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Silence can hurt too.

OK, you all got to me so I have to amend my post. The silence was frightening. I think sometimes silence is more frightening than angry words. In the silence, nothing changes. When something should be said, silence kills an opportunity for change to occur. I realize that silence can hurt and cause harm too. So I am now inspired to write something about silence.

“In Germany they first came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

Then they came for me —
no one was left to speak up.”
~Pastor Niemoller

I will consider doing something about “silence” for the curriculum. Have ideas? Send them.

I am hearing that so many of you ARE behind this curriculum. And you asked me to let it simmer. OK; I heard you.

I just want to ask you to remember what silence and apathy can do:

Many have written me to say that when Michael was going through his tribulations at the hands of the media you were silent. You didn’t write to Michael and you didn’t make your voice heard to the media. The guilt that is felt over that is palpable. I too was unaware. I too was asleep or indifferent or complacent.

Would our voices have mattered then? I don’t know. But now there are the means to be heard and it begins with the internet. It is hard to hide treachery in today’s world. Remember Neda? We watched her die on the streets of Tehran. She was martyred in the flash of a camera, in an instant. In that image of Neda and in that moment- we knew!

We have a voice and we have Voices. We now have the means to setting the record straight and telling truth for now and in the future. So remember:

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
~Edmund Burke

We used to say “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. I still believe that. So my moment of self pity is over as of now.

When I realized through my research what kind of person Michael really was, and Diana as well, I could not be complacent in allowing this abomination to happen again. It’s not because it is Michael, or Diana. It is because this should not have happend to any human being. Especially human beings who are global treasures. We dispirit or kill global treasures for what? Greed? Profit? Entertainment?

So I know you will get behind this curriculum because it is a game changer. It makes us think now and changes the future. The curriculum exists. It’s real. And it’s free.

So I am willing to do what you ask and let it simmer. Now it is YOUR turn. Do what you will. It’s out of my hands. Now it’s in yours. 

I am glad that you shared the “Caricature.” While I understand that interests you and it is a really fine piece and represents a lot of the reason for the curriculum, there is more to the curriculum. Please share that too. This program is a long term solution for a long term problem. It is not a quick fix or a simple self-extinguishing delight that will fade tomorrow. It is for the children. It is for the future.

I don’t want to believe you really missed the real and deep value of this work so I won’t. 

When your excitement over seeing it all shiny and new subsides, please go to work promoting this project. It has the potential to begin a movement. Please don’t miss that potential. I know that you understand the implications of a Michael-inspired movement. 

Be sure to read the story about Vitiligo– it has information about the disease that can make people think and change minds. And read the one about the dance club. It’s so Michael.

So I will assume that you are paying attention. I will believe in you. And I will hold in my heart those very dedicated people who by blood, sweat, tears and LOVE made this project possible.  They understood that this practice of crucifying people with words will continue long into the future unless someone does something!

They have done something! They have done something wonderful! They have made it possible for children and students to understand how the spoken or written word can inflict permanent harm! How words can kill!

Michael asked: “Do you give a damn?” I will believe you are making the connection. That you know how Michael Jackson would feel about a program in schools to teach children how the spoken word and written word can cause harm. He knew that words can kill someone’s spirit. He lived it. He knew that we need to learn how to be more humane with our words and we need to “Declare Peace” with them instead of using them to hurt or harm. He ministered to sick children. He taught them how to heal their own bodies with visualization and meditation. Do know he would get behind this kind of program. This is the beginning of an initiative only if you want it to be. What do you think Michael would say? I know you know. 

