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The Mirror Still… still reflecting

My work at Voices Education Project is about words and how words can harm and how they heal. It is also about the implied and the inherent responsibility incurred when words are used in an irresponsible manner. When words are used irresponsibly and without careful consideration about how those words will be received or how they might impact the potential reader or target, irreversible damage can occur.

We know that Congresswoman Gifford spent months in rehabilitation after being shot by a deranged man who was allegedly motivated by political rhetoric that included violent language and the simulation of crosshairs on a rifle scope. We know that young people have committed suicide because people have used words that constitute bullying and harassment toward them– in person, in writing, on site or on the Internet.

The media needs to take a look at itself and its propensity to use words to inflame and sensationalize news and information to pique an interest and to grab ratings from the competitors. Does the public have a right to expect they will hear and read the truth without embellishment? If the public knew how deep this deception goes in the industry, would they be upset? Would they then demand a more responsible media?

Did the bombshell revelations of the empire of Rupert Murdoch place the media and its tactics under scrutiny? That story is not over and there are more indictments to come soon. The public needs to keep an eye on the Murdoch story and now the Conrad Murray trial (which the media is calling ‘the Michael Jackson death trial’ to increase attention and ratings) and as the media themselves would say: ‘keep them honest.’

“The Michael Jackson Death Trial”

Michael Jackson is not on trial. Conrad Murray is on trial for the death of Michael Jackson. Dr. Murray administered Propofol, a potent and dangerous drug to Michael without the proper administration, monitoring or resuscitation equipment. Yet every single media outlet, journalist and newspaper– whether tabloid or not, has taken to calling this legal proceeding “the Michael Jackson death trial.”

Today, Michael Jackson, who is not present in the courtroom because he had another engagement, was accused of causing his own death. So, technically, I guess it is “the Michael Jackson death trial.” Michael Jackson is apparently on trial for his own death. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

A Word from Matt Semino:

Matt speaks about the concern of fans:

 A Word from Jermaine Jackson:

“Today has been very distressing for all of us, and I’d like to thank you for your prayers at this horrible time. I would also like to remind some in the media that the voice recording of Michael does not show/prove he was “an addict” — and this leap to agree with the defense is unfair and inaccurate. The prosecution said my brother “was under the influence of UNKNOWN agents” at the time of that recording by Murray. That some people, Jane Velez Mitchell HLN and Ted Rowlands CNN, make statements saying this shows my brother to be “a drug addict” is not what was said in court re that recording. Events are upsetting enough without correspondents adding their own interpretation (or back-dating events to 1993). No one can rule out the prospect that Michael was groggy because of something administered to make him relax/sleep. That does not make him an addict. I would also add that Murray was by his side “observing” as well as recording so it can have nothing to do with drug depdency because Murray’s case is that he was unaware of any drug dependency. One more reason why “addict” is a leap to assumption in these circumstances. Some networks need to make this distinction clear and correct this imbalance. Bottom line: Michael did not kill Michael.”

A word from a place it wouldn’t be polite to name…

A fan sent me something today that defies any kind of decency or semblence of humanity. As a wordsmith and someone who has been working on this campaign about the power of words for two years now, and about putting the humane back in humanity, and someone who has guided this program that is now more than 200 pages or about a quarter of a million words, I cannot find one to describe this:

This is brought to you by Rupert Murdoch. Anyone who would produce something like this, pay for something like this, or support the industry that produces this is not a human being.

Is this what it has come to, people? This is what the public clamors for? That is what they say, you know. They say that if there was no market for it, they wouldn’t produce it. People, they argue, want this stuff. I don’t personally know any humans who would and I doubt anyone else does either.

This and tabloid TV today… with the help of the man who sang Man in the Mirror and who was a mirror for the cuture in which he lived… once again became the mirror. Here comes Michael Jackson yet again to teach us something about ourselves. That we have sunk this low.

Every program on TV tonight played the tape of Michael speaking while under the influence of something a doctor gave him saying this:

“We have to be phenomenal. When people leave this show, when people leave my show, I want them to say, ‘I’ve never seen nothing like this in my life. Go. Go. I’ve never seen nothing like this. Go. It’s amazing. He’s the greatest entertainer in the world.’ I’m taking that money, a million children, children’s hospital, the biggest in the world, Michael Jackson’s Children’s Hospital.”

