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Titanism I: Wake up so you don’t sink or drown!

You feel it, I know you do. It’s everywhere– a flatline, an uneasy feeling that something is wrong. It may even be a creeping feeling of despair. It’s watered down enough so that it’s not full blown panic, but it’s there, like a hum in the background that has been there so long we don’t even notice it anymore.

Something is wrong. We feel it. Something needs changing. We know it. But can we name it?

A wordsmith, I am always looking for words, for vocabulary, for words that behave like archetypes, or oracles or encyclopedias all by themselves. “Guerilla decontextualization” is one of those phrases that delights a true wordsmith even though it has a negative meaning. It’s a beautiful word because of its expansive meaning yet its compact precision. It is a precision that says what it says and says more without saying. As a poet, I look for those shimmering words that abbreviate and enrich like good poetry– stark and slicing and… exact. Aberjhani’s “guerrilla decontextualization” instructs the deliberate dismantling of “character.” That can mean the character of something… metaphorical, philosophical or biological.

When it comes to humans, the biology is the functioning of the body. The personality is the functioning of the ego. But the character is where the soul leaks through.

May things can be guerilla decontextualized. The character of an industry, of a corporation, of a politician, of a movement. So can the character of values– like generosity, charity, forgiveness, empathy, compassion…

But there is something exceptionally and cruelly inhumane about the guerilla decontextualization of a human being. It’s the moral equivalent of dismembering someone while still alive. There are a few things that do that and they all share the equivalency of human shadow and a murder… of mind, of spirit, of soul and an eventual dispatching of the body– slowly or otherwise. Torture, terrorism, warfare, genocide, prejudice, racism, gentrification, marginalization, caricature reduction, bullying, shaming, banishment, rejection…

Impaling people on the stake of opinion, lies, innuendo, gossip, suggestion, humiliation… is no less ugly and no less lethal than the ancient form of punishment– impaling someone on a stake or nailing the Christian lamb to a cross.

And another particularly offensively inhumane and ancient practice of dehumanization (guerilla decontextualization) is the mutilation of a person after death. It has happened with every one of the darkest practices in the darkest recesses of the human mind– the mutilation of bodies is particularly heinous. They did it in ancient Rome with lions; they did it with knives after lynchings; they did it with ropes by dragging bodies to pieces after death; they did it with dogs; they did it leaving crucified and impaled bodies to decompose and dry in the sun; they did it by burning bodies after death and dragging them naked through the streets. Remember Blackhawk down and Mogadishu?

Remember the disgust and rage?

What people do to the living is a mirror of their own souls and the darkness within. These things that they do with the deceased after death is a mirrored confession of their own soul-less and miserable existence.

People who love and respect themselves do not decontextualize or deconstruct the humanity of others. People with souls, who respect themselves, have character and who cherish humanity and their fellow humans have no need to impale, dismember, or drag bodies– metaphorically or otherwise through the streets for spectacle.

When they do that, it is a projection of their own absence of worth and evidence of their own belief in their un-loveability. They say more about themselves than they do about the deceased.

People who have a healthy respect and self care and love-ability do not feel the need to harm others. They value self and they value others equally. They do not tear down; they build. They do not gossip; they praise; they do not destroy; they create.

Those who employ tactics to showcase the misery of humanity do not make the world a better place. Those who encourage guerilla decontextualization in any form are confessing their own misery. What underlies that misery is the real question. What causes humans to devalue other humans is the real question. The emptiness begs to be filled. So what will quench? Or satisfy? Or fulfill? That is the real question that needs to be considered, pondered, examined and discussed.

But before we can get to that conversation, we have to look, really look at what consuming and extending and circulating hate and disgust is about. It comes from an emptiness. Fulfilled people don’t have an impulse to harm. Hurt people, shamed people, rejected people have that impulse to harm.

What do you think of people who deliberately incite violence? What do you think of people who poke into other people’s wounds? And what do you think of people who would mutilate lifeless bodies?

Not pretty, huh?

But there are those who would harvest that human depravity and sell it back to people on the streets. Yes, they do it with malice and they do it with forethought. Malice aforethought. That is harvesting human depravity in the service of destroying humanity. (Read that again) It is human depravity employed in the service of destroying humanity.

So how do you destroy humanity? You reduce its worth. You foster an indifference to common humanity. You engage in dark purposes. You begin a Machiavellian march toward an end goal that serves only one, a select few, or the privileged and benefits them at the expense of all others.

That, is the opposite of respect. It is opposite of love. It is the antithesis of compassion. It is an action motivated by greed alone that disengages human empathy, beneficence or compassion. It derails an impulse to include and service in the name of common good. It is non-love.

It nourishes the idea “I am not enough;” “you are not enough.” And “we have no worth” as humans. It gives permission to tear people limb from limb– metaphorically, virtually, anatomically, and reinforces all the “isms” that divide and separate humanity– racism, sexism, jingoism, separatism, white supremacism, egoism, hedonism, regalism, terrorism.

There is another kind of ism- Titanism which is defined as “revolt or defiance against social conventions.”

We need to change some current social conventions. Adopting social conventions that devalue life and dehumanize humans does not bring life; it peddles death. It reaffirms that we may have a shadow part to our ego but forgets we have a soul. It sees other people as pawns in selfish acquisition and consumerism and view them as consumers, sheep and expendable beings.

We need a more humane narrative on this planet.

So the world appears to be a little messy. Well, maybe more than a little. It’s in need of some change. Where have we heard this “make that change!” message before?

Oh yeah, it was that skinny little moonwalker guy.

So here is what he said: Take responsibility! He said it in more ways than you can count. What would happen if we decided to take full responsibility for the state of the world? For all of it! For the ugliness and the inhumanity? What if we made it personal? What if we decided “It’s my job to change it?”

After all, “We Are the World.”

Want to play “Titan” with me? Stay tuned. This is a series.


Let’s name it what it was: Black Artist Slavery

Everything happens for a reason. It may not be our reason, it may not seem a fair reason, but nonetheless, all unfolds for a reason. Humanity is in a transitionary period. The evolution of the human species has shifted from the evolution of its biology to the evolution of its neurology and consciousness. The biological creature will not survive with its present consciousness which focuses on competition, separation and violence. Only a leap in the evolution of consciousness will save this planet.

You are a participant in this. With regard to the AEG trial, everyone was asked to wait to see what unfolded. Asked to wait, be patient, and to hear all the evidence before forming an opinion and certainly before barking it to the world. Isn’t that the very thing Jackson fans have asked of others on behalf of Michael Jackson? Have the knowledge of the whole of it before you speak. Isn’t that the very complaint about the justice system, media and the court of public opinion?

The justice system is supposed to work that way. It’s supposed to be a search for the truth. It’s supposed to strive to be fair, impartial, a level playing field, an objective, official and legal search for the truth. And this “truth” finding is entrusted not to experts, but to a group of lay people who “believe” but can’t know for sure if something is true or not if they weren’t there to witness it. Representatives on both sides of a trial argue for their truth and they argue against a truth being introduced in the form of evidence by the other side. People are flawed. Logic is flawed. And sometimes a search for truth is forgotten in the machinations of the courts.

The judicial system, the courts, the officers of the court, trials, in fact the whole system is supposed to service getting at the complete truth and to serve the concept of justice. In that search for truth sometimes another far more useful truth emerges. That emergence of a greater truth is usually no mistake. A greater truth emerged in this trial.

You may say that the trial Katherine Jackson v. AEG verdict was fair, but it wasn’t. You may say it was unfair; but that is not the whole truth either in the application of the law. You may think it’s over, but it isn’t. You can argue about the technical correctness of the verdict or the moral wrongness of it all day but you’d be spending time missing the point. The people who bear the real responsibility for Michael Jackson’s death are still walking around free. And the man who technically ended his life is also, as of now, free.

And the beat goes on.

And the runaway train continues.

Delusion or illusion, take your pick. Where do you want to live?

Or do you choose truth? If you choose truth, do something in service to it: Wake up.

You can argue that this was another of the Jackson family grabs for money or attention or relevance or whatever is the current “slam” du jour at the Jacksons– people who have been around, comprise a slice black history, know more about struggle for justice, fair treatment, equality, acceptance and compassion than any of us will ever know or, like them, have to fight are entire lives for.

They have been around since the days of civil rights, no rights, no equal pay or equal recognition. They have fought against more barriers and limitations throughout their lives than any of us will ever see. They have been vilified more than Hitler himself and they have come through it. Intact? Probably not; would you? How Katherine Jackson is still standing I don’t know. It has to be the power of Grace; how else would you explain it?

And she is still being made to suffer the ignorance, racism, disrespect, insults and condemnation that her whole family suffered their whole lifetimes– including her prodigy son. To be the matriarch of a clan is not an easy position. And to be the Jackson matriarch is a soul-eroding, exhausting and thankless job. Again and again this woman has with dignity, picked herself up from being knocked down by yet one more insult, one more indignity, one more unbearable sorrow– all at the hands of human nature. The same human nature her son fought to hard to love each time it disappointed or disillusioned. Did he have it in him to fight this same battle yet one more time?

The Jackson brand and the Michael Jackson brand in particular, has worth. Everybody and his brother has capitalized on it. From hangers on to grifters, to sycophants, to turncoats, to extortionists, to corrupt law enforcement, to immoral lawyers, to soul-less corporations trying to make money off a name and image that doesn’t belong to them. And even fans have been a double-edged sword for these people all their lives. As much as they’d like to love and trust fans, they still have to maintain a certain distance and caution. Fans have threatened lives and have required safety measures– bodyguards, security, gates and fortresses. And it seems, some still don’t know how to behave. Katherine has watched fans grab at her son since he was a little boy. He’s gone and they’re still grabbing.

No matter what horror she may encounter, a mother wants to know what happened to her child. That, is maternal courage. Michael Jackson died while rehearsing for a show promoted by AEG. Of course AEG is going to be the target of a lawsuit and investigation into what happened and who is responsible for what. And of course it is going to involve big sums of money- “Michael Jackson” has always been worth big money. Some of it he made for himself and some others made off him. AEG is a billion dollar concert promoter, Anschutz is a billionaire and money in this society is power. Corporations are not people and money is not free speech. But wealth has been used to change and manage laws away from supporting the common man and the common good into a backward trajectory to the days of the captains of industry and robber barons of the medieval age.