Here is what someone wrote in a comment about the non-violent use of voice and my response follows:

“As Gandhi set up his peaceful movement into a war with no weapons and aggression, we must speak out peacefully to demand they stop hurting people to go through this dirty business of tabloids, but primarily to those we should ask is that consumers of the “merchandise.” the general public who buys the lies doing something profitable of this “business.” The younger generation is where we need to grow this feeling of respect for others, and this project is wonderfully encouraging. We can not give up because Michael did not; he had faith in us and we are his army and as such we must work to make that change that he always believed in. As the saying goes: a drop of water can pierce a stone much better than the force of a bullet; each one of us are the Michael’s hope and that is our commitment. Thanks Barbara for your enthusiasm and your faith in your projects that Michael would have loved, are great, and we must pull them from theory to practice.”

Yes. We must go from idea or theory to practice. What I am saying is: “Find your voice,” speak your “peace” with the media. When something offends you, SPEAK! But do not attack! Inform them of how it hurt you. Tell them you are offended and why. Tell them it wounded you! Tell them you will stop watching, stop buying, stop consuming or buying their sponsor’s products! Someone just wrote me to say she cancelled her cable because of the content. The next step is to write to the cable company and the networks to let them know WHY! What I find as people write me or we talk, is that the opinions they have formed are INFORMED by the contemporary media. In the case of Michael Jackson, there was no other voice because there was an hysteria associated with him (the shadow and mirror effect of projection) and it manifested in headlines. If you go to Voices Education and read the piece I did on tabloid journalism you will find the same hysteria INFORMED during the Salem Witch Trials, the McCarthyism era, and is evident in the broadcast of Orson Welles “War of the Worlds.” There were no opposing voices. The hysteria became the meme- or cultural viral theme.

We need to change the meme and the cultural narrative (violence-bullying-negativity-bad news-scandals-celebrity worship and crucifixion-war making-anti-this/that-if it bleeds it’s fascinating etc.) on this planet. Shadow can be seductive but bright shadow can become addictive! Want to make it so? Do your shadow work- when you see darkness, immediately imagine the opposite in your mind. And when someone offers you shadow- SPEAK UP and tell them it is NOT ALLOWED in your world! Everything is created first in the mind. EVERTHING. Everything that is was once an idea in someone’s mind. Want to change the mind of the world- change yours (“Man in the Mirror”) And do everything you can to promote the Words and Violence program. Go to Voices website and tweet all the features. Send them to Facebook. Get on board with making it fashionable to showcase the brilliance of humans on this planet. You are all telling me you are weary of shadow, you are sick of the sensationalism. USE YOUR VOICE! DECLARE PEACE! Make it so last century to trash someone that it becomes popular to spotlight their brilliance! Tell them you want to declare peace and you want them to help you do that!

Peacemaking does not always mean pure pacifism. It means using your might in a non-violent way. Inform the powers that be that you are no longer willing to allow them to dictate what you will be presented with. Instead of sitting back and letting them decide what comes into your living room on the airwaves or the newspaper- tell them what you will accept. tell them you are filled up on all the darkness and you are looking for the light. Do not attack them for that is meeting shadow with shadow. Instead tell them your soul is hungry (this is universally true) and tell them to feed your soul. And as for those people who are misinformed- most of them have only heard the one side of things. They have been hoodwinked. They are victims of the perpetuation of shadow. I am asking you to raise your voice to say ENOUGH SHADOW! Bring me LIGHT! So now go and make miracles!”  ~Rev B.


  1. LJ said . . .

    I waited anxiously to read this curriculum. I posted it on a blog that I am concerned is causing more harm than good with regards to sensationalism, attacking, suspicions being posted all over the internet. It, I sense, was ignored. It doesn’t matter, I responded from my heart so if it is heard right now or not I can’t worry about that. I posted it on my Facebook page. Not just pieces but the entire document because I am slowly reading through it and am touched because of the entire message of the content. I can’t begin to understand the human psyche of why we behave the way we do or what inspires us to take action. I do know it takes repeating the message over and over again and it will emerge in the right time. I can’t begin to know but I am open to taking inspired action whenever I need to.

