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Tabloids: Modern Taliban? part I

The Michael Jackson fan community is outraged as yet one more old, already debunked and recycled story about harming children makes the headlines in Britain. That’s news to some people, which apparently was the intent of having it show up there– now. But Jackson fans and thoughtful people are not fooled. Questions are being asked about AEG since the public knows the Jackson family is suing his promoter (AEG) for his wrongful death.

AEG said prior to the trial and also in opening statements, that this trial is going to “get ugly.” That was a warning shot fired toward Katherine Jackson. Translation: “Stop this trial before it gets started or you’ll be sorry.”  Looks as if AEG is keeping their word because it’s getting ugly. Prior to this re-hashed and already disproved story’s release by a British tabloid, a “new accuser,” Wade Robson, came forward and appeared on the Today show claiming Jackson violated him. This is the same man who gave sworn testimony in the 2005 trial where Jackson was acquitted on all charges. For twenty years, this same person has gushed about what Michael Jackson meant to him. And now, suddenly remembers his abuse? Robson was, in fact, the star witness for the defense- headed up by Attorney Tom Mesereau. For the inside scoop and truth about the 2005 trial, instead of tabloid hype, see British Journalist Charles Thomson’s Huffington Post article “One of The Most Shameful Episode in Journalistic History” Better yet, Read Aphrodite Jones book: Michael Jackson Conspiracy.

Thomson recently wrote a piece about the new allegations as did Joe Vogel, Jackson music historian and lecturer at University of Rochester, New York  and author of Man in the Music, Sterling Publishers:

Michael Jackson, Delayed Allegations and Witch Hunts: Joe Vogel

The Mirror, the People and The Settlement that Never Was: Charles Tomson

The Mirror Publishes Another Fraudulent Story: A Pattern Emerges, Charles Thomson



Accuser Robson immediately relocated to Hawaii just after his “new memories” or “new feelings” or whatever term he is using now, after his first story about “repressed memories” collapsed under public scrutiny. Professionals questioned the validity of “repressed memories,” the term used by Robson’s own attorney, uncovered with the help of a “therapist.” Suddenly the story changed and Robson didn’t “recover” the memories, he kept them secret. He kept them secret until Michael Jackson was no longer here and the estate grew from major debt to net worth of a billion dollars. Then Robson made no claims publicly other than to parrot the words of Matt Lauer’s question back to him. Author and body language Craig Baxter debunked Robson’s claim as incongruent with body language as did a psychologist who stated his behavior was inconsistent with a survivor.

Add to those suspicions, Robson’s snub by the estate as producer of Michael Jackson: Immortal Cirque du Soleil touring show and Michael Jackson: One permanent Cirque show at Mandalay Bay as motivation for a claim and the smear against Jackson. Robson was snubbed and overlooked in favor of Jamie King as creative director. He is observed gushing about his upcoming involvement with the show in a Youtube clip and fans wonder if that snub was motivation for extracting a pound of flesh from Jackson’s estate managers.

The most disparaging thing I can think of regarding human nature is that one person’s little ego with an axe to grind can destroy a career, a reputation, a life. In the 1993 extortion case, Evan Chandler wanted Jackson to bankroll his career as a screenplay writer and he wanted to become a partner in an entertainment venture. Jackson refused. So Chandler saw an attorney, talked with a psychiatrist and leveled charges against Jackson for inappropriate sexual conduct with his son. But not before he was recorded threatening that if he didn’t get his way, everybody would be destroyed by a mean and vicious lawyer hungry for publicity. His “take no prisoners” rant included a threat that Jackson would never sell or make another record. Evan Chandler, it turns out, had Biploar mental illness which leads to outrageous out-of-control behavior and psychosis. Chandler took his own life shortly after Jackson’s death.