And now, it seems, we are even back to slavery. Yes, you heard that correctly– slavery.

Imagine the numbers of people who, after Michael died, came forward to give the Jacksons information. Imagine that they do know something that is very conspiratorial but it involves billionaire people and corporations who have the money to “fix” problems. That could mean anything from planting stories to changing official documents, to revising history, to payoffs, bribery, promises for future work and/or money, throwing money at campaigns to ruin someone, manipulating people behind the scenes with cash offers, paying checkbook journalists to “get the goods” on someone who is not playing by the rules, hiding or inventing evidence, buying off people, to threats that someone will never work in this industry again unless… oh yes, and um… threatening someone that they will lose everything that means anything to them unless they provide slave labor and answer “yes sir massa.”

If you know nothing about American history or civil rights or the battle just to be considered human, your opinion about the Katherine Jackson v. AEG trial holds no merit. And those who would vilify a mother in a search for truth about what happened to her son know nothing about the joys and sorrows of motherhood or what it’s like to lose a child who was formed, grew and was born from the tissues and hollows of your own body. A mother on a quest for justice is like no other force in the Universe. Ask Trayvon Martin’s mother. Ask James Byrd’s mother. Ask Matthew Shepherd’s mother. Ask Kendrick Johnson’s mother.

The AEG trial is another chapter in history, in black history, a part of Michael Jackson’s legacy, and an important lesson for humankind.

Those who know nothing about black history or the battles and scars of this singular family because of who they are and were in history and because of the color of their skin, who think they are being reasonable but who are, in actuality, being manipulated and driven by forces that would use not only the object of their admiration– Michael, but use them (the fans) as well to accomplish their ends, do a great disservice to Michael’s memory and legacy. There is no loyalty, not where great sums of cash is involved. Money buys luxury but more than that it buys power and influence. Big money is a machine without feeling, without loyalty, without concern for who or what it uses or whom it rolls over to get where it is going. We are steeping in a stew of cynicism, corruption, and manipulation that passes as normal everyday life. It is anything but. And we are simply collateral damage. Disposable collateral damage.

The trial was not about the Jacksons, or AEG or Dr. Murray, or fans, or justice. This trial was a search for the truth and an expose of the ugliness that lurks behind the shiny curtain of OZ.

Michael Jackson tried to warn all of us. He stood up to the great and powerful OZ. He wrote about it, he sang about it, he made movies about it. He tried to steer history in a different direction. They mocked him and thought him stupid. He let them think it.

So they went after his Achilles heel, the places where he was most vulnerable– his children and his privacy. By “his” children I am not referring to his own Jackson offspring, I mean the children of the world. He said over and over in so many ways that it takes a village to raise a child, that children deserve respect, acknowledgment, and rights as people. He was an advocate for children and he asked us to fix a world that was indifferent to their poverty, lack of education, their health needs and special needs. He asked us to find a way to stop frightening them with violence and racism, hatred and war. He asked us to make the world a safe place for children.

Michael Jackson understood the consequences of marginalization of little people. He understood how little people who are marginalized grow up to be adults who harbor hatred and violence.

Oh yes, Michael understood marginalization:

  • As a black kid trying to grow up in a racist society.
  • As someone whose face went through significant changes in a world that only values beauty and eschews ugnliness
  • As a kid with a big nose for which he was bullied
  • As a kid with a severe case of acne
  • As a young man with Vitiligo and autoimmune disease of the skin that eats its own pigment leaving huge white blotches
  • As a man with the pain and disfigurement of Discoid Lupus.
  • As a man with a 3rd degree burn to his scalp that caused him to loose not just his hair but the follicles that grow hair
  • As a serious artist contributing stunning intellectual content but treated more like a human anomaly and freak show
  • As a man with severe medical issues threatening to derail his career and who made his living on stage
  • As a lonely man whose friends, once they found out money could be extracted from an association with him, betrayed him
  • As a man who watched as members of his own family were affected and afflicted because of their identity as Jacksons
  • As a man who tried to recruit the world to save itself but was mistreated by the very beings he sought to save
  • As a man betrayed by the music industry
  • As a man betrayed by the law while his constitutional rights were trampled
  • As a man betrayed by the media who used him only for manipulation and to stash cash accumulated off trading in his name
  • As a man who lost his country
  • As a man who dared to fly in the face of convention and paid dearly for it
  • …. (this list could go on and on)

But the most startling truth of the AEG trial and its aftermath is its lesson for humanity.

It’s a lesson in hatred, love, compassion, dignity and humanity.

It’s THIS lesson:

Michael Jackson was born a black man in a country that was segregated when he was born. He grew up at a time when his kind (think skin color) had to fight for their simple dignity, civil rights and human rights. As an African American he came from a long history of oppression and being taken advantage of by the white man. He was born in a country that has much to atone for– the kidnapping of people from another continent deemed inferior because of skin pigment, chained to the bottom of boats and imported for slavery to build a white man’s nation that was stolen from its native peoples– the Indians.

His ancestors had to endure the tearing apart of families because it was legal and morally acceptable to “sell” people to new owners. The generations before him were “owned” by their white masters and slave owners and had no rights to vote, to an education or to even speak unless given permission. His ancestors were beaten, raped, bred like cattle, treated like objects instead of people, lynched for any trumped up excuse and suffered every indignity know to man at the hands of mankind.

His ancestors learned to be treated better and accepted more by patronizing their captors with entertainment, with blackface comedy, with song and dance and tap dancing at the whim of their captors.

They were forced into slavery that they didn’t choose, had no rights, were treated like livestock, beaten, threatened into compliance and made to perform for the amusement of their rich white owner-managers for “audience.” They were commanded to “dance for me n**** or else.” Threats. Threats were employed. Threats work. Threats to life, to family, to everything treasured, and to freedom. Have you though about what it means to be “free?” To have your freedom? Have you thought what freedom costs?

Do you think Michael wasn’t existentially aware of exactly what was happening? Think he missed the irony in how he was being treated? Do you think he missed the parallels to his own ancestry and history? Michael was very well read in black history. Can you imagine the sadness and grief he must have felt at the hands of his Caucasian “captors” and “masters?” The message about changing the world and healing it of this very treatment of humans was in all his work. It was his life’s work.

So explain to me please, what exactly has changed in 50 years? In the 50 years that Michael Jackson was alive? How did his life begin? And how did it end? Imagine how he must have felt.

Apparently some are either ignorant or need a history lesson or two. The greater truth revealed is an outrage.

Now you know the real reason for the Katherine Jackson vs. AEG trial and its aftermath.

What was revealed in the AEG trial is stunning. It is a world lesson. And Michael Jackson is still teaching the world. And asking that it be healed.

Get it now?

Awake yet?

Note: I have been asked to speak about the AEG trial. I received yet another letter asking the same questions I have heard over and over: Why? WHY? WHY? I have heard every argument from every side of the division. It’s important to step back from the ego’s investment in “thinking it knows” or in “being right,” broaden the lens and view this from a bigger and expanded self asking the bigger global question. The answer is that a true teacher never stops teaching. Teachers awaken. Sometimes sleep is preferred because it’s less painful. If a man comes to be in service to humanity, he forgets self in that mission but remains trained on the mission itself. We have to change our human narrative on this planet. We have to create another story about who we are.

If you’re still not awake, may I suggest a few wake up calls:

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Stereotypes of Black Men:

More Halloween Thriller


Halloween Thriller

Some people are very upset by recent events such as releasing a guilty person from an incarceration that wasn’t adequate to begin with.

We understand. And yes, some would like to see another kind of justice…

But is it worth it? Some people are just toxic…

So instead, imagine being someone who has to look over your shoulder for the rest of your life and being the target of millions who are angry and disgusted not just with what you did but the injustice of your sentence. Imagine being a doctor who will forever known for killing your patient or at the very least, allowing your patient to die on your watch. Imagine having no credibility because on a prime time interview from your jail cell, you sang and serenaded your interviewer on live TV and the audience concluded you were not mentally stable. That’s a tortured life. And that is a life sentence.

So, let’s move on to better memories and thoughts. And to knowing that every Halloween from now on will remind millions that a man came to spread joy, entertainment and fantasy to millions around the world.

Now go eat some candy and pretend it came from Neverland.

Happy Halloween.

Get Ready: Global Oneness Day October 24

Thursday is the first annualGlobal Oneness Day .”

Michael Jackson came to the planet with a message for our time. I wish I could quote the summary of his message and philosophy precisely but I can’t. I was not allowed to record it. But that summary is out there; it exists in his own voice captured decades ago. I have personally heard it recited in his own words and authenticated it. We can pray that someday it will be made public. But first, those in the positions of decision-making would have to understand what exactly they have. That requires some enlightenment. Michael at his most wistful and philosophical speaks from a place of vision and conviction that is a culmination of his spiritual exploration and journey into his own spiritual maturity. The problem with it is that Michael’s work and his messages were mostly viewed as:


The off-the-wall ramblings of an eccentric pop star.
Simple pop-star lyrics rather than in depth philosophy.
A sneering and cynical peer or critic’s dismissal: “Oh, there’s goes Michael Jackson again trying to save the world.”

The art, spirituality and depth of this megastar went unrecognized because nobody expected it from “an eccentric pop star.” And it was ridiculed and pronounced shallow by so many music critics because: they, themselves fell victim to the industry’s conspiracy to contain his power and influence; assimilated the tabloid campaign to capitalize financially on a manufactured scandal; they themselves were not spiritual or on a spiritual journey and therefore lacked the spiritual maturity to understand what they were hearing. So many of them just adopted the meme from a humanly, humanely and spiritually immature media that pilloried Jackson for his deviation from the misogynistic, macho-bravado, sex-obsessed “standard portrait” expected of males (and sexually predatory and opportunistic rock stars) of his generation.

