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Razzle Dazzle and Reckoning

Did we forget he was a man? A flesh and blood human being? A father. Brother. Son. When and how did it become so popular and acceptable to put someone in the “crosshairs” of human scrutiny and pummel them relentlessly? If we buy the magazines that feature the failures and foibles of celebrities, we are supporting an industry that kills people. Literally. For sport and to sell copy.

Dictators, terrorists, and even serial killers have faired  better than celebrity. And least of all—the most famous of them. The name Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, and even Ted Bundy doesn’t bring out the hatred and vitriol that the name “Michael Jackson” does. Why is that?

I have asked and mused why he was such a lightening rod. I startled at the magnitude of the hatred that he inspires within people prone to that sort of thing. Despite the fact that I have been looking into the world of Michael for a year, I still fail to find the core belief or core value that allowed him to become such a punching bag for sadism and hatred.

I suppose some hate him because he challenges their masculinity. The male tribal instinct, perhaps, that seeks to gather, surround and protect their women from powerful invading males. Some are threatened by his sexuality or his sensual nature; humans are sexual beings from birth—babies and children shimmer and live gloriously in their bodies without inhibition or censorship—that’s sensuality. It’s stunning in its beauty. Some are threatened by his soft yet masculine nature; some males think one must hunt and grunt to be viewed as a member of the masculine gender. Testosterone does not a man make. Some men thought him gay and that speaks for itself; homophobia is alive and well and causing gender confused youth to suicide because of the cultural contempt for “their kind.”

Michael was a superstar and that certainly made many in his industry and outside it jealous. There was a lot of envy that came at Michael—some from the most unlikely or unpredictable places. His musical prowess was legend and the world showed its appreciation by showering him with awards by the armfuls and on most continents. Europe and Asia as well as the rest of the world does not understand how and why the man was so vilified by and in his homeland. They want to know where that agenda came from and why.

A friend of Michael’s speculated that it was because Michael was a maverick in his genre and in the music business and the negative media stories were planted by a cynical music industry that wanted to remind him of his place. It was an attempt to rein in his power that they feared was growing out of control. Artists worked for the record companies in those days, not the other way around. Those in the music business from the sixties onward will tell you that musicians didn’t own their own brand—the record companies did. Some musicians would tell you they owned their souls. That is just now beginning to change according to Will-i-am. The music industry has a dark underbelly and a jaded past—especially regarding “black artists.”

Was Michael a victim of the reach of that dark hand? Was he “too big for his britches” and threatening to those who sought to script his life and work? Michael learned at a very early age in Motown that you do what the record execs tell you to and you don’t ask questions or deviate from the norms or unwritten laws that govern music. Any artist who is managed can tell you that they are often asked to sell out. That doesn’t mean in cash—it means trading your soul for stardom.

And then there is the tabloid industry that fed at the trough of all things Michael. Once the “news” industry learned about the public’s insatiable fascination and appetite for the latest about Michael (and Diana for that matter) they began serving it up and when they couldn’t serve it up they made it up. It was shameful.

Some still hold the belief that there was something sinister about Michael Jackson– despite the court documents, FBI files, depositions, transcripts and all the evidence of the accusor families practicing extortion. The man was found not guilty by a court of law in a case that some legal minds say never should have been brought. The evidence is there for those wishing to research it. Michael was a champion and benefactor of children, not someone who harmed them. The truth is finally being revealed; it’s now coming to light.

But there is a darker reality about what happened to Michael Jackson. It went farther than it should have; it got hysterically out of hand. And it was so insidious as to hardly be noticeable. Story upon story and each more outrageous than the last and the public clamoring for it all. Anything with Michael’s picture flew off the shelves and the gossip rags quadrupled their circulation.

It is reminiscent of what happened in Germany while the people slept. The jews began disappearing and at first no one noticed. Then they did but were unconcerned. Then they heard the rumors but were afraid to ask the questions. And the final solution became the final reality. And the horror was uncovered in all its gory glory—the persecution and genocide having taken place in stages so as to stay under the radar of civility.

That is going to happen here, with this story and when it does, the horror and stench will be overwhelming. It will make its way through lots of shivering bodies, and downcast eyes. The horror will be revealed in the looks on lots of faces. The mouths agape will find themselves without words at what was done and for what reason. And it will also be revealed—by whom. Yes, in this holocaust of celebrity, the day of reckoning is coming.


  1. Laura said . . .

    I love Michael but I stopped doing battle to try and convince the masses of his worth when I remembered and it ‘came to me’ that Michael grabbed his crotch. He didn’t care what the masses thought. And I believe he would tell me that I don’t need to either. This may sound simplistic, but it gives me peace.

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  2. gertrude said . . .

    Yes, Barbara; you’ve got it right again. the stench and horror of this reckoning for the mass murder of Michael Jackson has been, and will increasingly be, overwhelming. He was too black, too beautiful, too scathingly BRILLIANT. I can’t shake the feeling that people’s hatred for the glory that is Michael Jackson is a hatred for the glory of the Creator. I just don’t know WHY it is. Those who wanted to snuff him out have shot themselves in the foot, for the “magnetism of his vast appeal is indeed awakening his fans and taking them to a higher level of conciousness.” Why does such all-encompassing beauty inspire such terror? What on earth has happened here?

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  3. Janet Matthews said . . .

