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Are MJ fans being the legacy? Part II

Michael Leaves a Blueprint Behind for Fans!

 “We talked about psychology, Freud and Jung, Hawthorne, sociology, black history and sociology dealing with race issues … But he was very well read in the classics of psychology and history and literature . . . Freud and Jung — go down the street and try and find five people who can talk about Freud and Jung.” ~Bob Sanger, Attorney for Michael Jackson on Michael Jackson.

It is widely known among fans that Jackson was well read and that his library held an estimated 10,000 books. When bookstore owners in Santa Monica and the L.A. area compared notes after his death, many were astonished to find he had shopped books at all their stores.

Not just a voracious reader, but a scholar, Michael Jackson’s books were filled with notes and scribbles and sometimes while studying a subject, he crafted additional separate notebooks with illustrations—collections of knowledge on a subject that fascinated him. When he wanted to become knowledgeable about a subject for the sake of his art, he commissioned the research.

Lyrics from Michael Jackson’s songs as well as the symbolism and semiotics that grace his short films reveal his widespread knowledge of literature including the classics, and a little-known vein of knowledge that is transcendental, gnostic and that informs students of esoteric spirituality. His short films interspersed with his other work create a roadmap to his mind and what preoccupied his mind at any given time in his creative life. The astute and knowledgeable observer having travelled parallel spiritual paths will recognize a kindred spiritual seeker. Michael Jackson was a seeker and it yes, it “takes one to know one.”

Kind of like a secret handshake between secret societies such as Freemasons, even boy scouts, or the group known as the Cultural Creatives—those who live outside the inner circle will not recognize the signals or know the sequences nor meanings, symbols or ritual hallmarks of those who live inside. They will not know the secret greeting. They will not recognize the language in the communications between seekers who are kindred spirits.

A kind of metaphorical handshake is encoded in the language of the spiritual life that one seeker hears when another seeker speaks. One does not “happen upon” such a path. A life changing event occurs and one is called to something beyond self.

The spiritual path, enlightenment, the path that evolves consciousness, is called by many names. The commonality of these paths toward realization of self and the human moves far beyond the life that is based in human ego.

The clues, the literature, the path is encoded in many places: gnostic, esoteric, Coptic, hermetical, Essene, Christine, alchemical, transcendental, theosophical, shamanic, mystical… The search for meaning can go deep particularly when triggered by an overwhelming existential crisis. Seekers of the light—defined for our purposes as “finding the divine within,” adopt a common cryptic and codified trademark language that becomes familiar to the seeker who has had a mentor/ guru/shaman taking various forms of “teacher.”

Teachers of the divinity within the human spirit can come in the form of: people, books, events, transitions, animals, guides, dreams, geography, music, and can show up in the most unlikely embodiments. When one is destined for the spiritual path, teachers magically appear in the midst of that path. The journey can begin as curiosity or necessity and almost always follows panic, shock or trauma, a spiritual emergency of some kind that catapults one into the existential crisis called by mystics: “dark night of the soul.” That journey is a kind of painful “black hole” or vacuum that is uncomfortable and becomes an attractor field because of the almost palpable heart’s longing that springs from an anguished chest. That exquisite longing radiates a kind of magnetism.

You know how fierce is the “heart’s longing;” the soul’s longing is all consuming. In its invisible energetic signature, it begs for answers, for solace, for hope and for light in the unbearable darkness, it becomes a compass and magnet seeking its true north—the Soul’s longing which transcends the encapsulated ego and becomes the magnificent self. Mystics called it the sacred marriage or union with God.

Michael Jackson called many to spirituality and unity during his lifetime and called many more with his death. His charisma and magic held a bio-energetic component with a full spectrum attraction (strange attractor- a physics term) that manifested in the physical world as a kind of beauty, sensuality and even sexuality that finds and strikes a resonant chord in the “other.” Many were drawn in by this magic, many more were baptized by that energy in Jackson concerts, and some were startled into it by his sudden exit from the planet. 