Brought up by a mother he adored and who taught him to treat the “fairer sex” with respect, Jackson, one of his generation’s first male feminists– respected women, was mesmerized by beauty whatever the gender, and treated females and children as treasures instead of possessions. Jackson’s philosophy of how women and children (in fact, all humans) should be treated can be read in his hands– the large hands that caressed cheeks, heads, and spanned the occipital area of the womans’ heads who were pulled up on stage to dance with him in concerts. Only a gentle man knows that touch. His touch trumpets respect and cherishing of the humans that are before him.

He was born believing that “we are one.” There are those remarkable children who come to the planet with that imprint. And they are the ones who change the world. It takes a certain level of spiritual mastery to see the world as one and all of humanity as your family.

That was Jackson. And he was one of the first. He had spiritual advisers who advised him. The Beatles had Maharishi Mahash Yogi and Michael Jackson had Deepak Chopra. The music of those times– sixties and seventies– were the guiding blueprints of building a world sustainable and friendly to everyone. That generation was interested in solving the world’s social problems and in spreading the message of “oneness” on a planet threatened by an arms race with the kind of fire-power that could wipe out all of humanity. John Lennon and company said “All you Need is Love” and Michael Jackson echoed that message. And he grew up on “Kid Power.”

Lennon’s campaign for peace landed him on the FBI list and the government attempted to deport him because they saw him and his message as a threat to youth and the status quo. What do you imagine went on behind the scenes of Jackson’s life? Those who trumpet the message for peace challenge the military industrial complex and male power and hierarchical dominance. And they make the money people who supply the tools of human discord, separation and destruction nervous. Paradigm shifters are never welcomed by those entrenched and invested in an old paradigm.

Oneness and global solidarity in the service of humanity has always been Michael Jackson’s message. And his “legacy” are the fans that he personally asked to carry that message and philosophy forward. It’s a “Global Oneness” message. Global oneness (love for all humanity) is the essence of Michael Jackson.

“We are the World”
“Heal the World”
“Another Part of Me”


Here are some messages from other Global Oneness voices and those who speak for those with us in Spirit on this most auspicious day:
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What you can do for Global Oneness Day:
This is the Sister Program to Voices Education Project that hosts the “Words and Violence” Program dedicated to Michael Jackson:
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The Creatures of the Night Return

And I’m not talking about Halloween.

Well that was predictable, wasn’t it? The crawlers scurried back into their dark hiding places and waited for something to happen to exploit Michael Jackson again in the recent Katherine Jackson v. AEG trial. They need something to validate the filth that they peddled as news at intervals in Michael Jackson’s career. Instead, they found the jurors left the trial with a much different opinion of Jackson. They liked him as a man. So the creatures have emerged from the dark hiding places yet again. They arrive right on time, just as the Katherine Jackson v. AEG trial was wrapping up. To make sure the stingers go in while the public is focused on Jackson because one never knows when one might have another stab at Jackson.

And this again regurgitated slime lands on the New York Post– Rupert Murdoch’s “model of journalistic integrity.” Rupert Murdoch, “media”  mogul whose Fleet Street excoriated Jackson in headlines every opportunity they had. Murdoch, who gave marching orders to his minions to go after Jackson and Madonna in order to grab the youth demographic. Murdoch, whose editors dubbed “Wacko Jacko” “weird,” “bizarre,” a “freak.” No one is surprised by the return of these creatures’ pens to spread their poison, just their boldness. Those with scant grey matter, having been indoctrinated to consume shadow, gossip and drivel will read it as “business as usual.” And some will believe. But know creature of shadow, that your day of reckoning is coming.. There is a price to pay for peddling darkness to humans; a debt for betraying a fellow human. And a grand debt if he is a friend. And particularly if he works to benefit his fellow man, to change the world, to “heal the world and  make it a better place.” Imagine the bounty that will be exacted for that.

You, who do not understand how the Universe works, how shadow works, how human nature works, will suffer the consequences of your ego and ignorance. You, shadow peddlers apparently do not comprehend how this works. Your finger pointing, accusations, and shadow peddling by accusing others (Jackson) is actually your own confession of who you are inside. This dark and cynical peddling of judgment and scandalmongering reveals not who they are, but who YOU are. Where do you think this salacious and cynical mind is? It’s not in them; it’s in you. Especially in this case. That mind is gone and is no longer subject to the harm you have inflicted– for decades. But your mind is still in that tortured place that has to lunge and stab again and again. So tell me– who is the real tortured soul? Pathetic.

Your need to justify yourself and your menacing of this man is transparent; you are revealing not who he was over and over but who YOU ARE. Nobody is fooled by your proclaimed “search for the truth.” It is perceived as your pathetic need to cover your own naked deception, disease and self loathing. Don’t you know how the human mind works, creature? What one cannot bear to acknowledge in self, what has to lie deeply buried in the psyche, what one loathes so much about self that it is unbearable is what one chooses to project onto another. Why do you so strongly believe it is your duty to keep stabbing at a dead man? Don’t you understand the law of reality is that whatever you do to those among you, you do to yourself?

Let’s Call it What it IS- “Bullying”
People may not understand all the mechanisms of the psyche because that may not be their course of interest or study but there are those on the planet, the teachers and way-showers who are enlightening the public about how this mind and psyche stuff works. Instead of deliberately setting your sights on bringing  light to a world so badly in need of  light and those who bring it, you have chosen to peddle shadow. You bring humanity nothing of value. You, in fact, bring humanity more sorrow. You demonstrate bullying. You role model this bullying to a youth that in high numbers are taking their own lives. Story after story surfaces about yet another youth bullied by conscripting media for shadow purposes. So, your adult demonstration to children of how this bullying is done is quite effective. Suicide is the number one cause of death among teens. Job well done! Kids are dying because of what you are contributing to the world. Where do you think they learned how to bully effectively with media?

So now when you evaluate your self-conjured elevated position as “better than” someone, factor that in and ponder that reality– you bring nothing that is healing or life affirming to this world. You bring, in fact, harm and death-dealing shadow to humanity.

Congratulations. You are a part of the smut-peddling industry and a part of big business that does nothing to contribute to humanity or to the world but in actuality, makes the world darker, more bitter and more cynical. You are the people who prefer to promote human darkness over human hope. You know very well that it is a business and a lucrative business at that; you’ve made your thirty pieces of silver over and over on one man. But that’s never enough for you. You have to come back again and again. I invite you to think about what that means beyond trying to hide what you have done and to prevent the truth of what you did to him from surfacing. Your actions are self serving. But do you know what part of you they serve? They serve to reinforce your own dark nature. They serve an industry that makes billions of dollars by torturing, slandering, ridiculing, dismembering and destroying other people. What a noble profession you claim!

The public becomes more and more uneasy with this. They may not understand why they squirm a little inside when exposed to this “journalism” but there is a twinge that doesn’t feel so good. Could it be that the public is beginning to wonder why it is so important for some people to kill this man over and over? To kick the corpse just to make sure he’s not moving? Why do you suppose it’s necessary? No other figure in modern history has been so repeatedly vilified despite continually emerging evidence to the contrary– that he was no villain. The recent AEG trial just brought out more evidence of how beleagured the man was. He had serious medical conditions to deal with, the abuse of his “handlers” and incomparable stress.

Where Does all the Amassed Fortunes and Dark Money Go?
Do people not think for one minute that this assault over and over at a man dead for almost five years is kind of unusual? A bit excessive? Macabre? Do they ever consider that these stories are the same swill that they fed to the public at the trough back then to take down a man who was too powerful, too talented, too wealthy, and too black? A man who wanted to change the world and make it a better place by cheerleading human kind with his lyrics, into it’s best incarnation? A man who wanted to point out the plight of his planet, the world’s children and the impact of war and greed and hatred on the world’s most vulnerable? How could the shadow and filth peddlers and dark money have allowed that? They had to take his megaphone away. Now that same dark money amassed at the expense of Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor, Lady Diana and others is being used to undermine your democracy. That blood money is being used privately to buy politicians, the public’s property (for developers) and elections. Yes the dark money from an industry that you supported and you financed is now being used to buy politicians, elections, the peoples’ property and to dismantle public education. Intelligent people don’t buy this garbage because they know better. Dark money become piles of cash that when infused into the “right” places keeps the populous  dumb and consuming whatever the billionaires’ dark money is promoting these days. It’s trafficing of human shadow.

And for a black man, especially to support that agenda is ignorance and stupidity at its finest. It’s slavery all over again. But apparently some African Americans haven’t caught on that this is not a post-racial world, that racism is alive and well in society. Is it light-skinned jealousy that drives some of this hating on a fellow African American? Get over it. And the white woman that over and over attacked, vilified, slandered and demoted a man’s place in society, unto and even after death, and questioned the race and paternity of his children– do you not see the racism in that? And you think she’s your friend? That kind of blind ambition has no friends. You too, were played. You still are. Just puppets and slaves to the darkness.

Seduced by the system and trapped in its darkness, again and again would these creatures strike like arachnids trying to paralyze a victim who is already gone? They can no longer stick venom into him, so they choose his legacy, his family, his memory. Now that is a man who had a lot of power! Does anybody wonder why these few humans with dark agendas have to do it over and over and kick the body again and again just to convince themselves he is dead and then come back to make sure his legacy is left in ruins? What can possibly be the agenda of such people? And what does that say about their character?

All with the audacity to label oneself “family friend” or family “expert?” What friend does that? And especially a brother! The racist white girl taking perpetual stabs at a too famous black man makes some sense; that kind of covert racist hatred is alive and well in Washington these days. But a brother? And a brother who apparently can’t see that he too is being used by the machine that swallowed up his supposed “nemesis.” And why is he seen as a nemesis? And how can such a creature possibly set himself as superior or above the man he slanders long dead when he profits yet again and insures yet again that if he points the finger elsewhere, he keeps himself from being exposed? Why is it that the body still must be dismembered again and again and now even in death, as if the dismemberment while he was alive didn’t actually do the job?

That’s a lot of fear. It’s a lot of fear to live with.

Why does a single man, a skinny little man who could sing and dance threaten so many?

And to pander to a media mogul connected to Philip Anschutz and a media that spent decades disparaging the man, developing a caricature, calling him Wacko. And a media that made obscene amounts of money each time his name was mentioned. And the darker reference the better the payoff. How much was pocketed yet again, for those recent recycled stories?