And every single program spoke about a man with an addiction, or how horrible it was to hear his voice; how horrible it was to think of Michael Jackson in this condition, and on and on…

And not one of them said anything about what it revealed about the man, Michael Jackson: that he wanted to take the proceeds from “This Is It” and build the ‘biggest children’s hospital in the world.’

I guess everybody missed that. Just as they missed the point in the trial held in 2005.


  1. Robbie M said . . .

    Just today I went into my local newsagent to be faced with a banner headline on the front of a tabloid “newspaper” declaring “Jacko left to die” accompanied by a full page picture of poor Michael`s body lying on a hospital gurney, his face still covered in tubes. I don`t know which piece of tabloid trash it was, I ran out of the shop in a flood of tears. Is there ever going to be a time when this poor man is afforded a little human dignity? I pray for his family to be given the strength to come through this ordeal. They all need our support, there are enough hurtful comments coming at them from the unenlightened and ignorant. Dear God, let us all get through this trial without losing sight of our humanity, just as Michael would expect from his fans, supporters and advocates. Love and blessings from Scotland

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  2. Suvie said . . .

    Here is a person possibly gaining consciousness from a sedation (I was sedated twice for surgery and talked like that when I was recovering) and he talked about the “greatest children’s hospital”. If there is one thing that vindicates Michael of hurting children it is THIS! It once again proves that Michael’s real work was not stage… it was a means to an end… the end was healing the children… and that was the purpose of his life… a purpose to which he was so dedicated.

    Those who didn’t hear it are STONE DEAF and BLIND in the heart. God help them. The “greatest children’s hospital” in the world is the only thing that I heard from the recording… I played it again and again. It did something to me that I cannot explain but looks like it has jolted me from my complacency. Barbara, with those slurred words of Michael, I feel I have finally signed up for the “mission”.

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  3. Heidi said . . .

    My God… I can’t even find the words to comment on something like this, but I too sat in front of my television shouting (to myself) “What about the hospital? Did anyone notice where his heart was, even in that condition?” I must agree with Jermaine. Why would a doctor, of all people, medicate his patient to that extent and then record his voice? If it was to show that Michael was a “drug addict”, then that tape turns this whole thing from involuntary to premeditated since their defense is to portray Michael as a drug addict.

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  4. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Welcome aboard the craft Suvi. ~B

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  5. Sue Springer said . . .

    His beautiful mind and soul — always thinking of others, even in a desparate struggle to simply rest. My prayer is that this trial will clearly show more and more people the love they have missed in the loss of this one incomparable life. Love and peace all, sue.

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  6. Dalia said . . .

    Unfortunately, this is no longer surprising, as they say “Do you want to circus? Here is the circus, pay per view” Is sad to have to get used to never see vindicated Michael. Because the morbidity and the monetary interests outweigh all the good things he did for the people. Not in my case, I will never be tabloid client or my kids either, Nor will I give up, even destroys the world around me, always try to rebuild it, like Michael did. God sent me to work, not to be passive and resigned. As you said at the end of your note a few days ago: I’m a fan of Michael Jackson…Those are strong words, a great responsibility! proud to be until the end of my life.

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  7. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    The shadow is what cries ‘never.’ Individual shadow contributes to the collective and feeds the darkness. We need to stay awake and stay watchful. And we need to believe in ourselves even within– no especially within the darkness or despair. We can do this. We can. ~B

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  8. Joyce said . . .

    It is so difficult to watch any coverage of this trial. It just breaks my heart to think about what transpired on that horrific day and the days leading up to it. It is painful to see the gutwrenching photo that I knew would be shown over and over by a media just salivating over the ratings they can generate from it. It was heartbreaking to hear the recording of Michael’s always beautiful voice slowed and altered by medication that was given by a physician to a patient who was struggling with insomnia and yet still remained focused on his never ending concern for the children of the world, especially when the media chooses to ignore those beautiful words and instead feels compelled to once again assume and report on Michael’s “addiction.”

