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High Life R-Evolution and Calling continued

An Inner Michael advocate took the assignment I posted seriously and I have decided (with her permission) to share it with you because what happened through her journey is profound. There is a method here and yes, a madness if you will- the madness of LOVE.

I recently had a shamanic experience of my own at the “Spirituality of Non-Vilolence” retreat a couple weeks ago that confirmed for me, that the power that lies dormant in the brain of a human and particularly when it is connected to the heart, is a power that is equivalent to any physical force you can name. If you are going to unleash the power of that kind of force upon the world, in the company of others of like mind, then know what you stand for first and who you are at your core. So lest you think this a waste of time, remember… this is the work of LOVE on the planet.

The work at hand is the kind of work that can become life’s work and part of life missions. Taking a vow and stating it with force and no reservation (which is usually how vows are made- mostly unconsciously) sets in motion a force that can literally move mountains. In a circle of like minded souls, that force is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts. But that kind of force needs to never be rogue force. It is most effective when wielded in unison and with precision.

I want to give you a sample of the thought process this deceptively “simple” exercise generated. And the next post will bring you guidance not only from me, but from Michael himself. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it. Just for a moment, be still and feel that! Feel into the idea of guidance for your life from Michael Jackson himself.

So brace yourself.

Here’s what happened to one “Inner Michael seeker”:
(“Inner Michael,” remember, is a metaphor.)
She sent me a copy of her completed assignment which follows her letter and triggered her though process:

Dear Barbara…

I am not even sure if I did the exercise correctly but I am sending you my innermost thoughts on the questions you posed on Inner Michael. I was surprised where this took me, surprised at how much I made reference to childhood and children in my own writing. It has been a long journey and is one that I do not fully understand. But a few thoughts came to mind.

I know now that my spiritual connection to Michael has to do with the call of motherhood in our society. As you read my ramblings you will understand how difficult it has been for me. But I realize now that my greatest accomplishment thus far has been in the actual raising of my two daughters. I wish that I knew how important the work was when I first started out. In becoming part of Michael’s “soldiers of love” or “fan” or whatever it is that I am it struck me that most of us who are involved in this work are women who are either nearing the end, or are at the end of raising our own children. Was he looking to bring Motherhood back? Is he asking the “Crones” of this age to do it? Is that the salvation he always sang about? For truly the face of God is evident in a mother’s love. Is it that specific type of love that the Earth requires now? At least that was the message I received. That we need to mother the earth, mother our children and nurture ourselves and all of nature because the neglect has been profound…..You can choose to do what you like with my words….

Thank you Barbara for everything you do to keep Spirit alive in every one of us. You are truly a gift and are greatly appreciated. As soon as I can I will contribute again….

With love and blessings

1.I am the kind of person who:

Has always believed in the goodness of humanity
Who believes that:
• education changes the world
• sharing resources is a necessity if we as humans are to evolve
• that smiles can accomplish so much more than frowns
• that action is always better than inaction
• that authenticity is something tangible.

I am the kind of person who:
• would rather fail, than to never try and believes
• that we are all God’s children
• that one person can always make a difference
• that the life you are leading today is the legacy you leave behind
• that children are our future
• that example is always the best teacher
• that it is infinitely better to give than to receive
• that life is precious and fleeting
• that the NOW is all we have
• that we are all One and that as such we are all in this together

I am the kind of person who knows that:
• there is no separation
• that a positive state of being can induce miracles
• that small actions can bring about immense change
• that if I decide to, I can be a catalyst for change in my own little corner of the world.

I am the kind of person who knows:
• that family is precious
• that others know that I can be counted on in good times and in bad
• that what is important to me is to count on and be counted on

I am the kind of person who has experienced:
• the Spirit of LOVE
• and who knows that it is the One unifying energy which powers the universe.

