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Neverland is a Cultural Treasure

There was a time long ago when someone who committed a crime could get away with it. There was no technology to process the evidence of misdeeds. There was no science to analyze a crime scene. There were no footprints because shoes were yet to be invented; there were no tire tracks, no forensic lab, and no way to catch a perpetrator.

You could literally “get away with murder.”

Then along came the accidental discovery that everyone has a unique pattern on the tips of their fingers! Everyone’s fingers have particular characteristics of whorls and loops making no two fingers, or their prints, the same.

Then DNA was discovered, a biological fingerprint in which no two human biological samples have the same genetic “blueprint.”

Lie detection too has advanced from simple gut feeling and observation to the polygraph and now to the blooming science of body language. It’s not hard science yet, but as time passes, discoveries are yet to be made.

In point of fact, it gets harder and harder to hide crime and it’s no longer easy to “get away with murder.”

Evolution and the advancement of civilization, science and technology continues like a perpetual wheel in motion– with no end in sight. This wheel will continue to turn as long as humans inhabit the planet and the human mind is curious and alert. And that innate curiosity is not going away. Human curiosity, ingenuity and exploration is what powers life and evolution. With the introduction and progression of technology, the phenomenon of “exposure” has grown exponentially on the planet. It is harder to hide treachery on this earth because there are so many ways to expose it. Enter the online community and particularly social media. The Internet and social media has changed the way we do things and makes hiding from scrutiny or perpetrating a treachery, harder.

The truth is on its way and is coming closer.

Detection sciences will continue to evolve. And new ways to detect the truth will allow us to look back and find where it lay in the past. Just as DNA was always there long before we discovered it, other ways of detecting truth hidden from us now, will emerge. It will be read in the way a polygraph reads deception now. The science will catch up.

The past too, and the truth of it will be revealed. Promotion through manipulation and subliminals is a science just as is advertising. Propaganda is a science that also will be detectable in the future. We will scan for truth then the way we scan for illness now. Because truth is becoming more and more a valuable commodity. People are tired of being lied to or jerked around by their emotions. The cynicism of the times and the culture demands discernment and questioning motives and motivations behind messages. Manipulating the human mind, convincing people how to think, how to spend their money and conduct their lives is based on consumerism and keeping a completely unsustainable lifestyle perpetuating itself with less than truthful practices.

The planet is in real danger because of the exploitive mindset of business and commerce. The exploiters won’t stop until they come to the last tree standing, the last drop of fresh water, the last bit of minerals extracted from the ground now turned desert. The realization and the visceral cry ‘What have we done?’ won’t come until it’s far too late. Why? Because it’s all about profit. It’s all about amassing fortunes. Making money is the only god of commerce. The truth of the mess we’ve made of things won’t be recognized until the last tree, the last drop of fresh water, the last life sustaining resource is gone.”Buy, buy, buy, consume, consume, consume. Look only at the bottom line; decide the next immediate move based on the balance sheet. The future and future generations have no bearing and no place in decisions about profit and finances.

Except, not everything is about money.

You have observed how “devices” have replaced real human heart-to-heart interaction? There are those who walk around with eyes glued to their “devices” so closely that they walk into walls or fall into fountains. That digital world is not real; it’s an invention. The real world is out here where human suffering and beauty and pain and joy live in real time. Where people are not a blip on the screen but flesh and blood bodies that reproduce and bleed, weep and survive, create messes and design elegance; where they fall and flee and hurt and soar. People feel. Michael Jackson was able to reach people. He moved them. He understood the human, its mind, its heart and its complexities. He understood the hidden treasures of the self; he tried over decades to excavate them. He was a cultural treasure. Not a marketable commodity– a cultural treasure.

Like the digital junkies, the commerce junkies will walk blindly with their heads down gazing at the bottom line until one day they look up to see a barren landscape. Only then will the reality of what they have done and didn’t do hit them. And then it will be too late. It will already be over. When the resources of the planet are stripped bare and extinction is inevitable, where then, will the rich spend their massive mounds of money?

It wasn’t always known, but evolution has signatures. Evolution has left telling trails and cautionary tales. Some of those signatures are visible, some are invisible. Not everything can be glimpsed with the naked eye and everything that exists has not been identified. We can’t see germs with the naked eye but Louis Pasteur intuited their existence. Now we know of their existence. Science can now measure heartbeat, bones, body functions and science of the mind– psychology and psychiatry also evolves as time passes and new measurements and machines are discovered. At one point in time, people died from head injury because it couldn’t be seen. Now a CT Scan or MRI shows us exactly where the problem is so that treatment can progress.

There is another world that has been discovered that always existed but few knew except maybe for ancient medicine men and women or shamans of history and that is the unseen world that today is called the quantum world. Some luminaries call the quantum world the world of infinite possibilities.

The quantum world is strange and the usual laws of reality and science don’t fit that world. It is as foreign and unfamiliar as the world of science and technology once was to researchers and inventors, poets and dreamers. Some things that come out of the quantum world don’t make sense. Some things that emerge from those otherworldly places could never be imagined a thousand years ago. Everything that is, emerged from the quantum soup of creation.

And some things are in plain sight but hidden from view. For example, it was recently discovered that the famous heads of Easter Island, it turns out– have bodies. Nobody thought to look or to dig below the surface… until now.

So we never know what new discovery or “weird” science lives right under our noses or right around the corner. The unimaginable is unimaginable because no one has thought of it yet. And we never know what may be hidden under the surface.

The day will come when the whole truth of the Michael Jackson story will emerge. The world will finally know for certain about his life and the truth of what happened to him. As biographers examine him and those who actually knew him speak out, an entirely different story will emerge. The history will be chronicled and the truth set free.

