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Michael Jackson’s Real Work

Michael Jackson had a kind of magic that captured the imagination… and especially the playful and carefree imagination of children. It was well known that children responded to Michael in unusual ways. Witnesses will say that he was quite literally, a Pied Piper and children naturally followed him. Then when in his presence, children stuck to Michael like Velcro and did not want him to escape their orbit. Michael had an essence that held magic, magnetism and delight. In the quantum, metaphysical and energetic world, Michael was an “attractor field” for children.

That is why the charges leveled against him in 1993 and 2003 were so malicious and devastating. Michael delighted in children and they delighted in him. The killing of Michael Jackson began 10 years before his passing in 2009. Without certain ministrations, a wounded spirit may not recover. When the charges were lobbed at him the first time, he suffered a wound so wide and so deep that it constituted a slaying of his spirit. And the 2003 trial took the rest of the light that was Michael. If you want to truly kill a man before his body succumbs, thrust your attack sword deep into the heart of what he loves most. Take his greatest love or greatest fear and use it to twist the blade.  

New information surfaced before and since Michael’s death about the circumstances surrounding the accusations, accusers, settlement and trial. Both times his accusers were people who knew him so well that they knew intimately, his vulnerabilities. So they knew how and where to inflict the most harm.  Information about the rabid-dog pursuit of Michael by a DA who, it is revealed, was known for his wide reaching harassment and vindictiveness and some have said, racism, is now surfacing from those who were there. Apparently getting Michael Jackson out of the county was discussed in secretive mafia style clandestine meetings with some officials and officers in charge at the time. The alleged charges of the brand of vigilante justice that was commonly practiced in that county are not pretty. And they are many. The DA who hunted Michael in both cases and around the world is an Evangelical Christian. Evangelicals have zero tolerance for those they assume and brand “homosexual” and who “like” boy children. Neverland Ranch was far from the picture the DA’s office and the tabloids or tabloid journalists tried to paint. To have sullied such a magical place and contaminated it beyond healing, to have defiled a place where children could find fun and magic with a man they all had come to regard as a hero is unforgivable and itself is an abuse of children. How many disenfranchised children did not make it to Neverland Ranch or did not have a modern hero to inspire them to beat their illness and stay alive because Michael was maligned by those in his own sphere?

African American children saw Michael as someone from the hood who had made it big and to them he represented hope and potential freedom from poverty and danger. All children seemed to love his music and naturally grooved on it developing rhythm that surprised their parents. Michael was an icon that many of them grew up alongside; the milestones of their lives were marked by Jackson 5 songs or Michael songs. Hundreds of children who were diagnosed with incurable illnesses expressed a longing to meet Michael Jackson. That was the effect Michael had on children. Michael understood long before Hillary Clinton that ‘it takes a village’ to raise a child and he meant a global village and the world’s children. Michael’s best known anthems are about saving the world for children and healing it to make it a better place. Michael’s love for children is called “agape” not what those people with dark minds and power or poison pens called it. Their indictment says more about them than it does about Michael. Adults, contaminated by the world’s insults and cynicism, could not comprehend it. Michael was a modern-day hero to children; he was even a feature in “Weekly Reader” literature and books written for school children.

Neverland was all about children. It was a place where children from all manner of circumstances could come and spend a day in the magical land of forgetting—forgetting their terminal illnesses, forgetting their ghetto mentality, forgetting their poverty, forgetting their neighborhood terror and gang violence, forgetting their disadvantaged and scarred youth, forgetting their handicap, forgetting the anger and hopelessness that led them to drugs or alcohol or crime, forgetting their despairing of life.

Michael loved Neverland. Michael loved children. Children loved Neverland. And children loved Michael. Neverland Ranch was a place of magic and beauty and a mystical sanctuary from a world that was for many, hopelessly unkind.

Michael deliberately built it to invoke magic and to bring a magical kind of experience to those who otherwise would know only sickness and hopelessness.  Sometimes it only takes one exposure to something “other” to inspire a vow and hope, hard work and dedication toward a dream. Children left Neverland holding hope, with a knowingness that fortune could smile on them, that dreams can come true and sometimes it’s good to believe in a little magic. Michael received so much adulation and more money than he could ever want but he did not hoard or spend it on himself; he built a paradise for children. Michael built a magical kingdom and shared it with those who would benefit most from touching the magic—children. 