I believe in simple quotes to lift the spirit because words:
• are extremely powerful
• and can all alone, change the world.
I affirm:
• “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”
• “Lord make me an instrument of thy peace”….
• ”In the end….the love you take….is equal to…the love…you make”
• It’s all for LOVE.”
• “Be the change that you want to see in the world”
• “Make that change”

2. If I had the power to fix world hunger I would:
Work toward developing foods that could grow in any climate, with little or no water and could be harvested all year round requiring no distribution and appearing everywhere on earth at all times in all situations regardless of weather, terrain, or any other factors.

3. If I had the resources to invent something wonderful I would develop a super-food that could grow in any climate, requiring only air and would provide full nutrients to starving people especially children bringing immediate relief to any suffering.

4. The world would be a better place if, voluntarily, ALL the haves around the world would readily help the have nots … like Bill and Melinda Gates and their Foundation have.

5. If I were allowed only one vow in my life and if I spoke it out loud with force it would absolutely set in motion a chain of events that would bring it magically to life:

I would vow that each child in modern times:
• would never go without being well cared for
• would be given a chance to thrive, in body, in mind and in spirit
• would be safe and secure in their childhood
• would be, because of these gift of the world

I would embody the energy of LOVE and grow closer to that which mankind has the potential to be.
I would make LOVE the center of our universe.

As I read my answers I am surprised at how children are at the core of my concern. I realize that Michael’s passion is inherently intertwined within my own. He was about each of us taking action in our own communities, creating miniature safety nets all over the world so that each child could be nurtured, loved and protected until they were fully grown. His tireless efforts on this front were evident in many of the charities he supported and in many of his lectures throughout his career he spoke with great affection for children, continuing throughout his whole life to give a voice to the voiceless. He believed that each child could and should feel safe and protected.

So many of our young people today feel lost, whether it be the breakdown of their own families (both nuclear and extended), the lack of communication and caring, the isolating effects of technology, the complexities of modern living, spiritual neediness, or a combination of all or more of these disturbing states, the young in our current age need much more LOVE and nurturing than they are presently receiving. And Michael’s whole life’s message was the importance of elevating the child, both the child that resides within each of us as well as the youth of our age, the present children on the planet who need to be nurtured, who need to be LOVED.

After completing my college degree I continued attending graduate school as I embarked on a rewarding and exciting career in technology project management. I was afforded the opportunity to travel extensively across this beautiful country, hosting client dinners, managing trade shows, designing corporate training programs and installing large computer projects in 35 states which gave me a sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment. It was the dawning of the information age, and I was on the threshold of cutting edge technology which provided a successful business experience that I will always treasure.

But deep down I knew that being part of the corporate world would limit me, would not allow me to develop those other parts of myself that were asking to be experienced. I knew, even then, that if I were to ever have children they would have to be nurtured and cared for and that my career would certainly take a back seat. It was why, after giving birth to two healthy children only 14 months apart that I retired at the age of 36. I decided instead to devote that part of my life to them in the same way I had to my career, harnessing that same passion, awareness, and attention in the raising of my two precious daughters both born in the early ‘90s….

But a strange thing started happening to me. Many of my colleagues and friends, both male and female had something to say about my decision. Most of my female friends had decided to continue working, many choosing to either remain childless or to have only one child. Those who had more than one child began hiring nannies to care for them. My personal choice to raise my daughters myself was received with scorn and sometimes even meanness. As if staying home with children was just not “enough”. Something inside me would rage every time someone would ask me what I was “doing with my time.” As if caring for two small children only 13 months apart was a “nothing to do”. After a few years of this conditioning it began to affect me. I remember feeling very guilty about “staying home”, not because of my own choice, but because,
somehow I was:

being made to feel inferior by other women, who had been brainwashed by societal pressure into “having it all” so that those of us choosing motherhood had become invisible, an inferior and quite outdated version, according to them, of our previous selves.

They would ask me: “Are you still challenged?”, “Who does all the cooking and cleaning?” “What do you do all day? How can you be intellectually stimulated?” It was a difficult time for me. The joy of being a mother was frequently stolen by the judgment of others or extreme exhaustion. At home I was working myself to the bone to justify the criticism and the feelings of worthlessness that would haunt me at night. Not to mention the fatigue that comes with caring for two small babies who would wake up all hours of the night needing to be nurtured.