Fandom too, can be like a secret society because one is recognized as being part of a hologram or Holon and sees a resonance in another of the “family.” And when an individual undergoes a spiritual emergency, spiritual awakening, or a calling to the deeper self (whether conscious or not) an invisible hand/mind/soul reaches out to grasp and forge a connection to the divine. It’s as if a guidance mechanism or compass begins to point to the true north of human existence. Simultaneously and in the space of that spiritual emergency, the benevolent forces of existence hold the seeker still and confined in that space of exquisite longing of the heart to grasp and understand—the existential questions of life as they surface: ‘Why are we here?’ ‘What is the meaning of life? My life?’ ‘What did I come here to do?’

It’s the longing power of the questions themselves that becomes the magnet that creates an attractor field capturing anything resonant in its orbit. It triggers something that, once set in motion— magnetizes and attracts answers coming toward the seeker. The seeker himself or herself then becomes an attractor field. This kind of longing to understand the transformation of self leads the introvert to the ashram, the aesthetic to wandering, the seeker to a spiritual mentor, and the scholar to the bookstore to find answers to the bigger questions of life.

If we read his footsteps, we find that Michael Jackson undertook a remarkable journey into transcendental and numinous realms. To follow the footsteps is to know the path and in Jackson’s case, his body of work highlights his footsteps. His widespread knowledge of obscure subjects as well as psychology and Jungian archetypes reveals itself in his art. Hidden in plain sight is his knowledge and understanding of universal spiritual principles—or how the Universe works. Michael Jackson’s habits and occasional rare interviews expose his esoteric knowledge—and points to dabbling and an understanding of Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Mysticism and Theosophical literature. He also travelled the world and met with people in all walks of life—from royalty to the indigenous and tribal peoples of a nation.

It is interesting and ironic how some people scoff at the idea of a master when one comes in an unusual or “different” embodiment. Masters (mastery as in the manipulation of matter in service of manifestation and the advancement and the enlightenment of humanity) come and go from the planet in all times and ages—ancient and modern. The myths that surround masters assumes or sometimes demands that they must have requisite forms they come in that are supposed to look a certain way commensurate with their destiny for greatness—perhaps royalty or some kind of recognizable grandeur with defined parameters. It doesn’t work that way and quite often masters are not recognized in their own time.

Mattie Stepanek, an example of a recent contemporary master, published 7 books of peace poetry and was a motivational speaker and teacher before he died at age 14. Mattie came in a broken body that was compromised by Muscular Dystrophy and required a ventilator to breathe and stay alive. President Jimmy Carter said of Mattie:

 “We have known kings and queens, and we’ve known presidents and prime ministers, but the most extraordinary person whom I have ever known in my life is Mattie Stepanek. His life philosophy was ‘Remember to play after every storm!’ and his motto was: ‘Think Gently, Speak Gently, Live Gently’. He wanted to be remembered as “a poet, a peacemaker, and a philosopher who played.”

Who could imagine a modern Bodhisattva (one kind of master) coming in the crippled body of a pre-pubescent little boy? How could this broken little boy embody such confidence and mastery, such faith in his message? Because the soul cares nothing for what body it inhabits. The soul is born to shine. And Mattie Stepanek did shine. And he wasn’t “grown up” enough or indoctrinated by life enough, or beaten down by circumstances and negative self-talk to hide his light. He never lost his innocence to the cynicism of the world. He stayed untainted (pure) and true to his soul’s magnificence.

But who could imagine or expect a teacher to come in the form of a pop star? A pop star? Oh yes—a central figure (strange attractor) who commanded the attention of millions on the planet while using his art and platform to enlighten humanity. Many masters have been born to humble circumstances or have been surrounded by ordinary ecosystems. Their mastery itself takes an evolutionary trajectory. Many masters have been born into poor or horrific circumstances, grown to spiritual greatness, demonstrated a mastery of the laws of the universe; and some arose only to be vilified, humiliated and even killed for their beliefs.

One master born of humble circumstances and who learned a humble trade, attracted the founding of a whole religion that organized spontaneously around him, his life and appearance on the planet. Viewed as not just a master, but a Holy Being, that master’s legend lives on in the form of a great religion. That also happened with Mohammed, Krishna and others. Yet others manifested other kinds of creations or bodies of work.

