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Close Encounters of the Michael Kind

There are moments when I am really, really sad. This is one of them. And I know that there are many who join me in this unusual kind of mourning. I have heard the story a hundred times and it goes something like this…

MJA: “I am going through something strange and nobody understands it. I don’t even understand it. But for some reason I feel I can tell you and you will understand.”

RB: “I’ll try. Is it about Michael?”

MJA: “ Yes. And it’s really weird. Something has been happening to me. This is going to sound really strange and I can’t talk about it with my family or my friends; they already think I’m losing it.”

RB: “OK; they don’t understand your feelings.”

MJA: “Heck, I don’t even understand my feelings. I have never felt this way before.”

RB: “About?”

MJA: “About anybody. I didn’t personally know Michael Jackson. I was never a fan. I don’t get it. But I am grieving for him as if he was a personal friend. I didn’t even grieve this deeply for a family member who died. I am ashamed to say that when they died, I felt badly, but not like this. I don’t understand it.”

RB: “I hear this all the time. You are not the only one going through this. There are many around the world who are experiencing the same thing. Do you want to tell me about it?”

MJA: “Well, I didn’t really know Michael Jackson or his music and I didn’t follow his career. I knew of him, of course, and my children certainly knew him but I wasn’t aware of him if you know what I mean.”

RB: “I do know what you mean. Go on.”

MJA: “I learned of Michael’s passing on the news and I remember looking at that face and thinking “I wonder who this man was; I wonder what made him tick. I was curious. So later that evening I Googled him and found some videos on You Tube. I started watching the videos. I stayed up all night looking at interviews and concerts and some of his videos. The next thing I knew, it was morning.”

RB: “And what did you find?”

MJA: “Well I found a different man than who they were portraying on TV. I mean, I saw a completely different person.”

RB: “What kind of person?”

MJA: “Well, I felt in my heart that he was greatly misunderstood. I think the media view of Michael Jackson is slanted. I think they missed something important.”

RB: “What do you think they missed?”

MJA: “He was a gentle, kind, loving, generous humanitarian. He definitely was not the monster they made of him.”

RB: “What led you to that conclusion?”

MJA: “The way he was with children. There are videos of him visiting hospitals and orphanages and at performances. It’s the way he interacts with children. They really love him. You can see the love. And he really loves them. And it’s the way he acknowledges them and touches them on the head or hugs them. This is not a man who could harm a child. They got him all wrong.”

RB: “There are hundreds who wrote to say that they came to that same conclusion. There are tons of people who had exactly the same experience. They describe a kind of fascination that led them on a journey to discover for themselves who Michael Jackson was.”

MJA: “Well that is how I felt. It’s like I had this compulsion to find the truth, to find the real man. Then I went to see his movie: “This Is It.” And something happened in that theater. I don’t know what it was and I can’t put my finger on it. But it’s like he spoke to me through that screen.”

RB: “Yes, I’ve heard that before. Many times. It happened to me.”

MJA: “So you know what I am talking about. Suddenly I am intrigued by this man I never met. I never bought any of his albums before; now I have all of them. I never knew the man’s work and now I have his DVDs of his videos.”

RB: “So what do you think this is all about?”

MJA: “I don’t know. I just know I am not the same person after learning who Michael Jackson was. I got his message to heal the world. I understand “The Man in the Mirror.” I have become a better person: I am kinder to others; I deliberately smile more at strangers; I am more conscious of others and of people’s needs. I never volunteered for anything before and now twice a week, I go to serve meals at the homeless shelter; I donate to charities; I try harder to be nice to the people at work and some of them I don’t really like. Michael Jackson changed me. I don’t know; I am on some kind of spiritual journey. I can’t explain it.”

RB: “So do you feel that his death may have awakened something in you?”