    I taught H.S. kids for two years, a mind/body exercise for life class. I witnessed how the kids talked to one another in a less than pleasant and supportive manner and we had to deal with that first before we could even get into encouraging each other to take care of themselves. I am a facilitator for Girl’s Circle organization and this program, curriculum would be wonderful within the program. I, as others, and you, are incredibly busy and inundated with life’s happenings. Yet, this piece is so relevant to the good of our planet. Perhaps, ahead of it’s time. I’ve always been ahead of my time so I just keep plugging on because what matters is you doing what you are called to do with resolve. Michael Jackson did just that, he knew his purpose and calling for life and though the blades were thrown at him he continued on. Hurt, and wounded but he continued.

    I guess what I am saying is, thanks for the work, for the calling you had to bring it onto the planet. The response may not be instant but resolve to continue, to take the path of least resistance and continue on is what matters. It may take new shape and form, just keep living from your truth. That’s my motto lately. 🙂

    Love to you – I will continue to read and share. How can I make sure I have this available to read and share in case it is taken down and I can’t access it. I want to continue sharing the message in whatever way I can. [God Bless you! And thanks. It will be at Voices Education Project- just not front page forever. You could always put “Words and Violence” in the search window. Thank you for YOUR words, L.J. Peace. ~Rev. B]

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  2. Jan said . . .

    Yes, we have worked extremely hard and put so much of our spirit into it … and we are excited that it’s finally been born … and we are so proud of it and we’d like the entire world to know it’s there. This is something that we can all understand and relate to. We have to have faith that our effort has been seen by the Universe and that the Universe and God and Michael and Diana will draw attention to it in its perfect time. We are advertising it everywhere … in all of the forums we visit … on Facebook … and among all of our friends. I don’t know … what is a TWEET? I am not familiar with that. This work is timeless and its benefits for our world are myriad and legion. There are valuable materials for the ages contained within that body of work. We have expressed that we want to see brilliance instead of treachery. We have told touching stories of the way words insidiously color our self-esteem and self-images for a lifetime. Rev. B … We are here to change the world and we have taken our first step.

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  3. Heidi said . . .

    Reverend Barbara and all: This is about timing. We must be patient. That which you poured your heart and soul into will blossom, but first must develop a strong root system. It is presently seeding and germinating in hearts and consciousness. Step back in peace; let Spirit have it’s way. Not everyone subscribes to Facebook and Twitter! For me this invaluable curriculum is more grassroots AT THIS TIME. It has allowed me to engage in some very meaningful dialogue with family and friends, especially children, who listen with INTENSE interest because the conversation involves Michael Jackson. They will then seed this awareness to their own hearts and to their friends. Someone once asked Michael why he wasn’t MOVING. He responded that he was SIMMERING. Let it simmer.

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  4. Kim said . . .

    I am very inspired by this curriculum. Although I have been working on it, I’ve not been able to read through it deeply. I am now able to sit down and do that. I’m doing it tonight. I will do it every day until I’m done and then I will start again. I have been tweeting and working to spread the word.

    Jan, without getting into a full dissertation about Twitter, a tweet is a short message that is send on Twitter. You can send a tweet about anything you want. You only have 140 characters to send your message. People can choose to follow you if they like what you say, wear, the way you look; well you get my drift. When they see what you tweet, they can retweet out to their followers and so on and so on. People tweet about non-important topics and some tweet about important topics. An example is

    Raise Your Voice | Voices Education…featured story “Words and Violence” OR a tiny URL version (tiny URL is shortened version of full URL) Voices Education featured story “Words and Violence” dedicated to Michael Jackson and Lady Diana.

    So I believe all the tweets that have gone out are being retweeted. I’ve seen it happen right while I was online. To think that I avoided using it for so long. It’s a great tool. I have posted on my Facebook page as well. I’ve also gone to Voices and Inner Michael Facebook page to post. I agree with Jan that we have to have faith that the Universe, God, Michael and Diana will let it shine through. It is timeless and even if one person decides to talk about, the spark is lit. I will continue to talk about it and direct people to the website.

