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Michael Jackson: The Autopsies Continue

Michael Jackson has been autopsied more than any other individual on the planet. They began to autopsy him while he was still alive. Psychological autopsies, in particular– and  always from people who never knew him or talked to him.

Every doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist and talking head has weighed in on this man from before he was accused of harming a child and incessantly afterward. Professionals have “diagnosed” him who never met or talked to him. Tabloids have dismembered every part of the man. Martin Bashir chopped up and cleverly edited footage in a mock-umentary of Jackson after gaining his trust. A meat market butcher would not have done a better job of slicing flesh from his bones, only Jackson was still alive for the incessant dissection.

He has been examined in every possible way in every aspect of his life. Even his genitals didn’t escape scrutiny by an overzealous D.A. known for skewed arrest records, harassing and bullying minorities in his region, who was reportedly vocal to his staff about his distaste for the “black” (via epithet) Jackson, and had a vendetta against the star. Sneddon wanted an examination of his groin as evidence citing that Jackson’s refusal would be introduced in court as evidence of his guilt. This examination was insisted upon by Sneddon despite an investigation by Child Protective Services found no impropriety and grand juries refused to indict Jackson for lack of evidence.

It’s five years after his death and voyeur opportunist vultures are still cutting him up. British TV just aired his “autopsy.” Not only was the program sensationalized but significant parts of it were blatantly inaccurate.

How do you feel about cutting people up and filming it for profit? How do you feel about mutilating a dead body for your viewing pleasure? Is this what “entertainment” has come to mean? And we don’t see this as depraved? As human depravity?

And they are still calling Michael Jackson “Jacko” which is a derogatory and racist term:


The etymology of Macaca: Mike Scherer

“According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “Jacko” dates back to the mid-1600s, as a Flemish approximation of the Bantu word for monkey in the Congo and southern Gabon. The word migrated north, taking on all the racist connotations that followed African colonization. By the early 1800s, Jacko Maccacco, a famous fighting monkey, could be found on display in Westminster Pit, a notorious London arena for dog fights.The word had entered the common vernacular, and it eventually became a racist shorthand for blacks.

Today, the word is used mainly by two groups of people: scientists studying African and Asian primates, and bullies looking to insult others for the color of their skin. An online dictionary of ethnic slurs lists “macaque” as a French and Belgian word for black North Africans. In the Oxford Spanish Dictionary, “macaco” and “macaca” carry the colloquial meaning of “little devil,” “Chinaman” and “ugly person.” Anthropologists who study Brazilian street slang have noted that the police will call the local kids “macaco,” or monkey, in reference to their African heritage.”

Michael disliked the moniker “Jacko” and spoke to Barbara Walters about it in an interview saying: Where did that come from? Some British tabloid. It’s Jackson. That’s not nice.” The British tabloid that coined “Wacko Jacko” is reputed to be Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World under Kelvin MacKenzie’s tutoring of Piers Morgan. It was picked up and commonly used by other media venues. It has been seen everywhere and is common in language and media still today.

It seems that the media is not aware that “Jacko” is not just a slur or epithet, it is a racist slur. “Jacko” refers to a monkey. It has always referred to monkeys. In the early 1800s, there was a fighting monkey called Jacco Macacco who was fought in the dog ring by his owners. He died after a match with a pit bull. His case was referred to when an advocate for animal rights held public forums and speeches to support legislation to outlaw this type of animal abuse.

“Jacko” also refers to a toy monkey that was popular in the 1950s. It was a wind up toy and in another form, a stuffed toy.

Jacko refers to a monkey no matter how you read it. “Ape,” “monkey,” “macaca,” “porch monkey” are all derivatives of the genus Cercopithecoidea or the family of primates– monkeys, which include Macaques and baboons.The origins of man through the science of evolution place our species close to apes and Chimpanzees in particular. Many people are of the opinion that blacks are direct decendents of monkeys and that blacks are of course, sub human.

Phillip Atiba Goff, Doctor of Social Psychology and professor at Stanford did a study of the attitudes of whites toward blacks and the association with monkeys. The study shows racism is still very much a part of our culture.

About the study:

Professor Goff:

To call Michael Jackson “wacko” reveals you as a bully. To call Michael Jackson “Jacko” reveals that you are a racist. Period.