MJA: “Well yes, that‘s it. It was like a wake-up call. That’s exactly how it feels. It’s like I woke up to something important after his death. I don’t know. My family doesn’t understand it. They think I have gone overboard. But I’m telling you; I am different. I love everybody more. I understand what Michael meant when he said ‘It’s all for love.’ I know what he meant when he said we have to ‘put a little love back into the world.’”

RB: “I have heard this story over and over. It’s OK. You are getting the Michael love vibe. People who knew Michael and were close to him say he was an angel walking the Earth. What do you think? Was he a catalyst for your spiritual growth? Was Michael a messenger?”

MJA: “I don’t know; that’s your department, but it definitely feels like it. I have been spending time in the religion, the philosophy and metaphysical section of my bookstore. I have been searching for some spiritual teachers. I’ve been reading more, studying spirituality.”

RB: “And you credit Michael for this change?”

MJA: “Absolutely. It’s been quite the journey. I even feel him sometimes. I know you’ll think this is crazy but I saw him once, standing in my kitchen. And that was after I had a dream of being on stage with him.”

RB: “OK so what if I told you that people all over this planet are experiencing the same thing?”

MJA: “Really? You mean Michael awakened more like he awakened me?”

RB: “Yes. I have stacks of emails and stories from people who have had Michael encounters.”

MJA: “Really? You mean like they have been visited by him? And do they talk about his songs, his music?”

RB: “What about his music?”

MJA: “Well sometimes I think Michael is speaking to me with his music, with his songs.”

RB: “How so?”

MJA: “Well, I will need to make a big decision. Or I will be thinking about something. Or I am thinking about Michael and how unfairly he was treated. Or I get angry about what people say about him and the very next song on the radio will be a Michael song and it will seem to answer my question or point me to something, or reassure me.”

RB: “Can you give me an example?”

MJA: “Sure. I was feeling really sad and discouraged about human nature and how he was treated by those awful people who accused him and how the magazines picked it up and ran awful stories and he was innocent all the while. And he was proven not-guilty in court. It was shameful how he was treated. And then I start to cry. And the next song that comes on will be Michel singing ‘Heal the World.’ Or I am feeling disconnected and distant from loved ones who don’t understand this spiritual journey I am on and I will say out loud something like ‘Michael why did you have to leave? Why aren’t you here to guide us? How do we do this without you?’ And I will be mad and raging against the unfairness of it and the next song will be Michael Jackson’s ‘You Are Not Alone.’

RB: “And this happens a lot?”

MJA: “Oh my God, all the time. And it even happens with my Ipod. Sometimes when it’s set on shuffle it will play the same song over and it will be about what is happening to me at that moment. I’ve even had the Ipod start all by itself without touching it.”

RB: “So what do you take away from this experience. If it is Michael what do you think he is saying to you? What do you think he wants?”

MJA: “Oh, it’s simple. It’s obvious. He is asking me to ‘look in the mirror’; to do my part. He is telling me to ‘make that change;’ he makes it feel urgent. He wants us to ‘Heal the World.’ I’m just not always sure how to do that. But I find something I can do that’s right in front of me, and I do it. He is telling us and showing us that ‘It’s all for love. L.O.V.E. He is saying we heal the world with love.”

RB: “What if I told you that this same story has been repeated a hundred times to me. I am a kind of hub for the wheel of spirituality MJ style. I get messages from everywhere around the world that tell Michael stories of visitation, of music interludes like the ones you describe. He is communicating his message globally. I’ve gotten letters describing this very same thing or something similar from places I’ve never heard of before.”

MJA: “Wow, first I’d say that’s a relief. I thought I was the only one. I thought it was kind of crazy, that I was crazy. Then I would say ‘that’s awesome.’ I can’t seem to stop the feelings, the urges, the spiritual journey. I don’t know where this is going, but I know I am not the same person as I was before Michael came into my life.”

RB: “I understand. His long time fans feel this too. That is why there is so much grief surrounding him. That is why they are so upset. He was a spiritual leader for many. To many around the world, his lyrics and his message gave them hope for the future. They feel lost without him. They feel a piece of him in their hearts. They want the truth to be known, to preserve his true legacy.”