I suppose it is to be expected that you must continue to cover up your past transgressions and throw out recycled accusations to obscure the view and hide your past treachery also from view. The conspiracy that was hatched a long time ago must stay secret, the millions that changed hands to keep the meme going (and the money that still changes hands to this day) to keep a dead man down. The guilty cannot afford to have the treachery that was so lucrative for so long revealed. One would not want to have to own up to the damage inflicted or deal with the backlash it might bring.

If the public knew the truth, you could never see daylight again. How would your own dismemberment feel? No matter, in time you will know. While you scoff and laugh on the outside, and cash your checks, are your insides so sure? Do you imagine the fate that awaits?

This full tilt assault resumes and is necessary because the trial humanized Michael Jackson. And it didn’t provide fodder for late night laughs or morning tabloid headlines. what was discovered was sad, not salacious. It upheld his character as a man, son, brother and father. The trial had the effect of humanizing a man who had children, a family life, friends, co-workers, and others who cared about him– some very tenderly. But you can’t allow that, can you? For if people actually know Michael Jackson, the struggles he had to endure and the real character of the man, and about those who again and again sucked the life from him, you will have to answer to your misdeeds. Yes, it will come back on you. So it is well known what fuels your anxiety that makes you yet again, attack a dead man.

The trial revealed that Jackson had complex medical problems including malignant insomnia. In fact, it revealed that Michael Jackson had medical issues that would have paralyzed an ordinary man and pain that would have crumpled even the most hearty of men.

There were autoimmune diseases that affected his face, his skin, his joints. There was the Vitiligo, another of the autoimmune family where skin pigment eats itself. (Remember how you said he wanted to be white, that he bleached his skin to change his color?) There was the burn that took most of his scalp and hair on a head that was photographed millions of times because he was an entertainer and made his living on stage. Performers always want to look their best; artists always try to look good for the cameras. There were the migraines from the balloon under the scalp that grew new skin for grafts and transplantation. The fans knew what he faced. Now the public knows.

The trial also revealed an assortment of carnivorous corporate types who insisted the show must go on in spite of the fact that their golden goose was dying before their eyes and that people screamed that precise observation to them! Yet they pressed on and even called him lazy. One only needs a cursory glance at Michael Jackson’s performance schedule from the age of 9 to see that this was not a lazy man. I challenge any in the sycophantic crowd on his coattails to match his life’s accomplishments.

It revealed a bevy of sycophantic doctors who stood in line and fought among themselves for the privilege to be Michael Jackson’s doctor, some of whom ignored warnings and pleadings from people who actually cared about Michael, to be careful with drugs for which he had developed a dependence. But big egos and big cash enticed “doctors” who cared only for the reflected glory, privilege and cash, not for the man whose care they assumed. For his last egotistical and cavalier doctor, it meant that name dropping helped to bed strippers. It revealed a doctor who lied to him about REM (“RIM” sic) sleep coming from a drug induced coma when in reality, Propofol precludes REM sleep from occurring. A person deprived of REM sleep over time will develop delusions because their waking life tries to catch up on the dreams they are missing in sleep. Dreaming keeps us healthy, keeps our brains working, our bodies strong. If these concierge “doctors” lied to Michael Jackson about REM sleep, what else were they lying about?

The trial revealed a man so tortured and afraid that he couldn’t sleep and so overworked that he lost weight and became so weak he couldn’t complete one spin. It revealed a man gone through the trauma of a trial that never should have happened, who was forced to give up his only meaningful dream– to give children the gift of childhood fantasies at Neverland and a children’s hospital he had been intending to build since the nineties. A hospital that was already planned and was derailed by the first extortion.

The selfishness of some around Michael Jackson, the culture and media that abused him, and the true story of what happened to a man who came to change the world and only to love humanity, is beyond comprehension. The world needs to know. The inhumanity and humanity of it needs to seen for what it is. It’s a world lesson. This world took this man’s privacy, his home, his career, his reputation, his dreams, his trust, his homeland, his sense of security and belonging-ness, his dignity, the dignity of his children, his belief in himself, and finally his will to continue.

I don’t know how he lived as long as he did. Is there any realization by any of these people of what the man did for this world? There is no one alive who can match his charitable gifts. Nobody.

But there are those who still continue to this day to use his name to make money off his corpse.

How did he even wake up and show up for life? Only for his children. That’s pretty much all he had left.

Even those promoters who were “helping” him to stage his comeback were abusing him, lying to him, manipulating his schedule, screaming at him and slapping him.

This trial was important not just to get at the truth for Katherine Jackson and his family, it was important for the world to get at the truth. The ninety nine percent is waking up and the truth will not be silenced or hidden for long. So…

STOP! It’s enough. You have already traded your soul for thirty pieces of silver. You who used and abused a little miracle child from Gary Indiana who came to change the world… you have much to answer for. If not here, then in the hereafter. And I wouldn’t be in your shoes for all the fame and money and glitter or strippers in this world. You don’t get it do you? Life is self limiting. With no soul the only thing you can do with dark money is to make your soulless misery more comfortable and pay for constant distractions from the truth of who you are. Let me remind you that there is nothing you do here that is environmentally sustaining, socially just, or spiritually fulfilling as the man you chose to torture and profit off of.  You will run from the emptiness of your own soul until your last day here.

But you will answer for what you have done. And you will have to face him again and explain yourself. And there and then you will stand before the Master Intelligence of Creation and will be reminded: you were given the precious gift of life; you had the privilege to witness the expansive magnificence of creation; you were given residence on a planet of beauty, stunning complexity and alive with amazing biological creatures. And you will be asked: “what was your contribution?”

I thought of Michael

It was a bright sunny Autumn day, The campus lawn is sometimes used for art shows, annually for graduation and sometimes for outdoor concerts. This is, after all, a Kodaly school of music. There are frequent concerts, student recitals, musicals and plays, auditions and after hours jams – the performing arts get a lot of appreciation here. We are an Ivy League Music College town.

We have one of the best percussionist professors in the country. That’s one of the reasons I am a percussionist; I was inspired by his work. In earlier years on campus, there was a time when original composers with Jazz roots and fusion minds wrote compositions that made their way to professional circles via our annual our annual fundraiser peace concerts for Sister Cities. We brought performers together to bring the world together. We held concerts for solidarity, for peace.

Those were the days of creativity and improv and when the performing arts came together and brought tears and standing ovations—from performing mimes to photos essays, from Jazz to folk guitar with choral pieces and intricate virgin Jazz rifts thrown in. We always began with a planning session where art and minds intersected and creativity ran open and free; I wanted cultural diversity and gathered artists from backgrounds that would not ordinarily perform together and put them on the same stage. I often did the marketing art and performed myself and was Mistress of Ceremony more than once. Oh the things I got away with! Oh the artistic license we were conferred!

I am not sure that can happen again. At least, not in that way. Not in the ways that brought disparate pieces of art and its artists all together to represent something global to an audience bonded together for the space of a couple hours, one mind, one heart, one planet.
So when Michael and his brothers asked: “Can You Feel It?” I could answer then with a resounding “Yes!” Down to my soul. Up to a standing ovation.

So when I walked on the campus on Sunday and saw the variety of people and the percussion instruments scattered on the green expanse of lawn I got that feeling in my stomach of anticipation. You know the one. Like a stomach holding a trembling virgin—timid but flushed and expecting something to rock the world. Your world at least. God knows our world needs to be rocked or at least shaken so that our souls can spill out again, be found, reclaimed and rescued once more. It feels like they’ve been lost for a very long time.

So it started. A few instruments that capture wind—a conch shell, horns that blew soft oral breezes that never reached crescendo but morphed into the booms and bangs of scattered drums, cymbals and gongs and then at the end the lighter instruments-  flutes, piccolo, Irish whistles, xylophones and then it was over. Applause.

I couldn’t. I was waiting for something else. Listening for something else. As each instrument was featured and joined the performance, the player of that instrument was doing his or her own thing. One drummer was playing huge Japanese drums and congas while another played only cymbals and gongs. The sound came from everywhere and made no sense. It was in fact, dissonant for me. I waited for the homogeny. I waited for the melding. I waited for the wave of solidarity that I imagined would sweep from one end of the campus to the other and incorporate all the instruments, all the musicians—into one huge sound excursion, to crescendo into one huge integrated theorchestronic whole.


People walked. And walked away.

I left, I walked, I pondered. And I wept for what didn’t happen and for what could have been. Maybe it was supposed to have represented abbreviated pure improv—I wasn’t sure. It appeared to be deliberately avant garde- if that’s not an oxymoron.

Something didn’t happen. And I left unsatisfied, unfulfilled. I left with a dissonant experience that I had not invited and did not want. And I left without the ending that could have been easy. The instruments were there. The people were there.

And so much like the world, nobody was listening to anybody else. Nobody was playing along, playing together. Everybody was doing their own thing. Their own thing. No harmony. No homogeny. No “we.”

With just one mind, one person, a little guidance, direction and one idea, that disjointed dissonance where everyone was performing in their own world, doing their own thing could have congregated full circle and full bodied and satisfying into an organized and euphonious whole. How easy it would have been to bring it all together in the end…

One person, one idea. One performer with a vision.

I thought of Michael.

Michael was pure Kodaly.

He would not have left me here.



The Daily Mail: the BEST NEWS in a long long time

The Daily Mail:

This is a quote from “Protest: The Daily Mail Hates Britain Page of Facebook:

So, the Daily Mail accused Ralph Miliband – a Jewish refugee who fled the Holocaust and proudly fought the Nazis – of “hating Britain”. The irony. This is a paper that once backed the Blackshirts and Adolf Hitler, whose genocidal regime posed arguably the greatest threat this country has faced in its entire existence.

But the truth is the Daily Mail hates Britain more than anyone. It hates its proudest institutions, like the BBC and the NHS, which the Tory Nigel Lawson once described as “the closest the English have to a religion.” It hates unemployed people and benefit claimants. It hates public sector workers, who range from dinner ladies to nurses – the pillars of our society. It hates trade unionists, who belong to Britain’s biggest democratic movement. It hates women generally. It hates Muslims. It hates disabled people. It hates LGBT people. It hates travellers. In its long, hateful past, it has spewed hate at Jews and gays.