This letter was from a teacher:

“My students showed me the book “Guinness World Records 2014” on page 115 under the section “Fastest 20 m Moonwalk” they describe how there was a contest and this man won for doing the fastest moonwalk. They use the word Jacko.”
My students showed me because they knew I liked Michael Jackson.  I quickly scribbled the word out and let them know that it was a word that had its roots in racism. I explained that the word use to be used for monkey and later in the US people used it as a racist wordI feel that we should e-mail or call Guinness and let them know that they are using a racist word and that children are reading their books. Let them know that it is an affront to all black people. We need to root out this word and it’s use, especially when it is used with Michael’s name or image.”Here is the link to contact the company.

The Guinness Records’ folks need to understand that it doesn’t “honor” someone to refer to them by a rude tabloid-invented nickname that is racist and that the honoree actually loathed and publicly said so.

The response from Guinness was telling: The respondent was told that the reference of “Jacko” to monkey or as a racist term was “preposterous.” (That’s pretty arrogant and inflammatory)

For a publication that prides itself on featuring current records or feats in culture, Guinness seems to be blissfully unaware of some of the darker cultural epithets and trends that not only refer to a racist past, but racism in the present culture. It’s not the calling out of racism and politically incorrect snafus, that’s disturbing, it’s the arrogance of ignorance and indifference to viewers’ values, ethics and sensitivities show by such a prominent publication.

Guinness actually defended itself by claiming to have had such a close and positive relationship with Jackson for decades. If they knew him so well and had such a close and positive relationship, why call him by a well-known racist moniker he hated? Maybe they didn’t know him as well as they like to claim?

The above cartoon is a direct reference to President Obama as was the “Macaca” (Macaque is a kind of monkey) comment by Senator George Allen. Comparing people of color to monkeys and other animals is a common ethnic slur used by white supremacists.


And when a British Television show decided to air an autopsy of Michael Jackson, I wrote a letter protesting the macabre practice and asking where was the decency and dignity? I said they were no better than a tabloid and requested that they cease and desist from a shameful and sickening episode of human depravity– airing Jackson’s autopsy for entertainment.

This most recent mock-umentary is more tabloid TV– leaving out “convenient” information, camera tactics that linger and sensationalize, dialogue that is inflammatory and ignoring evidence of Jackson’s non-compliance with medications he was prescribed. (Leaving pill bottles half empty) And uses actors to dramatize events with no evidence or basis in reality and with narration by a doctor with no first hand knowledge of the patient or his history. One wonders what kind of professional or ethical physician would sully himself with an affiliation with this kind of program?
Here is the arrogant reply I received:

“Your Reference: VA/Autopsy: Michael Jackson’s Last Hours/DT1/C12F (Please quote this reference in all further correspondence) 
Date:  17th January 2014
Dear Correspondent
Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding Autopsy: Michael Jackson’s Last Hours.
Channel 5 is sorry that you did not think that it was appropriate for this programme to be broadcast but hopes that now it has been transmitted you can agree that it was a factual documentary which dealt with the subject appropriately and fairly.
Michael Jackson, perhaps undeniably, is one of the great figures of popular culture in the western world. His death was tragic and unexpected. Given these incontrovertible facts, it was clearly in the public interest to explore the medical facts and to throw light on what might have caused his tragic early demise.You will have seen that the basis of the programme was two-fold: the facts which arose from the autopsy were revealed and examined and, secondly, Dr Shepherd provided his expert opinion about what those facts may have meant, given other facts from Mr Jackson’s life.

So, as the autopsy stated, Mr Jackson suffered from osteoarthritis and had significant damage to his lungs including multifocal fibrocollagenous scars, marked diffuse congesting and patchy haemorrhaging and marked respiratory bronchiolitis, histiocytic desquamation and multifocal chronic intersticial pneumenitis, plus three other lung conditions. On any view of it, this represented poor health in relation to Mr Jackson’s lungs. However, the programme made it clear that, apart from issues with his lungs, in general terms Mr Jackson’s health was quite good for his age.

In the programme, Dr Shepherd theorised about whether or not the cause of Michael Jackson’s lung damage was lupus. This was something he was entitled to do and his theory was backed up by medical and anecdotal evidence, all of which was clearly explained in the programme.