    I was talking to a friend recently about a headline that appeared in a supposedly ‘upmarket’ newspaper regarding someone who had died in conflict, he was described as ‘a fallen hero’. Reading that headline it struck me the intention was to insinuate a ‘fall from grace’, he was honoured for his actions in the past so now it was about time that someone pulled his memory to pieces. My friend mentioned that this is something called ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome,’ I had never heard of it but the Wikipedia define states “TPS is a pejorative term used to describe a social phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are resented, attacked, cut down or criticised because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers.” If ever there was someone who suffered thus it was Michael Jackson, this man who wanted us to celebrate all the goodness in this world– a genuine humble soul with no agenda other than to bring peace and happiness. In a world where we see corruption, greed and double dealing he was one who could be truly trusted and that is scary for some. Janet Matthews

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  4. Dalia said . . .

    I wish that last paragraph was like a prophesy yours. I wish to see the day that one brave person with credibly declare publicly that all the time MJ was an innocent victim of human greed and ambition. But who is going to do it? The perpetrators of this carnage will not because nobody will say: “We did it”. If it is declared by a fan, they will say “crazy” and judge. How can the perception of this extraordinary man of noble heart change before the world? We know that a statement is not enough, it takes much more than that; I have tried and failed to adult people but the children listen to me and smile– maybe that’s the path. If that happens some day, my heart would rest quiet and my knot in the throat would disappear, it would be a great comfort. Thanks again Barbara for those words full of truth.

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  5. Anne Mette Jepsen said . . .

    God Bless You Rev. Kaufmann! Lots of LOVE and GRATITUDE from Denmark 🙂

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  6. Heidi said . . .

    There are simply no words to further the magnitude of this video. May the TRUTH of Michael Jackson, his soul and his mission, be revealed and understood by all NOW. This truth has been “hiding in plain sight” and it is time for it to come forth, in all its glory. “As you speak, so shall it be.” We, his soul-family speak it into being NOW. So be it.

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  7. Sue Springer said . . .

    Thank you for this, Rev. B. You are so correct – the relentless abuse of Michael is much deeper than any one reason — racism, greed, power, etc. The insidious knowledge that so many people in society accepted the torture of this man without even blinking – so ready and willing to accept the ugly false stories, innuendo and accusation of horrible crimes, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. How can so many people be that lost? What will happen to us when we are more willing to believe in ugliness, rather than accept goodness and love? When did we begin to shun genius and greatness, and the belief in aspiring to greatness? He became the lightning rod. But his love and messages will prevail, and the world will see the truth and be shamed, and maybe this time it will be enough to move us forward. That is my prayer. Love and peace, Sue.

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  8. admin said . . .

    That is the question that haunts me too. ~Rev B

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  9. Susan T said . . .

    Watching and listening to this clip causes a huge lump in my throat. I think we all tremble in disbelief at the ease with which people accept ugly lurid lies and fabricated stories rather than actually question the authenticity of what they read and hear. People who I consider critical thinkers and who possess good moral character still cringe at the mention of Michael’s name. It’s pathetic. Just like the gentleman in the video declared, Michael had risen to a level of unprecedented wealth, influence and power that posed a threat not just to the status quo, but to the very industry he was a part of. He was on the threshold of inspiring and leading a revolution of the conscious mind. Big business, corrupt government and maniacal, ego-driven figureheads couldn’t let that happen. As Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Your last sentence makes me shiver. That day IS coming. God have mercy on those responsible. Thank you, Reverend Barbara.

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  10. AnneUK said . . .

    Dear Rev Barbara,
    Your excellent writing and this powerful video give hope and inspiration that a time of change is coming. It will come because it has to come. If it doesn’t there is little hope for mankind. Hatred and jealousy cannot be allowed to manifest into the norm where it rules and decides all outcomes. Michael always believed in the power of love even when he suffered so much at the hands of people who had no idea of what the word love meant. We have to follow his example and show the world what love and truth are. If each of us can convince one person of the truth then that person does the same and so on, the word will get spread. Your inspired and heartfelt writing continues to reach increasing numbers. Your words reach into hearts and stay there. One single act of love or kindness can spread out like ripples on a pond. Since Michael passed there has been a slow realisation that this man was very unjustly treated. People are now more ready to fight for the truth and have done so by bringing down degrading youtube videos and stopping TV shows from being shown and having Michael’s name reinstated. This will continue like a train gathering speed. His legacy will not be further tarnished, we will fight all the way until it shines like a beacon of light in a cold dark night.We are all here and we are all still sparkling. With much love Anne xx

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  11. Kim said . . .

    The irony of these people’s attempts to stop Michael and what he stood for is that people are rising to a higher level of conciousness. As many have stated here, we are seeing the impact of the increasing number of ripples every day. Their plan backfired! The more people that come to realize what a happened to Michael, the more people will fight to restore and protect his legacy. Yes his legacy is here as he left it; however, it’s important that we allow it to be preseved and honored. Michael stood for love, compassion, peace, equality, integrity, tolerance, giving, grace; you name it he stood for it. Michael used his gifts and influence to make a change in the world; change the status quo of the greedy and selfish. He broke many barriers, which was a threat. He showed compassion to those who were less fortunate; that was a threat. He elevated himself through his gifts and message. That was a threat. Need I say more? I didn’t understand it before, but I have learned a great lesson in all this. Even though I’m a middle-aged person, I was so naive in the way things are. I have learned and I feel that we can change the narrative of the planet. It is happening as we speak. I do believe the day of reckoning will come. Those who were complicit in what happened to Michael will wake up and see what they have done and possibly more. I hold everyone of those people in my prayers. Thank you.

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  12. Cassieformaxwell said . . .

    All I can add to this discussion and this video is Amen!

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