MJA: “What do you think about it? Do you understand it? You are saying it is worldwide. What is it?”

RB: “I think it is Michael still working to save humanity from itself. It is Michael still trying to save the world. It’s Michael still teaching how it is done and as always, demonstrating it in spite of us: ‘It’s all about L.O.V.E.’ That’s what heals the world.”

MJA: “OK that’s awesome. So what now? What do you say?”

RB: “I’d say, dial in and stay tuned.”


  1. Charlene said . . .

    So much has happened in the last 10 months of this journey, I can’t even begin to tell you of all the amazing experiences I’ve had – and they’re still happening! My “soul whisperer” continues to communicate with me in a variety of interesting ways – some of which I would have difficulty explaining to anyone.

    In December, I was inspired to write poetry for the first time in my life. I never thought of myself as the creative type but Michael knew otherwise and introduced me to that hidden gift. I now understand what it feels like to have the words come through you from somewhere outside yourself, very much the same way Michael described writing his music and as in the following poem which came to me upon waking one morning in January after only a few hours of sleep. I felt as if I’d had a dream of Michael, but I didn’t remember the details. Then these words started to flow – I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote as fast as I could, not really knowing what I was writing, but the words didn’t stop until the poem was finished.

    It was very clear that he was getting his message through to me about needing me and others to continue his work in the world! He was letting me know that it is indeed real and that his music provides everything we need to understand the call, and to share his messages. The overall message was not to be taken lightly but I was very much aware of Michael’s sense of humor and playfulness that comes through in some of the lines.

    Michael’s Message

    You came to me in my sleep last night
    I awoke without a fight
    Did you come to even the score?
    Three hours of sleep, I can’t do this no more!

    You said, Wake up! Wake up! There’s work to be done
    This is not the time to be having fun!
    There are children who need you all around the world
    You have the gift, let the truth unfurl!

    I don’t ask much of you except to be
    An angel of love, to remember me
    Others need to hear your voice
    Tell how you’ve been moved, given the choice
    To express my love in the world today
    Because I can’t, you see, I’ve gone away

    I need you to believe it’s true
    The music will speak, it’s all right there for you

    I lived and dreamed, sacrificed much
    To share my gift, make a difference and such
    Now it’s up to you to pass it along
    Make the world a better place, remember the song?

    Don’t forget to share some candy
    It will bring a smile, make the children feel dandy!

    Go now in peace and harmony
    Remember I love you as much as can be
    Our souls will meet when the time is right
    But now we must continue the fight
    To change the world, put some love back in it
    For the children, you know, and for the planet!

    Copyright © 2010 by Charlene Burgess

    Michael has confirmed this message to me in a number of ways since January. And he continues to be encouraging and clear in the way he assures me of his presence and his mission to continue his work through us! I have no doubt that he is still present and very much at work trying to save the world and humanity from itself! How can we say no?

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  2. Kate Stefany said . . .

    Oh my god… Im not the only one.. You are one, you and others.. WE ARE BLESSED. DEFINITELY! I feel you read my mind. I have 3 dreams that I will share privately with you Rev Barbara by email. THANK YOU! A BIG hug from Vnzla.

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  3. Anne UK said . . .

    I find it reassuring to know that others around the world are experiencing the same as me This is my story as well. I had always loved Michael the entertainer and had listened to his messages of peace and of healing the planet but I had never thought of him as my teacher. This came to me after his passing especially after I had seen “This is It.” When I saw the film it seemed to be a personal mesage from Michael to me. Logically I knew that this film was made for everyone but it just felt so personal.

