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A New Voice for Michael- Reprinted from MJTP

There is cause for celebration in the MJ community because a new voice has been heard. It was the collective voice of fans who said “No” to the Discovery Channel. That “no” came on the heels of a string of unpleasant experiences regarding Michael Jackson.   

The Gardner School victory of having Michael’s name uncovered was wonderful; the way it was done was exceptional. It was long and arduous, but it was above all, diplomatic and intelligent. The Discovery Channel victory was scripted and backed by a worldwide consortium of Michael Jackson fans. The estate knew of the plan to go worldwide with a universal message that was written, and constructed, to provide a sane and intelligent alternative perception of Michael and his work/legacy, an alternative perception of who and what Michael Jackson fans stand for, and to demonstrate that they are reasonable people who care about bullying and decency and humanity.     

The Discovery Channel protest and planned boycott elevated Michael Jackson fans in the eyes of many in the general public who, once they saw the advertisement for the autopsy program, said, “Michael Jackson fans got it right.” So it is important to note that the perception of Michael Jackson fans changed momentarily with the Discovery protest.   

But that new perception of who Michael Jackson fans are and what they stand for, is in danger of being uprooted and replaced by the older perception of “crazy, delusional” and now “vicious.” Are fans “vicious?”  It is so important to continue the perception of Michael Jackson fans as reasonable and intelligent people who are not crazy!   

There is someone who is a well known Michael Jackson detractor and media “darling”, who is notorious for stirring up the fan community for stories that are untrue, getting them to the media, and for spreading all manner of negative and false information about Michael Jackson. This person has been around for years regurgitating the same old negative ideas about Michael. You know who I mean. The claim that “Crazy Michael Jackson fans are stalking me; I’m getting death threats” makes for good dramatic TV, and media outlets will want to hear more about that. So if you want to keep this individual (and others like this person) in business, keep attacking. If you want to silence someone like that, ignore them. There will be no platform for them to rehash misinformation if there is no story to tell about the “fans.” If there is no story- there is no audience to want to hear it.    

There is fear that fans will “organize” which is what this person has said publicly, “They are organizing!” It’s like saying, beware, the wicked are gathering or the monster is coming! And then this individual turns around and stirs up the fans with negative commentary. This is a deliberate baiting, can you see that? Just like when a gossip website releases the “latest” MJ story; they want you to go to the site and get angry and tell them off! They benefit in two ways: 1) they are able to demonstrate for the public how “crazy” and “vicious” Michael Jackson fans are by the comments they leave. It effectively says, “See how nuts these people are?” And 2) Each click on their site is money in their pockets and in the pockets of their sponsors.   

Want to know how to kill those stories? Ignore them. No clicks, no revenues and no profits. No MJ fans going to the site equals no more MJ stories. The fans care and the gossip sites know that. That is why they bait fans. They don’t care what fans say, they care about counting clicks. Go to alternative sites for the latest information. There are sites dedicated to giving you the information, but preventing the clicks on gossip sites from putting money in their pockets. The gossip mags want to rile you up; there is money and benefit in it for them. Don’t fall into the trap. Be smart; stay away and ignore! It’s like a chess game; they back you into a checkmate position. Here’s a winning strategy: stop playing their game. When they make a move, do nothing. You should record it or make note of it and inform someone, but not go to the site and comment. It’s a chess game. They moved; now it’s your move. Don’t.  No move, no checkmate; nobody to upset or play with—game over.   

Charles Thomson answered the latest sensational gossip story within a few hours. There are a few journalists and writers who care about truth. They care about stopping the bullying and angry words; they see what happened to the Congresswoman from Arizona. Never forget angry words incite violence. Angry words kill.   

More and more people are learning of the “Words and Violence” curriculum at Voices Education Project. It recently gained the attention of the Dean at a university for Communication Arts. He was impressed; he is interested. He knows it is dedicated to Michael and Diana. He has given permission for faculty to become involved with the project. The university sees the value of Michael Jackson’s body of work in the culture of the twentieth century. So you see, not everybody is a tabloid reporter or junkie. So don’t you be.   

“Bullying: Not Just for Playgrounds Anymore,” on the Huffington Post, gathered more than 100 comments and the subsequent one, “Speaking of Violence: Words in the Wake of Tucson’s Tragedy,” may have caught the attention of CNN whose commentators are now taking to heart an exercise outlined in that article, about observing the inherent violence in our words in clichés, commentary and conversations. They are actually “watching their language.”    