Meanwhile, Michael Jackson’s life and career were irreparably harmed. The moment those charges were leveled, legitimate or not, Michael Jackson became an immediate embarrassment and liability to Sony staining their reputation as they were attempting to brand themselves as the pride of Japan in a post-war attempt to “save face” for a nation broken and defeated by allied forces. Japan had destroyed its own reputation and the corporate Sony saw itself as Japan’s hope of reclamation and its savior and path back to national solidarity and pride.

It didn’t matter to Chandler that Jackson’s lyrics and work was a message of unification and global stewardship for children, the planet and the human race itself. It didn’t matter to Chandler that Jackson was a kind of cult hero to millions of youngsters growing up in the ghettos while struggling with nihilism. Jackson was someone children looked up to and he was a global champion for their wellness and youth causes.

None of those things mattered to the Arvizo’s either revealed in court as grifters with a history of opportunism and deceit; or to Martin Bashir whose “documentary” bore no resemblance to Michael Jackson as revealed by simultaneous filming by his own staff and who stated after Jackson’s death that he saw no impropriety in Jackson’s relationships with young people; or Diane Dimond, Jackson stalker and “reporter” who favors deviant sex and sexual crimes for material; or the National Enquirer; or Rupert Murdoch and his Fleet Street henchmen; or to Piers Morgan, tabloid editor; or to tabloid Television like “A Current Affair” or “Hard Copy.”

Nobody ever considered what the world was losing, what children were losing, as Jackson was being vilified in the press. Nobody looked at the long term consequences to hamstringing a champion of humanity or the message in his work. None of the former employees who were dismissed for theft or were distrusted because of their own questionable behavior and then summarily dismissed, considered what their retaliation by selling made up stories to the tabloids did to slow the progress of human evolution.

What might have been if Nelson Mandela had not been in jail all those years? Jackson, he said, was his inspiration to keep himself alive in those conditions. What might Lady Diana have accomplished had she not been killed being chased by paparazzi that night in Paris? She was an advocate for children, for the removal of land mines, for peace. What did the world not receive because of her absence? Indeed what might have been if Jackson had not become a target for those willing to peddle salacious smut and filth for profit? The world will never know what these people might have gifted the world if little egos had not run amok.

And now comes Robson with his singular little ego in a money grab. Apparently Robson didn’t factor in Jackson’s teen children. Or didn’t consider that Paris Jackson would attempt suicide after his claim and after being bullied by classmates about her father and her father’s “reputation” as a child molester.

There is a center within the human being that is magnanimous, that shines and demonstrates the highest and finest expression of what it means to be human. That center is what you see when people behave selflessly, heroically, and in the best interest of others or of all humanity rather than from the self interest of the little ego. Those are the humans who pull someone from a burning car, who pile their trucks full of bottled water and race to a natural disaster zone with no thought of themselves but only helping their fellow man. Those are the people who when snubbed or discounted, or dismissed or marginalized in some way STOP TO THINK what impact their actions might have if they strike out or act in anger. They look at the bigger picture and they imagine the worst case scenario and the consequences of their actions BEFORE they allow the ego free rein. They weigh their little ego against the betterment of human kind, the benefits to the planet, the advancement of the species, and they examine the event as a mirror reflecting something back that needs scrutiny and self-reflection.

Mandela, Jackson, Lady Diana, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, the Kennedys… and many other modern day teachers, cultural profits and healers all were inspired by something larger than themselves. They didn’t live from the little human ego; they lived from the heart and gave from the soul. They were guided not by the little ego but by the vastness within that each human carries but few employ. People who push humanity forward or cause it to examine itself serve the whole race; how many times are they brought down by one person acting from the little ego, the shadow within?

Like sharks smelling blood in the water when someone is vulnerable, then come the shadow peddlers, people who make their living exploring, wallowing in, and regurgitating the dark side of human nature– “Throwing stones to hide your hands.”  They not only hide from their own shadow but they deny it so well that they project it onto others. They are those who peddle fear, loathing, jealousy, envy, and use public forums to spill their accumulated sludge. And some consume it unwittingly without understanding the consequence of ingesting all that dark and sexually charged content and how unhealthy it is. Some peddlers don’t even know they are bullies. They are incapable of self-reflection. They peddle darkness because it deflects and brings relief from their own darkness and makes them feel better about themselves.