Do you suppose those masters would be pleased that they were deified? Or would they see this tendency to deify them as a distraction from the real message? Would their “reputation” and the tendency to see them separate and superior from the rest of humanity—as a deviation from the path that beckons others to step into their own actualized soul self? Would Michael Jackson approve of his own deification? Or would he see that as a deviation from what he was trying to say with his message while here on earth? Would he prefer his own exultation or would he hope instead for yours? Didn’t he once say: “I believe in us?”

Masters and teachers can come to Earth in any form. Another way to define a master is to explore the comparative term: “Bodhisattva” or a being that comes to advance humanity to a higher level of evolutionary consciousness. They serve humanity by lifting it and calling it to a higher manifestation of itself—or a higher incarnation of what it means to be human—a new possible human who effortlessly marries human experience with divine inspiration. Masters come in many forms, many bodies, many guises, from and in many locations and contrary to expectations, can arrive in very humble circumstances. They arrived in ancient times yet there exist modern versions of masters. They are likely to embody recognizable archetypes.

Masters are identified by their message, their work and how they manifest on the planet—meaning how they create abundance, power, impact, or defined more esoterically—how they manipulate atoms while living in a body on the planet. Michael Jackson had no problem manifesting. He amassed great charisma, wealth, power and influence while here. He educated a whole generation, or several, in the art of stewardship, the unity of oneness, and LOVE without boundaries. He spoke in the universal language of music.

Someone astute, knowledgeable and paying attention actually recognized Michael Jackson’s journey and the path he was on while he was alive and during the early stages of his career. A woman was inspired to look for modern masters in the nineties. An author, she began a book about what she glimpsed and recognized in Michael Jackson. She contacted him and asked his approval for the book, which she secured. She recognized the spiritual seeker and spiritual mastery in Michael with the scope of his ability to manifest in reality, his intentions and the stuff of his dreams. This obscure author recognized a master who was still in the body. (Most masters are only recognized after they leave their bodies.) The book is rare, not well known, and hard to get hold of and of course, expensive. The book: Michael Jackson American Master by C. Mecca, Cam Publishing, © 1996

I imagined C. Mecca to surely be a pen name with its own esoteric imprint and message (“see Mecca?”) and I expected it to be but another “fan book” or at worst, a tabloid piece, but the book was written by a real person and was sanctioned by Michael himself. The book is written in that coded language of a spiritual seeker with an understanding of Theosophical and Hermetic principles, Esoteric Christianity and with a command of spiritually esoteric knowledge and its accompanying language. It requires another seeker and someone educated in esoteric literature to recognize it and the significance of it. From a posthumous historical perspective, this book is very revealing.

“Master” connotes a label that is difficult to define. In the spirit of C. Mecca’s book, a master means someone who knows that there are laws that govern the universe and who applies them and accesses his creativity through intuitive channels. Inspired art is always guided that way whether the artist realizes or acknowledges that guidance. “Inspired artist” describes the Michael Jackson that few people know about.

What is most curious about this book is that Bob Jones, who later wrote a trashy book about Michael that is thought to be a revenge tome for being unceremoniously fired, speaks of Michael in glowing terms with accolades in the forward of Michael Jackson American Master. That same pattern was to repeat itself with many who came to the inner circle of Michael Jackson and were eventually corrupted by the lure of fame, fortune and vicarious recognition. Those who began to take for granted their position in his orbit, who engaged in competition and infighting with their contemporaries or assumed too much latitude or too much power or too much ego, invited their own necessary dismissal. Michael, it seems, was like a drug to those around him who got high or inflated egos from being around him invited their assured self-limiting tenure. Michael didn’t fire people himself, not because he was a coward or indifferent but because as an empath, his heart would not have been able to tolerate conflict or inflicting pain on others. Empaths are not hard wired to tolerate human suffering well.

