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Singing Earth’s song on Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day.

Singing Earth’s song is more urgent than ever.
If we don’t work together to make that change immediately, there will be no future for Earth.
It is that serious. It is that urgent.

1960s… Rachel Carson tried to warn us with “Silent Spring” in the sixties.
1970s… Green Peace tried to warn us in the seventies.
NASA’s Blue marble photo was released in 1972 and consciousness shifted from the human ego to the fragile and precious blue planet.
1980s… In the eighties, we saw the Earth Justice movement adding legislation to prevent smog, pollution and chemical disasters like the incident at Bhopal and the nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl.

1990s… And in 1995, Michael Jackson joined the chorus:

This is where we are now. We’ve had 60 years to fix it. Now it’s really broken.

We have to fix this NOW. Here’s the simple one minute cure:

Some ways you can sing along:


Charter for Compassion…
Pachamama Alliance…  See: “Awakening the Dreamer”
Green Peace…
Sierra Club…
Earth Justice
Animal Legal Defense Fund…
Union of Concerned Scientists…
World Wildlife Fund…
Humane Society…


Adding the “Sustainable World Coalition:
(Order the book- it’s a great resource)
Here’s another way you can help the planet: Help us create a more humane narrative (story)


The 3rd edition of “Words and Violence,” the first ever program dedicated to Michael Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer, founded in 2009 after Michael’s passing with contributions by fans and admirers, journalists and artists, released its 3rd edition August 29, 2013. The 3rd edition featured “Performance Arts as communicator and change agent.” It asks media, theater, film and television to “make that change” by closely examining their responsibility to the culture and to humanity in favor of its evolution, not devolution. It charges those who contribute to the performing arts to become stewards of a more humane narrative (story) on this planet.

Words and Violence features scores of contributors from all walks of life and this project examines bullying in all its incarnations from the playground to the tabloids to the mortuary.

The 4th edition, to be released August 29, 2014 will examine the bigger picture, in fact its focus is the biggest picture: How we “BULLY THE PLANET.”

If you would like to support the work of this body of work about bullying in all its forms that has grown to more than 600 pages of resources for 140 countries and is hosted at Voices Education Project, please make a generous donation. A donation made for “Earth Day” will go toward publishing a 40 page compendium of resources for schools, civic organizations, journalists and educators.

All Donations currently are being used to publish the “Words and Violence” Compendium, a project with more than 600 pages of resources about bullying with words– from the playground to the media. The Compendia will be shared with schools, childrens’ programs, educators and other supporters.

“Words and Violence” studies the impact of words when used as weapons to promote violence.

“Words and Violence” studies the impact of words and images when used as weapon or as healer. The work is dedicated to Michael Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer.


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