It’s sad, really and one might almost pity them but for the damage they do to the collective consciousness. Some are unawares of what they do and still others are aware and make heroic efforts to cover up their past treachery. It is those who have the most to lose should the true Michael Jackson story ever emerge. They are busy covering up past sins by creating or supporting any shadow cast in the direction of his legend now that Jackson himself is not here. It’s not a mission to destroy or to make money off him as they did when he was alive and vulnerable, but to kick the corpse and make sure first that he is dead and then, that the lies continue to permeate the culture so they (and their little egos) can stay safe and keep their treachery from ever being exposed. They continue to trash his legacy to protect their own; they need not worry, the truth will emerge and their own legacy will be destroyed– if not now, then after their passing. Their children will have no choice but to live with it just as Jackson’s children have to live with what was done to harm their father. It’s a perfect irony.

Not to be left out of the Michael Jackson frenzy nor miss another opportunity to wade into some sexually charged “material” to “report,” all to deflect from her own interests and lifelong stalking and tabloid coverage of Jackson, Diane Dimond couldn’t resist Jackson yet again. A tabloid-trained reporter for TV and print, she wrote her own pieces about the stories at the Daily Beast where she confirmed the accusations and accuser as potentially credible and did a complete turnabout in a story carried by CNN that challenged the veracity of the stories, she contradicted her own previously published stories at the Daily Beast: “CNN Tabloid Report on Michael Jackson FBI Files Questioned”

Why all the suspicion of deception?

Robson was a 20 year supporter of Jackson. Dimond is tabloid trained and authored a salacious book about Jackson that she still attempts to hawk with every byline. Jackson recognized Robson’s talent as he did so many other child protégés. He in fact, mentored many youth in the arts in which they showed extraordinary savvy. He did that throughout his career. In fact, his latest mentee was Shaheen Jafargholi who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. When Jackson recognized his rare talent, he invited Shaheen to perform on stage with him during what was to be Jackson’s comeback “This Is It” now chronicled in a movie by the same name. Instead, Shaheen performed at his funeral. There were many young boys that Jackson befriended. And girls. He was after all, a child star himself and who better to know the pitfalls and demands of childhood stardom? Who better to mentor and caution? He often bankrolled the particularly talented because as a child prodigy himself, he recognized genius in others. A gifted one can recognize another. Robson was one of them. In fact, Jackson apparently moved Robson’s family from Australia to the U.S. and got Robson his start in the entertainment industry.

The already discredited story was published on the opening day of Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson One show. So let me see if we’ve got this right..

AEG trial begins and it begins to look bad for AEG, accused of having a hand in the wrongful death of Jackson.
Robson, a frequent AEG employee rolls over and makes an accusation about a deceased Michael Jackson.
Paris Jackson attempts suicide and is hospitalized.
Tabloids run stories about “Michael Jackson’s troubled daughter.”
AEG begins to look more and more shady as Prince Jackson testifies about manhandling by AEG officials.
Sunday People tabloid runs a story debunked decades before about secret FBI files with accusations about Jackson harming children.
Sunday People is owned by The Mirror whose advertising budget is heavily sponsored by AEG.