Jackson is a cultural icon. He was a cultural treasure. Too many people saw the “pop star” and completely missed the “artist.” His soft voice, gentle demeanor and ethos took people by surprise. His ever-changing appearance became fodder for ridicule, his integrated masculinity and his race made him an easy and visible target, his fame made him a commodity and the human being got lost in the shuffle.

Civilization and evolution moves ever forward and new discoveries will be as radical as the ancients conceiving of an individual blueprint like DNA. The time will come when some science as yet unthinkable, will reveal other kinds of blueprints.

Michael Jackson will be one of those future discoveries. His life, work, ethic and ethos will be exposed for what is was. His Neverland Ranch was the physical manifestation of the “it takes a village” philosophy to grow a new kind of human being. It will then be recognized that his possessions, his clothing, his books, his gifts, his writings, his philanthropy and humanitarianism are part of the cultural treasure that he was.

Neverland is part of that cultural treasure. In the real estate business, empty land is not an asset. It makes no money. The ranch is not readily accessible and the locals do not want the area groomed for a deluge of tourists into their quiet and pristine neighborhood. No money can be made from Neverland. Because there is no ROI (return on investment) from this inaccessible part of the Jackson legacy, it will be auctioned off just as his other things have been, it’s value and cultural relevance unrecognized.

Until evolution catches up, the value of that loss will remain undiscovered until it’s too late and already gone. Just like the man himself. Another cultural treasure unappreciated and unrecognized in its own time will slip away because of a society that reveres money more than beauty; that does business devoid of responsibility to the future; exploits and trades resources without compassion or vision; that acts from a place of tightness, limitation and greed instead of freedom and abundance; that lacks the maturity to think beyond the here and now; that thinks it’s all for money instead of “it’s all for love.”

It’s another kind of murder altogether.

~To Inner Michael~



  1. vero said . . .

    Thank you–I agree so much. It is very sad. Last night I saw the 4 Tops and The Temptations sing their old favorites. One song stood out–“I’ll Be There,” a hit by the 4 Tops. “When you feel that you can’t go on/Because all your hope is gone/ and your life’s filled with much confusion/And happiness is just a delusion–Darlin’, Reach out, reach out, reach out to me–!’ll be there/ With a love that will shelter you/I’ll be there with a love that will see you though!” I wonder if MJ’s song “Will You Be There?” was in some way an echo of this song. Too many people were not there for him. IMO the ‘deal’ that stopped the foreclosure was a fraudulent deal and the Estate knows it was (why they are suing Tohme).

    I agree that this is as you said so well–‘Another kind of murder altogether.”

    Posted August 2, 2014 at 5:44 pm | Permalink
  2. Dalia said . . .

    Barbara, you are so true about money…numbers are cold and they (The Estate) told us: Michael`s legacy is his music, his humanitarian effords and spirit. The Estate hopes that whoever the new owners can become, that property they continue to appreciate not only his beauty, but for it`s historical and cultural legacy” How can it be possible? After his death, his fortune multiplied and they can not save this patrimony for his children? Who is thinking about Prince, Paris and Blanket? Are they hurried because Prince is growing and in few years he will get full age to defend himself his patrimony? Sadly It is not difficult to understand: MONEY.

    I saw this comment from a fan and I fully identify:

    For those who didn’t know Michael Jackson as anything but a pop star, the selling of his old ranch home means nothing more than his Estate or the property manager “moving on” – getting rid of “old wood” so to speak. But for me, and for so many other fans, who loved and admired Michael for MORE than just his music, the news of Neverland being up for sale cuts like a knife.
    While there are those who feel that a Neverland without Michael just isn’t the same, for many a fan, including myself, who has stood outside those wooden gates on Figueroa Mountain Rd, this news is devastating.

    For me, driving to Neverland still excites the soul… and the feeling one gets as we see the first twisted oaks and the views of those golden hills is something hard to describe. At first, it takes your breath away. And then, you feel an instant peace. As our vehicle travels along those same narrow and winding roads, each of us thinks; “Michael traveled these same roads countless times…” And arriving at the destination – seeing those brown double gates and the stone wall and the rose garden – you feel blessed; you feel awe; you feel like you’re home.

    Even without Michael there, there’s something about that place… It’s still magical… It still gives off that serenity that we know he loved up there… And it is the place where he was once happiest. He brought home his newborn children there… he created music that will live on through the ages there… and it will always remain a place where he gave so much love and care and provided so much joy for others without even being there! For a little while, the sick felt well… the stressed lived for the day… the dying forgot and had fun one more time…

    Selling this place feels wrong. I pray, as do so many fans, that a better solution can be found.

    Michael’s legacy is more than just his ART. It was also his HEART. And Neverland was that.

    Posted August 3, 2014 at 5:56 am | Permalink
  3. Katarzyna Pinkowska said . . .

    This place for me is porte and was for Michael too. We can there have big museum of Michael

    Posted August 3, 2014 at 11:07 am | Permalink
  4. Katarzyna Pinkowska said . . .

    Hotel in Neverland and zoo and magic place for tourest like Disney our Drayton Manor Park

    Posted August 3, 2014 at 11:09 am | Permalink
  5. Katarzyna Pinkowska said . . .

    Please don’t sell Neverland

    Posted August 3, 2014 at 11:12 am | Permalink
  6. Gilda Rosseline said . . .

    Neverlnad NO debe ser vendido jamás !!! Por favor hagamos algo !!
    Translation: “Neverland never be sold! Please do something!”

    Posted August 9, 2014 at 11:26 pm | Permalink

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