Michael was knowledgeable about the experiments that started in the seventies and studied the positive effects of music on plants, so he piped in music to all parts of Neverland. Michael Jackson understood frequency, vibration, and how love impeded illness and the growth of cancer cells and how music could change the frequency of a space whether that space was inside or outside a body.

Michael understood that sound and love changed the frequency, chemistry and Ph of cells and tissues. Michael often talked about how “love heals.” He knew that the frequency of love and the love vibe makes the growth of cancer and pathogens difficult. He knew of the work of people like Norman Cousins, Larry Dossey and Patch Adams who studied vibrational medicine and used laughter and love to arrest disease and improve health. He knew about how brain waves are changed with vibrational  intervention and how hormones and body chemicals are enhanced or inhibited by environmental factors. He talked about “coating them with love” when children were ill or dying. And his treatments worked for many. For those whom it didn’t work, he frequently paid for funerals and burials and sent personal articles of clothing for tiny caskets for those who considered him their hero. 

He asked Dr. Deepak Chopra to teach him meditation and when he had learned, he taught it to children having them visualize their diseased cells being eaten by Pac-Man type good cells. He often called critically ill children from wherever he was in the world to encourage them to do the visualization and to hang tough until they could visit Neverland. For some of them it was enough to keep hanging on, to stomach the chemotherapy just one more time, trying to make Michael Jackson happy and get well enough to take him up on his invitation. Many lived long enough to collect on that promise. That is the precise story of the boy who came to be his accuser in 2003. The boy had only a short time to live when Michael heard of his battle with terminal cancer. Michael knew that love cures. But that love was made out by others to be something ugly and sinister. By greedy families trying to extort money from deep pockets and by tabloids who made millions paying cash to those who would, for a fee, provide the requisite screaming headlines. They are culpable not only for the damage done, but for all the children who were not loved back to wellness and saved by a little Michael Jackson magic.

Examining the content within the context will give clues as to how this twisted reality happened upon a kind hearted and generous humanitarian: The McMartin Preschool case was making headlines and it was the longest trial in the American justice system and for a decade it was on everyone’s mind because of the tabloid representation of the case. All those accused were found not guilty. Child sexual abuse was on everybody’s radar. The incidence of incest was just beginning to be understood especially in rural America, therapists were “discovering” repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse was causing hysteria and priests were accused of messing around with altar boys while the Catholic Church covered it up and obstructed investigations.

In the second case that accused Michael ten years later, that time capsule included the O.J. Simpson trial where jurors had found him not guilty in the most publicized trial of the century which was racially charged both during and afterward. Many people felt he was guilty but bought his way out of prison with high powered attorneys.  This was the landscape and mindset when along comes Michael Jackson who hosts children in sleepovers. It didn’t matter that Michael Jackson’s bedroom was a two story suite where parents stayed also. It didn’t matter that everyone piled on the beds to watch nighttime movies and share popcorn and sometimes fell asleep and when some including Michael, slept on the floor. The die was cast the first time the P-word was spoken. The guilty verdict came in the same breath as the accusation. It wasn’t Michael Jackson’s fault that childhood sexual abuse was the psychological buzz talk at that time. It wasn’t Michael Jackson’s fault that he contracted Vitiligo that destroyed his pigment and people already saw him as “weird” and trying to change his race and identity by the time the accusations came. It wasn’t Michael Jackson’s fault that the tabloids exploited every facet of his life and paid people to tell outrageous stories about him. It didn’t matter that from a balcony in Germany he showed his new baby infant to fans who chanted they wanted to see the child of the most famous man in the world, and that the balcony had a ledge underneath the child. The story and photographs played over and over made him seem unbalanced.

Never mind that Martin Bashir cut and pasted together a tabloid documentary (Living With Michael Jackson) of Jackson, leaving the generous humanitarian and gentle and loving friend and father on the cutting room floor. The documentary that aired was constructed before it was filmed. Bashir’s voiceover is far afield of the actual recorded comments he made to Michael about what an exceptional father he was and how exceptionally mannered were his children. Michael Jackson was hunted and haunted by the press everywhere he went and cameras were hidden in bathrooms and behind mirrors. Michael was an ambassador and international figure and received death threats regularly. Yet his protectiveness of covering the faces of his own children to keep them safe, his wearing of a mask to dissuade the “freak” and “wacko” monikers from accompanying new photos, his use of an umbrella to protect his depigmenting and albino skin and eschewing the glare of paparazzi was seen as “weird” and “paranoid.” In what  “normal” circumstance must a father walk ahead of his children everywhere in order to turn round the tabloids and magazines that depict him in hateful ways so that his children won’t see it? Michael wasn’t bizarre or weird, he was prudent and thoughtful. And innocent.


