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A Life Celebrated… A King Remembered

An exclusive for Inner Michael from WMS…

If you want to watch in HD (High Definition) go to: Walking Moon Studios Vimeo Channel at


  1. Karen said . . .

    My tears are flowing again, watching this. How much Michael Jackson gave to the world, through every stage of his life…it is beyond telling. I can only know it with my heart, and be glad that around the world, the same unwritten understanding is shared by so many. Such bittersweet joy watching this video. I wanted it to never end. I want his legacy to live forever, and I want his real work on this planet to be recognized world-wide. When I have babies, I want to make sure I do my part raising them with Michael’s message and music..
    Most of all I want his grace and love to be felt forever, and by more people all the time, because it, he, has been the greatest inspiration in my life. Thank you, Barbara.

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  2. Ankita from India said . . .

    Happy Birthday Michael, your Light is shinning brighter than ever across the worlds and we are so proud to say we love you more and more as days go by! Thank you for sharing your magical gifts with the world, for making it a better place and for inspiring us to do the same! You have done God, and all of us proud! We miss your physical presence, but we know you are forever, and we promise that we’ll do you proud! L.O.V.E you Mike…may you be blessed forvever…

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  3. Monica said . . .

    Thank you for this beautiful tribute. It brought tears to my eyes and awakened a deep longing, but one which’s always there. I miss him every single day.

    God bless you.

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  4. gertrude said . . .

    Crying again. Thank-you for this fine tribute. The world will never be as good as it was with Michael Jackson in it, but he has lit a fire inside us that can never be extinguished and that is his comfort to us.

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  5. Lynaire Williams said . . .

    Michael you truly are “forever.”

    Barbara, I cannot deny a tear in the eye, but mostly there was a huge grin. What are we all worrying about? There it is. All those children who are going to grow up and change the world. We are planting the seeds and they will tend the plants. Voila!

    I enjoyed that tribute immensely and know that I will return to it many times. Michael’s music continues to thrill here in New Zealand. I cannot count the times I walk into a store and he is playing or soon will be. Magic! Namaste to all. Lynaire

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  6. victoria said . . .


    God Bless you for this posting. His spirit lives on and continues to guide us so that the world begins to change right before our eyes! The amazing inspirational creativity that is unleashed all over the globe boggles the mind…….I miss him but I understand now that he is forever…..

    Happy Birthday Michael with love…..

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  7. Poca said . . .

    Happy Birthday, Michael. Your love will forever shine in our hearts. Your children and family have a heavy heart on this day, but they should know that Michael is loved all around the world and we miss him dearly. He gave so much love to the world and that is why he is receiving so much love back, which he deserves. God bless his soul and his beautiful children.

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  8. Nikki said . . .

    Magnificent! Tears are flowing… Michael, you are magical

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  9. kaio said . . .

    This is the best tribute video for Michael we’ve ever seen! wonderful! is there a way to get a copy of it so we have it forever? Thanks.

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  10. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Thanks! Here you go…
    It’s hosted at Voices Education Project and you can find it at Walking Moon Studios vimeo location.

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