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2012, the New Year and Hope

I got a little nostalgic writing this post. I remembered a year ago how I was in collaboration with a colleague writing a message to the world about dignity. Do you remember last New Year’s Eve? It brought the announcement that Discovery Channel was ceasing the abomination of airing a faux autopsy of a beloved figure. It still gives me shivers. A lot has happened since then; a lot has changed but I will forever remember the elation of that New Year’s Eve victory. You should remember it too, for it demonstrates the power you have as a collective body. That is not crazy. That’s amazing. It constitutes a standing invitation to do more service in the name of humanity. Stay tuned to that frequency on your reality dial.

And here we arrive together– about to embark on a journey through the year 2012. I hope you didn’t believe the movie by the same name or expect the world to end in an apocalypse. That’s not going to happen.

The 2012 legend began because of the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan Prophesy. The Hopi Indians also speak of the Blue Star Kachina which we now know is a galactic superwave. That refers to energy and energetic signatures or frequencies.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed and it underlies everything that exists. Everything is energy. Things that appear solid, like the table for example, are really filled with vast areas of space between the particles that make up the atom. The table is made of tiny particles that are constantly in motion– that’s energy. The atoms oscillate or vibrate at a specific frequency. The rate of oscillation creates a field and that field has a kind of “signature.”

Everything has a field and a signature. And those fields can be sensed by the perceptive human who is sensitive to energies. Those who receive the Michael newsletter have learned about fields and their signature characteristics. The feel of a field is perceptible. To use an extreme example– the inside of a cathedral has a different feel than the inside of a prison. One environment is uplifting and inspiring– a life affirming kind of “vibe” and the other is a death-imitating and draining environment filled with human misery.

To give other examples, battlefields or concentration camp landscapes have a human suffering vibe– a contracting kind of feel while the Grand Canyon, mountains and wide vistas have an expansive feeling of freedom and inspire awe. Some places make the spirit soar while other places inspire sadness and human misery.

Some things feed the soul; some deplete it. What is “soulful” is instinctively or intuitively known by the human field. If you have a choice between two things, choose the more soulful as it nourishes the spirit. And some things drain the spirit and I don’t have to tell you what they are. You already know.

Human evolution hasn’t stopped; we aren’t “done.” And it does not just apply to the biological landscape of the human being although it does involve the DNA. It applies to the mind and spirit of the human as well. It applies to human consciousness– both  individual and collective.

 Human evolution and particularly, the evolution of human consciousness has followed a trajectory and been subject to some “rules” of human development such as Maslow’s Hierarchy. Historically, the human was preoccupied with extending his survival and meeting basic needs. Modern society no longer has to worry about fear of survival (although individuals can go through periodic crises that throw them backward in Maslow’s hierarchical journey.) If you lose your job, for example, survival once again takes precedence over social needs. But the modern human worries more about making choices than about raw survival.

The 2012 mythology and prophesy and legend is about evolution of the human being– the evolution of consciousness. It connotes a leap in human consciousness– a shift toward community, an evolutionary step toward the spiritual growth of man. When enough people believe something, it becomes reality. Cultural law is nothing more than a collection of human minds all believing the same thing. There are a group of minds active on the planet that have been called “Cultural Creatives” and it’s likely that people here loosely fit into that spectrum.

Like attracts like. Water seeks its own level. Minds, for the most part, seek kindred spirits. We try to spend time with like-minded souls. When the focus is human misery, people congregate in areas and ways that reinforce the concept that misery is the predominant fate of humans. Misery absolutely does love company. Doom and gloom naturally attracts those people “attuned” to it. Likewise, the optimists tend to hang out together. The spiritually focused find ways to congregate. (I am not necessarily meaning “religious” when I refer to “spiritual” but rather an internal celebration of the human spirit– however that manifests for the individual.)

We spoke at Christmas about the “Christ within” and the transfiguration of Jesus, a man, into the Christ– god man. It is the god self come to rest in the human. A soul-infused personality is someone whose ego is transmuted into the soul in-in-residence god self. You have a god self already. Try asking it questions silently and wait for the feeling in your heart. You KNOW. So the Christed person is someone who has evolved to enlightenment while in a physical body and one example of that is Jesus Christ. He is an ascended being or “he who is risen” to the Christ within taking over the being– the highest incarnation of the human while in a physical manifestation. Ascension is an evolutionary leap that can occur while in a human body.  The world’s major religions all have this figure of the arisen one only the names are different.

In Christianity, the Cross is the symbol for this marriage. It is the verticle ascending gesture in conjunction with the  physical being- horizontal and horizonal. It is enlightenment realized or the holy spirit inhabiting the physical form. It is the place where man meets god and allows god to enter, becoming the god-man. It is the way home. It is the arrival there. It is where we are all going no matter our faith or particular brand of religion. It is “I in the Father and the Father in me.” Do you believe you are THAT in becoming? Because what you believe you are, you are in truth.

