sculpture filling a room. I know that (welcome / unwelcome? )experience well. (She says, smiling.) ~B

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  18. Barbara Straughn said . . .

    Hi Rev. Barbara
    I hope you will soon be well and back here to guide us on our journey together. Thank you for being there for us and helping us to understand Michael’s Legacy and our own destiny. I want to be Michael Jackson’s Legacy and I want to make that change. I have said many times that his passing was the catalyst for a miracle, for a chance to change this world with love and compassion – I’m in this for the long haul and so proud to be associated with my MJ family around the world. 8366 is not so many people – I’m off to spread the word. Love you Rev. Barbara xx

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