    I am so thankful that there have been several interviews with Thomas Mesereau, Matt Semino, Dr. Treacy from Ireland and others who are providing positive and factual information and opinions about Michael. As Sue Springer commented, I also hope and pray that more people will actually hear the truth about Michael Jackson, not the caricature he was made out to be by so many in the media. I am so proud to say I am a “fan” or supporter of Michael Jackson and I will always be inspired to continue his mission and keep his amazing spirit alive forever! Thank you for another informative post!

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  9. Kim said . . .

    I have no words to describe how I feel. I feel anger, sadness, frustration, but yet at the same time I feel numb. I just can’t believe that we as a society have come to this point. I feel like some people have no hearts and no souls. I feel like climbing aboard that ship right now or locking myself in my room and having no access to TV, radio, internet, whatever. I want no part of it. All the light and hope that I work to hold on to; I feel like is gone at this moment. What will it take to make these people understand? Michael is a father of 3 children. Don’t these people understand that Michael’s children are seeing and perhaps hearing all that is being printed and said? I don’t know how Michael endured all of what he did. Also, the Jackson family endured and is enduring so much. How are they getting through this? Sorry for what seems to be my venting here, but I don’t know what else to say. I am just speechless.

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  10. Dalia said . . .

    I got it Barbara, thanks for the observation. By the way,I decided to share this post in the Latino community of MJ fans on facebook. I usually do when a post is interesting and I love your posts. I always mentioned you as an author and invite to visit your page. Yesterday and today, I received several complaints from the fans for the photo of the tabloid put it, because that picture has caused much discomfort among us, like the recording. I explained that to cite the tabloid photo was necessary and that purpose was not morbid. But some fans are so closed-minded. I guess they just felt attacked without reading the article.

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  11. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    I have actually seen some change in tone at HLN as they seem to bring to the table some people who knew Michael well and who have good things to say about him. There are still those who choose to focus on the past and on the negative and sensational, but there is some improvement. The photos of Michael are better and from earlier and different periods in his career. They are not all dark and from the 2005 trial. Instead of saying “he got away with a crime” or “he should have been convicted,” one in particular who has been very anti-Michael in the past is now saying “in 2005, I believed the victims.” Not huge, but it indicates change. And fans are being portrayed more respectfully. A well spoken and mature woman was interviewed and she spoke to the shock of Michael’s death and a fascination and then looking into the lyrics and that is when she became a fan. She was well spoken, she was taken seriously and not ridiculed or dismissed. It may be early to say so… but I find little glimmers of hope. Keep the faith Kim. ~B

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  12. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Thanks for the compliments. So some people were upset with me? Because of the photo? I didn’t take the photo or publish it. And they were upset with me? The originator and author of a curriculum called ‘Words and Violence’ that examines how words and images are used violently? A 200 plus page curriculum that is dedicated to Lady Diana and Michael Jackson? That has articles I wrote that speak to the bullying by tabloids? Really? What an insult! And hurtful. ~B

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  13. Souldreamer7 said . . .

    Thank You because I am tired of hearing that too “The Michael Jackson Death Trial” Bahhhh! ..and The part Michael last spoke about children’s hospital… I am happy I got it. I’m happy. Happy is better in the soul.

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  14. Dalia said . . .

    It was very absurd, they were angry with because of sharing! I explained that the tabloid photo is small, blurred and used to explain the issue you speak about, but some fans did not understand, I was refused and some insinuated that I am morbid, I also felt offended! because I was sharing something I considered valuable, but not everyone felt the same, some others praised the article.

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  15. Dalia said . . .

    So is the diversity of criteria, these are people who do not read, simply saying without knowledge of the facts, it is very common, do not feel bad, they do not know you. I am glad to know you.

