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Change the Molecules, Change the World I

There are those people who, when they walk into the room, the air changes. The molecules sizzle and time seems to stand still. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar can do that; the Dalai Lama does it. Ram Dass told me that when his teacher and guru Neem Karoli Baba held Satsang, students who came in to study with him got whiplash as they entered the room, from the energy he projected. It’s an energy that radiates and permeates and makes the air crackle. People sensitive to subtle energies can feel it.

That’s what Jonathan Moffett, Sheryl Crow, Kenny Ortega, and others have said about Michael Jackson. People who attended his concerts describe being bathed in something that felt like a “baptism” in energy. That “something” can become a tidal wave when everybody picks up the vibe and resonates at the same energetic frequency. It’s not mass hysteria; it’s not hypnotism and it’s not all rockstar  idolatry although lots of women fainted. While some were star struck, not all were. People who experienced it personally described it to me in metaphors. “It was like being on a ship and rocked by a wave of love.” Got it. That LOVE vibe, when shared by a group becomes an overwhelming force; if you’re not used to the frequency it can burn out the curcuits. It affects people differently but everybody resonates with the particular bandwidth they are inhabiting. Except for the cynical or emotionally void or armored people who don’t feel much but their own numbness.

Some Survivalists are like that. Lots of corporate types are like that. Military and corrections folks are trained to be like that. Alcoholics and addicts are sensitive people who don’t want to feel so they numb with chemicals. In those anesthetized states of being in the extreme, are wounded people. And a LOVE vacuum. They don’t resonate with, respond to or recognize the love vibe. It can evoke lots of feelings when you feel left out of something- jealousy, resentment, envy and the actions that accompany those feelings. Know why some people go out at night and slash new convertibles? Or destroy expensive things? Damage property? Envy. Beauty in the eye of the beholder can evoke lots of beholder behaviors across a whole spectrum. Some people who don’t have enough love, feel enough acceptance, constantly try to prove themselves, have given up, or have allowed resentment to consume them– when they behold something beautiful feel the impulse to destroy it. Especially if it belongs to someone else and acutely when that beauty represents wealth or abundance or someone who is immensely LOVED, to a degree that they feel they can never achieve.

I have often wondered this what if:

What if Matthew Fox was right, that we are born not in original sin, but original blessing? What if there is an every-present light inside us that is the spark of our highest and finest self and what if instead of condemning, our more frequent impulse was to encourage, admire, enthuse and bless?

What if everybody understood that internal pilot light was the key to igniting the flame of destiny and our life mission? What if that spark inside held the secret to our life mission? What if, instead of competing, we admired?

Another Spiritual Teacher, Gregg Braden speaks about changing the molecules and how science looks at it:

Michael spoke about the internal spark and invited the shine by coaxing people into their brilliance. That’s why he mentored children and coaxed their brilliance forward. You see him doing this mentoring in “This Is It.” Michael encouragement was to find and change the molecules in self and in the world.


  1. gertrude said . . .

    What if the reason we loved and love Michael so is because his brilliance, beauty and love-power showed and is showing us ours? I know so many of us have thought we love him because he is brilliant, beautiful, an explosion of love, and love in action, but what if the real reason we’ve loved him is because by showing us that in himself he is showing us that in OUR selves?

    And by destroying beauty or trying to make it ugly, we make ourselves ugly – pretty much defeating the whole “purpose” I reckon. I keep hearing those words of Marianne Williamson “It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us”. I am so tired of that fear! Its time to be DELIGHTED with who we are – I reckon!! Not being certainly hasn’t worked. The video is wonderful – thank-you for introducing us to this spiritual teacher.

    I think you’re lighting a holy fire here Rev B. Not that you haven’t been lighting them all along ha ha – but sometimes you have to say something in several different ways before it starts to dawn?

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  2. katie weisz said . . .

    What people who met him said about his aura. Would love your thoughts. Katie

    Posted January 28, 2013 at 11:02 pm | Permalink
  3. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    That is the real reaon, G; it’s also the reason for the resistance. Go back and listen to “Threatened” and watch “Ghosts.” The culture was not ready, it still isn’t. Your last sentence is prophetic. The time will come when this is all perfectly clear to everybody and this era will be looked back upon from the future. Michael Jackson will be recognized.

    Posted January 29, 2013 at 7:31 pm | Permalink
  4. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Thanks, Katie. I am very cautious about information and links and sources I have not thoroughly vetted and approved. Thanks for sending the info as it comes just as I am putting this together. Nice.

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  5. Greet Boete Belgium said . . .