But deep down inside, during the tiny hours of the morning, although still tired and bleary eyed from lack of sleep, I would gaze down at the precious life I was cradling and would realize that no amount of belittling could take away the relief that I felt—the relief that I had chosen to be there for my crying child. No amount of persecution or scorn or disgust could take away the intense feelings of protection and caring and tireless service that I was willing to perform to care for and help my child to be happy, healthy and secure. It was in those moments that I felt Spirit guiding me to a greater calling. No paycheck, or new car, or bigger house, or material possession would ever change the decision that I made to be the mother that I believed I needed to be for both my daughters. I felt so lucky to have the support of my husband who provided the opportunity for what in retrospect would be, a very short and fleeting period of life, our daughter’s childhood.

Childhood. A magical time. I was determined to make theirs’ perfect. Brisk spring days swinging in the park, trips to the museums when admission was free, driving to pick up Daddy at work, lots of fresh air and sunshine even on cold winter days. I can remember homemade hot chocolate after hours in the snow, lying in the sand watching cloud formations at the beach, collecting leaves and acorns, and always flowers, especially the flowers, all year round. I immersed myself in an opportunity to recreate the childhood that I would have wanted, that all of us, if given the choice would have wanted. One that was carefree, safe, and protected. Where friends were welcomed on a moment’s notice, where the only chore was baking cookies for friends, where meals were eaten together, where a nighttime story was standard fare and where kindness and LOVE prevailed.

Encouraging imagination, inquisitiveness and intelligence was necessary. I instilled in them a sense that the most important thing in life was to be educated…. A discerning eye was always required and I protected them, whenever I could, from inappropriate friends, negative news in all its forms, the overdone dance recitals, the culture of beauty pageantry, reality television as well as all the other trash being aired on TV. Theirs was a life of Sesame Street reruns, pop up books, banging tupperware in the kitchen, Harry Potter sleepovers, swim meets and soccer games and basement birthday parties complete with a “make your own sundae” table.

More criticism ensued. You are over-protective. When are you going to let them just watch whatever they want? You still have parental controls? They should have their own television. How come they don’t have a cell phone yet? You don’t allow them on Myspace? Get with it. No fast food? No organic food? What’s wrong with you?

It went on and on and on…

But an interesting phenomenon was beginning to take place. My daughters were becoming remarkable young women: well adjusted, personable, intelligent, faithful and respectful– individuals in their own rite, both very different but yet the same. I believe that similarity was in their childhood, their shared experiences, their foundation, their values. It had taken over 18 years to see the fruits of a stable, safe and secure childhood. And I liked what I saw. Others began to like what they saw as well. And then they began to make comments. But this time the comments were wonderful, and kind and positive. And I realized that it was a culmination of a healthy childhood. A well lived, well protected and secure childhood, one that every person born into this world should be entitled to. One that my husband and I helped to create in spite of the criticism, the sacrifice and the mistakes made along the way. A childhood that I know my daughters, someday, will seek to recreate. And most importantly, one that I know Michael would be proud of.

Here is my answer:
When I found myself in the unlikely position of becoming the minister to Michael Jackson fans after his passing, I would quickly learn that the population most struck and changed by his passing was women of middle age. The women who were gripped by a grief they didn’t expect and couldn’t fathom, were in their thirties to seventies. They were mature women, most of whom had raised famlies or were near the coasting point of having grown children.

They were women who somehow sensed the familiarity of the grief but had never experienced this volume before; the grief was amplified and they were puzzled and worried. They felt themselves pulled into something unexpected and confusing, powerful and overwhelming and their reactions were involuntary. They were weeping involuntarily and often for a man they didn’t know– not personally, not professionally and for some, not even musically. Many had paid no attention, or very little, to Jackson while he was alive and they couldn’t understand their reactions to his death. And they numbered in the thousands.