    My family still cannot understand the grief I have felt and continue to feel or the outrage I feel at the continual media insults. I feel connected to Michael. How this came about will probably remain a mystery to all of us I thank God for it every day. I have promised Michael in my heart that I will uphold his name and values until my dying day. He has made me stop and think of how things should be and like the rest of us I am trying to put his ideas into practice. Love can overcome hatred, love can heal a heavy heart, love reaches out across barriers as Michael said it is all for L.O.V.E. I listen to my teacher: Michael.

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  4. Suvie from India said . . .

    My story exactly except “This is It” did not move me into Michael. His death “shook” me. And since then it is simple enchantment. Looking at the involuntary response of people to Michael, he looks like the enchanter who is leading his chosen ones to a purpose…”Heal the world” with L.O.V.E. Keep the music on Michael, we are following…

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  5. jeanne said . . .

    Thank you once again. I think once you understand the “why” then your work can begin .

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  6. marga1961 said . . .

    This could have been almost my story. Since Michael passed away on 25 june 2009, I’ve been “touched” really! Most people around me don’t understand me at all. My mother who is 81 years old (she is reading Moonwalker and is watching his DVDs!) and a very good friend of mine, they are learning about the real Michael too! The rest are thinking: she is not well in her head. That strange, aloof entertainer with his make-up on? And they only know the untrue things the tabloids told them about Michael with children, so they don’t know Michael at all.

    At 7 years old until about 1997, I was a normal but not fanatic fan. I became a mum in 1997, worked in an office and Michael Jackson faded away. In 2003, the time of the accusations I was thinking: there where is smoke there is a fire. Now I know he was not guilty and I feel ashamed about what I was thinking then. SORRY MICHAEL SORRY!

    Your article with MJA is almost mine. He is touching so many people around the globe, this spiritual guide, and he is still working on it I guess. I wake up with his music and fall asleep with it. It may be an addiction, but we Heal the World with our new found spiritual feelings. I’m feeling so much better these days, I’m more friendly and I am watching nature better than before! I’m more open to these kinds of things. I’m still discovering Michael and I’m not ashamed to say I love it. Thans Rev. B. Keep writing. Greetings from the Netherlands (sounds a bit like Neverland)

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  7. Suvie from India said . . .

    Another “coincidence” happened after I read this piece, I was prompted to listen to “This is It” from his last concert. I paid attention to the lyrics… and wow! He explains our condition… listen friends… can it be any more clear? The first stanza is repeated over and over!

    I never heard a single word about you
    Falling in love wasn’t my plan
    I never thought that I would be your lover
    C’mon baby, just understand

    This is it, I can say,
    I’m the light of the world, run away
    We can feel, this is real
    Every time I’m in love that I feel

    And I feel as though I’ve known you since 1, 000 years
    And you tell me that you’ve seen my face before.
    And you said to me you don’t want me hanging round
    Many times, wanna do it here before

    Michael, now it does really seem that we know you for 1000 years…we can feel…this is indeed REAL.

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  8. Janice Jones said . . .

    You are not the only one who feels this way. I find it refreshing to find others who were deeply touched by Michael’s God given talent. I have been a fan all of my life, but there were those who did not see or feel the magic until he was gone. There are those who think they can feel the void but I can promise them it won’t happen. He was one of a kind. The only way I see that happening is if little Blanket takes the torch. Wow, that would be amazing. Only God knows the future, but one thing is for sure for now Michael Jackson is #1!

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  9. It's all for L.O.V.E said . . .

    This Is It didn’t awaken me about Michael, it verified what I already “knew.” Michael came to me in a dream a couple months after his death and thanked me for “protecting” him. Upon wakening I believed the message was heartfelt. I’ve never dreamed of him again. Thank you for joining the journey.

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  10. lmt said . . .

    This dialogue could very well be me speaking. I had moved far away from Michael before he died. He never crossed my mind, except for the occasional media input in his last years. I clearly recall hearing of his passing–I remember feeling surprise and a bit of sadness for his children and family. Over the following weeks, I found myself doing the same things–I started slowly but my research became a daily journey. One small moment, one gesture that Michael made–he simply touched the head of a child–and I knew in my heart that he would never hurt a child, or anyone.