As fans, it is vitally important that no matter what, you remain civil. Jackson fans can’t call for civility, dignity and truth from others, and then go onto Twitter or Facebook and write incredibly nasty and vicious comments about other fans or people they view as enemies or Michael haters. That makes them hypocrites. Fans cannot afford to be hypocrites. The media is watching. You represent Michael. You will determine his legacy. Right now it’s not pretty out there. Don’t keep it ugly. Michael would not want that.   

My first draft of this piece for MJTP had to be redone. I was so upset and so concerned that it came out as angry. Thank goodness someone felt comfortable enough with me to say “Go back and look in your Michael Mirror.” So I had to stop, look and start over. I had to rethink my approach and change direction. It’s OK with me; it’s for Michael, for fans, all for love. And for me and my personal and professional growth. Thank goodness someone said revisit the mind this was drafted in. I like this second mind better. Thank you, mentor.   

It’s important to keep in mind: There will be books written about this time in history. They will speak of Michael Jackson and his work. They will also speak of the fans. I want my granddaughter to read a high school or college textbook that says:         

“One of the most prominent cultural influences in the twentieth century was Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s body of work had the prevailing message that encouraged a generation to heal the world; make the world a better place; save the earth; care for the animals; be responsible; care for all the  children; heal the sick; save the starving; look in the mirror and take a good look at self; be the change you want to see in the world; and above all, love one another. At one time Jackson was considered only a ‘pop icon.’ His work has since been identified as a seminal influence in jumpstarting the humanitarian movement of the twenty first century that was ushered in after his death. Some sociologists say his death was the trigger for the modern human initiative and startling cultural paradigm shift.   

Because of one man, Michael Jackson, and his influence on youth who took his message seriously and to heart, a whole generation began to live his legacy of “make that change.” His loyal fans demanded the media change and be more civil and tell the truth. They became activists as a result of Jackson’s posthumous message from the grave about what put him there early—‘you’re breaking the news’. Because Jackson fans demanded a more humane dialogue in the media and a change in the way the media treats celebrities and people in general, media began to police itself more, and to institute a more civil tone and truthful narrative. If not for Jackson fans, the tactics labeled by them “Neanderthal”, might still dictate how the news and stories are told. The trend toward civility in modern culture is largely a result of the influence of a generation inspired and influenced by Michael Jackson, musician and singer.”

Historians have compared the rapid change in the way media informed the culture to significant periods in history equivalent to the reformation, the industrial revolution, the rise of scientific thought, or the age of reason. The roots of the modern movement toward a worldwide inclusionary and humane culture can be traced all the way back to Mr. Jackson, and the rise of his fans as a voice for cultural change.         

I do not want my granddaughter to read how Jackson fans were vicious; how they were considered cultural bullies in social media (Facebook, Twitter, et al} how they behaved like social piranhas turning sharp teeth toward a newly perceived Jackson “enemy”, and in the process harmed those who were innocent. I don’t want to see history remember his legacy as forever tarnished; his pop songs entertaining but without cultural value, and his life and death considered a post modern tragedy.   

When Michael said, “Every day create your history”, he wasn’t kidding. He was speaking to us. His work and his lyrics were intended to change a culture. His life, and even his death, is a gift to society and to those who loved him. He asked his fans to be his legacy. The fans, more than any reporter or book or hater, will be the final word on how Michael Jackson is perceived and how history will treat him.   

That’s a lot of power and a lot of responsibility. Now is the time. This is the place. The window of opportunity is open. It is essential that Michael Jackson fans remain civil, do not bully, stand for all the messages that Michael stood for, and continue the work of his legacy to “make that change.” It is important that they be seen as a reasonable, rational voice for change. To that end, using obvious fan names, making nasty comments, being haters, forgetting to spell check or making threats, does not lift up his legacy, but darkens it more. Michael would be proud of what the fans have done to elevate his legacy—the Gardner School and the Discovery postponement, but bullying—not so much.   

Remember that some people know nothing about Michael Jackson. Or they only know the lies the media sold them. For some, Michael’s fans will be their first encounter with Michael and their only source for the truth. What if their encounter with fans leaves them traumatized? Some people have been falsely accused by fans of things that either never happened or were a misunderstanding. If Michael Jackson is remembered negatively in the chronicles of history, the responsibility for that will land at the feet of the fans. Michael would not sanction the bullying with words on Twitter and Facebook that goes on in his name. He would not be happy about fans attacking each other or his family. He was all about love, not nasty words and attack. If Michael were here, I am convinced that he would ask us to remain awake and keep vigilant, but would also remind us of the power of love to heal. He would say, “I love you more; now go spread my message and remember, it’s all for love.”     