Often when they crashed and were released from Michael’s inner circle, former employees or confidants became resentful and decided to get even by selling “tell all” stories to tabloids or book publishers. They could both profit off the frenzy and curiosity fueled by “a name,” exact revenge and discharge their “justifiable outrage.” Instead of taking a close look at what led them to dismissal, those surrounding him and released from his inner circle sold him out to a hungry press that also traded on his name and fame and to a worldwide audience.

It seems reasonable to me that fans might want to cherish not just the archived music and films that chronicle Michael’s extraordinary life, but the principles by which he lived. Maybe fans might value having access to information that Michael himself approved and sanctioned in a book written by someone who also understood the laws that govern the universe and recognized a living master of destiny. 

To check the spiritual veracity, one only has to check in with the Seventh Direction (which is the heart informed by the intuition- the “chest” knows) to know there was something very special about this man and in the truth of how he lived. The obscure author, far from the tabloid version or the caricature that so profited those eager to trade on his name, brings an unusual gift—a glimpse into what he valued and a virtual roadmap of and for his legacy.

Michael pursued and perused esoteric and deeper knowledge; its stamp is all over his work. A master who lives with an understanding of those laws can have few real conversations with ordinary people, not because he is superior to them, but because he is in touch with a deeper knowledge they have yet to access. Once rare, esoteric knowledge, spiritual practice and its distictive language were introduced to Western culture via the introduction of transcendental meditation and the influence of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Made popular by the Beatles, that trend toward spirituality becoming mainstream began to change in Michael’s lifetime as more and more westerners awakened to a deeper reality through study and meditation.

 What a relief it must have been for him to have someone recognize and speak his language in his own time. There were those at the time and later who cynically ridiculed the contents of the book and its position and its opinion about Michael. Those so cynically inclined ones aren’t evil, but ignorant. They are not awake yet. The live from their egos and their minds instead of their hearts or from deeper spiritual wisdom. They sleep and they aren’t ready. 

Michael Jackson was a man both born too soon and gone too soon. His gifts to the people of this planet are layered and are just now beginning to be recognized. There is a message in his music, in how he lived but the deeper message is in what he believed for that is his true legacy and that is what he called his fans to.

If you are a fan and you are called to his legacy and you are ready…  Click on the Tab “Making that Change” and Find “The Blueprint” and if you feel so inclined, make a “contribution” to continue the work.



  1. Tammy said . . .

    I have been “drawn” to Michael since the day I watched his Memorial service and have not been able to understand why. In the past 3 years, I have been on a journey with him and he becomes more dear to my heart with each passing day. Although he is not here with me in the physical sense, his heart is. I am learning that the reason I am so drawn to him, is the fact that GOD is shining through him… and when I see Michael and those beautiful eyes of his, it is GOD that I am reminded of. God has woke up my heart through Michael Jackson…I would never dream that it would be him, but I believe God knew I would listen to what HE had to say through Michael…there is just something so precious about him. He is so beautiful.

    Posted October 17, 2012 at 1:46 pm | Permalink
  2. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    “When Michael Jackson sings it is with the voice of angels, and when his feet move, you can see God dancing.” ~ Bob Geldof at the 1996 Brit Awards.

    You join many other women who are “drawn” to Michael and not in the usual way women are drawn to men, rock stars or celebrities; it is a worldwide story. And you are not the first to see “god shining through him.” It was evident to me in “This Is It” that Michael was an inspired artist and in watching his videos of performances in particular, that he is in touch with something transcendental.

    Some artists are like that– they represent a kind of transformer– that brings art from one realm down to another. And Michael often said exactly that– his inspiration came from God and that music lives in another dimension and he was plucking it from those realms and bringing it to earth for us. That is what inspired artist do having a numinous experience. They try to duplicate on earth what lives in those divine realms.

    It is important to not deify him, however. He was and is not a deity. Was he a mystic? Probably. Was he a shaman? Most definitely. Was he a genius? Unequivocably. Was he a messenger? Absolutely. Was he a mythical being? Chopra says so. Was he on a mission? Yes.