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  16. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    This is a perfect example of Michael Jackson fans shooting themselves in the foot. A woman who has been an advocate for Michael Jackson for 2 years just closed down her Michael advocacy Facebook account because of fans being nasty to her. So the fan community lost a voice for Michael. When I became a Huffington Post writer, someone wrote to the editors and cited plagiarism to them. This was someone I had invited to write an inaugural piece for Voices Education Project. The person didn’t realize I had already written and published an earlier version for “End Bullying Month” and had re-worked it for Huff Po. The editor knew that there was an entire body of work I had written on that very same theme sitting at Voices Education Project and my accuser had no published work. I was mortified and horrified; the editor told me he would take care of it; he did. The person almost sabotaged a potential voice for Michael at the Huffington Post– I had written about the Discovery Channel assault on Michael’s memory. There was no consciousness of what the consequences of that behavior might bring. Instead of contacting to ask me about it, the person went behind my back and contacted the Huffington Post. It was a real lesson about trust for me. Needless to say, I never had contact with the person again who was uninvited from the project for which I was editor. There has been no explanation, no contact and no apology.

    People make mistakes. People do things that they later regret. Life is neither perfect nor orderly. Human beings are imperfect and life is messy. But constant vigilance of one’s own behavior is imperative. Constant evaluation and checking out relations with self and others is essential to growth– spiritually and mentally. Acting without thought and examination of the consequences can be fatal. As a peace activist and citizen liaison to Russia, I learned to trust but verify. I begin with the intent to trust and I wait for verification that my trust is warranted. When it is not, I withdraw. I also learned to send my mind far into the future, search for the worst case scenario– and work my way back from there when making decisions. Starting with the question “If I do this, what is the worst that could happen?” is wise. The last thing one wants in diplomatic affairs is an international incident that gets attention. So one learns to not be boisterous or self righteous. That’s not to say it never happens or that one doesn’t forget or slip up– it means that one adopts a policy of fairness, of thoughtfulness and the ability to change one’s mind if necessary and aplologize when one has unintentionally harmed another. Relationships are like gardens; to grow they must be tended. That means ALL relationships.

    Fans have bashed Michael’s family, his friends, his attorneys, writers who became a voice for him and now it sounds like I made that list too. This is what makes fans look crazy. This is what alienates Michael’s family and this is what will eventually alienate and cause his children to withdraw from fans. This is how fans shoot themselves in the foot.

    This is a perfect example of fans rushing to judgment and not bothering to educate themselves about the facts. This is exactly what Michael had to endure his whole life– people rushing to judgment about him, making their minds up after one cursory look, dismissing his work as useless or offensive, attacking him because he dared to bring to light human nature that was less than human; dismissing the message because they couldn’t connect with the messenger. What Michael did with his music was to expose human nature to humans– both as it is and as it could be. It was an important message but there were those who were so loud in their judgment that the message was drowned out for the noise of their scrutiny and eventual mockery.

    People who knee jerk, don’t use deductive reasoning or discernment and who behave this impulsive way are the very people the media targets– those who don’t look deeper, are prone to quick emotional reactions, lack the ability to reason or think past the gut. That is the kind of person the tabloid industry goes after– the person who reacts before they think. It’s also the person advertisers target. The slam marketers engage your money not your brains. If one doesn’t use their brains the money disappears. See how sensationalism works? We are all in such a hurry, we don’t take time to think.

    There is a segment of the population that will never be reached because they are too busy employing righteous indignation as a defense to insulate themselves. Their radar is always scanning for someone on the landscape to blame for something, for someone to despise. These are the people who harmed Michael the most. You don’t change the world by hiding the corruption or keeping it hidden. You change the world by exposing what is wrong, challenging the sensibilities of human beings and sometimes by disgusting them so much they vow to change things. They are the ones who have the courage to be a mirror for humanity, to hold up a magnifying glass to human behavior and ask sometimes out loud and sometimes silently– “do you like what you see? No? Change it!” You change things by becoming a change agent. We don’t change the world by complaining about other people who are changing the world. We change it by rolling up our sleeves and getting busy; it you really want to rock the world, rock the boat. Then calm the waters with a “magical” solution.

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  17. TheresaB said . . .