Make no mistake, these are the stirrings of a new civil rights movement. This one is global. Women in particular have always felt the pain of the world and the beauty of the world exquisitely. They know the value of life because they grow it in their own bodies. They know the cost of war better than anyone. They know the deepest grief there is. They know the value of compassion and nurturing better than men and they know the cost to the race and the planet when that value is overruled or forgotten. They know what is needed because they feel it in their bodies and know it in their bones. So…

Yes, there is a “mother,” “mothering,” “motherhood,” energy about this thing that is happening. It is a call from the Divine Feminine to balance this planet. It involves children certainly, but greater than that, it calls forth a reverence for all sentient life and the life of the planet. It is a call from evolution herself. It is a clarion that marks the march of consciousness to bring back the light and to bring salvation back with it.

There is a roadmap. Michael’s life and work are that roadmap but there is a roadmap in his own words. That comes next. That is why this assignment is so important. I want to hear from you, too. Yes, YOU.



  1. victoria said . . .

    Dearest Barbara,

    It was worth it…..

    “You and I must make a pact, we must salvation back, where there is LOVE, I’ll be there.”

    With love,

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  2. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Cheers! My glass is raised. ~B

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  3. gertrude said . . .

    I started reading this post and, realizing there would be an answer to the assignment in the previous one here, I stopped reading and did the assignment so to be uninfluenced and as close to my personal responses as possible.
    When I returned here to read, I was amazed at the clarity and depth this respondant achieved, and by the “price” she had to pay for choosing to be there for her children. Imagine having to pay a price for that! How gladdening to hear of her triumph when, in the end, the quality of her daughters characters was a sweet “so there!” to her critics.
    Was Michael issuing the clarion for the return of “mothering”, of the rise of the Divine Feminine? He said HE couldn’t do it by Himself. I am reminded of what he said in “Will You Be There?” The song called out my mothering instincts, so I’m going to say yes.

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  4. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    The writer of the story I featured contacted me to say she was honored I chose her story to feature.

    My response to her is important to share:

    [“It is “story” that defines us, establishes how we see ourselves, what and how we value our lives and as we stand in the world, that “story” leaks into the world and defines it too. For it is true that “we are the world” in more ways than we currently recognize or understand.

    “Story” is a double-edged sword. You have a story but you ARE NOT your story– which is actuallly a construct of the ego- and a step removed from who you really are. Many make the mistake of mixing these up.

    Michael’s work served to call his audience to their story and the deeper story.

    I chose your story because it had such depth and was written so insightfully and revealed how rich your experience was in getting to HERE- where you are now. It cobbles together a past that explains the present, informs a life and being, a future and the world. It illustrates how a life reflects what we value and where we spend– not just our time, but how we chose to spend LIFE honoring our deepest human values.

    Or, how we waste not just time, but how we waste LIFE and create a cynical world of artificial values that lack depth and the branding of human spirituality at work in the world.

    Your life (our lives) is a reflection of who you are and how you lived it demonstrates what you value. It is who you are being and how your being contributes to creating the world that we have manifested together. (Modern technology and social media is demonstrating just how “together” and creative we really are. Thus, use with caution.)

    This assignment and the subsequent “story” teaches reflection and self reflection which is that “OBSERVER CONSCIOUSNESS” that is so necessary on the path to spirituality and a fully realized spiritual being. The observer consciousness muscle must be flexed and stregthenend if the spiritual being is to be born and grow to maturity. It is needed for the path and the journey. So many live from the ego alone and it is that limited viewpoint that makes the world threatening (FEAR) instead of loving (LOVE.)

    Your story explains how and why Michael’s Spirit called to you and calls to us- during his life and now after it. It informs what Michael called for, called forth and coached, and you resonated.

    It demonstrates that your life is a reflection of who you were being while you were living it. Your ego may have been unconsious of the importance of the path you chose, but your soul was not.

    Imagine now if you resume that “living life” from the perspective of a CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of the notion that the reality you created is a reflection of who you are being in the world in every moment.

