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The Eagle, the Condor, the Michael

There is an ancient prophesy in the indigenous cultures of the planet about a time in man’s history (humankind) when a great change will come to the earth. The Maya recorded it; the Hopi recorded it; in fact a version of it can be found in the writings of the indigenous tribes everywhere.

The great change is called by many names: “The Return of the Ancients,” the “Shift of the Ages;” “Kali Yuga,” “The Enlightenment,” “Dreamtime” or the “Prophesy of the Eagle and the Condor.” The Lakota legends fortell of this time with the appearance of the white buffalo (there is a traditional story of an Indian deity: White Buffalo Calf Woman) and a white buffalo was born right here in Wisconsin, on a family farm in Janesville in 1994. Her name was Miracle. Before she died ten years later in 2004, she had turned the other three colors of the races. Then in 2006 another white buffalo calf was born on the same farm. And something amazing– both calves were not albinos but true white calves– a rare one time event that happened in the same place twice.

Tribes came from far and wide to pay homage to Miracle because she was a kind of “John the Baptist” precurser to the appearance of the “Christ” which is sometimes called the “Return of the Ancients” or the return of the ancestors.” The “Christ” who returns in the modern version of this story is actually not his “coming back” but humanitry rising up in ascension to meet him in it’s new form– the compassionate and spiritually realized human. This may be what the Dalai Lama was and is suggesting.

It’s not an intellectual exercise. Nor is it emotional. It does not involve the ego but the Spirit- the “inner light” of the actualized Self. The legend of a return is echoed in many cultures and traditional stories around the globe. Just as many have a birth in their creation story, the have a flood, great upheaval and a return of a great and revered Spirit.

For the Indigenous and Native tribes, the legend is of the Eagle and the Condor and how two civilizations come together to save Earth. I believe we are in that time. I am guessing that “the Eagle” may be the United States or the ways of the West and “the Condor” represents the knowledge of the ancients and indigenous peoples and the contribution of their knowledge to modern culture.

It also represents to me the coming together of: East/West, Anima/Animus (or the divine masculine/feminine), the head/heart connection, the hand and the heart (or compassion in action,) America/the Americas, the tribe and the technology, and the Essential Self with the Personality (soul-infused.) There are manifestations of this melding (alchemy) already; to name a few: The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmother Council, The Message of the Hopi, the Maori contribution of sound and water,  the Peruvian Achuar People of the Amazon Rainforest with their Dream Prophesy and the new indigenous– the Na’vi People of Pandora from the film, “Avatar.”

The word “Avatar” has an entirely different meaning for the Hindu; an Avatar is a being who has earned the right to ascend but who stays or comes back to earth to assist everyone to ascend with him. Considered a great teacher, the Avatar descends to earth to assist humanity in attaining ascension status. Vishnu is considered the supreme Avatar and he is blue. “Krishna” is blue. Sound familiar? 

We are all on the path to awakening and enlightenment. The paths or means of travel may differ but they all lead to the same destination– the ascended or “Christed” being, the “holy grail” or vessel filled with light (holy ghost or spirit.) There are a couple of ways to accomplish that radiant body. But one must be awakened first for much of humanity walks around in a trance or “the dream of the world.” To cooperate in getting “there,” one must first know there is somewhere to go. There must be a restlessness of spirit, a questing or a “blessed unrest” in order to impell the awakened one forward or onward.

For those who are discipined on their spiritual path and in particular those who study and practice spirituality and metaphysics, there comes a time on that path when there is excitement in a startling discovery. The particularly sensitive and intuitive find it early on the spiritual path in the realm of metaphysics: There appears to be a plan! There is first a discovery of an intelligence that seems to permeate all of creation– a deliberate intelligence! Things are organized! There is purpose. There is method in what appears to be randomness, even madness! There is purpose to life, to one’s life; there is a life mission. And one can intuit or find it while alive in a body!