    Thank you for this piece on the trial and shining the light on media’s flawed interpretation of certain events and their voyeuristic behavior. I have not watched the trial or any television coverage if it. It is too painful and frustrating. I do keep up with it through other more “summary” means because as an advocate for Michael it us important to do so. I have not heard the recording of Michael’s voice but have read the transcript if the audio. It is very striking that even in less lucid moments, Michael was all about helping the children. It once again underscores what the world has lost. I do want to say that the presence of the photograph here did jolt me. I had deliberately not looked at it but was forced to here. I even had the thought that today that I should avoid going to the grocery store where it might be on display in the tabloids that line the checkout so I don’t need to see it used in this way. I do understand that the prosecution used both the recording and the photo to remind the jury, the media and the public that Michael Jackson is the victim. By using the tabloid image you are doing the same thing. I just wish it had not been necessary.

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  18. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Theresa, this photo was obscene and one breath away from pornography. In fact, it’s a different kind of pornography. It’s an outrage and it was a calculated (organized) evil. The publishers took a calculated risk publishing it because featuring death this way is considered taboo in Britain according to sources I read. The featuring of it here was to highlight the treachery and cruelty of it and to motivate toward taking action. My hidden agenda and my greatest hope is that Michael Jackson fans get outraged enough to make a vow (a big deal, actually) to never, ever let this happen to another human being. I absolutely believe that Michael Jackson gave his life to this planet as a mesenger and teacher. In this photo is a great teaching– the message behind this (shadow) illustration of inhumanity is the message (bright shadow) of reaching behind the shadow and pulling out the brilliance that is trying to be born. It’s the sacred mirror at work. Behind all addiction, depravity and shadow is a longing for what is sacred, for a union with the Divine and the highest expression of Self and what it means to be human.

    I have obscured the photograph more because it does knock the sensibilities and take the breath. I am sorry not for using it, but for the fact that it was ever used in this way in the first place. It brings a lot of sorrow. We must bear witness to this crime against humanity– yours, mine, ours and the world’s in whatever way we can. This kind of “communication” does not uplift humankind; it drags us down. There are enough Michael Jackson fans in the world that should they ever decide to overcome their differences and come together– they would be an unstoppable force for change if they did it in the spirit of Michael Jackson’s true legacy.

    There are media who have dared to showcase bright shadow in the world and they struggle to stay afloat. Ode Magazine, for example, is one of those visionary publications that seeks to showcase humanity at its best and brightest. If fans got behind this kind of movement, the force and impact would be global. Michael Jackson did not hide from treachery– he showcased and challended it in his lyrics and in his short films. He also left behind a prescription for how to change the world, heal it and make it a better place. He did not run from his legacy but embraced it even in the face of the darkest and most concentrated prolonged shadow the world has ever seen. The day will come when he is recognized. Make no mistake– the writers will have the last word. The fans can make history if they make that choice. With the right kind of savvy, they have the power to “bring it.” The important question is if they will.

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  19. LJ said . . .

    I spent the morning walking and listening to Michael Jackson’s music. I spent it talking to him – after feeling much sadness, outrage, despair at the circus of media and justice and certain fan comments. I put my heart out to Michael Jackson. I finished the walk feeling contentment, knowing that something perfect is taking place as hard as it is to witness.

    I have made a personal commitment after this communal walk with Michael Jackson’s energy that I will focus on the bright light that Michael Jackson brought to the world. I won’t hide from the truth to bring the brighter light forward even when I know that it can bring up obstacles. Michael Jackson is no longer on this earth (physical form) yet his energy – message is available to source whenever we want. I’m bringing the light he carried out into the world. Not hiding my admiration of this man’s life and gift to each of us. I rocked my walk and my spirit was rocked with his music today. He is the inspiration for my work and my life. Simple as that. I know justice will be done and I won’t shirk from the untruths and share what I know. I will not immerse myself in the shadow. I know hating on the man who took Michael’s life, in the end it doesn’t serve our evolution. I know something more about this deep in my soul. I know he needs to be held accountable – that I know – but I have no desire to perpetuate hate and judgment.

    Oh my gosh – yes an unstoppable force is possible. All it takes is one person to decide to use the great energy he brought and empower the planet through it. This trial – this circus – it will be done – it is what we do on this earth. I also know something greater is at play. I am choosing to tap that big time. Thank you Rev. Kaufman for what you bring to this site. You helped me find my truth in relationship to Michael Joe Jackson and you provide a place to explore deeply, to non-judge and to be held to a higher place of living. Thank you <3

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  20. julie said . . .