And to further insult the intelligence (if any) of  TMZ’s audience, they “amended” information about Robson’s supposed “breakdown” caused by his memories of Jackson, because the dates didn’t match. Wasn’t that what Tom Sneddon, Santa Barbara District Attoreny did when the “molestation” dates cited  by the Arvizo boy’s father didn’t match the “Living With Michael Jackson” Martin Bashir documentary? Sneddon moved the dates so that the offense occurred AFTER the documentary and ensuing firestorm of criticism occurred? The timeline wouldn’t work so it was amended. Robson’s claims were amended from “repressed memories?” to “brainwashing” and the dates were changed because it was discovered that Robson was still exuberantly gushing about Michael Jackson and anticipated being part of crafting his memorial shows with Cirque du Soleil. His initial claim cited the wrong time to bolster his accusation and “despondency” and the “mental breakdown” suffered over his uncovered “abuse.” Curiously this action follows a downswing in his popularity and ability to get work. His failed MTV show “Wade Robson Project” lasted one season and he was a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance?” for three seasons before being replaced.

Robson follows the tradition of others who want to illegitimately reach into deep pockets. Mary Fischer writes about the Chandler case in 1993 and cites that an unethical attorney can file hundreds of “deep pockets” cases. It’s worth looking at the violation of civil rights when a person is vilified by the media and the presumption of innocence is ignored as it was in the Jackson cases.

Mary Fischer GQ: Was Michael Jackson Framed?

Another thing Robson didn’t factor in to his decision was one that an art and literature historian reminded me is hidden in Dante’s Inferno. Dante Alighieri –usually referred to as “Dante”—wrote the Divine Comedy, of which the Inferno is the first part.  Virgil, the ancient Roman poet—who was much admired in the Middle Ages—is a major character in the Inferno, Dante’s guide. The tome holds a blueprint to Hell. In the blueprint, there are nine circles reserved for arrivals to Hell depending on the egregiousness of their sin. The most egregious sin for hell-comers is the betrayal of a benefactor, which will land the offender in the most painful place in hell or the innermost circle. Betrayal of a generous and beloved mentor elicits a special punishment– the center of hell. It’s not a more furious fire; it’s eternity locked in ice.

Suspicions being raised are a good thing. While it’s not complete vindication, we’ll take it. Why? Because truth has a life of its own. It haunts, it pushes, it beckons. It has a blessed unrest. There is a restlessness. People are starting to question. They are starting to ask the right questions. In death, it seems they are not so quick to pummel as they are in life although if there were truly respect for the dead and sanctity of the mortuary, we wouldn’t be having such a morbid conversation.

People are beginning to notice “coincidences” like the accusations coming in the middle of the AEG-Jackson wrongful death trial. They are beginning to notice that the re-hashed story came at a crucial point in the trial when Jackson’s son testified to the rough treatment of his father and his father’s physician by an AEG official.

People are beginning to understand big money and how it operates in the world and what it can buy. Many believe it bought Robson. And rebuttals to the old “FBI files” rumored story are revealing the treachery of the tabloid Taliban. And people who have never been interested in Michael Jackson before or who had opinions are second guessing that opinion and how and where it might have been formed.

Nobody likes to be lied to. Nobody likes to be called a fool, even by implication. Sometimes all it takes is reasonable doubt. The treachery is becoming more obvious to the discerning. It’s leaving them cold. That doubt now? Well, it’s more than reasonable. It’s icy.



  1. gertrude said . . .

    don’t believe in “hell” per se, but Robson will surely be in a hell of his own making when he returns to the other side and judges himself much more harshly than “the Entities” will, or than Michael will, or than even we will. there in lies our hell, facing OURSELVES.

    Posted July 19, 2013 at 7:50 pm | Permalink
  2. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Indeed. Facing ourselves. I too think we make hell here and “there” isn’t there. That reference wasn’t meant literally.Just a reference from the poet Virgil who claims to have visited. And of course, Dante. It’s about the worst of sins against another being betrayal of a benefactor.

    Posted July 20, 2013 at 2:58 am | Permalink
  3. gertrude said . . .

    check. loved the wordsmithing though – “an eternity locked in ice”. Oh the regret …

    Posted July 20, 2013 at 5:45 pm | Permalink
  4. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    It’s icy.

