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Michaeling the Man Italian style

How are you being “Mike Like?”

That is what Larry Nimmer asked Isabella Bresci when he then tape-recorded her answer for a Michael Jackson project he has in mind. Isabella is the International Relations Director for MJ Italian Foundation and a member of the Inner Michael family.

Larry Nimmer is the filmaker who produced “THe Untold Story of Neverland” who was a guest at the Michael Jackson Fan Convention in Torino, Italy. Isa spoke with Larry about the neologism ‘Michaeling’ and explained that being “Mike Like” includes “Michaeling” or doing humanitarian work or philanthropy in Michael’s memory, on his behalf or in his name. She asked him to clarify about being “Mike Like” and “Michaeling” before he turned the camera on, just to make sure that they were on the same page. Michaeling can mean doing things for charities but other things as well– like caring for Nature, animals, kids, elders, disadvantaged people of any kind, but also being child-like, being creative– that is, to release the creative power that is in all of us in different forms. And, of course, being kind to other people.

Michael Jackson’s legacy was tarnished and sullied by the unscrupulous and mercenary who capitalized on the public’s fascination with someone so different in their midst as to be “otherized” or made other than human. History is full of those who were vilified and tormented by contemporaries who misunderstood genius become otherworldly and frightening because of their own struggle to understand something beyond their ken.

Some day history will admit and record its mistake and Michael’s legacy will be resurrected because of his constituency become legacy or those who perform humanitarian acts and philanthropy in Michael’s name or on behalf of his memory—“Michaeling.” He frequently said to his millions of fans “you are my legacy” meaning that you are the ones to carry on my message: “Heal the world” for “we are the world.” Michael stubbornly believed in humanity’s potential to heal itself and save and protect its children.

“Michaeling” used to mean surfing the net for all things Michael immediately after his death in a frenzied effort to assuage the grief, but I asked fans to consider using the word differently– to define “Michaeling” as leveraging Michael’s brand of humanity to bring compassionate action into the world by “making a change” and “making the world a better place.” The best legacy for Michael Jackson would be to link “humanitarian” to Michael, as in Jackson. It is encouraging to hear that half a world away, someone is making that connection in conversation with others. So keep “Michaeling” until it becomes a permanent part of the lexicon. Tell people how you are Michaeling and why.

The MJ Italian Foundation takes seriously the legacy and homage to its benefactor—the memory of Michael Jackson and his role as global humanitarian. They do Michael proud.

On June 2-5, the MJ Italia foundation hosted the “It’s Time for A Change” Convention in Torino, Italy to honor Michael Jackson as a person and not a “personality.” MJ Italian Foundation, the brainchild of Ada Tarchetti and founded in 2009 believing “passion and love can change the world” has employed that sentiment to bring a celebration of the man to life. “It’s time for a change” is meant to convey that it is time to rethink the attitude toward Michael Jackson the man, toward each other and toward the planet we call home.

Isa cites “little miracles” that brought together a celebration that threatened to fizzle but came together in the last couple of months because they obtained the official patronage of the local administrations and received help from some sponsoring shops, restaurants and hotels. But she recounts with glee that the main contribution came from the many new members who subscribed to the association!

Isa describes the celebration:

JacksonMania, a professional dance company from Milan, performed in the huge theatre to officially open the convention: .  Next came Andrea Imparato, Michael impersonator, singing and dancing in homage and Michael-style giving his all to the audience.

On Friday morning a charitable association founded in Michael’s name reported their activities on behalf of Michael followed by the Black or White Dancers, with their sparkly hip hop version of Michael’s music.

Larry Nimmer spoke that afternoon about his experience during the 2005 trial when he was asked to film Neverland ranch and Michael’s private home in evidence for the defence team. That footage became his documentary on Neverland showing them film of the raid by seventy policemen in 2003 when they searched for evidence to use against Michael in their investigation.

Spending time at Neverland, and inspired by Michael, he has begun to care more for his inner child and childlike side and to work toward promoting peace.