By Rev. Barbara Kaufmann       

Reverend Barbara Kaufmann is an award winning writer, poet and author. She is a member of the Wisconsin Society of Sciences, Arts and Letters; Wisconsin Regional Writers; and Fellowship of Poets. A minister, shaman and nurse, Barbara is active in the healing arts and is a longtime human activist and peacemaker. She has written for: anthologies, magazines, newspapers, journals, poetry collections, specialty books and programs, grants, businesses and corporations.     For the Words and Violence education packet , Barbara initiated the project, acted as executive chief writer and editor, and wrote the following: Dedication; Introduction; Preface: “Weapons of Mass Destruction: New Violence and WMD;” “Sensationalism, Inflammatory Words and the History of Tabloid Journalism;” and “The Princess and the Toads: A Fairy Tale,” a case study.    

A Strong and Articulate Voice for Michael
Thursday, February 03, 2011 Susan     Thank you, Reverend Barbara, for this great challenge to fans all over the planet–to “BE the change we wish to see in the world.” We cannot change the world for the better if we, ourselves, haven’t changed. It all starts with us. This is from Clark’s Commentary on the Bible verse, Proverbs 15:1: A soft answer – Gentleness will often disarm the most furious, where positive derangement has not taken place; one angry word will always beget another, for the disposition of one spirit always begets its own likeness in another: thus kindness produces kindness, and rage produces rage. Universal experience confirms this proverb. You are so right! Take away the audience of these negative voices and they will be silenced. Instead of complaining about what you’re hearing on the radio, simply “change the channel”. And if enough people change the channel, change will happen! Again, thanks. Your writing is incredible! –Susan T


  1. Joyce said . . .

    Rev. Barbara,
    Another excellent article that absolutely addresses the important mission we must all carry forward for Michael. He is counting on us to spread his message in respectful and thoughtful voices. Angry, mean spirited words only encourage more of the same. It is much easier said than done, but we have to show the negative, hateful medialoids that they have no power or control. As you said, the best way to do that is by ignoring them and most definitley not giving them the ratings that they so crave. We proved what positive energy is capable of in our success with the Gardner School and Discovery Channel.

    The only way to possibly change these ridiculous attitudes towards Michael is through intelligent factual information. I know I have to stop, take a breath and count to 10 before speaking sometimes when I hear some of the negative hateful comments that people spew forth at the just the mention of Michael’s name. I hope and pray that we can continue to make the change!

    I recently heard this somewhere, not sure where, but it is so true: Evil will always exist but good is more powerful than evil. If you think about it, you can bring one small candle into a dark room and it is no longer dark. But darkness can’t make a candle not light! We all each have to be that one small candle!

    Posted February 16, 2011 at 10:07 pm | Permalink
  2. Irina said . . .

    True, so true.

    And I guess another lesson in duality, a roadmap to the location of sunshine and shadow.

    Sometimes I am truly scared. It does look indeed rather hypocritical on behalf of us fans to lament ‘copy and paste’ journalism- yet to bring to fruition unheard heights of ‘copy and paste bloggerism’- proving how fast vicious rumors spread around the fan community when Person A ‘exposes’ yet another supposed ‘enemy’ that will now be literally tarred and fathered across all social media networks.

    If anything, sometimes it is fans who have proven what damage by character assassination can look like- and that it does not take all that much to rip deep wounds into another’s soul- with careless words.

    We need to start signing our real names, not live out the dark side of us, signing with an alter ego. We are real people, we need to ‘get real’. WE ARE THE WORLD is not a joke.

    Sometimes it takes an ultimate of strength to lean back when being provoked and it so easy to resort to unkindness. Would I want to anyone to run into my thoughts forms of ugliness? Probably not.
    We can literally manifest shadow.

    Gossip mags love to characterize fans as ‘rabid’- how about rabidly kind? The water is very forgiving when I ‘hit’ it, soaking up the weightlessness, envisioning aggression dissolving, becoming pure water.

    Posted February 17, 2011 at 9:26 pm | Permalink
  3. Dalia said . . .

    The point you touched is very important. How to pacify the fans as uncontrolled? they passionate believe to defende Michael but instead they are hurting. What I do when I find these lawsuits is to ask them to ignore the provocateurs, to do not fall into their game. Michael was very clear to say: “You are my legacy” he is no longer only the work of art, his messages of hope and union, their acts of philanthropy, but who is not fan does not know about that, nobody disclosed. It depends on us the fans what will be the image of MJ to the future.