It really is just one big inky fountain of hatred. But for too long we’ve ignored it, almost like an eccentric misguided relative, stuck in a bygone era, but largely harmless. In reality it is a poison in public life, bullying and blackmailing anyone and anything that gets in its way.

So let’s strike back. On Sunday, all the people hated by the Daily Mail – that’s pretty all of us – are going to turn up at their headquarters, loud and proud about who we are. If you’re a woman, a Muslim, LGBT, a nurse, a socialist, a trade union rep, disabled person or just someone who doesn’t like hatred being pumped into public life every day, turn up.

This is an upbeat, carnival-type protest, a statement of defiance against bigotry and hatred. So turn up in a good mood, with colourful banners, full of pride about who we all are.



You might like to see this as well…


More about the Daily Mail

And more…


The Daily Mail has always been biased against Michael Jackson including calling the death of Evan Chandler the last victim of the “Michael Jackson curse.”

Is this the beginning of the end for tabloids? I hope so.

If you’re in Britain, please join the protest. If you’re in America you might want to plan your own sympathy protest. Since the tabloids are in every supermarket, any old grocery store will work. Just show up with your sign.

Or let them know of your solidarity in some way. It looks like so far there are 1200 people going.

I hope this continues…

Check out the Facebook Page: Protest: The Daily Mail Hates Britain

And this Facebook Page: The People’s Assembly

If you have any information, or a story about the protest or plans, email Inner Michael.

Keep the Faith!



Michael Jackson on Trial… again and again and…

We are awaiting a verdict in a trial that once again, placed Michael Jackson on trial. The court case of “Kathrine Jackson and kids vs. AEG” that came 4 years after the death of a son, father and brother should have brought some closure to a family that has been trying to make sense of the death of a loved so many years beyond his death. It answered some questions, but seems that it raised more questions than it answered.

His death made no sense to his family except they have a gnawing suspicion that something was not right about it, that somebody either deliberately allowed his condition to deteriorate or deliberately helped it along. How many people whispered into the Jacksons’ ears about things that they didn’t previously know? Or about things they knew and couldn’t do anything about? How many unspoken secrets are there? How many unrevealed conspiracies exist? Fans who camped outside the Staples Center during rehearsals had told Jackson’s family that all was not well and that Michael had confided some information that raised questions about the actions and motives of his promoters at AEG. Prince Jackson testified that his father complained bitterly of his treatment by those who were supposed to be staging his victorious comeback. I believe his words were: “They’re killing me.”

While I initially opposed televising this trial, I am not so sure that was the right position. It certainly would have focused the public more on the truth of the entertainment industry and it did a lot to humanize Jackson and his troubles with medical conditions and sleep deprivation. The question is, as with all things “MJ,” would the media have been fair in their coverage? There is no reason to believe they would have suddenly reversed their bias.

But this trial was like pulling back the curtain at Oz and revealing that appearances can be very deceiving. And that machinations which focus only on the almighty dollar and excuse, diffuse or obscure the humanity of human beings can, and often are… deadly.

Make a killing at any cost. A KILLING:

You can kill a man’s reputation by making him a mockery, a caricature.

You can kill his livelihood by killing his humanity.

You can attempt to kill his soul by accusing him of something horrific and unthinkable in his world.

You can kill his power by manipulating public opinion about him.

You can kill his dream by taking away his will.

You can kill his life force by destroying everything he values.

You can kill his will to live by taking away his democracy.

You can kill his identity by making fun of his ethnicity, his race, his heritage.

You can kill his body by working him to death when you can see that something is obviously wrong.

You can try to kill his legacy after his death while an unsuspecting public never asks the question: why is that so important?

But you can’t kill his memory in the minds of those who loved him.

And you can’t kill the truth. You can hide it for awhile or attempt to bury it but something will always rise to the surface and begin to smell…

So, this will not be the end. There will be more…


According to handwritten notes, it appears Jackson was misled and potentially lied to by physicians who were supposed to have his best and medical interests in mind but focused instead on a paycheck and their own ego. How did he come to believe that he could get REM sleep from Propofol treatments? The paranoia and physical symptomology that surfaced from the prolonged use of Propofol made people around him question his sanity in his last days. It was the medication and lack of dream-filled sleep that caused waking nightmares for Jackson and that led people to question his mental health, his focus, his commitment and to slap him around in clearly abusive treatment in service to your bottom line.

It was revealed that his schedule was deliberately manipulated and that manipulation was hidden from him. His colleagues were concerned about his health and voiced their concerns– or panic– to those people surrounding him. That went ignored. His father and other family members expressed their frustration about trying to reach him and not being able to get through the wall of people “protecting him” from them. There is enough guilt to go around for it seems he was everybody’s benefactor. The consequence of generosity should not be greed.

That a man so betrayed could still love and love so widely and encompassing is testament to who he was.

The love-hate relationships that play out in the close relationships of most families and the “come here- no go away” dysfunctional dynamics that plague family ties and close-knit groups clouded judgment and complicated issues. A generous man so frequently betrayed would develop issues of trust– that’s a given. And for someone to keep inviting the possibility speaks to the real human condition and conundrum– the need to love and be loved. It interfered with transparency and kept in the dark those whose close social relationships might have known his real condition.

It brought up the question of “ownership” and “rights”– a very old human story. Who “owned” Michael Jackson? And it should be raising questions among fans about their own “ownership” of Jackson, his family and his legacy. Who “owns?”

He didn’t belong to anybody. He couldn’t even belong to himself.

Michael Jackson belonged to the world.

And his need to redeem himself drove him to his grave. It kept people in the dark who might have helped him.

And that need for self redemption should never have been his responsibility in the first place.

There were people who didn’t require his redemption. But he understood the obligation. He understood the undermining of his authority. That redemption wasn’t personal. It too, belonged to the world. And so does the responsibility.

His family did not require his redemption. Being in the entertainment business themselves, they understood about redemption. They know more than they can say and they have been effectively silenced, nullified and are themselves in need of redemption in the public eye just because they are in the public eye.

(“Stop pressuring me!”)

All families have their complexities– the drunken uncle nobody speaks of, the family member who is always clowning around and joking in order to hide all the family pain, the freeloader who feels “entitled,” the self-sacrificing lamb who takes on everybody’s problems, the drama queen crying out for acceptance and love, the “father figure” who is a father or assumes the role of the wise adult, the angry one, the burdened one, the one who lives a charmed life looking from the outside, the scapegoat whom everybody blames because the distraction serves to alleviate guilt, the golden boy (or girl) or hero who carries the family pride, the meddling sibling… all families have their drama and dysfunctions, their triumphs and secrets. All the roles and privileges are ever changing, ever evolving, ever adapting to what circumstances demand. Close relationships are dynamic– that is, they change, morph and adapt depending on what life brings. And life brings challenges, sorrows, joys, triumphs and tragedies. But change or illness or death always shakes up the family tree; sometimes it even uproots it.

The Jackson family is no different than any other family with that many people, that many opinions, that much baggage, that much history, that much emotion and that much tragedy. The difference is that their lives played out under public scrutiny and continue to. Anyone who grows or grows up under a spotlight is going to have to deal with having a light shined on their lives. Problem is, the light comes and goes and takes only snapshots of multiple lives and dynamics in a singular slice in time. The spotlight doesn’t know the history, the obstacles fought to overcome, the dark moments, the private fears and longings, the moments of joy and panic and pride and the utter futility of constantly trying to correct misconceptions. And nobody knows or will ever know what it was like to be Michael Jackson. Or to be Michael Jackson’s brother, sister, mother or child.

No matter the outcome of this trial, it is important to understand that it served and serves a greater purpose. It has destiny written all over it. And what it revealed is important even though all of that has not been processed yet and will take some time to unpack. A great deal of ugliness was revealed. A tenderness was exposed that was never before known. It was important for people to learn Jackson wasn’t the tantrum-wielding, defiant, self-centered and indulgent diva some imagined him to be. It was important to know that he was a man who was taken advantage of. It was important to insert that question in the minds of the public– that a man of his stature could be taken advantage of. It invites the next logical question– how many times was this man taken advantage of? How many times was he manipulated for profit? How many times was he somebody’s cash cow? And how many people cashed in?

And the ultimate personal question that causes overwhelming cognitive dissonance: “Was I wrong about this man?”

And the important underlying cultural question– ‘do we appreciate the gifted and talented among us?’ Do we appreciate those who stand strong and stand out from their fellow men in a world that devalues humans and does it for gain…

It raises questions about the collateral damage of human selfishness and greed. And it absolutely raises unconscious questions about race.

While it’s about money, it’s not about money. Michael Jackson’s death shocked the world, and shook a great portion of it. Learning about how he died and whom was involved and why was shocking. It’s not that only his family had a right to know; it’s that we had an obligation to know.

The collective “we.”

Yet again the “Man in the Mirror” asks us once more to look in the mirror.



Man Behind the Myth

“Truth has not special time of its own. Its hour is now – always and indeed then most truly when it seems unsuitable to actual circumstances.”

~ Albert Schweitzer

Vindicate MJ recently posted the script to the documentary “Man Behind the Myth” and Helena asked that if anyone had information or corrections about the video, to respond. I will respond with some information.

This documentary was made at Walking Moon Studios in anticipation of the backlash expected during the Conrad Murray trial. In particular, it was made as an antidote to the almost certain avalanche of old myths that are almost guaranteed to surface whenever “Michael Jackson” is discussed.


Walking Moon Studios’ Story

Walking Moon Studios on Vimeo

Walking Moon Studios is talking about a Part II. If you’d like to be involved in helping to make the sequel or part II, leave a message here at Inner Michael or write to

Man Behind the Myth- the Story

Man Behind the Myth from Walking Moon Studios on Vimeo.

“Man Behind the Myth” was produced in order to provide another “voice” in addition to the tabloid-trained and cynical media who, for years, have searched for anything the least bit unusual about Jackson to sensationalize it, blow it out of proportion, spin it into propaganda, with everyone in media doing a cut and paste copy of the supposed “inside story” about the “elusive” superstar. (You would be elusive to media too if those who hunted and hounded you used any tidbit of information to mock you for “infotainment.”) Those so-called “journalists” continuously approached people in the outer orbit of Jackson’s life, and using the common practice of checkbook journalism, offered to pay for salacious “tell all” stories.