    I have just left a message on the previous post in response to the UK tabloids. I felt that the images were
    pornograhic. I also thought about the new generation of Michael fans the children who have discovered his music and his dancing and love him. What impact will that image have on them? I personally felt sick and empty and full of despair. Even though I knew it would be there I had to see it so that Michael would not be exposed and consumed alone. There is nowhere else to go now with this, it was the tabloids final attempt at humiliation but in fact it was their own. If they can tap the phone of a murdered teenager this would be easy for them, after all Michael is not a person to them. Nothing to them and everything to us. I agree with LJ that there is something bigger at play here. Thank you

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  21. Joyce said . . .

    Rev. Barbara,
    Please do not let negative or meanspirited comments deter you in your dedication, and never ending support and defense of Michael Jackson’s legacy and humanity! I also feel a change in the air and I don’t just mean summer turning to fall! There is a different vibe that is present in the many reports in the media. I am thrilled to finally see people who actually knew Michael and have positive opinions and facts to report being invited to appear on networks and shows that would have never allowed that in the past. Will they ever admit to their scandalous negative, cruel reporting during the 2005 trial and most of Michael’s career? Probably not, but I agree with you that this is a step in the right direction!

    Have you heard about the “Invincible campaign”? October is the 10 year anniversary of “Invincible”. It never received the respect and support it deserved so there is a campaign that was started by Debbie Francis. She is asking everyone to purchase the Invincible CD during the month of October, from Oct 1st through Oct 31. We can get it to chart #1 on Billboard! Now wouldn’t that be an incredible way for all of us to show how much we support, respect and love Michael Jackson during this very difficult trial. You just have to purchase a new, not used Invincible CD to have it counted. Just thought I would pass it on! Thanks again Rev. Barbara for always reminding us to shine brightly and continue to be inspired!

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  22. gertrude said . . .

    “you and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back, now and for always, I’ll be there”. So sang little Michael, Magical Child. And so I hear all the Sparkle People re-iterating when we visit each other here courtesy of Reverend Barbara and her Peaceful Warrior opus on the True Meaning of Michael – the reading of which has been like finding a gorgeous, crystalline, life-giving waterfall in the middle of a damned inferno, I dare say. We must Believe In Ourselves as Michael urged us to do, musn’t we? We must remember and keep our pact with each other and Michael, what else will get us through these NeoDark Ages?

    I am so sorry for Reverend Barbara and Dalia that they have been attacked, slandered and insulted by the Unconcious Ones – but I know that we, who can hardly wait sometimes to see what the wonderous mind of Reverend B has offered here to edify us again, are important too. Dare I say MORE important than the ludicous slurs flung out by those who don’t even understand you are supposed to actually READ something before you can know what its about? I won’t even go anywhere anymore where THEY are, or where they are allowed to be. Now more than ever Inner Michael is a crucial refuge from the cyclone of crap we are living through right now. God Bless you Barbara, BIG time. You are a great force for bringing the salvation back that Micheal asked us to, and died trying to.

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  23. kamarie said . . .

    The photo reminds me of when MJ died and Madonna said that we abandoned him. Lately, the commentators on HLN news have been using the word ‘abandoned’. Maybe the photo is a metaphor for how MJ may have felt abandoned by many people and situations in his life. I keep reminding myself these questions, “What is the parable that is unfolding here? Are our eyes wide open? Are we keeping an open mind?”

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  24. Nina said . . .


    I also think about the notion of “abandonment,” and about Madonna’s statement, as well as Michael’s own lyric from “Stranger in Moscow”:

    Here, abandoned in my fame
    Armageddon of the brain

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  25. Nina said . . .


    Thank you so much for your wise words about “rushing to judgment.” I think it can be very hard for those who loved Michael to see that there are broader themes at work there; and that the very same mindset and behavior that hurt Michael can also hurt other people. We would do well to think things through to their logical conclusion, and to be conscious of how our behavior affects others.

