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What is not being said is screaming.

Body language is not considered an exact science but then neither is medicine. I contacted Craig James Baxter as I am sure many others did to see what he might say about the Wade Robson interview with Matt Lauer. Here is what he sent to Inner Michael:


I had read Baxter’s book “What Michael Jackson’s Body Language Told the World;” Craig James Baxter (c) 2012 and found his work to be thorough.

I have been blessed or cursed (depending on how you look at it) with a mind that becomes fascinated and compels me to explore the subject that has caught my fancy. My fascination took a kind of body-mind-spirit and beyond journey. So as a kind of “jack-of-all-trades and master of none,” I offer some things learned along the way, not as an expert but as a practitioner.

One of the things I became fascinated with was non-verbal communication of human beings and animals. I studied non-verbal communmication enough to teach a course at the local technical college and incorporate it into the volunteer work I did with a grant to work with jail inmates putting them through a two week course on self esteem development and job search skills. One way to use this non-verbal language is to be able to analyze the type of personality of a person you are interviewing with by the the non-verbal cues like desk and furniture placement. That gives an interviewee clues about what the interviewer values most and the “language” that interviewer speaks. The diagrams were included in a textbook on job search, so I am not unfamiliar with the science of non-verbal communication.

About 4 years ago I began to study the impact of words and that work has become a program and body of work at Voices Education Project that examines words and their impact.

My paid work and experience as a psychicatric nurse and director of a halfway house where residents had dual diagnoses, the primary being mental illness, brought me into contact with “repressed memories,” so called “Satanic Ritual Abuse” child abuse, sexual violation, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) then called “Multiple Personality Disorder.” I was very familiar with the McMartin Preschool case and the case of “Sybil” who suffered from DID.

In those years, there were therapists who were “helping” clients to recover memories that were either repressed because they were too painful to remember or they were leading the client to a conclusion the therapist had already reached. People were inaccurately diagnosed with DID, were led to believe they were victims of Satanic cults, and memories were planted by therapists using suggestive language. There were also those who scoffed at DID and found the diagnosis laughable. I encountered both- someone who was diagnosed who was Borderline Personality instead and a person who was laughed off as a crackpot for her “multiple personalities.” She was a multiple; her eyes changed color when she switched. So all things are possible.

It is also true that when one is a parent, the PTSD and vigilance increases. And often when the child reaches the age where the parent was abused, the memory details surface. Robson’s child is only a couple of years old. It’s all curious how this is unfolding. What is obvious is evidence of therapy.

What struck me in Robson’s interview and commentaries was the languaging. “My truth” is therapist speak– as therapists and support groups encourage survivors to tell their story. The theory behind that is that like a boil, the wound must be lanced and splayed open to the air to heal. The mental health community talks a lot about “telling your story” and “breaking the silence.”

He also says he didn’t understand until recently that he was being abused. Kids who are abused know from the first inappropriate encounter that it is abuse, that it’s creepy. Someone has coached Wade Robson because of the languaging of his statements. Either a therapist has led him in the guise of probing, or he has read about sexual abuse likely from “The Courage to Heal” which is considered the premier book for sexual abuse victims that comes with a workbook.

He denies that it was repressed memory. He says he “was psychologically and emotionally unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.” That means somebody has pointed out to him that he was sexually abused. And he has spoken about “getting educated about what child sexual abuse is.” So yes, he’s been educated.

Either way Wade Robson is a victim. It’s very, very sad because by the time this is over, the damage, as usual, will be done and yes, real human beings will have been harmed in the making of this sad and continuing saga. We are all victims.

It’s chilling. Human history will record this era as a very dark time of corruption and exploitation. It may also record it as a tipping point. Therein lies the hope.


  1. Greet Boete Belgium said . . .

    “That means somebody has pointed out to him that he was sexually abused. And he has spoken about “getting educated about what child sexual abuse is.” So yes, he’s been educated.”

    Exactly that caught my attention too. Especially this makes it hard for me to believe him. I try to look at him without focusing on the person he accuses (MJ). And I am sorry for him, it will ruin his life whatever the outcome is. Whatever happened to him, he made a terrible mistake in how he handled it (so far). Thank you for the links.