    Please have hope. Maintaining that hope is doing shadow work in my eyes. Hope is good. As long as we have hope, we will keep going. Thank you for you hard work on this. Trust me when I say that yours’ and everyone’s work will not be in vain. Sending hugs. [OK. So I’m off to do my own shadow work now. Thanks for that reminder Kim. ~Rev. B.]

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  5. Joyce said . . .

    Rev. Barbara,
    Keep the faith! I totally agree with Heidi that we just need to “let it simmer” or “bathe in the moonlight” as Michael so eloquently said. This has been a labor of love for so many and it’s message is so very important. I wish I was more of a social networking guru! Unfortunately, I don’t do facebook or twitter. I have passed on the link to many friends and family and have encouraged them to spread the word as well. Is the Voices Education website a resource that is known by educators and educational organizations? It should be! I provided information to Seven who gave a great explanation about the purpose of the entire Words and Violence Curriculum. It focused on the Vitiligo case study since it related to a previous post. All of the case studies are amazing and so worth reading and sharing. The dedication is beautiful! Being a part of this project has been such a positive experience for me in so many ways. All of the “Michaeling” we have all been experiencing is definitely for a purpose. It is helping us heal and helping us to reach out to heal the world! We won’t quit! Michael is right there with us! Thanks so much again for all of your hard work and encouragement.

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  6. Francesca said . . .

    Rev. Barbara
    I am not commenting all your posts here but I am printing them all and keep for reading them later… and I do, maybe only at Sundays because I do not have too many time left from work.
    I like your writings… please do not stop write here…!

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  7. Charlene said . . .

    I just have to say… I’m with you all the way on this, Barbara! I am not giving up now! After 9 months of preparation and dedication to reach the goal of publication, this journey is really just beginning. Our new baby has a life to live now that it’s been born into this world. And it’s up to us to nurture it, love it, and encourage it to reach its full potential, guiding it toward its intended purpose here on Earth. Now, our real work begins! I was so excited last week about the launch, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops, but the Universe had other things in mind for me over the weekend. I managed to get several announcements posted on facebook about Words and Violence, and started posting a blog about it when circumstances beyond my control interrupted my intended path and took me on a little side trip. The message I was gleaning from this was, just as others have been saying, “Let it simmer – it’s OK – it’ll be there next week. Then you can forge ahead.” Well, it’s next week and I am ready to forge ahead! I have plans. I shared some of those plans with you during our conference calls. I am moving on them as we speak, but it may take some time to see results. The wheels of justice and redemption turn far too slowly sometimes to satisfy me, but when I grow impatient, I need to remember that the wheels ARE turning, and therein lies the blessing. The results will slowly build momentum as the ripple spreads and this wonderful gift begins to blossom. And what a brilliant flower it will be when in full bloom! Once again I say, I can feel God and Michael and Diana applauding, for we have done a good thing. And they will not, nor will we allow this to die on the vine! I love you and thank you so much, Barbara, for your faith in us (yes, I know it’s still there!) and in this valuable product which was conceived out of our mutual love for Michael and Diana. That alone makes me believe it will live vibrantly and prosper! 🙂

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  8. Anne UK said . . .

    Dear Rev Barbara,
    I can see that you are disapointed with the response to the curriculum but I really don’t think you should be as as a lot of people here have said “It needs to simmer” and I agree. It will eventually reach “boiing point.” I myself, as yet have not posted or tweeted; need to read every single piece of the curriculum. I need to know it myself really well before I post. I have almost finished reading what I can only describe as inspired writing. Michael’s case study was a true illumination of his life and personality.You have filled our hearts with so much positive writing this last year and I know that will continue. The last thing I want you to think is I don’t care as I truly do. I will also encourage people I know to read this as someone stated not everyone has Facebook or Twitter.Here in the UK it might prove incredibly difficult for educators to get this into our schools curriculum as education here is prescribed and set in stone. We need to reach the top to get that altered. Is it possible that “Voices” can get the curriculum printed in our education magazines here? Thankyou Kim for showing me how to tweet this message.I promise it will appear soon. Rev Barbara we are here and we will raise our voices. With love Anne x [Anne thank you. Write to Marilyn at Voices and ask if they have contacts in the UK- Voices is a worldwide organization. ~Rev B.]