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  26. Nicole P-H said . . .

    Dear Barbara and dear all, now it is a really difficult time for all the people who love Michael. I have been overwhelmed with sadness since I saw the picture of Michael’s body abandonned in death and since I heard the audio recording. My heart hurts literally. I ‘ve been wanting to join the circle and write a few words this past week, but I found myself unable to do so (no energy and a lot of difficulty to put my thoughts together). I am so upset that here in France, as well as in the US, nobody spoke of Michael’s words about building a children’s hospital with the proceeds from the TII tour!

    Barbara, if it was not for you and the Circle that you have created, if it was not for you spiritual guidance, it would be very difficult for me to stand the pain right now (or even to understand the depth of this pain). I know that some mean comments and attacks are hurtful to you. But please, know that so many of us need you. We need your Light in this journey through death, pain, love, light and hope. Please, don’t give up the mission, Barbara. We are creating this Circle with you and my hope is that we are also forming a circle of Love around you (as a shield to protect you). Namaste and God bless you all, Nicole (from France)

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  27. Ardell said . . .

    Watching the events unfold at the trial last week was heartbreaking and heart wrenching. Reliving the events of June 25, 2009 made it seem like it was just yesterday. The pain that has slightly subsided over the past two years is now very acute again. By the end of the week, I felt as though I was emotionally hit by a truck. Being able to turn to this wonderful site of Inner Michael is like finding a sanctuary in a storm. It is a safety net, a place of comfort and a soft place to fall when needed the most.

    In reflecting and recuperating over the weekend, it appears that the trial is going through its expected motions, but I too agree that something (or someone) higher is at play. It seems that amidst all the details, the beauty of Michael Jackson is emerging little by little. Average viewers are learning facts that we as fans already know. They learned that Michael’s home was a warm one, filled with music, love and laughter and that it had a positive “energy.” They learned that Michael had a true and deep love for his fans. It was mentioned that even after tiring days of rehearsal, he would instruct his driver to stop to allow him to greet and speak with those who waited, while graciously accepting letters and gifts and asking that they be placed on the steps inside his home. How endearing.

    They learned of his love for his children and they for him. Shared meals and quality time together was a priority. And even though listening to Michael’s words on May 10 at 9:05am was difficult, he was undoubtedly speaking from his soul. Despite a lack of acknowledgement from the media, one could not help but notice that even in the state he was in at the time, his compassion and dedication for children and his unending generosity came through. I have a vision and belief that one day there will be a Michael Jackson’s Hospital for Children. It was a true delight to hear Tom Mesereau make note of Michael’s words on air. Perhaps when it is over, the world at large will better come to know and appreciate the treasure that we had in Michael and will feel the enormous magnitude of his loss. Maybe, we’ll even gain a few more “members” along the way.

    Posted October 3, 2011 at 1:43 am | Permalink
  28. TheresaB said . . .

    Thank you for expanding on the tabloid use of the photo in your response to my comment. I want to reiterate that although Ii was surprised, I fully understand and support the context of its use both here and in court. As always, you are absolutely correct in your words. We have to just say no to lining the pockets of the ghouls who publish their garbage either in print or on the Interenet. We also need to turn our eyes away from such networks as HLN and TruTV and their negative and false coverage of Michael and his life. I long for this trial to be over but it is an important event in shining light on the truth about Michael. We also must get through it so that healing can truly begin. Michael’s life and his art mean so much to so many. We need to be able to spread his messages across the globe and across the generations with a more joyful heart. I have vowed to fight for truth in media for the rest of my life in remembrance of Michael Jackson.

    Posted October 3, 2011 at 11:15 am | Permalink
  29. Isabella said . . .

    It is hard to find traces of dignity, ethic, mercy and pity in the human soul, lately. I see now that cover of the Sun magazine. How horrific.
    We don’t have such covers here in Italy… yet… but we have other horrific articles slandering and mobbing people.

    Posted November 15, 2011 at 2:08 pm | Permalink
  30. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    “Slandering and mobbing people”– people, Isa? What people? Or just Jackson? ~B

    Posted November 15, 2011 at 2:34 pm | Permalink

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