The question of Mr Jackson’s relationship with opiates or opioids is more difficult, but the programme was clear and scrupulously fair in dealing with this issue. It informed viewers about various testimonies on this point: Jason Pfeiffer, the office manager of Albert Klein described regularly admitting Michael Jackson to a Dermatologist for injections of Demerol; during his trial, Conrad Murray explained that he had been giving Mr Jackson propofol for sixty straight days; Mr Jackson’s body was found to contain three different types of benzodiazepans; and the criminal investigation found large quantities of these in his bedroom. The programme made no claim that opiates or opiods were found in Mr Jackson’s body.

However, it was not unfair for the programme to argue that the discovery of multiple benzodiazepans in his body, in conjunction with the many pill bottles also containing benzodizaepans in his bedroom (for intravenous and oral use) and his witnessed long term use of demerol and propofol suggested that Mr Jackson did, indeed, have a drug problem. This was extensively documented in the trial of Dr Conrad Murray.

Channel 5 believes that the broadcast of the programme was entirely in accordance with the Ofcom Broadcasting Code. Nevertheless, we are grateful to you for taking the time to contact us with your concerns and your comments have been noted for the attention of all relevant personnel.

Thank you for your interest in Channel 5.
Yours sincerely


It is an example of how low media has sunken for the sake of ratings. This won’t stop until you ask loudly and enough times for it to stop. And until you stop buying their products and supporting their sponsors.

You have to be diligent in letter writing and complaining and you have to be steadfast in this campaign over time. Our humanity depends on it; our inhumanity is showing.


  1. Nina Hamilton said . . .

    Dear Barbara,

    I too wrote to Channel 5 expressing my disgust and disquiet at them showing the mock autopsy, arguing the facts, and that was the same standard reply I received, as did many others. I have also emailed Guinness Book of Records and complained about the ‘racist slur’ against Michael Jackson as an ‘advocate to protect/support his good name, reputation and justice for him’.

    I copied that piece about Jacko Maccacco, the fighting monkey, and the history behind him. I referred to the ‘News Of The World’ being closed down after 164 years, and the current ‘phone hacking trials still on going at the Old Bailey in London; one ‘phone being Michael’s. Then I went on line and searched under ‘Jacko’, and was upset when a toy monkey called that appeared, and a photo of Michael with Bubbles! What can be done? It’s just horrible. Still, I made my voice heard and had my say. The drip drip of people’s opinions may, hopefully, wear the media down eventually one day. Thank you for weighing in and broadcasting this injustice.

    Posted February 6, 2014 at 11:38 pm | Permalink
  2. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    This is the response sent to me from Guinness Records to one advocate’s complaint about the use of “Jacko” in an entry in the 2014 edition. No fan of Michael Jackson’s uses the term “Jacko.”

    There was some regret but it’s been suggested they need a little more help to “get it.” And that perhaps the YouTube link of Michael talking about his feelings about “Jacko” might be sent to them.

    The point is, that if there are offensive words one might consider “archaic” but if they have roots in an offensive history, they should not be used. And they know his proper name.

    Here’s their response:
    “We regret any offence that might be taken by fans of Michael Jackson for the use of the word “Jacko” in the 2014. We of course meant no affront to Michael Jackson or his estate, and any suggestion that the word was used in reference to an archaic Flemsih/Baantu racial slur is preposterous. Michael Jackson and Guinness World Records enjoyed a close, respectful relationship for many years, right up until his death, prior to which we were working together on breaking records relating to his This Is It concerts. In future, however, we will be sensitive to his fans’ use of the sobriquet and refrain from using it.”

    I take exception to their calling a reference to monkey as a racial slur being “preposterous.” Obama was depicted in a cartoon as a monkey. It was absolutely racist.

    Posted February 7, 2014 at 3:19 am | Permalink
  3. gertrude said . . .

    Still writing letters, signing petitions etc. but the unavoidable consequences of thoughtfulness, patience, and unbridled kindness is what will cause the “ripple effect” that will change the course of history.