    The world is made up of billions of these stories knit together to form a global consciousness that permeates the planet. The collective reality is created by the amalgamation of these “stories” into a collective “story” we call reality. We are the world because we create the world.

    Your story demonstrated well how this all works. And it asked the correct questions that explain and connect to a very unusual phenomenon.

    Amazing! Thanks so much for the work you (we) put into this. We all benefited. Cheers! ~B ]

    So those of you who have NOT done the assignment need to get going. Or you’ll miss out and the world will not have your “part” in its creation. We are completing not just mine, but Michael’s assignment here “We are the world.”

    Yes, it’s THAT important.

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  5. Katie Weisz said . . .

    Dear Barbara,

    I look to your website for anything Michael and important information and am inspired as always by your hard work. Thank you, thank you for not forgetting Michael as the years go by.


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  6. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    My pleasure. (Most of the time anyway.) Send your assignment? ~B

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  7. Nina Hamilton said . . .

    I have completed my assignment attempt, but I want to add something about the importance of motherhood in response to the un-named lady’s story, you sent us.

    I raised my two sons alone in very difficult circumstances with little or no money. It was hard work, but very satisfying and enjoyable I would not do employed work, apart from the odd paper round with them helping me, and learning, as I thought it more important to always BE THERE, have time for them, read bedtime stories, parties, make cakes, rabbit jellies, play games, take them swimming; all the little things mothers do and teach. I agree that there is no more important job a woman can do but raise the next generation of human beings to be good citizens and have a good life. I am now an old crone! They are grown up, left home and have done extremely well, due I hope, to my love, commitment, support and encouragement. I am so proud of them. When people say, you have done well with those boys, I say, ‘Yes, but I had good material to work with.’ Even now, most of the time, I still consider them whatever I do. They often pop home to stay for short visits.

    Also I want to say ‘Thank you, Barbara’ for all your hard work and valuable time spent, to provide the opportunity for all to open our hearts, and hopefully, make a difference and a better world.

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  8. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    Dear Barbara,

    Thank you for the opportunity to examine myself and find some answers. It is not something I particularly relish but, oh,so necessary. I have given a great deal of thought as to what you are nudging us toward and what it is I am trying to avoid. The answer I believe is my own truth and power. Looking back I can see that my third eye [You could call this your”[intuitive and conscious awareness” ~Rev B] began to open as early as 1987, but being the master of denial that I am,kept it to myself, shrugged and thought,”curious.” These events do not frighten me and I can feel quite blaise about them. Which I should never be because it is true I am being graced by seeing them.

    With Michael’s passing and the opening thereof they became frequent and awesome. These days I can lie in my bed and play with the energy that spirals and dances around me– t am trying to convey that even being so blessed, I still lag. Until the news of Paris and her family broke, I was content and positive about our world, seeing the light throughout New Zealand, ignoring most of the shadow. However, from that day the main theme of my dreams intensified, ones I could not shake. I would cry in these dreams and wake up trembling in fear. Of what? After a particularly intense one, I was sitting outside, when it came to me there had been three clues in the dream that pointed to the fact they were not my dreams at all, but Michael’s.

    So here I am to sort myself out.

    I am the sort of person that:
    +Loves the beauty and abundance of Mother Earth.
    +Is entranced by birdsong.
    +Believes we are all one with a faitful and benevolent Universe.
    +That the unity of man is inescapable and will not be denied.
    +That redefining our energy towards the light assists the Universe and every soul within.
    +That “Michael’s People” have been recruited as much for their differences as their “sameness”.
    +That with a lot of hard work and love-we will prevail.

    I am the sort of person who has felt:
    +That in this incarnation, I came for a rest. Seeking to be anonymous.
    +Great love for my mother, fear for my father.
    +That expressing anger was not desirable.
    +That I was in my family to be the peacemaker.
    +I seemed to care just that little bit more.
    +Humbled when troubled souls told me of the peace and calm they felt in my presence.
    +Vitalised when I made a visible difference in someone’s life.
    +That there was something out there that I should be paying attention to.
    +That organised religion was not able to hold that attention very long.