    Michael was a devout believer and slipped into long ecstatic prayer. He often prayed on stage. He cited Jesus as his role model and he learned that as a devout Jehovah Witness. He was divinely inspired and definitely was in touch with his divinity. But a God? No. And he would be the first to argue for his humanness.

    The real challenge (many scriptures prescribe this) is to see god in everyone. Jackson often said he saw god in children. I agree it is harder to see divinity in adults who behave badly even when they know better. Or adults who make excuses for their greed, envy, jealousy and hatred. Jackson also said that these people weren’t loved enough and that, on a deeper level, is true. You only envy when you are in a spiritual desert– a place of scarcity and lack (there isn’t enough and i won’t get my share!) People behave badly out of a place of fear. Love is the antidote to fear. When you love without condition and see god in everyone, what is there to fear?

    I recently attended a workshop with a Catholic priest who did a guided meditation for us and part of the exercise was a conversation with Jesus. What came out of that meditation for me was Jesus telling me to “when you look at someone’s face, see me.” People talk all the time about having a personal relationship with Jesus and I never could imagine it. That workshop was the first time it worked for me to personally know Jesus. I now have a reference and new practice– the challenge of learning how to see Jesus in every face. Spiritual practice involves work and is ever evolving. Jackson’s evolution is evident as his work evolved. I think when he said to audiences: “I love you;” he meant it. Not a personal sappy and cloying kind of love, but Universal Love that sees a brother or sister in everyone. And that is the vibe that people respond to and resonate with. People who met him or knew him closely speak of the addictive quality of hanging out with him and that includes Oprah who commented on it– did they feel that love and not want to leave? We are all so hungry for love! Michael understood that and encountered it wherever his travels took him in the world. It is a distinct level of mastery that takes prayer, work and faith to achieve.

    People’s spiritual reactions to Michael are hard to define and puzzle the less enlightened and knowledgeable aobut his life and work. Jackson cited “God” as his inspiration. He was just not believed. People will scoff at any hint of deification for they do not understand the slavery demanded of an inspired artist or what motivates them when they cite divinity as the inspiration. The hierarchy of most religions teach that the common man needs a priest or other intercessiory to access the divine. That polarization of man and god and the separation from grace of the world’s religions have done little to explain it. A few hundred years ago, they would have burnt him at the stake. And us too, for our heresy.

    Posted October 17, 2012 at 10:31 pm | Permalink
  3. gertrude said . . .

    Thank-you very very very much for the blueprint.
    May we may continue to benefit from your important, soul-saving work. My molecules are changing.

    Posted October 18, 2012 at 3:20 pm | Permalink
  4. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    Dear Barbara,
    I have read Michael’s Blueprint and yes, i am delighted. Some of them I realise I already practice, albeit unconsciously. Now for the real work.Every day I am able, I will read them before I create my day. Not after.
    Thank you for these words.

    Posted October 18, 2012 at 8:46 pm | Permalink
  5. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    I am not surprised. Perfect! See you there.
    My pleasure.

    Posted October 18, 2012 at 9:09 pm | Permalink
  6. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    My pleasure. Namaste` Happy molecular jiggling.~B

    Posted October 18, 2012 at 9:14 pm | Permalink
  7. victoria said . . .

    Thank you Barbara for this “Legacy”.

    Michael as Master resonates as Truth and lifts my soul…. The “blueprint” is a “way”, a direction and a reference for life that I was seeking and now with you having found it I will put to it to task….. Michael was the “Great Manifest-or” able to manifest directly from the creator to his creations. It became most evident for me after watching “This is It”. It was after that movie that I realized the genius that was Michael was his channeling ability, his ability to elevate creativity to its highest form by maintaining his openness of heart. In this way he became a conduit from one realm to the another, to translate that which was beyond translation and manifest it here in the physical universe. And he did it by relentlessly practicing and honing his craft to become truly worthy of the title “Messenger” or Master.

    And yes, I do believe he was just that, a “Messenger”. However, in every case, the messenger appearing to man, and in this case it is Michael, is actually the advent of the Christ in one’s own individual consciousness. Once we understand this, freedom from personal sense and personal limitation has been attained. Michael was released into the Divine way. Illuminated, illumined or higher consciousness always knows that there is an infinite, all powerful Presence blessing every thought and action. Michael certainly did.