Michael saw visiting hospitals and orphanages, hanging out with sick children, hosting groups of children at Neverland, saving children around the world and healing the world for them  as his work. Frank Dileo, Michael’s manager, said of Michael that a hospital chosen in every city in which Michael Jackson held a concert was gifted with a major new piece of needed medical equipment. Every city on the tour. Children’s hospitals were added to Michael’s private itinerary as were orphanages. Some orphanages were given 24 hours by Michael to upgrade their standards with his cash donations or he would refuse to go on stage. He leveraged his fame and power wherever he went to improve the world and to encourage adults to become a village for the sake of the world’s children. Frank Dileo saw children who were broken and dying and he had to leave the room because he was overcome with emotion. Michael  took him aside and said: “This is our job, Frank; this is why we do what we do.” Children were Michael’s real work.


  1. It's all for L.O.V.E said . . .

    This is the Michael the world has lost. The truth will prevail.

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  2. Dalia said . . .

    In an interview in Hello Magazine, 1984, by Dave Nussbaum, Michael said that people in the hospital needs lots of love and hope. He thought that maybe his going there could do some good. He visited a boy named Keith Perry who had third degree burns over 95 to 100% of its body suffered in a car accident. He was not expected to live. Keiths friends didn’t visit because they were afraid to see his terrible scars. When Michael visited him, Keith was in an emotional low point and considered giving up. Michael tried to let him know that people are loved and life is worth living. I tried to show love and what love could do. Michael thought that his words encouraged him giving him hope to fight and win. He also gave him a signed photograph for his bedside. Later, Keith, was dressed and seated in a wheelchair at a meeting of burn recovery group. When Michael saw them a big smile came over his face and tears came to his eyes. Keith recovered. It was love. Love can accomplish anything, it really can heal. Brotman Medical Center has a Michael Jackson Burn Wing. Michael said, “When you’re sick, you need someone who cares. I know people love me and I want to return all the love.” This is irrefutable evidence of the great heart that Michael had.

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  3. gertrude said . . .

    I am astonished that the greatest ENTERTAINER who ever lived KNEW that HIS job was SAVING CHILDREN. One preacher says that those in power were afraid of Michael Jackson using the magnetism of his vast appeal to awaken his fans and take them to a higher level of conciousness, and that Michael was very much not of this world. Michel loved children because he saw in them no guile or deceit, while adults came to him with a hand out and with a game. Now Barbara has discussed this fact with such eloquence and I wish these words could be written across the sky. We need to repeat the truth that Michael “leveraged his fame and power wherever he went to improve the world and to encourage adults to become a village for the sake of the world’s children” over and over until this is recognized and washes the slander away. [Have you heard the phrase “in this world but not of it?” Michael did use all of his talents. magnetism and even sex appeal to pull ’em in and the purpose? Higher consciousness. His death has awakened many more. ~Rev. B]

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  4. Tania from Australia said . . .

    “Michael took him aside and said: “This is our job, Frank; this is why we do what we do.” Children were Michael’s real work.”

    With all my heart I believe this is why God gave our planet the beautiful gift of Michael Jackson, an angel among us. I think he was the most selfless human being I have ever had the priviledge of sharing this world with. And now, because Michael is no longer with us, how many thousands of children have been deprived of his healing magic in their lives? Not to mention his own sweet babies who have to live the rest of their lives without their precious father. My soul cries for what they and our world has lost. I plan to donate to a childrens charity in loving memory of Michael on his upcoming birthday. Maybe there are others who are able to do the same to help carry on Michael’s vital work and keep his wish for healing the world alive. Thank you Rev Barbara, once again your words and insights are spot on. I love that last picture you chose of Michael kissing that beautiful child. I can feel the transference of energy (love) from him to her – its palpable. Thank you for all that you do for Michael’s legacy. Much l.o.v.e. to you.

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  5. lmt said . . .