    The change “within” each of us – Michael’s greatest plea to humanity in my opinion – will, when deeply and profoundly enough made, infect the collective unconsciousness and these walls of racism, hatred, bullying, vicious psychopathic actions exhibited by the mega-corporations and on down the line to individual behaviour, WILL come a-tumbling down.

    “I really believe that”. And I really believe that THIS is my primary life purpose, of which Michael was a shining example for. I know with my heart and soul, that this is the answer – the change within – that this is what will heal the world. The total and truthful healing of ourselves.

    Posted February 7, 2014 at 7:03 pm | Permalink
  4. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    I absolutely believe that too, G. I have been saying (Titanism series) that very thing and that it is women who will bring that change to critical mass. It is women who are now in the middle years whom Jackson impacted most. It’s a sisterhood that needs cultivating. The antidote is compassion. Jackson was an amazing example of compassion in his entire life– sometimes to his detriment and consequences to his reputation.

    Activism and a movement is essential to make” that change”– to do both things- change from the inside out and from the outside in. We have to keep evolving ourselves spiritually while at the same time becoming educating activists. We have to live our values while challenging the world to examine its own. And you are correct– the quantum world and critical mass are not myths but realities. More to come soon on the collective consciousness.

    Keep shining. Someone will notice the light.

    Posted February 7, 2014 at 11:05 pm | Permalink
  5. gertrude said . . .

    Critical mass, baby! Oh yay – I love when you get into things like the collective unconscious.
    Doing what we can, from where we are, with what we’ve got.

    Posted February 8, 2014 at 1:28 am | Permalink
  6. MagUK said . . .

    Re the reply from Channel 5 : I have to say that I watched every minute of the Conrad Murray trial live ( I live in the UK so it was broadcast at 7pm).That trial proved beyond a doubt that at the time of his death, Michael did not have a “drug problem” as David puts it.

    There were many inaccuracies in the autopsy programme , and spurious opinions. Their choice of “expert” guests speaks for itself. The one suggestion that almost made me laugh (although there was nothing funny about it) was a comment about Michael’s lacklustre performances in TII rehearsal, which suddenly turned into brilliant performances after visiting Dr Klein and getting his shot of Demerol, which is a clinical version of heroin!!

    I reluctantly watched (didn’t want to give them ratings), The programme was what I expected , but I actually concluded that it was pretty lame.

    Do you know when it comes to Michael, there is one award he has never been given, and I say this with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek!! I always think he should have got an Oscar. He managed to convince millions of people around the world that he was a loving, caring, decent and wonderful human being ( not to mention the greatest entertainer ever). But the media knew better though.. they could rattle off crime after crime that he was guilty of… more crimes than any other human being ever !! They are still looking for new ones, and rehashing old ones to keep their created myth going. I think it’s called protesting too much. It’s wrong, it’s hurtful and should be illegal. Only the gullible will believe and they probably don’t care one way or another. Apathy prevails unfortunately.

    Posted February 8, 2014 at 6:13 pm | Permalink
  7. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Hi S, I wish you had expanded on who the “guests” were: a few shadowy characters in Michael Jackson’s life looking to cash in one last time before they forever fade into obscurity. And yes, people will believe it because they still think naïvely that the media doesn’t lie or that their information is fact-checked and truthful. That view is a holdover from the day when the media actually DID fact-check and tell the truth. Mainstream media has now gone the way of the tabloids and it’s all a ratings and profit game.

    I’m not sure that apathy prevails. I think misinformation and lack of education prevails. If the complete truth were revealed about how media manipulates the public, there would be an outrage.

    We saw outrage when Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp was revealed as hacking phones and listening to private conversations, planting bugs in sympathy flowers and cell phones– and News of the World (the worst of the tabloids) went down in the blink of an eye. When Edward Snowden revealed the scope of the U.S. government’s surveillance net, the world responded with outrage and is still reacting, protesting, and calling for controls, limits and oversights.

    Educating those who are unaware is the answer. Become an activist. Write letters. Make phone calls. Demand that Ofcom and the FCC do their jobs. Facebook and Tweet that lies are not free speech and misleading the public will have consequences. Always write to sponsors and tell them you will not buy their products when they support salacious programs like the autopsy. When enough people demand accountability, the tide will change. Jennifer Newsome’s campaign: “Miss Representation” is changing the world.