In order to gain the Christed self, you must lose your self. The identity and personality have to step aside and allow the soul or spirit in the driver’s seat. While much of this transformation takes place in spirit and in the realm of soul which is the unseen realms, the belief begins in the mind. The problem is that we either forget who we are (god inspired, god approved) or we deem ourselves unworthy. Matthew Fox speaks of “original blessing” instead of original sin. The “sin” is only the forgetting one’s home or origins. It’s not evil or booga booga- sin is an archery term meaning “off the mark.” It is the arrow straying from its destination or losing the homing device “ping.” It is only a forgetting. We are all headed for the same destination– back home. Only the arrival times differ; the destination is universal. Did you forget where you were going? This is the year to awaken, to remember.

There is a little booklet called “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen, that explains the principle of: you are what you think. If you dwell on doom and gloom, guess what life will look like to you? And if you stay in the frequency and vibe of hope– guess what shows up in your life? Your mindset, and therefore your experience, reflects where you are “grounded.” I worry about those people who watch horror films, the detective/investigation/criminal intent shows on TV. What are they bathing their minds in daily? Those whose TV diet includes shows that celebrate the human spirit, that bring laughter and are lighthearted create a much different vibe and field. Is the glass half full or half empty? Is the world half full or half empty? Get it?

The “new millennium,” the 2012 thingy, is about the evolution of human consciousness to a higher place, a more spiritual mindset. It is a leap toward community and the understanding that we are one human family and we are the products of a divine tinker who’s been tinkering with human creations for millennia and is now building the new model– a much more likeable guy. And that new human will create a new human experience and a new world because of the journey of his consciousness.

The idea that we are all one was vividly introduced in 1972 during the Apollo 17 Mission. Do you recall when you first saw  NASA photograph # AS17-148-22726? That is the photograph of the Earth as seen from the window of  the Apollo 17 capsule. It is an image that instantly, as it was released, sent a message in visual form, about who and what we are. I saw it as the new twentieth century religious icon. The image said “we are one.” And the world has gone about the business of accumulating evidence of that truth. There is more evidence to support it than not support it. The response to Tsunamis and floods and tragedies proves that more than any of my words can.

There is more spirituality alive on this planet than ever before. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought Transcendental Meditation to the west, and nothing has been the same since. TM has influenced more than is realized. Alternative medicine, energy work, and spiritual questing is a direct descendant of the introduction to the west of the mind being “more than” and transcendental. The result of the growing conviction of alternate realities, of oneness and of the power of mind is illustrated in modern movies– Avatar comes to mind as the latest example.

When enough people believe something, a shift occurs and that something becomes part of the cultural meme. It’s the “hundredth monkey” phenomenon. I won’t repeat the story here; you can google it. But it is the working out of the principle of a tipping point or when change is inevitable. It is the “critical mass” of the point of no return. Critical mass was first introduced as an idea with the invention of the atomic bomb. When the agitation of atoms reaches critical mass, an explosion is inevitable because the process is irreversible and takes on a momentum and life of its own.

The Mayan Prophesy and 2012 is not about Armageddon or apocalypse, it is about humanity reaching critical mass in a new reality. The invention of the computer and the resulting Internet (think Inter-net or the interdependent web of life) gives us the platform for critical mass. Prior to the computer age, there was no way to reach critical mass in human consciousness because there was no way to connect enough humans to reach a tipping point. With the Internet, and especially with social media, the potential now exists for critical mass or for the hundredth monkey time to arrive.

There is a revolution afoot. Its rumblings can be heard and felt all over this planet. The old ways aren’t working anymore. They are not life affirming and expansive, but are stagnant and constricting. People don’t want realities that denigrate the human spirit; they want realities that uplift and celebrate it. The movement in North Africa and the Mediterranean confirms that people are not willing to be dealt death affirming realities by leaders anymore; they are seeking life affirming realities based on democracy, equality and egalitarianism. The “Occupy” movement is a message that people are not happy with the old structures of hierarchical and top down dictatorship-like management. While a bit chaotic, it is a movement that reflects this dissatisfaction with the current reality that divides people and disenfranchises them instead of uniting them.

Make no mistake– this is about LOVE. Yes, love. Self love is the natural outgrowth of the recognition that one is a being inhabited by a spirit that is deserving of respect, legitimacy and dignity and that is self love. And that trend toward self love is something to celebrate not grumble about. The upsurge of generosity is celebratory too– when a natural disaster strikes, people all over the world respond and become mobilized within hours. This Christmas, a new tradition took hold: it found people going to their local store where they had placed things on layaway and finding their bill was all but paid off. Complete strangers were walking into big box stores and paying off strangers’ Christmas gift layaways. That, my friends, is a demonstration of hope in action.

Michael Jackson foresaw this and advocated for it and even knew himself to be part of it. His lyrics reflect this knowledge and encourage the tipping point where enough people believe that people, and especially children, are worth saving, worth loving and that generosity in service to humanity is a demonstration of self love which will save the world, for it is salvation returning. If you want to play with this knowledge and have a little fun with it, look for evidence of this shift toward love. Keep track of it. Collect it. Bless it. And smile a secret knowing smile for the company you have been keeping and the knowing that brought. Then, simply BE THE CHANGE.