    I am the sort of person who knows:
    +That most, not all,people in my family and wider circle, love and respect me.
    +That if the Guinness book of records held a place for the worst procrastinator in this world, that place would be mine.
    +That it would be best if I worked on that.
    +That I should love myself more, so I could love others with more ease.
    +That I should not be so hard on myself so automatically will have no expectations of others
    +That after an excellent start, little judgements and biases are now popping up in my consciousness.(presuming there are “little ones”.)

    What would I do for the world. If I had all resources, all assistance, all possibilities:
    I would revolutionise every learning facility in this world. Children would be taught the spiritual side of life.
    Why there should only be one emotion on Earth and that is love.
    Why what they say, think, dream and do has so much affect on everything around them.
    Why they must respect their enviroment and all life within.
    They would only have to learn subjects that are interesting to them, so they will find their passions early.
    (Imagine their lives if they did not have to spend their adult life having to work on their emotions)
    They would know that they are worthy, loved beyond measure, validated and treasured. (Wow. what would we have achieved with a start like that!)
    People recruited would be late teenagers to young adults. All would have their finger on the pulse of creation. Learning in these places will gravitate more towards discussion than rote. Everyone’s ideas will be valued and if viable, put into action. It may even be that much of the learning will take place outdoors, perhaps even wilderness, to encourage communion with “All That Is”.
    Every school and children’ hospital would have on open, beautiful room featuring the life and work of Michael Jackson. Pride of place would be taken by a very large copy of the portrait of Michael, running with the children of the world.

    What would I invent for the benefit of mankind?
    This place had been reserved for a cure for Alzheimers but remarkably, before this writing,I saw a news clip that makes me think we are well on the way to that. So after a few words to explain myself, I will give you my invention.
    To those of you who have never encountered a poor soul in this condition, I can only say, lucky you. To my mind this is the most barbaric and cruel disease to befall mankind.(My children have their instructions should I ever succumb.) This belief arose while I was spending five years of my working life in a secure unit, looking after fifteen of these people. Watching the grief of their families, who cannot believe this is the one who loved, cared and protected them for much of their lives.
    However,during this time,I was able to prove to myself that it was possible to make a lot of difference in the patient’s life.
    One man in particular,who was sent to us after pulling a kitchen knife on their cook,never showed any aggression with us. You just have to know how to approach them, know their history and of course have unending patience. For these people, life is waking up in an alien world many times a day, with no knowledge of how they got there. Faced with that, anyone would be alarmed and vulnerable.
    So you quietly sit them down and explain to them where they are now, where they have been and what they have been doing since their last available memory,which is usually many years ago. They are then very peaceful until they forget what you’ve said and “wake up” once again.
    Sadly, this kind of devotion cannot be taught. You either have it you don’t. So my invention is quite simple. While we are waiting for a cure, I will invent a harmless ray that will infuse into carers, all the feelings,knowledge and inspiration needed. Next time they are challenged, that patient will become the most important person in the world to them and they will minister accordingly.

    How does all this fit in with Michael’s life and legacy?

    Now, I will admit that before Michael “arrived”, there was a degree of altruism, love and respect for others in me. Though it did not extend much past NZ, African-Americans and starving children in all lands.
    Many years ago, I was watching Michael doing his “I love you” to his audience. My response was to think,”Don’t be silly, Michael, you don’t even know them”. Then came that fateful day, known to us all. From that day on I can only explain like this: Until I came into contact with you, Barbara, I stood toe to toe with Michael riveted and mesmerised by his eyes and the love that I felt even while knowing that I should be learning to love a lot more of life. Innermichael enabled me to turn and face the world and focus on trying to love the way Michael did. My ideal is to be more like the human Michael, who always loved, respected and refused to judge his fellowman,
    Along the way I want our Creator to be able pour his peace into the world through me. THat is my vow that no matter how incomplete, dejected and exhausted I may be. Thinking of how Michael always did it, I will do it too.