    So today, almost a year later, I am on the same spiritual journey. I experienced one unmistakeable and definite communication from him. That alone has changed me forever. So, yes, I am a witness to all of this LOVE he talked about–it showed up big time. I stand in awe and gratefulness and am stunned and thrilled to be a part of it.

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  11. Dalia from Mexico said . . .

    ¿Why the story of this girl sounds so familiar? Michael is present in this world and engages with each person who loves him … is something inexplicable to those who do not know the magic of this man. I am convinced that his spiritual presence influences me to do things that physically he can not do. I have become more responsive, more caring, my desire to help others is intense now. When I see a sick child, an unprotected person, I can not hold back the tears, and when I take action to help, when I do something for that change, I feel a great emotion. It’s like a “pat on the shoulder” is an inexplicable feeling, is a special energy and that it comes from Michael, I have no doubt.

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  12. mjangel said . . .

    I’m still trying to understand my feelings. I’ve never felt this way before for someone that I never meet, but I had always loved Michael the man, the entertainer, with so beautiful and loving heart. I’m not a religious person, but I think Michael was/is a gift from another dimension. ~mjangel. Portugal

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  13. BeGodsGlow said . . .

    Thank you for yet another amazing post, Barbara. And Charlene, oh my, your poem had me in tears. I’ve dreamed several times lately about handing out candy to children in connection with Michael, so that line about candy really got to me!

    I’ve been an MJ fan for 26 years now, loving Michael every step of the way. Over the years he became such a part of my heart that I don’t know how it could beat without him. I can’t even begin to explain how absolutely devastated I was last June. Just utterly destroyed. Yet at the same time, like the rest of you I also began an even deeper journey into love and spirit with my wonderful teacher, Michael. I’ve also had dreams and visits and astounding experiences these past 10+ months.

    We have deep conversations about this on some MJ forums, with so many stories being shared that it really tells you this communication between worlds is something extremely special. Without any doubt, Michael is most definitely ‘around’ and he wants us to continue his (and our) work of spreading LOVE and healing the world! As sad a time as this has been, it’s really something beautiful to hear the stories of those who’ve only recently discovered the real Michael Jackson. Beautiful. THANK YOU for hearing the call. THANK YOU for reading, for listening, for seeing the truth. THANK YOU for joining us all on this journey.

    [ “Be Gods Glow” is the founder of “Major Love Prayer” which is a worldwide circle that meets monthly on the 25th to meditate together on love and to send out the ‘major love’ wave that Michael speaks about in the lyrics to “Another Part of Me.” It is an homage to love and to Michael’s message to put love back into the world. See ~Rev. B ]

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  14. BeGodsGlow said . . .

    Dalia, you wrote “Michael is present in this world and engages with each person who loves him … is something inexplicable to those who do not know the magic of this man.” This is so true, absolutely. I know it as fact, just as so many others. L.O.V.E. lives forever!

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  15. admin said . . .

    As a wordsmith, I have fallen in love with words. They can be such instruments of art…

    I have proposed that the definition of the term “Michaeling” be interpreted as “Making a change in the world by doing something to heal the world in Michael’s name. When you contribute to someone like Voices Education Project as I did because I believe in their humanitarian and peacekeeping mission, I contributed in memory of Michael Jackson’s work as a humanitarian. I was “Michaeling.”

    I am “Michaeling” by championing the curriculum.

    When a term like “Kleenex” comes to mean the same as “tissue” it has become a “proprietary eponym” in the lexicon. “Michaeling” has that potential.

    And I have just been informed of a new word… iPodomancy: the experience of having the next song on your ipod shuffle answer the question you just posed.

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  16. Irina said . . .

    Wondering how many of us smiled this smile. Incredible it is.