There is more to this 2012 thing. So much more, but this is a beginning of the understanding that there is nothing to fear. There is everything to celebrate. It is also the understanding that growth is not without pain or anxiety for outcomes. The human ego is wounded and afraid so it will naturally resist and even fight this change as it will appear as an extinction to the ego. If we were able to feel the fear of the caterpillar spinning the cocoon that invites metamorphosis, we might be surprised at how intense it is. But the caterpillar doesn’t allow the fear to paralyze him. He spins anyway.

So I am not saying that 2012 will be a cakewalk. I am not saying it will be without fear or worry or puzzlement. But before you condemn something as bad, consider whether it is ultimately in service to the whole of humanity. The human species is waking up. The path of 2012 is one of ascension– ascending to one’s highest and brightest self and humanity’s outplaying of that same impulse in concert and community. The human DNA is changing. The light is dawning. The human is recognizing itself and its species as precious offspring of a creation with some kind of intelligence that loves. Not the kind of love that romance brings or the sappy kind of love that is drooling and dreamy. But the kind of love that is fierce. Fierce. A steadfast and fierce love that loves you more than you could love yourself but invites you to try– kicking and screaming or with a secret smile on your face.

So, will you stand in a vibe or frequency of fear? Or will you step into the cocoon for a wild ride in darkness from which you emerge in breathtaking beauty?

Happy New Year?



  1. Nikki said . . .

    Barbara, thank you for an inspiring New Year’s post for 2012! Yes, I am stepping into the cocoon. Or should I say, I was pulled into the cocoon on 6/25/09 and there is no place else I’d rather be! I have great hope and faith in the changes we will be experiencing and don’t want to miss one second of it. Love to and everyone here, Nikki

    Posted January 1, 2012 at 4:06 pm | Permalink
  2. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    Tena kotou, tena kotou, tena kotou.
    I am reminded of New Zealand’s own ancient ethnic group “the Maori” whose plaintive cries were ignored for so long.
    Their answer to the question “What is the most precious resource on the planet”, has always been “It is people,it is people,it is people.”
    (Their culture always expresses important words three times.) When my consiousness first turned to 2012, I asked an elderly Maori man, they are called Kaumata, what their take on the year was. He answered simply, “The veil will be lifted, and all will see”. So I believe it is to be celebrated, not feared. Yes, I am spinning already.

    Posted January 1, 2012 at 9:11 pm | Permalink
  3. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Kia ora whanau, Lynaire. The Marori are wise, wise people. If anyone wants to get a feel for the Marori, get the movie “Whale Rider.” While it is a Hollywood version, it has a measure of what the Maori are about. It gives you a feel of it. Lyn wishes me great love with “arohanu.” She says “tena kotou” or “hello everybody- listen up!” WIth “Kia ora whanau” I welcomed Lyn as extended family. “Maori” is pronounced “mow-ry” and they are the indigenous or native peoples of New Zealand. They are one of the tribes of wisdom-keepers on the planet. ~B

    Posted January 1, 2012 at 10:50 pm | Permalink
  4. Kim said . . .

    Happy New Year. My heart holds great hope for this new age which we are entering. I already see examples of people who are living from their higher self. Their actions and words are no longer reflecting insensitivity, apathy or intolerance. They are no longer tolerating the things that served self. People’s thoughts, words and actions are changing to aligning with love, peace and unity. Of course there will be the older negative energies that will try to hold on as long as possible; however, they will be no more as more people start to awaken and live more conscious. I am excited and ready to live there too. We see like-minded individuals come and visit Inner Michael and other communities. This truly is made possible by the internet and social media. Up until recently I was starting to feel that technology had a negative influence on society. It has in some respects; however, now I see that it has had some positive impact as well. The internet and social media are tools that most certainly can help society move toward a more conscious state of being. I look forward to the day where we reach the tipping point and will see Mother Earth as a much more loving, peaceful and harmonious place to live. I’m sure she is looking forward to it as well. 🙂 We are all connected after all. Much love to everyone. <3

    Posted January 2, 2012 at 2:21 am | Permalink
  5. Souldreamer7 said . . .

    I have learned out of darkness comes wisdom and light,for sure.
    Thanks for these posts! You always keep the postive vibe alive..and I send positivity back to you. ♥
    I send out Love, light, compassion,goodwill every night to the entire world and all people/things in it.☮
    Let your love light shine…♥ ★ ☆ ✰*~*~*

    Posted January 8, 2012 at 5:29 am | Permalink
  6. gertrude said . . .

    Wild Ride Start Date: June 25, 2009. End Date: NEVER.
    What a PLEASURE this read was!
    May the 2012 rode rise up to meet you, Inner Michael Family.
    much love and thanks to Rev. B.

    Posted January 11, 2012 at 2:51 am | Permalink

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