Juergen Lususadi then spoke about his small but active charity in Thailand: Take Care Kids with gives shelter to orphans, abused and sick children with AIDS. The sex trade market for children is rampant in the Far East and the Take Care Kids people dedicate their lives to saving the children from a life in the brothels.

Quantic Publishing bought the rights to the second edition of Dancing the Dream in 2010 and published the first non-Anglophone edition in the world took the stage followed by Alessandra Gianoglio and Gessica Puglielli fans since 1995 whose book Lamb to Slaughter that interviews Michael’s friends and co-workers and exposes some unknown aspects of Michael’s personal life. There are plans in the works for an English translation.

Daniele Boerci who founded a Michael Jackson Fanzine when he was just a teenager and became its full time publisher, and who is President of the 25 year old fan club MichaelMania, spoke about his recently published book of his meetings with Michael and his stories of adventures with fans following his concerts around the world.

The afternoon ended with Leonard Rowe via Skype tele-interview who has written What Really Happened to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop – The evil side of the entertainment industry. ttp://

Rowe was a tour promoter for the Jackson’s tours in 1979 and has remained friends with the Jackson family since. Leonard shared his concerns and provided the most moving moments of the entire event. In 2009, Rowe was asked by Michael to control his complicated finance situation and supervise the deals with AEG which appeared tricky to him. Rowe cited many unclear situations but said he was restricted from doing much because Michael’s managers did all they could to keep him out of the way. While he was trying to figure out what his next move would be, Michael passed away. According to the audience in Torino, Rowe’s book tells, in a very heartfelt way, everything he saw and heard, and all his efforts to save Michael from his dangerous isolation and a prescription drug dependence and to protect him from evil influence of powerful people. He also exposes the biased deals of the industry of entertainment from the 80’s until Michael’s death.

He ended his interview with these words: “I could not save Michael and will carry this agony inside me for all my life. It is my duty to tell everything I know and I will never stop, even if they hinder me in any way. He asked for support “because the world needs to know the truth.” The audience responded with loud applause at the conclusion.

It was during breakout time for dinner that Larry Nimmer asked Isa “how are you Michaeling in your life?” and recorded her answer. On Saturday morning members of the association took participants to visit the three Cherry Blossom trees planted for Michael in Olympic Stadium City Park where Michael performed in Torino during the Bad Tour, on May 29th, 1988.

Fan artworks were featured on exhibit during the four day convention at an elegant hotel on the hills surrounding the city, right across the Po River.

The show: Michael Jackson – the Artist, The Man ended the day with songs, dance performances, and videos recalling Michael’s life. Sabrina, a brave 12 year old girl in a wheel chair opened the the show singing beautifully Heal the World and closed with the whole audience joining in a We Are the World finale` and balloon drop of little Earth balloons flying throughout the theatre.

On Sunday morning an American Minister dedicated Mass in both Italian and English to Michael in the famous church ‘Gran Madre di Dio.’ Michael’s songs echoed on the piano to an atmosphere turned intense as Michael was remembered as a kind man who lived his life on Earth just like all of us. To paraphrase the words of Janet Jackson: “To some Michael was an icon; for us fans, he is family.” He was our brother.

Thanks to Isabella Bresci for telling us about this story.





Photos: courtesy of Isa Bresci

Fan Artwork “Michael” (C) by Cristina Ceccerini (copyrighted work- please do not copy)
Ada Tarchetti and Larry Nimmer
Official Italia Foundation flag
Andrea Imparato and JacksonMania
Juergen Lususadi from Take Care Kids
Leonard Rowe via Skype
Cherry Tree for Michael at Olympic Stadium (They say she Moonwalks through the park on full moon nights)
Sabrina Vittoni
Mass for Michael at Grand Madre de Dio


  1. Dalia said . . .

    Thanks Barbara and to the people who are working to change the image of MJ to others. It is the right way, just doing good to mankind in every possible way forever in the name of Michael.

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    Thank you for sharing this story. Love.

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  3. Kim said . . .

    What a wonderful story, thank you Barbara and Isabella for sharing this story. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone is working to carry forth Michael’s messages and uphold his legacy. Thank you.

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