“Checkbook journalism” originated with the tabloid media. It was customary for legitimate media to NEVER pay for stories because truthful news was considered professional and it was feared that money in the equation would taint the news. For tabloids, tainting the news about Jackson was the whole idea.

Knowing that scandal is noticed and sensational sells, tabloid “journalists” injected all kinds of nonsense into the media about Jackson because it got attention, made a “reputation” for those who became self proclaimed “experts” on Jackson’s life. The problem is that very little of what was written about Jackson and his life, was true.

Jackson, his image, a headline with his name, and especially, an unusual claim in connection with his name and likeness got immediate media play and huge demographics. And everyone knows that the media game is to sell papers, sell air time and make money. Jackson was popular, sought after and a curiosity to the public because he was so talented, private, mysterious and had some kind of charisma the world has yet to identify. He was, the most famous man on the planet. And anything “Jackson” got attention. The tabloids capitalized on that and mainstream media followed suit. Today’s media is not fair and unbiased. Opinion is not news yet TV anchors give their opinions all the time– with comments, sour looks, laughing, mocking and chatting with co-anchors judgmentally about a story. This was considered bad journalism in the days when journalism was professional and Walter Cronkite was “the most trusted man in America.”

The true story of what happened to Jackson needs to told to the world. There is much to be learned from this tale of greed, corruption, fantasy, jealousy, envy and power. “Man Behind the Myth” is a short short that was designed to squeeze a lot of information into a short time. The average attention span is short and if a video is not dramatic, viewers lose interest. It is also designed to pull the listener in to the conversation to become interactive and presents enough factual information to at least ask the viewer to make up their own mind. A complete story cannot be told in a short video but questions that haunt and raise doubt can cause the viewer to THINK for themselves instead of swallowing something whole simply because it is presented to them. There are still many out there who do not know how the media operates. And they have no awareness of the manipulation of their minds.

Media is not worthy of trust. The tabloid media is worthy of shame, embarrassment and disgust. This is an industry– consider it– that bullies people for sport and in order to perpetuate itself. Youth is watching. The children are watching. And they are emulating. Cyberbullying is the practice of putting vicious and demeaning information about people in order to ridicule and dehumanize them. How does that differ from tabloid journalism?

The tabloid media deliberately plays to the shadow of the human, to the lowest common denominator, to the barely educated and gullible who gravitate to griping of some kind. The satisfied, or contented or complete human being has no need for the information tabloids disseminate. Those whose lives are devoid of meaning, purpose or social and spiritual fulfillment are interested in competition with others and comparisons. They are the “me against the world” people or people who are trying to prove to themselves their own goodness by examining others’ shadows and making judgments about others while denying imperfections in self. They gossip, they tell tales, they laugh at the misfortune of others. Since they have failed to find meaningful aspects in their own lives, they look to the fictional for stimulation and imagination of a better life. And they complain and gripe about their own dull lives. A void and discontent in one’s own life makes someone who looks accomplished and fulfilled a great target. Jackson was, at one time, a mirror for the collective shadow. And he was aware of that.

Many people who are spiritually empty (you can be religious and lack a conscience and treat others with contempt) or unfulfilled either want to be famous or want to be close to the famous and if they can’t, they want to destroy the famous.

People have described Michael Jackson as “otherworldly”– even those who knew him closely. He seemed to reside somewhere else other than this world. Creative genius is like that; it is leaps ahead of its peer group. It is visionary and can see things in completion that exist in the future. Sometimes creative geniuses are empaths who feel the pain of the world. Jackson was one of those. He keenly saw and felt the beauty of the world and humans– particularly the beauty of the face. And he felt the pain just as acutely.

The world became hostile to Michael Jackson after the release of the “Bad” album when the public noticed that his skin color had changed and he had adopted a new persona. (He knew the power and magnetism of the “bad boy” image and in Hollywood everyone has to continually re-invent themselves to stay relevant.) Any reference to color and tone of skin, unless it is related to the cosmetic industry is– racist. Any reference to paternity of children with regard to their ethnic makeup, skin tone or race is– racist. People are marginalized for sport these days and that is on the media. And it demonstrates bullying to the younger generation.

How many adults realize that as they escort their children through the check-out line in the supermarket that they are sanctioning bullying? How many parents think about what their children are exposed to with that simple act of shopping for food? The children must run a gauntlet of observing blatant bullying by the media and then parents wonder where there children learn to marginalize and bully and publish it online. Do adults naively think that there children magically escape this in-your-face message– that it’s OK to bully?

The Second Edition of “Words and Violence” introduced this film to the public as did Inner Michael website. The film was produced by a team of artists at Walking Moon Studios whose crafts include videography the visual arts, writing script writing, screenplay writing and producing, casting, stage management, spoken word arts, performance arts, and a Hollywood actor who also does voice-over. When the film was presented to Voices Education Project, they immediately saw the value and decided not to back away from the controversy. That was a courageous act.

Voices Compassionate Education is a partner site to the Charter for Compassion/Compassionate Action Network that sponsors Compassionate Cities, organizations and groups. The “Words and Violence” project came out of research about the life and work of Michael Jackson after his passing and the discovery that he was bullied on a global stage along with Lady Diana and that the two of them constituted the most prolific humanitarians of the twentieth century.

“Words and Violence” echoed the mission of Voices Education Project (now Voices Compassionate Education) which is to reduce conflict through fostering conciliation, compassion and education. Weekly phone conferences for Jackson fans who were grieving his loss were held and they were offered an opportunity to contribute to creating a program dedicated to Michael Jackson and Diana Spencer that would be a compendium of resources to address bullying. A program begins with case studies and the fans contributed their case studies edited by Rev. Kaufmann that constituted the first entries of the program.

The first edition featured the case studies as well as other resources that address bullying in its many incarnations. The first edition was published on the anniversary of Michael’s birthday- August of 2010. The film “Words and Violence” was featured in the first edition:

The second edition featured more resources– and included Joe Vogel and Charles Thomson as well as other writers. “Man Behind the Myth was included in the second edition.




Man behind the Myth Film:

The film opens with the sound of a helicopter. This is an important part of the film- the darkness and noise builds anticipation. For some, the sound of a helicopter signals “emergency.” Some who pirated the film ( “to enhance it” used an amateurish flashy intro and sound which experienced filmmakers will tell you is a huge blunder in filmmaking. (a “splash” intro detracts from the film itself and it covers the sound of the helicopter– which is an important artistic element. A helicopter approaching with dark screen is an important statement that pulls the viewer into a mystery and creates interest. It grabs attention and is a kind of alert to emergency.

Then one hears a man’s voice:

0: 07 Man’s voice:
“Michael Jackson, 50 years old, the King of Pop has died.” (This is Wolf Blitzer of CNN)

Woman’s voice:
“Michael Jackson has died…”

0:14 Jermaine Jackson:
“My brother Michael Jackson, the legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away on Thursday June 25th 2009, at 2:26 pm” This was Jermain’s announcement a UCLA Medical Center in the press conference held after the family had heard the news.

0:26 Voice-over artist: “How did it come to this?” (Asking how did we get here- what led to this tragic death?)

“Michael Jackson life is a remarkable journey filled with the brightest of moments and the darkest of hours. Who is Michael Jackson, really? Michael was the most recognized man in the world. Friends treasured him, world leaders invited him, colleagues admired him, children naturally gravitated to him, and the public was fascinated with him. (This phraseology was designed to be poetic and epic.)

0:58 “Some cashed in on that fascination when they discovered that a story with his name got attention. It got readers and ratings. And if there was no story unethical reporters made them up because using the name “Michael Jackson” got attention. Some even launched careers riding his coattails.

1:18 “There are two Michael Jacksons – the caricature brought to you by the tabloids cashing in and the Michael described by those who actually knew him. What is the truth and who is telling it? You decide.”

1:34 Michael Jackson in his own words at Carnegie Hall, New York, February 14th, 2001:
‘Heal The Kids’ is about doing something, about making a difference and trying to help adults and parents realize that it’s in our power to change the world that our children live in.

Who among us would have believed that the sound of children at their playgrounds would be replaced by the sound of automatic machine-gun fire at our schools? That the sound of little girls skipping rope would be overshadowed by the frantic shrills of children dodging bullets? Yet (beginning to cry) instead of loving our children more, we install metal detectors in our schools. Instead of loving our children more, we install metal detectors in our schools”

2: 28 Michael Jackson in his own words at Oxford University, UK, March 21st, 2001:
“Friends, the foundation of all human knowledge, the beginning of human consciousness, must be that each and every one of us is an object of love. Before you know if you have red hair or brown, before you know if you are black or white, before you know of what religion you are a part, you have to know that you are loved.”

2:51 Voice-over: “Sensation gets attention. Words like “bizarre” and “freak” come right out of circus side-shows where they made fun of misfortune. Repeat something enough times and people begin to believe it. Using those tricks and others allowed the media to use Jackson for profit. And while they were focused on the color of his skin, his face and obsessing about the paternity of his children the real story – Michael Jackson, the humanitarian – went untold.” (Controversy gets more attention than simple narratives in the lives of the well know or famous. The freak shows made it acceptable to mock and laugh at the handicapped and people with abnormalities. It was a sadistic pastime of the rich. Many freak shows at the turn of the century included African slaves with Vitiligo. Vitiligo has a history of creating fear and loathing among whites.)

People magazine
People magazine: Front Cover: “Michael Jackson. He is back. He’s Bad. Is this guy weird, or what?”

3: 25 Chris Hayes reports: [Picture of the News of the world – Evil Empire]. New of the World is the tabloid that is credited with inventing the moniker “Wacko Jacko.” Chris Hayes is reporting about the hacking scandal by Rupert Murdoch and his corporation: News Corp. News Corp owns the News of the World (since closed by Murdoch to appease the public and Parliament,) the Sun and Fox News to name a few media holdings. The hacking was standard procedure for years at Fleet Street and Murdoch’s tabloid empire.)

“The paper is accused of paying off police or hacking into the phones of celebrities, members of the royal family, a murdered teenager, victims of terrorism and war widows– for years. British police say they’ve uncovered nearly four thousand hacking victims – four thousand!