The human being can engage a faculty called self-reflection. The human is the only mammal and the only species we know of (without considering telepathy) that is capable of reflecting on itself. The human can become the observer and the observed. The mind can look at itself. Consciousness can observe its own faculties, can observe its own characteristics. And the question “who is the observer?” becomes a mantra leading to even greater knowledge and understanding. It also includes some form of discovery that we are all connected in a web of life and that we are that web. We are one!

This discovery can come in many forms, many ways. For me, the first indication of this discovery came during the study of the human body. In nursing school and in the study of medicine I marveled at how perfection was illustrated in the anatomy and physiology of the whole human being. Each cell is a separate little “factory” yet together they make a human in which all parts cooperate in the most intricate, complex and sophisticated way seen anywhere in the known Universe. Trillions of cells working together with an innate precision and purpose and communicating with a means both discovered and undiscovered that runs the most sophisticated “mechanism” in the world– the body! And the brain, the most complex computer in the world, with its trillions of connections and chemicals and messaging system, its hemispheres– each with a different viewpoint that when held together by a central connection, produced a hologram of life and creation. Its sensory system complicated and intricate allowed for this being to interact with the world collectively and individually and then to reflect upon itself. The human was the link between the universe of creation and physical matter! The human being appeared to be the “connection,” the link between god and matter! Intelligence meets matter in the human. God meets itself in man; humankind is the Universe’s way of experiencing itself. Genius!

And in the sensory interaction is the gift of god– INTUITION, IMAGINATION, creativity, invention, genius MAGIC! The spark! And it can create itself! The human being can create another human! The human can partner with god in the act of creation! The human is a creator! Whoa. The sum of the human being is greater than its parts. There is something MORE! The human being is a miracle. The birth of every child is a miracle. The way the human body makes hundreds of thousands of split second decisions 24/7/365 times for 70 plus years is a miracle. The human mind, capable of the invention of everything that already exists and all that- that doesn’t is a miracle. The brain command center with the largest and most sophisticated computer in the world not only runs the system but can solve complex problems and invent something that never existed before!

Another means of discovery is waiting in the study of physics. Everything works together in precision! There is organization– the Universe follows principles and laws. The code is mathematical and predictable. It is a language of creation that holds the key, contains the code the unlocks the secrets of creation! There are worlds within worlds, realms upon realms. There is mathematics that are elegant and geometry that is sacred. Numbers tell a story to someone who speaks their language. There are keys within codes– the fibonacci sequence, the golden mean, pi and Phi and the Shumann Resonance…

One begins to read voraciously and is led (yes led) to the next book and the next. One discovers there are mathematical formulas in the structures of the pyramids, in the shells of sea creatures, in the ratios of the human body, in the art of great artists throughout time and history from Da Vinci to Frank Lloyd Wright… the ratios, elegance and harmonics evident in the depictions, almost audible in their design. Great architects “heard” its elements, “saw” its elegance and became conduits of god, writing what they heard and saw in great works of art, sculpture and architecture.

There are the structures of harmonics, of sound and of music, the resonance and dissonance– the heartbeat of the Universe. There is the primordial sound of the cosmos that reverberates from the big bang (literally, the sound of creation) that can still be heard with the proper equipment as static. We can actually hear the sound of our beginnings. There is String Theory and the world of Quantum Physics. The Universe is a symphony of sound, a dance of creation. Michael knew; he said as much.

There are the ancients who built with this instinctual knowledge and linked great spiritual creations with ley lines, sacred geometry and location, spiritual  acupunture points of monoliths, cathedrals, obelisks, stone monuments, cave art, rock drawings of spirals and angles, and all manner of markings of art and code. It’s the dance of creaion.

