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To reclaim our humanity…

Just when you think there is no more that they can do to this man– or the name, image, reputation, and legacy of Michael Jackson, along comes the Discovery Channel… had you told me human beings were capable of this depravity now, I would have argued with you that we had evolved beyond this…

I am wrong. The line of decency has been crossed. The thing about crossing a line is this… you cannot ever go back. Once that atom was split, there is no putting it back together. Once the bomb is dropped, there is no taking it back. Once you terrorize a whole planet of children with that instrument of destruction, you cannot heal their minds from that nightmare. The mushroom cloud now lives forever.

And yes, I have seen that other image. I threw up in my mouth a little because it is not a mushroom cloud. A mushroom cloud I could deal with. It is stark. It is blatant. It is undeniable in its destruction. The image that lives out there now as an advertisement for the mock autopsy of a real human being, is no less a war symbol. It is a piece of propaganda that says: “there is nothing sacred about human life; it is OK to dehumanize people’; it is OK to feed off a human being for entertainment and profit.”

I have been researching Michael Jackson for more than a year now and I join you in the disgust and the internal scream that rises about what happened to this man at the hands of irresponsible law enforcement and especially, media.

I too, have written about him, defended him, and rebutted commentary about him. And I share your horror in the upcoming autopsy and the Trial beginning in January that will likely put Michael on trial instead of the doctor.

As we continue this evolutionary journey together, I want to suggest that we look at something more that might help to expand the impact of this work and may help to jump start the movement we crave for more a more humane narrative which includes heightened decency and responsibility by the press and media in general. I am convinced we need to call out the media on more issues than just one.

If we continue under the guise of defenders or fans, we will continue the current opinion that MJ fans (supporters, admirers, defenders) are crazy and frenzied in all things Michael related. We have a legitimate argument for restoring sanity to this planet and wasted breath because a voice is not taken seriously is wasted effort. I want to be heard. You?

I watched an episode on CNN last night in my commitment to bear witness in order to be able to write about the cultural mood and its treatment of people including celebrity. The segment was titled: “Downfall: The Tiger Woods Scandal. It was, as the name suggests, the same old sensationalized expose theme that has dogged MJ and others. My contention is that we dehumanize people and devalue life with these kinds of things. And I will share that whole argument with you soon.

Meanwhile- I will be writing to CNN about this program. And I am suggesting that we all do the same when it comes to these programs which seem to have questionable social value. I am sensing that the mood is changing and that people not only are not trusting the press anymore, but they are getting sick of the obscene trash that passes for “programming.” I really do believe there is enough sentiment for a movement. And I believe now is the time.

I realize that the trial in January may hold most of our attention. But I am wondering if we might start at least collecting a data base on this kind of media that insults sensibilities (autopsy et al) and begin a campaign to write to and about all of those insults to humanity as well.

I would like to archive and feature in a new forum any criticism of the media. I want to collect those editorials. Here is the kind of thing I am talking about: 
In this article, Michael Spies makes a great case for why we do not belong in the private lives of those who gift us with their talents. I have asked Michael to do another piece on this issue as I believe his approach is valid and viable. 

Names of those people who take on this subject (like Michael Spies and Melik Kaylan in “Gossip as An Instrument of Power,” for example should be collected and archived in favor of a list of those journalists who stand in favor of decency, truth and humane treatment in the media.

So if we call out the violators of decency publicly in all genres and with all people (not just Michael Jackson) we may be able to create a voice that will have more impact than if we just work on Michael Jackson issues alone.  I am thinking about the tenets of such a movement. And I am asking you to think about this. I am convinced that the widow of time to make this change is within the next couple of years. What say you all? The question to ask (yourself) is” Do you have the passion and the stamina?”








We Are Here

They prepare a sweet feast, and bid us, “Covet.”
They have dressed the table in
snow-soft linen;
each place gilded with
silver flagons, crystal salts and
plates of porcelain, placid blue.
Thin consomme bowls
shine in coppery decadence.

They tease us with the scent of sugar;
trifles of cake and pink-berry cream,
tins of iced caviar, with spoons –
mirages of serene seas.

They have numbered all his bones;
accounted, weighed, and measured
each humiliation, loss, slice, and stab.

His loneliness and despair
chilled, gelled
to delicate aspic.

Dine with us.
Dine on Michael Joseph Jackson.
Dine on beauty, compassion, faith and charity.

They bid us, “Sup.”
Sup on creation;
On the father,
On God’s child;
his genius and talent,
sweat, joy, generosity;
his pride,
his courage, strength
and frailty.
Sup in vampiric delight.

We see the glaring shine of glass,
and glint-sharp knives,
illuminated in gorgeous, changing hues.


Their seductive invitations
and predatory smiles are
salaciously bold and droning.
The droning
burns our bellies,
dries our mouths,
stills our hearts, and
stupefies our souls.

We will not dine
on Michael’s bones.
We cannot touch the marrow spoons:
long and sharp and narrow,
like the fingernails of a

We cannot eat his
sauced with our

Forgive us.

We will not sin,
although the dulcet music
soothes us
dizzies us.
It is the symphony of
his self-completion.

We will not trespass.

We will not feast
on the hostage of siege.
We will not –
no matter how famed the
titillating the lies
the flesh.

We will not sin:
compound our sins
of ignorance,

We will bear him up
our beautiful king, true friend;
and give him succor, safety
over our heads.

We Are Here.

God’s muse,
Vessel of His message
of child-like wisdom, forgiveness, and sincerity,
caretaker of His divine garden,
our earth.
We thank him.

Lift him up, hold his hand,
tell him truths, and
with empathy, share his pain.
We cherish,
and heal.

We accept his failures,
his jealousies,
his anger.
We love him more.

We Are Here.

Here to carry him home
to his three doves;
their lovely eyes
bright beacons –
and kisses
and tears
of happiness.


(The person who sent me this poem has given permission for you to copy, share and distribute. She wishes to remain anonymous. I find this poem stunning. Thank you.)