3: 44 Family member of 07-07 bombing victim (This was a terrorist attach carried out on busses and underground transportation in London- a retaliation for the British participation in a coalition in the invasion of Iraq):
“It is hard to imagine that at the lowest point of your life you couldn’t get any lower and then hearing that someone may have well been listening to the very intimate conversations and you realize that things can get lower”…

3:59 David Cameron, UK Prime Minister:
“How do we improve the ethics and morals of the press in this country and make sure they will improve in the future?”

4:04 Family member of 07-07 bombing victim:
“How can people get up in the morning and think, “That’s a good idea for the sake of the story is beyond me”. [pictured: Piers Morgan, Editor of News of the World tabloid seen in the background. Morgan was the editor for 3 tabloid newspapers]

4:10 Voice Over: “Ambush journalists take advantage too. The game is to gain someone’s confidence with promises to expose the truth, but instead ambush with surprise questioning and clever editing. Martin Bashir filmed Jackson, then released a cut-and-paste hit piece only to make a name for himself. He inserted innuendoes about children in voiceover that led another family using the same attorney to repeat an old idea – accuse Michael and extort money a second time. Instead Michael went to trial and proved his innocence. NOT GUILTY on fourteen counts. But the damage was already done.” (Not only did they use the same attorney but the same doctor and the same agency. In fact, a tape with the Arviso family praising Jackson as a father figure to Janet’s children was being held hostage by one of Jackson’s creditors and was found after a police search. This should have given pause to Sneddon and his crusade to prosecute Jackson for it became false prosecution given that exculpatory evidence.)

4:56 Voice Over: “Unethical journalism is not above using subliminal messages to direct your thinking. Notice in this promo where they placed a king’s crown. That’s not an accident – that’s planting a suggestion.” (These subliminal tactics were well known to the tabloid media. Jackson studied subliminals himself and actually became a master at using them in his videos.)

5:07 Correspondent: Maury Povich who was the host of A Current Affair, a tabloid infotainment TV show was invited to film Living with Michael Jackson Take 2 which is also known as “the rebuttal film. No restrictions were placed on Povich by Jackson or his team. Jackson gave him the freedom to edit and air Take Two as he saw fit. Povich, of course aired the footage “you were never meant to see” because Bashir had edited his film to sensationalize and paint Jackson in the worst light and according to his own cynical viewpoint. Many journalists called Bashir a yellow journalist and his style  “callous self-interest masked as sympathy.”

Maury Povich:  “Martin Bashir and his crew were here at Neverland. They got to witness what was to become an almost weekly experience – busloads of children, some from the inner city, some orphans, some terminally ill, but all of them escaping their reality to spend the day at Michael Jackson’s creation

5:27 “About Michael’s ranch Martin Bashir’s on-air comment was:
“One of the most disturbing things is the fact that a lot of disadvantaged children go to Neverland. It’s a dangerous place for a vulnerable child to be.”

But what he said behind the scenes to Michael himself was this:
“I was here yesterday and I saw it, and it’s nothing short of a spiritually kind thing”. (Karen Faye chimes in later in the actual clip that “he [Michael] does this all the time.”)

5:52 Thomas Mesereau:
“He (Bashir) made Michael Jackson think this is going to be a positive documentary and Michael trusted him partly because he had worked with Princess Diana”.

This is what Bashir said in the film: “It’s a dangerous place for a vulnerable child to be”

6:01 Maury Povich: “This comment about Michael’s method of raising children was included on Bashir’s special:
“They’re restricted… They are overly protected. I was angry at the way his children were made to suffer”.

And this is what Bashir said in private: “I was here yesterday and I saw it, and it’s nothing short of a spiritually kind thing”

But this was not:
“Your relationship with your children is spectacular. And in fact, it, it almost makes me weep when I see you with them”. (Bashir to Jackson)

6:22 This is Larry Nimmer’s voice from Larry Nimmer’s film “Neverland:”
“Michael didn’t learn till after the documentary was made that Martin Bashir had been officially reprimanded in Britain for unfair journalistic practices”.

6:32 On Late Night Jimmy Fallon February 24, 2011:
Q.“Is there things that you left out, things you are unhappy you did?”
Bashir: “Absolutely not. It was difficult I guess to some extent because I come from Britain where we don’t do sycophantic interviews, we don’t really suck up to people very much and do that kind of thing”. (This was included to demonstrate Bashir’s hypocrisy and ability to fabricate answers and contradict previous behaviors and statements- he did indeed “suck up” to Michael Jackson and in his bait and switch scheme to produce a sensationalized documentary.) 

6:49 After Michael Jackson’s death on June 25,2009:
Bashir’s announcement: “When I made the documentary there was a small part of that which contained a controversy concerning his relationship with other young people, but the truth is that he was never convicted of any crime, I never saw any wrongdoing myself, and last his lifestyle made him a little unorthodox – I don’t believe it was criminal”.

7:08 Voice over: Some reporters were playing tabloid roulette while Jackson was fighting for his life – and for justice in court.

7:16 Voice of Nancy Grace on “Odds of Molestation conviction of Michael Jackson”:
“Las Vegas, the place is up for grabs tonight odds two to one that Jackson will be convicted on one to five counts– cha-ching”.

7: 30 [CNN Headline News & Court TV]
“Welcome back, everybody. I’m Ms. Grace….. Thank you for being with us tonight” Nancy Grace cynically shows a sparking glove- to mock Jackson’s iconic one sequined glove. This is the typical style not just of Nancy Grace but of a media inclined (indoctrinated) to mock Michael Jackson at every opportunity.

7:39 Voice over: Some reporters stir up people’s emotions for ratings or call themselves experts using innuendo with the line “sources tell me” to plant suggestion and peak interest. They dehumanize before they dismember the celebrity they target. What was all that fuss about the mask, his skin color, umbrella?

[sequential slides of Gloria Allred, Victor Gutierrez, Diane Dimond, Jane Velez Mitchell, Martin Bashir, Maureen Orth]

8:00 Diane Sawyer:
“We thought they were eccentricities. Could this in fact be a personal style that evolved to disguise a serious disease?”

8:07 Michael had Lupus, a lung disease and Vitiligo. He didn’t bleach his skin. Vitiligo destroyed the pigment.

8:15 The doctor on the ABC News, the “Michael Jackson battle with lupus” program:
“Many patients with Lupus have Vitiligo”

8:18 Actress Cicely Tyson, July 7, 2009:
“It started to develop… the vitiligo.. And it started on his hand. And the glove was to camouflage it. That is how the glove came into being”.

8:23 Diane Sawyer’s program:
Doctor: “Quite a few of my patients have fibromyalgia. He may have suffered from that. Very common to be an insomniac.”
Diane Sawyer: “One thing for a lupus patient – don’t let the sun on your skin”
Doctor: “That’s right. “

8: 33 The mask kept paparazzi stalking Michael from splashing unflattering pictures and headlines in tabloids the next morning. And their obsession about paternity – what was really behind those stories about race and having children? Was it thinly veiled racism?

8:51 Diane Dimond:
“Well, one glimpse at Michael Jackson will show you that he doesn’t really look like an African American man any more.”

Diane Dimond on “Insider”:
I think the Jackson family is all about this [gesture denoting money]. I think that’s why they’ll fight for the children because where the children go that’s where the money goes….

9:05 [voice of Diane Dimond on Howard Stern’s show]:

Diane Dimond: “I keep reporting about this”
Diane Dimond: “I keep reporting that”
Who is the real baby daddy of at least the first two kids? These kids are not biologically related to Michael Jackson!”
[Howard Stern: “They’re not?”]
“And I keep reporting that and the fans keep saying: “No, no, they are. They are his… No, they’re not.”
[Howard Stern: “They’re not.”].
“Get a clue” Echo: Get a Clue.

9:22 Stern:
“I guess biracial children could look different. They’ll be whiter or darker. And they can be sort of all one or all other…”

[Pictures of other light skinned African-Americans who look white: Lena Horne, Mariah Carey, Jolene Ivey, Jax and Jaid Nilon, Rashida Jones including Joe and Paris Jackson with their light eyes]

Diane Dimond:
But blue eyes? Not so much”.

9:35 In questioning paternity or skin color, it only insults families who adopt or use fertility procedures to have children.

9:43 Diane Dimond:
“It is Michael Jackson, and [flipping her hair and gesturing as if she is brushing away something crawling on her skin] he lives… he lives to be strange”. He is in free fall now, and we all stay glued to the set till we see the splat” [her hands make a slapping sound].
“I think this was Michael Jackson’s destiny to die this way”. [Camera lingers on Michael Jackson’s children- as Dimond makes a ridiculous statement: “it was his destiny to die this way”- he leaves children behind. ]

10:08 Here are some of the people Michael counted among his friends – Caroline Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and Shirley McClain, Jacky Kennedy, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, President Bush, President Carter, President Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, Prince Albert of Monaco, Princess Stephany of Monaco, the Dalai Lama, Amon Ndoufou of Sanai (Ghana Ivory Coast), President of Namibie Sam Nujoma…

Voice Over: “Michael was a cheer-leader for humanity. He always said he believed in us, said ‘We are the world,’ and that together we could heal many of humanity’s challenges.

10:37 How do you heal the world according to Michael? His lyrics tell us how. You ask people to stop fighting, lay down their weapons, hear the Earth song and become her stewards, and save the children.

10:58 Michael Jackson was a person who championed children, not harmed them, that’s why he was exonerated by the law. He was found not guilty because he was innocent. Always has been.”

Thomas Mesereau comments:

11: 14 Thomas Mesereau:
“I’ve said many times since the verdicts that the reporting hit the bottom of the barrel. Not with everybody. We had very professional journalists who I still call journalists…
But we also had bottom feeders like Court TV. Diane Dimond from Court TV had been sued by Michael Jackson in the mid nineties, a very contentious litigation. Thomas Sneddon the D.A. had risen to her defense – he signed a sworn declaration in the civil case. They stayed in touch for a long time. She really identified herself with a conviction in all of her media work. 
She was reporting like Lisa Bloom, the daughter of Gloria Allread who constantly reports Michael Jackson and tries to get involved in anything he does even when she has no stake in the matter. And of course Nancy Grace was the third one on that show. They wanted to create daily drama, daily conflict, daily excitement and that’s never going to change. Their priorities are ratings and money, and they will do whatever it takes to obtain those priorities”.