    The real and inexcusable apathy comes from fans who do nothing. From those who complain but don’t care to create change through education (to educate legitimately and in a way that will be heard, the voice must be professional, factual, as courteous as possible and non-emotional.) The truly inexcusable apathy comes in the form of fans complaining about the injustice while fighting and sniping at each other.

    Stay strong; this war on deception is worth fighting for.

    Posted February 8, 2014 at 6:56 pm | Permalink
  8. MagUK said . . .

    Hi Reverend Barbara.. thank you for responding to my comment. The guests were Ian Halperton, Jason Pfeiffer and I just can’t remember the name of the 3rd ( so frustrating).. and have tried to find it out but without success.

    I have been an “activist” for many years , not just iro Michael.. although I have to say that getting to know Michael so much better during the last 4+ years has inspired me to go that bit further and try that bit harder.

    As far as my use of the word “apathy” I do agree that education and correcting misinformation is so very important. However I have many aquaintances who are fully aware that they are being duped in many areas of life. Yet they have this “that’s the way it is.. what can you do about it?” attitude. Or they are too busy to even put their names to a petition.(Intelligence doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it)

    I also know that there are many more who are doing their damnedest (like yourself and other visitors here) to help right the wrongs of this world.. and I have “met” so many of them through Michael, and like him I will never give up. I know that we can make changes step by step. I always find your posts and words of wisdom so inspirational.

    Very best wishes to all who visit here


    Posted February 9, 2014 at 2:47 pm | Permalink
  9. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Yes Sue, many people who know and would do something if they felt it would have an impact are just simply… overwhelmed by the scope of the problems. The deception is so big that they don’t know what to do or where to begin. They become paralyzed by futility and despair. They need hope and coaxing and reassurance that EVERYTHING that is done in favor of the human race is important. Unless, of course, you all want to give up on us. (Sounds like you personally don’t.)

    Yes, Jason Pfeiffer was a part of that program. Pfeiffer has been trying to cash in on his acquaintance with Jackson since he died. Pfeiffer, who was an assistant to Dr. Klein even claimed to have a homosexual relationship with Michael (who was a heterosexual,) he cited sexual improprieties described in detail with Dr. Klein, was accused of theft taking money from Klein’s accounts. And Dr. Klein who made some outrageous claims himself is considered by most to be less than credible and that is the mild version.

    The show also featured James Desborough, “journalist” who was an editor with “News of the World”– the tabloid closed by Rupert Murdoch to appease the investigators who found evidence of phone hacking and bribing by its employees; Emma Kenney, “Psychologist,”– who is not a psychologist but a psychology graduate who is often misrepresented as a licensed counselor; Terry Harvey, music promoter “with close ties to the Jackson family” who has said “they are a dysfunctional family with everyone having their own agendas.”

    Not a credible bunch. In fact, the credibility of this cast or “experts” is seriously flawed. Why a network would air such a cobbled together group of miscreants certainly wasn’t for educational purposes as they claimed. And the dramatized sections were of a blurred Michael figure popping pills in the dark and walking down alleys in a cloak. Pure tabloid mythology. And no self-respecting physician would associate himself or herself with such a sham.

    And the beat goes on….

    Posted February 10, 2014 at 2:30 am | Permalink
  10. gertrude said . . .

    To just add to the conversation, I just came across this: “Quantum entanglement means that every action, thought, feeling and emotion is connected and can affect the whole in one manner or another.”
    which further suggests to me that if we focus on changing ourselves, and enough of us change enough of ourselves, activism will become unnecessary – one fine day! – as the whole will have been changed when enough of it’s parts have been.

    Posted February 13, 2014 at 1:43 am | Permalink
  11. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Indeed and Amen. What we need is “quantum entrainment.”See (search) the series on “holons.”

    Posted February 13, 2014 at 10:06 am | Permalink
  12. Susan M-S said . . .

    Re: the response of Channel 5 to Dr. Kaufmann’s complaint letter “Jason Pfeiffer, the office manager of Albert Klein described”

    They can’t even get Dr. Klein’s name correct. It is ARNOLD, not Albert.

    Posted February 16, 2014 at 2:45 am | Permalink

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