    Posted February 19, 2011 at 6:00 am | Permalink
  4. gertrude said . . .

    I wish for this article to be posted on every fan site on the planet. I can only guess at which media “detractor” has been on the receiving end of bullying for whatever bullying they themselves perpetuate against Michael; I spend virtually no time on out-of-control fan sites and wait to be informed of continued injustice against Michael that needs a fact-filled response, from sources I trust such as here. Why? Because Michael was a man of great dignity who treated others the way he himself wished to be treated. And I want to be like him. And also because exposure to vitriol uttered against him and delusionaly on his “behalf” sickens me physically. How can lies and bullying ever be defeated with like-minded lies and bullying? My Pops always said to me if I just ignored it when I felt myself getting sick, most illnesses would go away. That worked for me for a very long time – and I know that Reverend Barbara is right on the money in advising us to ignore these media demons and parasites trying to feed off our anger. They are a sickness. STARVE them by giving them zero “clicks” and they WILL cease to exist.

    Posted February 20, 2011 at 4:28 pm | Permalink
  5. Kim said . . .

    Another great lesson to be learned here. I’ve been taking a look in the mirror and making that change; however, I’ve also taken a closer look at the vibrations I emanate. While I am an advocate for Michael, I am also an advocate for his messages, so my reach will go beyond Michael. What is the legacy I wish to leave? I ask myself that often now. Michael inspired that in me. I do see the fans that strike out and attack others and yes it is the same as the people who hurt Michael. So it is important to always look in the mirror and be that change, but be that change in so many ways. These are lessons that are constantly put in front of us. Your words speak volumes about what Michael would want. We are Michael’s legacy and after everything that Michael endured, it would be just unspeakable to see his legacy be degraded because of what some of his fans did or how they acted. So I am tweeting this article out and will put it on my FB page; multiple times. I will post on the website which I do work on behalf of Michael, because what you say here is so essential in preserving Michael’s legacy. Thank you once again Rev. Barbara for your insightful words. Namaste.

    Posted February 22, 2011 at 6:49 pm | Permalink
  6. Skydance said . . .

    Michael had Pluto in Virgo. This generation is the one that will say “let’s clean up society.” Sensitive Virgo also feels the collective society dis-ease and is called to participate in world transformation. To help to the less fortunate and the challenge of ecology of the planet. With his sun sign in Virgo, conjunction to the sun, this aspect of Michael says regenerate or die– perfection or nothing. Michael went through his transformation and chose the higher route or power of love and light.

    Yes we are the writers of history and those who were born between Oct 1956 to July 1972 also have Pluto in Virgo; they will push for the greater good and justice that will be in love. We are hurt, we cried and critized all those haters. Now is the time for refection and change. We cannot stay fixed and therefore miss the opportunity to “make that change.” Change is on everybody’s mind and is their duty. Michael fans must become advocates. It is all for love; I see it now and I hope we all can make history with Michael’s humanitarian voice by becoming one as well. Soul to action- Love in action- make the change!

    The art of an empath… Yes Michael was an Empath and an Indigo Child– an early one so therefore he was seen as an alien. ‘He was before his time’ my mother once told me. He was ahead of everyone’s “game.”

    I see her as a fairy who is among us in nature and shy in the face of society so she is quietly adjusting when children see her and invite her to teach them. They know she is here and beieive her.
    Open in plain sight,yes and seen with the eyes of angels-children.Lets open our inner child and embrace her.

    Thank you for this delight; I see it too and sense it also with my 3rd eye. Thank you Rev B; I love you. Much love to you, Skye

    Posted March 4, 2011 at 3:46 pm | Permalink
  7. admin said . . .

    Thank you Skye. Yes, we are the writers of history– now! Witness what is going on all over the world: a new revolution. More about that soon. Indigo children are part of that revolution. There have been several waves of Indigos on the planet. Indigo children are empathetic, curious, strong-willed, independent, and often perceived by friends and family as being strange; possess a clear sense of self-definition and purpose; and also exhibit a strong inclination towards spiritual matters from early childhood. Indigos have an ingrained sense of entitlement, many know why they are here or are sure of their life mission. They are intelligent, intuitive and resist authority especially if it is ambiguous. They do not respond well to guilt, fear or manipulation and they are especially disgusted by lying, deception, indoctrination or anything perceived as inauthentic. More about that later too. To understand about the third eye, review the Michael Messages about chakras and specifically the 6th chakra. ~Rev B

    Posted March 5, 2011 at 3:14 pm | Permalink

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