    Posted July 20, 2013 at 7:33 pm | Permalink
  5. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    At least we can console ourselves with the fact that Michael’s latest hit-man will never be lonely, wherever his journey lands him. And it is easy to recognise that the position he has willingly put himself in, is going to bring about full realisation of what Michael suffered throughout most of his life. Because he will experience it for himself.

    It was pleasing to learn that it was his own attorney that spoke about “repressed memories”, plus the scrambling since to make the story fit the fact. Incoherent rage sounds very plausible. The non-existent “FBI files” was enough to set that in motion.

    To anyone who is aware or interested in numerology, the “True FBI Files” held a clue to Unity and Truth,of copious amount of pages it contained, they chose to release 333 of them.
    Namaste to All,

    Posted July 21, 2013 at 11:09 pm | Permalink
  6. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Whoa, 333- triple trinity!

    I am not so sure about never being lonely. Yes, lonely in the sense of he will have the company of corruption and others seduced also by it to betray Jackson and who must live with themselves. Many don’t realize that deception corrupts and eats its vessel from the inside out– with illness and misfortune whether that vessel is aware or not– it’s toxic. Healthy cells cannot support health bathed in that kind of contaminated environment. Self loathing is not always conscious but the soul weighs itself in life as well as after death. So, I am afraid that you are right about Mr. Robson now being haunted by his own corruption. It will follow him to his grave.

    But I think he may be lonely in every other sense. Who now will love or admire a corrupt being? Only other corrupted beings. Who now would hire someone who would betray his benefactor this way? Four years after his death? Or hire a man who does a sudden drastic and dark turn around after gushing about his mentor for decades, even testifying on his behalf and creating memorials to his “friend?” What producer could trust such a man? A man whose sudden realization potentially may have been the reason for sending a teenager grieving the loss of her only parent–a beloved father, over the edge and want to end her own life? A man who publicly admits to a “breakdown?” And the revelation brought on after the estate of that deceased (and not able to defend himself) benefactor’s bank account goes from red to black and is counted in billions? A man who files a claim after the fact in an “oh, by the way..” manner at precisely the moment the deceased family is embroiled in a lawsuit by Robson’s employer, a family accosted from every direction while in a battle to reveal the truth about the suspicious death of their loved one? That one loved by millions across the globe?

    What a devastating choice that was made! What a sad ending to a sterling career life. What a sad life now… one wonders if the shadow took hold and motivated self destruction. If the little ego resented someone else being chosen to represent Michael Jackson in a tribute show? Did a big ego suddenly become little and invite the shadow in? Was that snub the catalyst? was the statement “I am not going away with this” a direct (veiled) threat to the estate because someone else was chosen over him? It sounded like a threat when I heard it.

    A rising star mentored by the most famous and beloved man on the planet… it’s too painful to comprehend the why. And I’m sure he was coached and coaxed to tell his story by someone. But whom? Someone who didn’t consider the consequences? Or someone who did and calculated incorrectly?

    The most haunting consideration: Was he paid to flip loyalties or was he coerced? I hope paid. Because the other alternative is too awful to consider. No, for Mr. Robson, they will never weep in the streets.

    Posted July 22, 2013 at 12:04 am | Permalink
  7. Gennie said . . .

    I hope you are right, Barbara. I hope that by rolling out this plot, whoever is behind the curtain will unwillingly create more doubt about the entire “molestation circus” than actually hurt Michael’s legacy.

    Maybe the others weren’t this obvious to detached viewer or a wannabe “objective” TV anchor. There is obviously a different reaction to Wade than to ther accusers and much more skepticism about his story. Maybe in this case what it takes to show who is who here, is for them to actually hit rock-bottom and be exposed by the ridiculousness of their own claims.

    The Arvizo case could have accoplished that, but nobody except a very few were interested in exposing them! The media would much rather drool over MJ’s porn collection, than look at who was really the criminal in that case. Can we even imagine the difference it would make if all that media army in Santa Maria would devote all that energy to just reporting the facts and directing their outrage where it really belonged?

