Inner Michael » The Daily Mail: the BEST NEWS in a long long time

The Daily Mail: the BEST NEWS in a long long time

The Daily Mail:

This is a quote from “Protest: The Daily Mail Hates Britain Page of Facebook:

So, the Daily Mail accused Ralph Miliband – a Jewish refugee who fled the Holocaust and proudly fought the Nazis – of “hating Britain”. The irony. This is a paper that once backed the Blackshirts and Adolf Hitler, whose genocidal regime posed arguably the greatest threat this country has faced in its entire existence.

But the truth is the Daily Mail hates Britain more than anyone. It hates its proudest institutions, like the BBC and the NHS, which the Tory Nigel Lawson once described as “the closest the English have to a religion.” It hates unemployed people and benefit claimants. It hates public sector workers, who range from dinner ladies to nurses – the pillars of our society. It hates trade unionists, who belong to Britain’s biggest democratic movement. It hates women generally. It hates Muslims. It hates disabled people. It hates LGBT people. It hates travellers. In its long, hateful past, it has spewed hate at Jews and gays.

It really is just one big inky fountain of hatred. But for too long we’ve ignored it, almost like an eccentric misguided relative, stuck in a bygone era, but largely harmless. In reality it is a poison in public life, bullying and blackmailing anyone and anything that gets in its way.

So let’s strike back. On Sunday, all the people hated by the Daily Mail – that’s pretty all of us – are going to turn up at their headquarters, loud and proud about who we are. If you’re a woman, a Muslim, LGBT, a nurse, a socialist, a trade union rep, disabled person or just someone who doesn’t like hatred being pumped into public life every day, turn up.

This is an upbeat, carnival-type protest, a statement of defiance against bigotry and hatred. So turn up in a good mood, with colourful banners, full of pride about who we all are.



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The Daily Mail has always been biased against Michael Jackson including calling the death of Evan Chandler the last victim of the “Michael Jackson curse.”

Is this the beginning of the end for tabloids? I hope so.

If you’re in Britain, please join the protest. If you’re in America you might want to plan your own sympathy protest. Since the tabloids are in every supermarket, any old grocery store will work. Just show up with your sign.

Or let them know of your solidarity in some way. It looks like so far there are 1200 people going.

I hope this continues…

Check out the Facebook Page: Protest: The Daily Mail Hates Britain

And this Facebook Page: The People’s Assembly

If you have any information, or a story about the protest or plans, email Inner Michael.

Keep the Faith!




  1. appleh said . . .

    It´s good to hear about this protest and the growing awareness of what damages the tabloids have done to society and a free and independent media ! The best and most impressive form of protest is to leave the tabloids in the supermarkt boards and don´t buy them any longer. This would be the fastest way to put them to an ugly history of “journalism”.

    Posted October 5, 2013 at 8:58 pm | Permalink
  2. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Agreed. And stand outside with a sign that explains why.

    Posted October 5, 2013 at 11:01 pm | Permalink
  3. Nina Hamilton said . . .

    I have read The Daily Mail occasionally but I won’t buy one now ever again. As for J. Randy Taraborrelli, I read a book of his after Michael Jackson died and his comments did seem to have a negative bias, and he was supposed to be a friend. I have heard bad things about him since, so his book has been disposed of. If I had lived in London I would have joined the protest. I will look out for any news and leave a comment on those Facebook Pages if possible.

    Posted October 6, 2013 at 8:37 pm | Permalink
  4. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    We would love it if you would update us as well, Nina. Thanks again.

    Posted October 7, 2013 at 1:16 am | Permalink
  5. Nina Hamilton said . . .

    This is a great day, Rev. Barbara. Today in the High Court in London, newspapers and magazine publishers LOST their legal bid challenge for a last minute injunction to stop the new proposed Royal Press Regulation Charter being approved. They also lost their bid for self-regulation in the UK. This is history as it is over 300 years since licensing of the Press was abandoned for freedom of the Press, in 1695!!!! However, Roger Alton of the Times newspaper said the deal would be resisted as politicians and lobbyists had ‘stitched them up’. Of course, the Times belongs to Rupert Murdoch! This is following on from the ‘phone hacking scandal row and the Leveson Inquiry. In addition, Rebekah Brookes,, ex News International chief executive, and Andy Coulson, ex-News of the World editor, have appeared in court with six others on trial for ‘phone hacking and offences committed in public office. The jury was sworn in yesterday. They have denied the charges. but three other NOTW journalists and a private detective, who hacked Milly Dower’s mobile phone, have pleaded ‘guilty’! I must say I am over the moon over this and so excited. THIS IS IT.

    Posted October 30, 2013 at 6:36 pm | Permalink
  6. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Thanks for the update Nina. Can you send a link to the story? Hear the cheering all the way from this side of the pond? ~B

    Posted October 30, 2013 at 9:51 pm | Permalink

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