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  2. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    One cannot even begin to estimate the collateral damage beginning with an elderly besieged grieving mother and young impressionable children who deserve a just world that cares about children; that takes their wellbeing into consideration in all things. Don’t you think they would like to believe the world is a caring place that embraces people especially when they are wounded? Michael would have taught them magic. No matter what was done to him, he still believed in people and he imparted that to everyone around him. I hope his family can hang on to the goodness and beauty too while in the darkness. Yes, I imagine Robson’s career is well on its way to being over. WMD (weapons of mass destruction) are not just for wars anymore. We are all downwind here.

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  3. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    It is pivotal,isn’t it? The fact that twitter fans have joined in with
    Majorlove prayer looks like the beginning of solidarity within the ranks. Like all of us, the toll it must be taking on his family is a constant in my thoughts. But we are armed with LOVE and as such have the tools to counteract any dark situation. We only have to send it with pure thoughts for all concerned.I believe that to be our destiny.
    Love to all,

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  4. Poca said . . .

    I believe what we are dealing with is “evil vs good”. The same day that an article came out stating that Kenny started crying when Michael told him that God was talking to him but he did not know why, the molestation accusation article came out as well. I am on the dead man’s side but praying for the victim as well, because the bible says, the good will win at the end. When Princess Diana and John Paul the II died, it effected so many people because they were good people. When Michael passed away it affected so many more than they did. Michael had a special connection with God and when he died that energy was released and everyone felt it. This can only happen if you were truly a good people, not someone that the media is now portraying as a child molester, just in time when the family is facing trial against a big corporation.

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  5. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    What you are describing is Manichaeism which is the belief and doctrine that there is a cosmic war of good against evil. When I talk about “duality” I am not speaking of Manichaeism, I am speaking of the world (primarily of the mind) that separates and thinks one is separate from divinity or God. None of us is separate. We all have that divinity within. In some it is awakened, even developed and in some it is not. It is a matter of “forgetting” who we really are. There are those who believe in this cosmic war and that good and evil are real forces at work in the world. For me, evil is forgetting who you are and not remembering that you are LOVE and you are LOVED. So, the war is within. It appears to play out in the world because it is our projection. The world only exists in our minds and it may or may not be an accurate representation of what IS. To truly know what IS, one must not project or have judgment because that is your mind messing with what IS. Reality is only what you concieve it to be in your mind. So which mind has the real reality?

    Good people do bad things because they forget who they are. They flail and grab in desperation for things not theirs or they haven’t earned because they don’t believe enough in themselves or that they are loved and will be provided for. There is a kind of universal or cosmic rule called “resistance.” Just when there is about to be a spiritual leap, an improvement or an evolutionary advancement, humans sabotage it. In this case nobody wants to confront the fruth of how this man was treated. And just as there is about to be some evolutionary progress for the human race, the resistance comes up. You can play with it in your own life. Decide to take a big leap of faith, take a huge risk toward your personal growth, enter a dark night of the soul to deepen your inner landscape, or have a new concept that represents forward motion or advancement in your life and watch the resistance come up. And watch it try to stop your forward progress.

    Everyone is playing out their roles in the grand scheme. Even those who appear evil or who use evil to feed that ego and the black hole of emptiness (separation.) They are forgetting. I find it quite metaphorical and ironic that Robson was “amnestic” in remembering– about Michael.

    Michael, in his work was trying to get us to remember. The article you speak of that referenced Michael experiencing God speaking to him may be a distortion by the writer to make the story more “sexy” and Michael more “weird” to fit the caricature meme. My understanding of what Kenny said was that he was concerened about Michael not eating well or sleeping. Michael had confided to him that he was working on his new album. It was inspired work of course, and Michael always attributed his gift for art to God. The conversation, as I understood it was that Kenny asked Michael if he could ask God to postpone the download until Michael could be set up with his own studio inhouse in London. Michael’s reply was a kind of “god doesn’t wait for anybody” reply. Inspired artists and scientists and genius types have been known to get so deep into their work that they forget to eat, sleep, bathe, and all the “ordinary” things that human creatures do. What Michael reportedly said to Kenny was that no, he couldn’t postpone it because god might give it to someone else– like Prince, for example.