    In the picture of Michael with his children, each one expresses their love for each other. Prince so comfortable and familiar with his father’s presence; draped over his shoulders, safety and protection shining in his eyes. Michael with unabashed happiness and contentment holding and being held by his beloved children. And Paris adoring her dad in gesture and facial expression. Love and loving just emanates from the trio—beautiful moment in time.

    As you have remarked before, Barbara, “there is now a vacuum in the future where our treasures would have walked.” And a vacuum in the future of these beautiful children where their father would and should have been.

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  6. Simona said . . .

    This is easily one of the most touching, true, precious expressions of what Michael was really about… so beautiful. I hope you won’t mind, Barbara, if I share these words of yours on my Facebook page for my friends to see. Thank you so much for your deep understanding and your exceptional ability of putting it all into words. L.O.V.E.

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  7. Jan said . . .

    Yes, I believe that Michael saw this part of his life as the most important. I think he viewed the talent and the ecstasy of performance as a means to an end – and that end was what he saw as his purpose in life, his mission. He enjoyed the heck out of his creative process and the spirit of music expressing itself through him … he loved producing innovative short films and surprising and teasing us all with seductive and groundbreaking performances. But I think he often saw his incredible success as the impetus that informed and motivated his uniquely compassionate nature. The singing and dancing and performing and creating allowed him to spend his off-stage hours in all the cities he visited in healing these babies and visiting those hospitals and donating those expensive pieces of medical equipment where they were most needed. To think that such an ‘angel of mercy’ and compassion was treated with so much disdain, ridicule, and scorn is enormously hurtful and often makes me wonder if the world was worth it to him.

    I often find myself struggling to overcome a virulent hatred and desire for vengeance against those responsible for causing such a beautiful soul so much agony during its massively inspiring journey among us. Rather than giving in to those feelings that draw me into the sphere of negativity, I have to remind myself that we are his ‘chosen ones’ … that we are his ‘messengers to heal the world’ … and that we can’t heal anything, including ourselves, when we succumb to vengeful, hateful thoughts against those responsible for his death. Instead, I have to remind myself of his mission of healing … of his forgiveness of those who hurt him … of his strength and courage as he faced their scorn and prejudice with his head held high and buckling to no pressure to think less of himself. He knew who he was – always! He embodied that! Michael was really not of this world and I often find myself shaking my head in confusion. How did he overcome his ego? How did he continue to move forward with the terrible weight the world placed on his shoulders? How did he struggle to continue trying to move us all into a consciousness of compassionate caring? He had to have divine help, angelic assistance! Our commitment to his goals has to carry his name forward for the generations to come so that he can continue to inspire the world, even in his absence. I can just see Frank cringing against the door of these hospital rooms while Michael enters with a huge smile on his face and shyly takes a child’s hand – a child who might be gone the following week – or one who might be walking out of that hospital under his or her own steam the week after that – never knowing which it would be. I wonder how many of those children can trace the moment of turning from death back into life to the moment their hospital room door opened and they saw that thin, fragile-looking, black-clad figure smiling down at them? That would be an interesting study, wouldn’t it?

    As always, Rev. B – am amazing tribute to a remarkable spiritual being caught up in a human experience of incredible impact!

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  8. admin said . . .

    Jan, I too struggle with this. We can hate the deed and have compassion for what wound may have motivated the hateful actions. We also need to hold accountable, those who would intentionally harm. We need to allow them to experience the natural consequences of their treachery and get out of the way when it comes back at them. When dealing with newly made Russian friends who were former enemies during the cold war we said “Trust but verify.” Nobody should get a free pass to treachery and the consequences may just convince the one who wounds to rethink actions and heal his own soul. Who are we to interrupt that process? That’s the beauty in compassion; sometimes it is fierce compassion. Namaste`~Rev B

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  9. Jan said . . .

    Yes, I agree with you, Rev. B. – today 🙂 Yesterday, perhaps not – tomorrow, I would like to think I would not give in to those hate-filled, vengeful feelings, but there are no guarantees. There are times when I want to see some involved stretched on the same rack of agony that they strapped Michael to. But we are admonished to hate the deed while loving the doer and we must recognize that there is fear or hurt that has caused their actions while allowing the natural consequences of their actions to direct their spiritual journeys. All of our spiritual healers have been very vocal on the subject, including Michael himself. It’s a fine line we are asked to walk and I veer off the road less traveled too often for my own comfort. There are times when I need reminding, however – thanks for being there to remind me! Is it really possible for one man to be able to teach so much and inspire so many? Is it logical to see so much meaning in one life? Can one spiritual being really impact so many on a global scale? It’s fascinating. The man could be a subject of serious musical, academic and spiritual study for centuries and we would never plumb his depths fully.