12:06 Voice Over: “Ever asked yourself why we never heard about Michael Jackson from the people who actually knew him? Why didn’t the media tell us about Michael the man?”

12:18 Ron Magill, keeper of Miami Zoo:
“I’ve never had a nicer gentleman, a more appreciative person with more well-behaved kids come to the Zoo.”
Q. “Not what you expected?”
Ron: “Absolutely not what I expected. And I hosted a lot of celebrities here at the Zoo. And quite frankly, many of them are not pleasant people to be around… He was the absolute opposite.”

12:35 Frank Dileo, Michael’s manager during the Bad era:
“We were in Europe and we were doing the Bad tour. Every city we went to we went to a children’s hospital and bought them a piece of equipment. Not one hospital for the whole tour – every city. There was a boy that was dying and wanted to meet Michael. And Michael would talk to him and the kid perked up and he was like amazing and I went off into the corner and I cried. I really couldn’t take it. Michael came over and put his arm around me and said: “You have to understand, Frank – this is our job. Not on the stage – this is our job. To make somebody feel good. He believed that. He absolutely believed that. “

13:20 Teddy Riley:
“My daughter stayed with him and has so much fun… He is just such a fun guy”.

13:26 Whoopy Goldberg:
“Would you leave your children [with Michael Jackson]? “Yes, I would” (nodding her head). “Yes, I did. I left my child with Michael, yes….”

13:32 Voice of Brooke Shields:
“So many people really don’t know him and they don’t give him a chance and they are so ready to criticize”

13:36 Kenny Ortega:
“I was with Michael in Eastern Europe and we got off of the plane and he said “Do you want to go to the hotel and do you come to an orphanage with me?” Rather than going to a hotel he went to the orphanage. And he walked into this orphanage and I remember him looking and he was walking around and he was very calm. The promoters were there and they were looking around. And the conditions were pretty grim and I saw him whisper to someone and whisper to someone else and he was, you know, moving through and interacting with the children… And later I found out what he’d whispered was: “This orphanage will be turned around – there will be new beds in here, there will be clean sheets in here, there will be more people here taking care of these children by tomorrow or I am not going to go on stage”.

14:16 Susan Yu, Mesereau’s partner and Michael’s former attorney:
“Michael was perhaps one of the best client’s I’ve had. He is generous, he is kind, he is grateful. He thanks you for all the work you do every day…”

14:24 Bruce Sweden, engineer/music producer:
“He had a very wonderful human side to him too. He was polite and gentle, and in a business where we didn’t hear these words too often Michael, if he would ask for something during the session he’d say “Please”. Such a great guy!”

14:40 Madonna at MTV Video Music Awards 2009:
“He seemed other worldly but he was also a human being. .. I know what it’s like to walk down the street and feel like the whole world is turned against you. I know what it’s like to feel helpless and unable to defend yourself because the roar of the lynch mob is so loud you feel like your voice can never be heard.
[When I first heard that Michael had died.. all I could think about in this moment was] “I had abandoned him.” That we had abandoned him. That we had allowed this magnificent creature who had once set the world on fire to somehow slip through the cracks. [While he was trying to build a family and rebuild his career, we were all passing judgment. Most of us had turned our backs on him]. …He was so unique, so original, so rare, and there will never be anyone like him again. He was a king.”

15:23 Voice Over: “Michael used his fame and his platform not just to improve orphanages, but to teach children and to take on social issues – gang violence [“Beat it”], tabloid corruption [“Scream” and “Tabloid Junkie”], poverty [“We are the world”], racism [“Black or White”], stewardship for the planet [“Earth Song”] and even war [“Heal the world”].

15:42 Michael Jackson:
“This is Lisa Marie and myself at a hospital in Budapest. I saw this little kid. His name was Farkas. I asked this nurse “What’s wrong with this kid?” She said that he needs a liver. No matter what it takes I’m going to find a liver for him, so I sent my organization around the world and I said “I’m not giving up. I’m not going to have the child die.”
I was so happy when I got a phone call. They told me “We found a liver”.  And he has his life…”

16:12 Voice Over: “Maybe it’s time we take another look at Michael Jackson to find out what really happened. We are also busy trying to shelter our children from the bullies of the world; wringing our hands in worry and fear. Yet, we missed the biggest case of bullying the world had ever seen.”:

[Pictures of newspaper covers: “Buy a slice of Wacko Jackso”, “Jacko gets a wacko”, “Jim Jam Wacko”, “Sicko Jacko”, etc.]

16: 32 Voice Over: “Michael Jackson is the poster boy. He endured years of torture on a global stage with the whole world watching. And the children? They loved Michael and they were watching. They are watching now. What kind of world do we want to hand off to our children?

16:51 Voice Over: “Michael asked us to heal the world and save it for our children. He was on his way back to remind us – we are the world. And he died trying…”

17:06 Michael Jackson at Exeter, UK, June 14th, 2002:
“Sadly, we live in a state of fear. Everyday we hear of war on the news, on the radio and television and the newspapers– always of war. We hear of nations hurting each other, of neighbors hurting each other, of families hurting each other and the children killing each other. We must learn to live and love each other before it’s too late. We have to stop! We have to stop the prejudice; we have to stop the hating; we have to stop living in fear of our own neighbors. I would like all of you now to take the hand of the person to the left and to the right of you. Go ahead! Right now! I mean it! Don’t be shy! Do it! It starts now! To the person next to you. To the left and the right. I mean it. Right now! Go ahead! Don’t be shy. Do it! Do it! Now, tell the person … tell the person next to you that you ‘care for them.’ Tell them that you ‘care for them.’ Tell them that you ‘love them.’ Tell them that you ‘love them.’ This is what makes the difference.
Together … (Michael laughs) together we can make a change of the world. Together we can help to stop racism. Together we can help to stop prejudice. We can help the world live without fear. It’s our only hope, without hope we are lost.” [Slides of Michael with dignitaries and celebrity friends, and visiting sick children and hospitals; then his casket being rolled into the Staples Center for his memorial service. Michael Jackson represented hope to many people. As long as he was on the planet, many people felt there was hope. His exit affected millions who poured into the streets to weep at the loss of this one man…]

19:10 Paris Jackson: “I just want to say that ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine… I just wanted to say… I love him so much…” [You may remember that after his death all the old myths were unearthed. And commentators said of Paris’ speech about her father that it “humanized him.” So what was he before Paris’ comment? The comment that she “humanized him” is revealing about the media’s part in this saga.]

19:32 Ron Magill:
“I looked at it myself and said, “Michael, I have to be honest with you. If more people saw this side of you I don’t think you’d have the types of controversies that you face all the time and his answer will stick with me as long as I live. He took both my hands in his, shook it hard, looked at me and said, “Ron, the problem is no one will ever know what it’s like to have to be me.” Echo: “No one will ever know what’s it like to have to be me. And it really taught me a lesson – don’t prejudge someone by what you are listening to in the media”.

Michael turns and exits the stage fading into the dark.


This is what I wrote in 2009 about Michael Jackson:
(You can read the full article here that was published in a magazine as a review of his movie “This Is It”:

An excerpt:

“That Michael Jackson was truly a contradiction is understated but evident in his last appearance. His humility, clarity, unassuming and egoless private persona certainly “contradicts” the moments he “rocks it.” His shyness contradicts his superstar status. In “This is It,” Michael is truly being Michael— the contradiction. The glory. What if that Michael truly never understood the dark energies that come from minds that cannot comprehend true innocence and genuine naiveté? The creative or creation impulse? What an incredible gift to the world yet the world didn’t appreciate him well—both lion and lamb. Yes, the world crucified yet another of our lambs who was a (oh yes he was!) light unto the world. And then again, perhaps Michael did understand. He sang, after all, about “human nature.”

And maybe we never knew him until now. Until he was gone. Until “This is It.” Were he still here, I would not have met the real Michael. I would not have known him. I would not have seen the genius, the creative impulse, the clarity of leadership, the ownership of the awesome power and responsibility that he knew he held. I would not have known the Michael in the Music as well as the music in Michael. I wince when I think about the number of times the man put himself out there not knowing if what would return would be revulsion or love. And yet he was staging a comeback—he was willing to give the world and us another chance. And it would have brought him back to us and us back to him; of that I am sure. Would the world have appreciated that magnanimity of the risk, the gift? We will never know. At least he never gave up on the world. On us.

I wonder who now will take over his role– not as the “King of Pop” but as the world’s cheerleader and humanitarian? What language will she speak? How will he get the world’s attention? Michael spoke in the language of music. It was because of the language he spoke that he was able to reach the masses. Because he was so widely beloved, Michael was able to mobilize forces, bring people together, and create story in the most unusual and spectacular ways. He was a man with a mission and because of who he was, he was able to command audiences of millions. He used music- a popular and universal language to trumpet his message. He used it to reach just the right audience- youth. Michael understood that young people hold the hope for the future and the world. And his message was about healing the world, caring for children and that “we are one.” He was able to spread it universally to many generations and peoples around the globe. Who now is capable of that? We know in a quiet and secret place that there will never be another Michael. We, the world, didn’t cherish him enough, in fact we didn’t treat him very well and now he is gone.

Watching the movie, something Michael never intended for release, made me feel a little like a voyeur watching a man preparing to expose his soul to judgment. I felt like I had trespassed into sacred space. But I am grateful for it. I feel like I now know the soul of this man called Michael. He loved big. Oh, I always loved his talent, but I didn’t love Michael, the man. It wasn’t enough.

And my final gift from Michael is the realization that “Man in the Mirror” which has to be my favorite song, has an even deeper message than “be the change you wish to see in the world” of Gandhi. There are some people on this planet who saw his light earlier, longer and who never doubted because they had to have seen in Michael, the reflection of their own light. Just like those to whom he reflected their darkest shadow. I wish it hadn’t taken his death to bring me the bright light that was Michael Jackson and the mirror of mine. I just didn’t love him as much as he loved me.”