    I don’t comment much but I try to read all your posts. Thank you so much for staying here at “Innermichael”. Always interesting and of great value, and thank you for the vid ! I truly believe that what Mr. Braden says could be the truth. And on June 25 2009, there definitely changed something in the atmosphere too. It changed my life for the better, and it will never be the same. I would not want to go back, although I wish Michael still could be with his family and children’s daily life. Thanks again Ms. Kaufmann.

    Posted February 5, 2013 at 8:10 pm | Permalink
  6. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Hello G; You’re welcome. Nice to see you. Keep shining. ~B

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  7. Kim said . . .

    Thank you Rev. Kaufmann, for this wonderful series and also for the very enlightening video. I got it. While I was listening to what Mr. Braden was saying, I said to myself, I understand completely what you are saying. It was very interesting to learn about the satellites and what was experienced in September of 2011. I also see how Michael could have changed the molecules in a room when he walked in. I also remember what Marianne Williamson said that we are more afraid of our own light. This statement also rang true for me before June 25, 2009. I do remember that in order to fit in, I would bury my true self very deep. I realized that I had been doing this for most of my life. That all changed in June 2009. Like someone else said here, I was forever changed on that day and I can never go back to where I was knowing what I know now. For that I am grateful. Thank you for continuing to bring awareness to who we are and who Michael was.

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  8. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    It’s fascinating to hear from people who didn’t pay attention to Michael Jackson until he died and then suddenly they were interested and as they learned who he was, they describe a deep and startling grief at his loss. It seems Michael spent his whole life mentoring in one way or another– coaching, hosting groups of inner city and disadvantaged kids at Neverland keeping them coming in busloads even when he wasn’t there, with lyrics in music and song and dance, and of course, film. The mentoring was always in service to bringing awareness to his mentees to grasp who they really were and to get them to reach deep inside for their brilliance and shine it out into the world. Apparently he did that right up until the end– it was well illustrated in a touching moment in “This Is It” when he does exactly that to Orianthi. I suspect he chose her as his guitarist because he saw her raw talent and wanted to coax it to her pinnacle. Seems it’s what he did best.

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  9. Greet Boete Belgium said . . .

    Rev. Kaufmann, not only grief came, but I experienced a kind of love that I never knew existed, not only for Michael, but for everybody and everything, that was one of the most startling or should I say surprising things. And it was like he opened my eyes, like some say, broke open our minds. He really changed my life.n in too many ways to mention. And like Howard Bloom said that a mind “stretched” by Michael Jackson, could never go back to the old situation.

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  10. Kim said . . .

    I believe Michael is still mentoring now; I know he is my inspiration in everything I do. I sincerely ask what would he do in a situation because he tried to approach everything first with love. Michael endured so much in his life; however, he handled it with grace and humility. He encouraged so many people while he was here and still continues to after he has transitioned. The number of people who are inspired by Michael and who he was continues to grow. I believe this was the intention and the sign of a master of light. He used to say it’s our time to shine!

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  11. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    We are all masters of light-in-becoming as we learn to honor and live from that spark we inhereted from the Creator (Inner Self, Inner Light.) He understood that the kind of love that heals and restores comes from the Creator and through the human heart. Not everybody knows or understands that yet. He taught those he mentored to shine from that place within, knowing that if we can learn to love ourselves we can love others.

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  12. Nicole laury said . . .

    Thank you so so much dearest Barbara for all that passionate theme ! YES we have to give compassion, forgiveness, care and love around us and to the world as Michael used to do it. He showed us how to do, again and again. It’s the only way to change our world, to make it better ! We have to. You are a very important person on that way, thank you for that and for working toward Michael’s rehabilitation. Love

    Posted March 12, 2013 at 12:21 am | Permalink
  13. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    I am just searching for truth, Nicole. I stumbled into this mission because of a search for the truth. That this all got so distorted and why is chilling. Makes me wonder who is being sacrificed today on the altar of greed. Perhaps you have noticed they are stalking Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift– both of them barely out of their childhood. Seems that as soon as they are legal, the swarm arrives. Beiber was taunted by the paparazzi because that is what they do– provoke people so they can paint them as “wacko” and the media just reports it and questions on air: “What’s wrong with the Beibs?”

    Taylor swift was called a “hoe” on “The Talk” by a black woman who should know better. My jaw dropped. Taylor Swift is 21 years old and Beiber is only 19! A reporter observing the incident said Justin Beiber was “having a Michael Jackson leave me alone moment.” The public desperately needs an education. Or brains.

    (That was snarky of me, I know.) Education is desperately needed about the cynical tactics tabloids use. The paparazzi stood in Beiber’s and his bodyguard’s way and then when they plowed past him, he yelled “That’s assault” as he was pushed out of the way. I am so dissapointed that Jackson fans are not all over this. I can see the same thing in store that Michael had to deal with for these two talented young people. It’s bullying once again on a grand scale and it’s shameful.

    What do y’all think?

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