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  10. gertrude said . . .

    Are we born bright and knowing our abilities/potentials are without limit, and then quickly learn to fear our own light and supernatural power? Or fear the dangerous consequences of possessing this light and power in a world that fears them? And so to protect who we really are, we bury it so deeply we can’t find it anymore? Then do we fear those who do NOT kill and bury it in themselves? Is the attraction to them so irresistable that we think following their lead will get us all killed? Is that why we turn on them – because the threat of physical death is real to those who allow their light to blaze in fullness and without apology? Is this some kind of vicious circle the race is caught in? Are we killing our saviours because we fear they will get US killed if we follow them?
    How did Michael not succumb? Why did he risk himself? How was he able to be selfless enough to shine his blazing light so that those of us with eyes to see could see it and be raised up by it? Is this what cost him his life and the physical separation from his all-important children? Is this what a high Lama is? I know that Michael was human but how is it he didn’t run and hide like so many of us? How could he have that kind of courage but we coudln’t? Why couldn’t I?

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  11. Zara said . . .

    Thanks again for another beautiful piece. This is the MJ that some people never get to see, but this is the MJ that his fans see every day. X

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  12. Anne Mette Jepsen said . . .

    Thank you Rev. Kaufmann! As said above: “I wish these words could be written across the sky!” LOVE and GRATITUDE 🙂

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  13. Anne UK said . . .

    Dear Rev Barbara,
    Again you have produced an inspired piece of writing showing us Michael’s true worth. He was, as we all can now strive to be, though some days I find it somewhat challenging not to want justice to be swift and meaningful. It is good to see others in the same position. I also have to remember that I am one of Michaels chosen ones to help heal a sick world and spread his message. I then try to remember how he forgave everyone who treated him so badly and take his example on board. I too cannot possibly see how he continually gave when the world just wanted to destroy him. How did he drag himself out of bed every day knowing there were so many people with hidden agendas working against him? How did he stay so focussed when he must have felt he carried the world on his shoulders? How did he cope when continually the media wrote such lies about him? I suppose the answer to all of those questions is that he simply rose above and trusted in the Creator. The more we go into this journey the more I can see that deep down he did know his purpose. He knew the value of love. I have changed in my views this last year A year on and after all the fury at those who harmed him, I have accepted that the people concerned will one day have to face a much bigger court than any on this planet. If Michael would have forgiven them then so should I. I watched recently the interview with Frank Dileo talking about Michael visiting hospitals and orphanages and even now all these years later he still cried during the telling. I don’t think we will ever see another in our lifetime who has the ability to motivate and inspire so many people all over the world. What a treasure we had and the world couldn’t see but one day it will; Michaels legacy will shine brightly. It’s already beginning. We are his soldiers of love and we will tell the world just what was the worth of Michael Joseph Jackson and your words Rev Barbara will lead the way. Thank you for them, Much love Anne UK

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  14. Suvie said . . .

    Michael said: “Neverland is the totality of who I am” so by demonizing and vandalising Neverland, the DA and his men striked at the core of Michael Jackson. It reminds me of the vandalisation and defileing of Hindu temples by the invaders hundreds of years ago…malice, hatred and dislike of idols and idolators caused them to strike at the core of our faith and belief–our sacred temples. I have seen a temple that a hate filled ruler tried destroying for 20 years and yet the temple would not give in and finally he burnt it.
    The DA followed Michael for 17 years without success and then finally one day he defiled, invaded and violated Michael’s temple called Neverland where the god worshipped in this temple was the “inner child” that dwells in every being. The aspects of this “inner child” are innocence,love, kindness, youthful imagination, creativity and boundless joy.

    I take some respite in believing that while the temple was violated its god escaped albeit badly bruised, the embodiement of “inner child”, Michael Jackson. And a few years later, the body gave away but the spirit soared, took wings and nestled in the hearts of all of us here…

    Posted August 23, 2010 at 5:17 am | Permalink
  15. Suvie said . . .

