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When The Student is Ready… The Teacher Appears

Who is to say what form Spirit will take? Who can predict in what form comes the messenger? How does one recognize the message? Is it heard with the inner ears? Felt in the inner heart? Visited in the inner knowing? Seen in the mind’s eye? Is it the next involuntary shiver? The dreamscape painted in your next sleep? Goose bumps? Tears that won’t stop?

They say when the student is ready the teacher appears… What teachers have appeared in your life? How did you recognize them? What new discovery did he inspire you with? What startling revelation did she teach you? What has really touched your heart recently? Was it a lick on the hand from the animal who showed up on your doorstep not really intending to bring you home, yet ends up adopting you anyway? Ah, close encounter of the furry kind!

Where do you find God? Could God be hiding in the in-breath of awe at the next sunset? Perhaps The Creator was present during a movie that captivated you so much you don’t remember the drive home from the theater? Was Spirit in a photograph you saw that inspired when you Googled, enticing you to follow the inspiration only to remember an hour later that the laundry never made it to the dryer?
Can you know what form your next spiritual messenger will arrive in? How will the message or messenger be cloaked? In what guise will they arrive? In what costume is your next messenger clothed? In robes? A cape? Pajamas? Feathers or fur? Is there an official uniform? Sandals? A crown? Turban? Maybe a fedora? A gilded Gold and Lapis mask? Maybe a surgical one? How will he speak? In soliloquy? Stories? Perhaps parables? Maybe myth? In what language will the message come? Aramaic? English? The universal language… music, maestro?

Was there a spiritual message waiting for you somewhere you never dreamed? Was it in the violent windstorm that took the old majestic oak tree in the backyard, the one you mourned for months until you discovered the tiny saplings in a circle round where the mother tree once stood? Was it in the smile of that child in the wheelchair who can’t speak or hear so he’s learned to communicate with his heart and you clearly heard what he couldn’t say? Was it lying there waiting beneath the last footstep to the rim of the Grand Canyon?

Just how does one find one’s guru? And is that discovery preceded by a pilgrimage to the Ganges without food and water with a stone in the shoe? A trek to the Himalayas? Perhaps a walk to Assisi? Or along the Camino? Maybe it’s as simple as watching Star Wars just one more time. Perhaps the Holy Grail is not a cup but an attitude? An attitude of expectation? Who do you expect to see? God or something you think is anathema to that? If you want to take that particular journey quickly and have that Aha! I would suggest Michael Jackson’s short film: Ghosts.

We can be sure there will be beauty in the creation whether it’s messenger, message or mess. We know that because from whence it comes. Even the messiest and most loathsome entanglement is beautiful if it is a message from God. And That is everywhere. A messy kind of message may impel us to make a change in our reality because the one we’re working in isn’t working. Could be it’s not promoting growth or in our highest interest. The Universe likes to shake us from our complacency now and then. Remember the oak? New growth can’t occur where there is too much shade. Growth needs light.

Yes, where indeed do you find the shine? The light that will illuminate where change is needed? Spotlight. Hot light. Sunshine. Highlight. Sparkle. In-sight in-light; in-flight. Flash. Flash-dance. Reflect. Reflection. Moonglade. Maybe enlightenment shines from a little light of the moon. Maybe a bit of lunacy? When the teacher appears, maybe he resembles an extraterrestrial? A little Moonwalker maybe? Now who could have predicted that? And in what form will the next spiritual message come? Perhaps in the lyrics of a song?

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  1. Kim said . . .

    Thank you for your wise words Barbara. They are definitely words to ponder on. Yes the tears did flow a little because the realization set in on how many of these signs I may have seen; of course including Michael. <3. Peace and love.

    Posted April 6, 2010 at 4:32 pm | Permalink

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