    What Michael was referring to is that flow or being in the zone that every artist knows. There is a fear that if you turn off the faucet even momentarily to care for bodily needs, the flow will stop. Imagine Mozart or DaVinci, Rembrandt or Louis Pasteur for that matter, saying to the source of their inspiration, discovery and knowledge– “Hey, I need to get catch a bite and get some sleep; would you mind coming back in the morning?” Or can you picture them, lamps lit “burning the midnight oil?” The creative flow didn’t stop at the twentieth century or even the twenty first. Modern artists, geniuses, proteges, writers, musicians and songwriters all know that flow and none wants to risk turning it off or tempt fate by risking a postponement.

    We historically execute people for heresy (hang, crucify or burn them at the stake) for claiming to talk to god or have his ear. Remember Joan of Arc? Why is it that Neale Donald Walsch can have “Conversations with God” but when Michael Jackson has them, it’s “crazy?” Mother Theresa had them too. We don’t call her “Wacko Mamo.” That is the duality at work and the prevailing thought that religious indoctrination has planted in the cultural collective consciousness: if you are separate from God and not worthy, why would He bother talking to you? How dare you claim so! In actuality He talks to us every day. It’s not His fault we don’t listen.

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  6. victoria said . . .

    For me, the real genius and power of Michael was that he recognized the Force within from the very beginning. He KNEW he was LOVE and with that knowledge he lived his life in the zone, or coherent. He was aware of the Divine in all things. True artists know no bounds and sometimes, over their lifetime, the vessel they inhabit is unable to actually handle the flow, they are unable to upgrade their own wiring to truly handle the energetic conduit they have become. Barbara, I too have often wished that Michael had found a trusted shaman to help shepherd his incredible energy and connections.

    It has been my own personal experience that In especially creative periods I too have found it difficult to sleep, concentrate, eat – the mundane becomes so unimportant. Even survival takes a back seat. I believe that now we must all contribute to the critical mass by taking the time to meditate and send out LOVE collectively. Thank you for including Craig Baxter’s dissection of the interview. It was extremely informative and revealing. Presently, I do not understand its purpose other than to destroy innocence.

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  7. gertrude said . . .

    it has come out in testimony at the AEG trial that in his last days Michael was repeatedly saying to Kenny Ortega and one of his assistants that “God keeps talking to me”, and that Ortega and this assistant were in tears at what was happening to Michael. It has now also come out at the trial – as a result of yet another email correspondence – that AEG was well aware that a drastic decline had occurred in Michael after he began to be “cared for” by Conrad Murray. Well aware.

    I’ve been the recipient of every form of abuse, violent and otherwise, there is since early childhood: verbal, physical, emotional, psychological, religious, sexual – what have I left out? – and from a cellular level I feel Wade Robson lying. I feel him knowing Michael did nothing to him. This is a disaster for those who have truly been accosted in whatever manner. It illegitimizes the legitimate. Disaster.

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  8. gertrude said . . .

    Additionally, I meant to mention that those of us – and its probably most of us in one way or another – who have been on the receiving end of assault/abuse etc., are ONE with those falsely accused of it. We. Are. ONE.
    When I was a recipient as a child I was accused of deliberate evil I was incapable of conceiving as a vehicle to allow assault of me, and there is no difference between that and Michael Jackson being falsely accused of the evil he was incapable of as a vehicle for the assault on him.
    MICHAEL JACKSON is a victim of abuse. MICHAEL JACKSON is.

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  9. Marry said . . .

    ThanX for this article. Reading all posts is very interesting. The Craig-James book I downloaded and read. He gives a understandable explanation about the body languages. Wade Robson does know what he is doing right now. I Always wondered why parents are not being sued by the kids for not taking care enough and not being aware enough for damage, in what way. Do they all have NO antenna for abuse, which last for many years?? As a mum myself I Always was sharp for my (now puber) son. A safe homebase and sipping some tea when the kid comes out of school: and talk and notice. That must be possible. Marry.

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  10. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    I do think children have “radar” and get creepy feelings from predators. The key is to TELL SOMEONE right away. Every person I have talked to who knew Michael either witnessed children with him and watched him with their children. One said recently “I don’t know what Wade is doing.” My suspicion: AEG has something to do with all the “new” negative stories about Michael Jackson. If these children were abused, yes they should sue their parents for neglect and we know that hasn’t happened. One “victim” however, sued his parents for early emancipation. I find that telling.

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