    I stumbled upon the video of the celebration of Michaels 45th birthday. In the screaming and shouting and adulation Michael gave one of his most poignant messages (it was drowned in the din but I managed to read its transcript online) and he gave a list of his future projects-
    -A new album, he was working on
    -New short films and feature films
    -A new official website
    -A new fan communication center
    -MJ clothingline
    -New resorts and hotels
    -Working on making Neverland more accessible to fans
    -And finally something called “GO for your dreams” project.
    -He also wanted to make a musuem from the gifts his fans had given him through all the 40 years of his life

    He said, “I want to make you all proud of me, I don’t want to rest on my past laurels and I will work hard to make you a proud Michael Jackson fan.” “Go for your dreams” project would enable people across the world in realising their dreams. He said,”Many great aspirations need money, enterprise and more importantly people who would not give up on them and pursue them to completion”. He believed that if more people followed their dreams this world would be a better place and he said, “It will make me extremely proud if my fans become the ambassadors of “GO for your dreams” project wherever they live”.

    This was a few months before the accusations and a time when he was already reeling under bad press. What conviction! What sense of purpose! And how many unreliased dreams were left in the wake of that vendetta filled trial? It breaks my heart to wonder how many lives would “Go for your dreams projects” have changed? How many of us would have been inspired…motivated to live our life of dreams?

    PS: And finally, I saw a little clip that blew me away… I saw a fan come up and hug Michael and Michael realised that she had no footwear on. She appparently lost it in the crowd. Michael fetched her footwear and I thought like she thought that he would give it to her but no, I was wrong. Michael bent down on his knee (like a Prince) and put on the shoe (flip-flop) on her! A true Cinderella moment! No regular Joe would do that! What a man really! Who was Michael jackson really? A prince from a fairly tale…too good to be true?

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  16. SILVIA (Spain) said . . .

    My dear Rev. Barbara
    once again you put words to the deep feelings that we feel everyday. Thank you for being there to remind us. God’s ways are inscrutable. I believe God has chosen you to express everything you write. You are illuminated by love. The basis of Michael’s philosophy is forgiveness. I think he forgave all those who harmed him because he remembered that in a previous time they were innocent children. Children lose their magic when they grow up and forget the ability to observe and discover the world with clear eyes and a wide open mind, without interference or vested interests. Michael did his job and did it well, but was the victim of a cynical world. I feel no hatred, just sadness. Thank you all and I feel that you are my brothers and sisters and that comforts me a lot. Only love makes us truly human. Silvia

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  17. Kim said . . .

    Thank you Rev. Barbara for your eloquent and insightful look into the person that Michael was. I am writing this on August 25th and it has been a very emotional day 14 months later. My heart literally hurts today. When I read your words today, I felt deep sadness and anger; yes much anger. It seems the more that I get to know the man that Michael really was, I see the disparity between the kind of person he was and those out to destroy him and everything he stood for. To know what one’s purpose is truly a blessing. Michael knew his. Some people still need to be awakened and I know that will take time. Michael has awakened many and I am one of them as you know. The deeper I understand Michael, the more I “vow”, yes I said “vow” to preserve and protect his legacy. His gentle nature and mission to help children certainly would make those who think with dark minds, uncomfortable, because Michael is making them face who they really are. That in itself is a threat. I am working to hold back the anger because I want to follow Michael’s lead and work to help heal the world in a positive way. I do not want those negative vibes to get the best of me because those kind of vibes is why we talking about Michael in the past tense. They most definitely killed his spirit and I don’t think I could never forget that. Forgiveness may come later, but right now I will focus on making that change within myself in a positive way. I think making changes that will help humanity heal is a much better response than holding on to the anger so I will work toward that with all my heart and soul and I am even more committed than ever. As always, thank you.

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  18. Joyce Frame said . . .

    Thank you so much Rev. Barbara for once again providing such insightful, informative and inspiring words about Michael’s true heart and spirit. I wish I had the ability to put into such eloquent words, the feelings that are flowing in me now. You, as well as many of the other commenters here, do a wonderful job of expressing exactly what I am thinking and feeling. Michael was the complete embodiment of L*O*V*E!! The more I discover about this incredible man, the more I am determined to become a better person myself and continue to spread his message that was always part of every amazing word, incredible musical note, fantastic dance move, and beautiful expression that he gave to us throughout his all too short time on earth. Thanks again

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