The codes and keys and knowledge are all there for someone who pays attention. And it is in the eye of the beholder) or the beholder’s shadow.) For those who don’t understand or misunderstand the elegance of creation, there is fear of secret knowledge and cults– the Rosicrucians, the Essenes, Gnostics, Knights Templar,  the Egyptians, the Masons and the evil Illuminati. We must remind ourselves that fear is often the response to that which we do not understand. Yet, there are always those who would overtly or covertly use hidden knowledge for good or for evil or who would justify the ends by co-opting dark means. There is witchcraft and Wicca, there is the cross and the Hindu swastika and the distorted cross of the swastika– the cross of Christians, the dotted swastika of the Hindu that means “to be good or do good” and the swastika of Hitler’s Gernmany. No matter the discovery, there is always the choice to use powerful knowledge for good or for dark purposes. (Einstein’s E=MC2 and Manhattan Project’s atomic bomb) Even for shamans there is that choice: sorcery or the way of the shaman? The sorcerer weaves spells, some of them with evil intentions; the shaman was considered by the tribe: part healer and part priest.

To this day there are those who fear all of this. There are those who burn books. There are those who, following strict dogma, eschew anything outside the realm of their own cult and code (yes, some Christian sects qualify as cults.) I saw a modern bumper sticker that said: “Jesus called: he wants his religion back”- but I digress.) Yet it is the indigenous who are bringing forth the knowledge and the goddess wisdom locked within Woman who can and will save us from ourselves. It is the ancients, the goddess cults, esoteric Christianity, metaphysics, mysticism, the Essene knowlege, the Knights of the Round Table, the teachings of the Dalai Lama or Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the peace formula of Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela or even the words of Kofi Annan. It is not the knowledge itself that is the threat– it is how that knowledge is framed by those who encounter it: fear, fiction, faith or fate. And it is how we listen. When we listen with our intuition, with our hearts– there is a resonance, a knowingness that is beyond the average faculties. We just know it in our bodies, our hearts, our deepest Selves.

There is a plan. There have been many who glimpsed the plan and interpreted it in differing ways. After stumbing upon the plan… one is transformed and the natural consequence is to join the elegance, to become part of the plan. Oh the plan is so elegant that it is beyond the realm of simple words. Michael Jackson was one of those who glimpsed the plan. It’s evident in his library, reading material, his books, writings, music, videos, illustrations, and all his art. It was so much a part of him that it appears everywhere he is and was. It was even evident in and to those who experienced him in another language: they speak of his aura, his Presence, his charisma. Devotees of the spiritual develop extra faculties. They radiate a presence. Concert goers talk about his concerts as a “baptism” in and of– energy: his energy and music (and their own- for you can’t see something in someone else that isn’t reflected in you.) Women cried or fainted around him. Sex appeal? Or an overwhelming sizzling dose of energy? They are the same substance– just different ends of that spectrum. There is light and there is lightening. Same substance, different concentrations. You can experience sex or with Tantric discipline, you can experience divine sexual union.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause. Yes, Dorothy, there is an Oz. And yes, there is a Neverland. And yes, there is an app for that! Ritual, ceremony, spiritual practice that creates a resonance and radiant energy. Michael knew. Michael did. He still does.



 Assignment Addendum: There are modern day wizards. An assignment, should you choose it: Watch the Johnny Depp moved “Finding Neverland.” Then watch it again. James Matthew Barrie wrote “Peter Pan” and the conferred the rights to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for chidren before his death, that still continues to benefit from his gift.

And maybe watch Avatar again.


  1. vero said . . .

    Hi, Barbara, Thanks very much for this beautiful story of the eagle and the condor. This has special meaning for me in that I have seen a condor flying wild in South America and I have seen eagles flying wild here in USA. I hope this story will come true and that the eagle and the condor can come back together. be unified, and that we will as humans see that although we once were one and then separated, we can be one again. I love your comment– there is an app for that!

    Posted June 19, 2012 at 2:26 am | Permalink
  2. Peacelover said . . .

    Thank you for this! I have been drawn to the Native American prophecies, and I feel we are in the time that these prophecies are being fulfilled. I was honored to be a part of a white buffalo calf woman pipe ceremony. My mind was just officially blown when I made the connection when reading your article between Michael’s changing skin color and the legend of the White Buffalo.
    To the Native Americans the birth of a white buffalo is a symbol of rebirth and world harmony. The mission of Michael.

    Posted September 25, 2014 at 10:48 pm | Permalink

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