Inner Michael » A Story from Aberjhani and a prelude to what’s coming- TODAY! Watch for a new annoucement coming later today…

A Story from Aberjhani and a prelude to what’s coming- TODAY!
Watch for a new annoucement coming later today…

A Life Celebrated, A King Remembered

 And a dream shared…

“And I thank you Rev. Kaufmann for maintaining this blessed space.

The dream I referred to was in fact oracular and visionary. Without going into all the details, I will say it involved me and several others engaging in an urban guerrilla fire-fight against shadowy entities/soldiers attempting to take over the city. At one point, my allies and I suddenly float upward and form a line across the city. Upon forming this line, webs of light shoot out from our bodies and form a kind of net over the city. It is what happened next in the dream and what happened years later in my life that made the vision so phenomenal.

HOWEVER, BECAUSE TODAY IS MICHAEL’S BIRTHDAY: If I may, I would like to share the first dream-vision I had of him which let me know that he was no longer just the immensely talented performer who had grown up the same time as I. He had evolved into a world presence of extraordinary social and spiritual consequence: Many years ago I dreamed that I saw MJ in the form of a constellation of stars in the night sky.  As I stared at the beauty of the stars that formed this constellation, they suddenly began to shrink and fell from the sky into an alley. I began spontaneously to pray when I saw Michael Jackson’s glowing human form on the ground.

After having this dream, I found out the next day that MJ had collapsed on stage (I believe in London) the night before, and had to be taken to a hospital. This event changed my awareness of him in a way that causes my pen to sometimes sing along with his voice.  Each time I tell myself I am unlikely to write anything else about him, I end up doing exactly that.  What can I say?

Peace and Blessings,

My answer:

I am going to share this further in a new post because of what day this is, and…
We are about to reveal something wonderful in this space today. The finishing touches are in progress as we speak.

What I will say to you is this: after Michael Jackson’s passing, I wrote a review of the film “This Is It” for a magazine. Someone shared it with a Michael Jackson fan club. The next thing I knew, I was getting emails from all over the world asking me to say more about what I wrote and to speak about him more. I answered each letter personally until they became so many that I couldn’t keep up. That is how Inner Michael was born and grew– quite organically, actually.

Fans and others began to write to me of their experiences in his passing from this world. Hundreds of very personal letters came from countries all over the world. Those were very tender and personal and I endeavored to answer every one. I sort of became the minister that fans came to and told their stories of grief and surprise. People who either never knew or liked Michael Jackson, or who lost track of him, suddenly began exploring his life and story. Most were stunned by what they discovered of him and all of them were reeling from the magnitude of grief they felt– for a man they never knew, never knew personally and had no direct connection to their lives.

I heard from all walks of life, from clergy, business people, doctors, attorneys, teachers, professors, journalists…. name any station in life. And I heard from Hollywood.

What I quickly recognized was that Mr. Jackson had, with his sudden and globally recognized passing, ignited a spiritual emergency that was both personal and universal in nature. It reminded me of Lady Diana’s passing and how people were grieving this loss around the world. And this spiritual emergency, ignited by a skinny little moonwalker was sweeping the globe. It had triggered existential crises in every person who wrote me. That prompted my own inquiry into: who was this man who had people weeping in the streets?

You might be surprised to know that you are not the only one afflicted and that many of those stories are similar to yours. Or maybe not.



Man Behind the Myth

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  1. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    Dear Barbara,

    How apt that Aberjhani would share his spectacular vision and dreams on this day, and that you would answer by taking us back to where it all began. Many dreams and visions later, most of us are still astounded and so very grateful for that day, despite the agony and to borrow your word “affliction” that it imposed. Then and now.

    You, Barbara, have never faltered, continuing to foster and nourish the innocence and legacy of the world’s “skinny little Moonwalker”.

    Regrets for myself? Clearly, we are not supposed to have any, but now and again the thought passes, “How on earth did I not tune into Michael’s light earlier”. It was always there, wasn’t it?” Just not ready, I guess.

    Happy day for the Jackson Family anyway. They will be uplifted by what they see and hear for sure. A big thank you to Aberjhani for his beautiful poem and prophetic dream. To you my very own Peace Prize. To Michael, a happy birthday and eternal gratitude for fulfilling his Mission to the world.

    Namaste to All.

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