    Once we know that we are the fulfillment of God, once we are aware of that place in our own consciousness where God shines through – then we become spiritually minded. Michael was spiritually minded. That realization that every individual is equally in the presence of God, that everything around us is God appearing, is spiritual consciousness. Once we become witness to our own consciousness we will see the Christ unveiling there….Michael helped me to understand that I do not need an intermediary between the Presence and myself, that I am worthy of that communion just because I am also a child of the Creator. Many of the principles I have stated here can be found in a book that I highly recommend, “The Infinite Way”, by Joel S. Goldsmith. It has become my bedside companion and I believe it is one that Michael may have also read.

    Thank you again Barbara, you are truly a gift to us all…..


    Posted October 20, 2012 at 2:39 pm | Permalink
  8. Robin W. Smith said . . .

    Got Alice Bailey, H.P. Blavatsky, P.D. Ouspensky? You are right when you say ‘It takes one to know one’. Michael Jackson was a Mystic, a Mystical Prophet in my heart and mind. It was his eyes (eye) that was the biggest clue that drew me in. I’ve returned to one of my favorite passages from Dancing the Dream, ‘Two Birds’. In it he says:

    “How can they ever understand your mystery? Lets give them a clue.”

    And then reveals,

    “Sweet bird, my soul, your silence is so precious. How long will it be before the world hears your song in mine? Oh, that is the day I hunger for!”

    I think that day has come!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Barbara.

    Posted October 21, 2012 at 6:34 pm | Permalink
  9. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Thanks, R. “Two Birds” speaks to me as well. Yes, his “eye” and the shaktipat. Namaste` My pleasure. ~B

    Posted October 23, 2012 at 6:13 pm | Permalink
  10. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    V, A little editing that you will recognize as needed for obvious reasons. One day the world will be ready. The great mystics as well as the Bible speak also of “Christ in you” and the hope of glory. Rumi and Hafiz use fire allusions and metaphors. It can be glimpsed in the works of great poets and in the art of great painters. IN the prayer of St. Frances’ or St. Theresa of Avila and so many more…

    They knew and instruct that we all have that light inside. I imagine (a metaphor here- for the sake of practicality) it as a kind of pilot light that we all have. It burns internal and eternal but some are not aware of it. Some will wonder ask: “Where does God hide?” The answer: “In plain sight when one develops eyes to see.”

    There are many kinds of fuel to keep that pilot light ignited, to make it burn brighter, more steady or explode in a beam of light, a fountain of light to shower that light onto others, and by shining give them permission to shine too. And yes, sadly when misunderstood or tended improperly, the light can “flame out.” The firetender lights the way for others.

    Many kinds of faith, many kinds of fuel. Many kinds of religions, many kinds of fuel. Many paths that lead to the fire. But it is the same fire. The essential “element” is always fire. Some day it will not take a crucible…

    Some of the fuels to tend the fire? Prayer, ritual, meditation, faith, ceremony, imagination, visualization, declaration, study, chanting, elegant math and geometry, singing, music, art, literature… and notice they all seem to be some form of art… but first one must know the pilot light is there. And once that knowledge reaches critical mass, no one will ever again wish to shame that light.

    Posted October 23, 2012 at 6:39 pm | Permalink
  11. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Thanks for the reference. You also would have recognized his “eyes” on the “Dangerous” cover, no? And re: the inspiration- my pleasure to be your guide. ~B

    Posted October 29, 2012 at 2:35 pm | Permalink
  12. Kim said . . .

    Two Birds resonates with me as well. Thank you Rev. Barbara. Michael’s inspiration only gets stronger every day. Namaste!

    Posted November 8, 2012 at 6:42 am | Permalink
  13. Nelly said . . .

    I just miss and love Michael :'(

    Posted December 12, 2012 at 4:44 pm | Permalink
  14. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    We know, hun, we know. Take good care of yourself.

    Posted December 13, 2012 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

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