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  9. gertrude said . . .

    I am so honoured to be a part of the people at Inner Michael. The people who come here are AMAZING. It is so exhilarating to read the comments that come in here and to be a witness to the quality of character that is forever surfacing in these waters of spiritual renewal you have created for us here, Rev. B.

    My Dad has the A, or “cognitive impairment” as his doctor likes to refer to it. I agree with every word Lynaire has said on the topic, and would like to share something from the world of matter in regards to it: google Dr. Mary Newport to discover the only current remedy that honestly improves the condition and buys the sufferer more time, i.e., the ingestion of virgin coconut oil. We have my father on a thrice daily drink containing it and the improvement in him is remarkable. If we weren’t able to get this into him he would be in a hospital he would never come out of within a month, and as it is, he functions perfectly well-enough to stay at home with a bit of on-going assisatnce from mostly just my mother and myself. It really is God’s gift until something better shows up, and can be taken as a preventative also. peace out.

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  10. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Note from Rev. B: Disclaimer: I cannot vouch for the efficacy of virgin cocoanut oil. I rarely endorse products. This is a private testimonial from one private party to another. Inner MIchale does not endorse this product nor realize any revenue from its sale. ~Rev. B and Inner Michael

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  11. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    That is great news Gertrude, that your Dad is able to lead a more fulfilling life. Sometimes the most unlikely products can be magic. It puts me in mind of Edgar Cayce and his endorsement of castor oil for skin lesions and moles. The Bhagavad Gita As It Is, tells us that the way to cure bad digestion (proved in my own life.)Is to take what probably gave it to you,dairy. Namely, in the form of curds. My own little jewel, that I share with anyone who will listen, is a humble weed brought to the US and NZ by settlers. It was given to us by a Maori “Kuia” (elderly woman). Just google “Plantain healing properties” and you will be amazed. Not to be confused with what is called “banana plantain.” We used it mainly for ulcers in our care facility. Some doctors allow it, some don’t. Barbara, I am sorry that your disclaimer pen might have to come out,but these things really do work. Namaste, Lynaire.

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  12. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Disclaimer: The remedies here are suggested by readers and do not reflect the opinions of Inner Michael nor have they been well tested or endorsed by Inner Michael. I can tell you however, that my friend who is an herbalist has used Plantain (as in the green plant.) And she has sworn off dairy. Many of my friends are vegetarians or vegans. Michael Jackson was a vegetarian for much of his life– for spiritual reasons.

    For those who don’t know, Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was a well know trance medium or psychic who channelled many remedies in his trance state. A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) was founded on the east coast of America to archive his library of trance readings. Many swear by his readings and many have been proven true. Thanks for that origin information, L– i did not know Plantain was native to New Zealand and introduced to U.S. by settlers.

    The Maori are the indigenous peoples of New Zealand and are known for their “dreamtime” trance or meditative states. An elder is someone from the tribe or indigenous who has learned much including many times the intricate esoteric workings of the spiritual realms (often called “Universe”) and is considered a wise person who carries the knowledge and oral traditions of their society. If you would like to get a feel for the Maori culture (albeit a bit “Hollywood”) watch the film “Whale Rider.”

    The Baghavad Gita is a collection of holy scriptures written in Sanscrit and is part of a larger work called the Mahabharata. It comes to us from Inida, is ancient and speaks of “dharma” which is something akin to living one’s life mission or destiny of the soul.

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  13. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    No, Barbara, your own information was correct.Though I would love to claim it for my country. Obviously the Maori picked it up pretty quickly. It was introduced to both the US and NZ. My late husband had some ethnic Maori blood. He told me that when the elders stood in their trances in the meeting house, the naughty children, (not him of course), would rush in and wave hands in front of their faces. When satisfied their consciousness was not there, claim the freedom, dance off and engage in all the forbidden things that children so love. Lynaire

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