    Posted July 23, 2013 at 9:20 pm | Permalink
  8. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    The whole reason this became so easy to bully him the way the media did is because his reputation was “softened up” by the tabloid treatment of Jackson. Tabloids, over time, systematically dehumanize their targets precisely for this reason– to make it easier and to not offend the public so much. People were primed to be outraged. Name calling, adjectives and guilt by public opinion came easy because he had already been called “weird,” “bizarre,” “Wacko,” and a “freak.” The mainstream media copied the pattern. They didn’t want to lose out on the revenues.

    Posted July 23, 2013 at 9:55 pm | Permalink
  9. Charlene Burgess said . . .

    Excellent piece, Barbara! Your work here has given expression to the outrage that so many are feeling during these times of desperate measures by all those ugly shadow people with the little egos that taunted Michael for much of his life, and continue to do so even now. Or at least they’re trying.

    The hope that I see rising from the ashes of this decades-long roast is that I believe the Truth is becoming glaringly obvious to anyone with even a smidgen of a conscience. The immense disrespect that has been shown toward some of our most gifted, noble, courageous, humble and selfless public figures is coming more and more into the spotlight and is commanding the world to notice! The darkness is losing power, thank God! But this story isn’t finished yet. I wonder how much longer Michael’s character must be assassinated before it stops. I pray that I will live to see that day.

    This piece you’ve written has brought together in one place many of the most intelligent and accurately written resources there are to be found on what really happened to Michael Jackson. Along with your brilliant explanations of shadow and ego and motive and threads connecting those in dark places and pieces that don’t fit when one changes them to try and make them fit, this is a wonderful comprehensive collection of Truth for anyone who might need a little more convincing.

    Thank you for continuing to do what you do. Sometimes I wonder what gives you the strength to carry on with this mission, and I also wonder… Did you know 4 years ago that it would get this deep?

    Posted July 24, 2013 at 7:39 am | Permalink
  10. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    It’s all for LOVE. After ordination and some months prior to Michael Jackson passing I had travelled from Wisconsin to Oklahoma to do advanced work at Sancta Sophia Seminary which was the only place offering education in Spiritual Emergency. I knew it would be needed and I felt an urgency and call to the study. Spiritual Emergency is one of the ways humans “wake up” from the dream. A human heart shattered forgets the ego, becomes more real, and in its vulnerability asks the existential questions that reveal the authentic self. It invites growth, expansion and evolution, often reveals life mission, and dissolves the illusion of separation and creates community. It is the archetypal wounded warrior path to enlightenment.

    So yes, a part of me knew and I trusted. I just didn’t know how or who. I knew the depth; what I didn’t know was the scope.

    Posted July 24, 2013 at 12:25 pm | Permalink
  11. Kim said . . .

    Thank you for this wonderful series Rev. Barbara. My eyes open wider every day as I learn more of the truth. As hard as it is to watch, I am very grateful that we all have the opportunity to bear witness to the revelation of the truth and to understand the shadow that precipitated the series of events that caused so much heartache for Michael.

    Having this understanding helps to open our hearts wider so that we can no longer ignore what is happening even for just a moment. To bear witness and open one’s heart helps to build a solid foundation for the work that we all need to do in order to change the narrative of this planet.

    Perhaps one day, the tears will not be so many. Tears must be shed to help cleanse the pain and when we cleanse the pain, we open up ourselves for more light. When we let more light in, the shadow will diminish. This is what I pray for every day. I look forward to the next article in this series. Thank you and Namaste!

    Posted August 24, 2013 at 5:15 am | Permalink
  12. Kim said . . .

    By the way, according to Doreen Virtue’s book Angel Numbers 101, 333 indicates that the Ascended Masters are around. I thought that was interesting.

    Posted August 24, 2013 at 5:21 am | Permalink

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