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Michael: Remembering the Man on his Birthday

He moonwalked into millions of hearts. He remains lodged in millions of them even now. Today, August 29, would have been Michael Jackson’s 53rd birthday.

By this time he would have fnished his 50 concerts at the O2 Arena and for AEG and would have rested for 4 months and with his son, Prince, and with Paris’ input, I believe he would have been planning and writing his first screen play that would become his first movie in 2012.

That movie might have featured a world like the world in the movie Avatar only on this planet. Neverland, as an archetype and blueprint, would would be not just a theme park, but would inform the landscape of a new Earth. It would be a place where friendly animals roam around interacting with humans and where and a giraffe can indeed pass by your bedroom window and look in to say “hello.” It would constitute a sacred space where people care for the land and its creatures. It would be a place where people work cooperatively and fairly and when work is completed, they spend time having fun, healing and nourishing their inner child. Problems would be addressed in council approaching them “with a child’sheart,” as taught by teachers and leaders in classes where all are respected and included as equals and where egalitarianism rules. “Neverland” would not just be a theme park, it would describe the new Earth.

War would have become obsolete because the people on this Shangri-La planet would have gone through some kind of conversion experience and found new meaning in life and in living out the concept of the interconnected web that forms a mesh of life and humanity. A humane narrative would rule communications and respectful discourse would be normal.

The movie would gross millions and not only would Michael Jackson be the kind of pop, rock and soul but of cinema. I would have preferred that alternate reality. Since Michael is no longer here to guide us with lyrics and song and the way the human body sings silently in the act of dance, I guess we will have to create that world ourselves.

So today, we celebrate the life that once set the world on fire and who left a trail and left a few crib notes behind…

Here is today’s tribute to Michael Joseph Jackson August 29, 1958- June 25, 2009

A curriculum dedicated to Michael and Diana from Voices Education Project.
To see the project, visit Voices Education Project
You may thumb through on lower right of pages or expand the table of contents at left.

If you can possibly contribute to Voices Education Project, please do. The cost of hosting Voices on the server just increased because of the content and traffic. Please help if you can. The DONATE button is just above Michael Jackson on the Words and Violence cover design. Or go here:


Michael Messages

On this day in 1958 the magic began.The world was about to meet a special child– a musical genius extraordinaire. One wail and a tiny babe with a huge heart moonwalked his way into the world and into hearts where he still lives today. Today, August 29 is MIchael Jackson’s Birthday. He would have been 53 years old.We can no longer say “Happy Birthday, Michael!” But we can honor his memory by remembering the man, his work and his life and by paying homage and honoring him through a legacy befitting a humanitarian and a legend.


 What Michael left us in addition to his music and films was a philanthropic dedication to loving and honoring the child in us and… children. We like to think we continue that dedication through Voices Education Project and the materials that comprise the education packet “Words and Violence” dedicated to his memory and to the late Lady Diana Spencer– the two most visible and generous humanitarians and cheerleaders of humankind of the twentieth century. 


We seek to honor the child with an educational packet and curriculum for middle school, high school and college students free for downloading to all who would use it to enhance the lives and education of our children.The second edition of Voices Education Project “Words and Violence” is worth a second look. The contributors know, but perhaps you didn’t– that this educational offering was the most popular and the most read program at Voices Education.

It is still a “work-in-progress and we have added lots of new material.We are especially excited to introduce a new initiative within the project itself– ways to create a humane narrative on the planet. We begin with the “Talking Circle” brought to us by Deborah Morningstar, Author and Storyteller.Be sure to visit the new section “Music Heard Around the World,” a tribute section and experience how Michael Jackson’s music rocks the world.

And stopy by the “In Depth Articles” Section now divided into categories and find cultural pieces, myth, bullying, ethics, human rights and more…

That is how we create peace– one voiced joining with others and one story at a time.

Please share it today.

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  1. WishingpplWerebetter said . . .

    It’s sad that people are still so hateful! It punches me in the gut every time I hear or read someone say something bad about him. They don’t even bother to see the good he did for this world that so sorely needed it. What is the matter with these people? I wish we could make them see. They don’t care what hate is and what it does to a soul, they just do it without any feelings of guilt. I know it’s MJ’s b-day, but I just can’t believe the way people are. I don’t feel good today. :'(

    Posted August 29, 2011 at 6:12 pm | Permalink
  2. Dalia said . . .

    Michael´s birthday has been a very special day for many people all over the world not only to the fans but for people who are still alive due to Michael´s moral and economic support. Michael Jackson represented the difference between life or death literally to many. He was the pioneer artist who donated a great part of his income to assist charity. He was [ersonally involved in cases of people who depended on an expensive treatement or a device to continue living– only an example of what a person can do to sgnificantly impact the lives of others positively. For this, and many other reasons, this man leaves a deep impression on the lives of many; that is why he can hardly be forgotten.

    Posted August 30, 2011 at 5:30 am | Permalink
  3. Kim said . . .

    Very loving tribute to Michael. Thank you.

    Posted September 11, 2011 at 4:19 am | Permalink

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