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  9. Anne UK said . . .

    Dear Rev Barbara,
    I have tonight finished reading the excellent “Voices and Violence Curriculum.” I have now tweeted it. I have also tonight sent an email to Marilyn at “Voices” stating why I think there should be some advertising in our English educational magazines and the reasons for me thinking this. I hope this will be helpful. Love Anne x

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  10. lmat said . . .

    Admittedly, I have an issue with patience. I’ve been told that it is something I need to learn to cultivate and become very aware of. Impatience is a non virtue that I wrestle with everyday. I also am very aware that God has his own timing which rarely matches my idea of what that should be. I want this terrific work to blossom, like, right now. But again, it’s a bit of a wait. I truly believe that there is so much love and effort and intention and vision in this project that it will move forward at His pace. We do the footwork, it will happen. Honestly, I did not grasp the meaning of Declare Peace, especially with the media. That one had to sit and simmer a bit. Now I get it that I can express my feelings and thoughts but in a way that extends a hand, not a fist in attack. There is still work to be done. My suggestion is a chat, with Voices, about how, when and where we do this, together.

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  11. Dalia said . . .

    You must consider that many of us are of the old generation and many of us do not use the new communication technologies such as Twitter and Facebook but step by step we will get into this, so please have some patience with the “slow learners” like me. And you should know that we love you and do not want you to give it up, much less to stop writing these issues so inspiring.

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  12. Nicole P-H said . . .

    Dearest Rev Barbara, I think that all the beautiful souls who spoke before me, really spoke my words. You are a very inspirational being and I am so proud I accepted your invitation to be a part of this beautiful body of work. Barbara, like Jan and Kim, I do know that Michael loves this curriculum and so does God Himself and the whole Universe. Remember that Michael himself must have felt that sort of disapointment when he tried to achieve very important goals with the “Heal the World Foundation” and after with the “Go for your dreams Project” and each time there were attacks to his character and damage to the global humanitarian goals Michael tried to reach. That must have been heartbreaking to him. Barbara, please don’t give up to us and Michael’s cause, many people like me do need you. To me, you are a true Master and I am at your feet, learning so much from you. Thank you for being who you are. Namaste, Nicole

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  13. admin said . . .

    Note to Gertrude: I am checking on your question about logging onto Voices Ed website. ~Rev. B.

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  14. Jan said . . .

    It is in our hands. And it is in God’s (and Michael’s and Diana’s) hands! It was our gift to them. Its value will not be ignored. Its benefits will not be discounted. Keep the faith! We have done our part. Now we need to ‘let go … and let God!’

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  15. Sue Springer said . . .

    Dear Rev B and all who developed this wonderful curriculum.

    I must apologize for not checking in sooner. You are right, silence is sometimes deafening and hurtful. But, rest assured, I know the MJ Family has not been idle. I have been e-mailing and facebooking (is that a word) the information and my pleas all week, to everyone I know. I am not an educator, I work in the legal field, but many of my colleagues are connected to education through friends and former school attachments. The final word may come to the correct person 2nd or 3rd hand, but it will come to them. In addition, I am mailing letters out this weekend to any education entity in my state that I can determine.

    I know in my heart that many MJ family members are doing the same thing. We are with you and we are not idle, and we are so grateful to have this opportunity to participate, if only from a distance, in something so vital and important. I also believe in our MJ family and we will not let you or Voices down.

    Love and Peace, Sue.

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  16. Michelle said . . .

    We must raise our voices, everyone! This is no time to be silent.

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  17. souldreamer7 said . . .

    Yes. silence hurts. to be ignored is as awful as being called bad names.
    Thank you for this post.

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