    Kitchens, living rooms, wherever you and the Jelly Beans are… Stuff as many Jelly Beans in your mouth as possible and go hug a tree, climb a rock- take a deep breath and share the joy, it’s delight. When you set to shuffle, don’t drink at the same time, because you might just snort it out in laughter, I have woken sleeping people since he can be unbelievably funny. So, when the grief gets too much, let him comfort you to snort in laughter.

    As he said “the best is yet to come”, he was not lying… Thank you Reverend for speaking the truth.

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  17. EBIRN said . . .

    Thank you, again. Your post made me cry because it resonates with my soul, with this inexplicable and shocking and awe-some and overwhelming energy and emotion that hit me on June 25th. Something truly special is happening, we can really change the world.

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  18. Sandra TaylorFifield said . . .

    Wow I feel the same way in a lot of things the person above was talking about. As I was reading the story it all became hauntingly familiar. I too feel an overwhelming amount of grief. I started to cry as I read on. I feel I have no one to talk to. I sometimes feel that I am alone, but I know that I am not alone. After reading, I feel better knowing others feel the same way I do, and I know that I am normal. I have also experienced spiritual connections with Michael that others have talked about. Its hard to explain, but I get the feeling you all know what I am talking about. I want thank Be Gods Glow for MLP [Major Love Prayer.] It’s very comforting, I also see the compassion for one another in all Michael’s fans. Thats how special Michael is! God bless you all. Sandra

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  19. Sandra TaylorFifield said . . .

    Wow I feel the same way in a lot of things the person above was talking about. As I was reading the story above, it all became to hauntingly familiar. I too feel an overwhelming amount of grief. I started to cry as I read this. I sometimes feel that I am alone, with no one to talk to but I know that I am not alone. After reading, I feel better knowing others feel the same way I do, and I know that I am normal. I have also experienced spiritual connections with Michael that others have talked about. Its hard to explain, but I get the feeling you all know what I am talking about. I want thank Be Gods Glow for MLP [Major Love Prayer site] its very comforting, I also see the compassion for one another in all Michael’s fans. Thats how special Michael is! God bless you all. Sandra

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  20. r.s said . . .

    Hello everyone

    I also have had the experience of music interludes. Whenever I really miss Michael or get hit with an overwhelming feeling of love for him, sometimes Janet Jackson’s Together Again will come on the radio at work. Thats when I know that its Mike saying. I AM HERE

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  21. Lindsay Winkler said . . .

    When I started reading this article, at the risk of sounding redundant, I was absolutely stunned! I’m thinking… did i write to this lady in my sleep? This is my story almost word for word! I had been given a terminal cancer diagnosis in 2002, and in 2008, the time had come to begin to prepare myself and my family for the end. Then I was given a new immune system through an anonymous stem cell donor! Now, almost 2 years later, I am cancer free. When I knew that my life was not over, I thought, wow, there must be something out there that I am to do still! After seeing ‘This Is It’, I knew that it was to honor Michael’s legacy, and to help ‘heal the world.’ Now the emotional healing is astounding! I have found so many like myself with this same ‘Michael’ story! There is a ‘light’ that is Michael! I can see this light in those that ‘get it.’! It is a tangible thing. That is the only way I can describe this!

    I am an artist, and have not been motivated for 10 years to use my creativity but because of Michael, my passion is back and I am creating and using my talent for Michael and with his admirers. I will express and share with others, that ‘Divine Union’ that Michael always talked about! I so ‘get’ what he meant by that! I have truly never seen so much LOVE as I see in the ‘Michael Jackson’ community! There is a vibrant, living circle of energy that surrounds, and has always surrounded Michael. I am so grateful for my life, my new friends, and just to be alive in this exciting time. I am sad that Michael is not here physically. But he is here, in all of our hearts… He IS the mirror!!

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  22. Susan T said . . .

    Suvi…thanks for sharing the words of This Is It. That’s the “jelly” as Michael would say. Those are the words that touched the hearts ofall of us who sat in the theatres and cried. I think we all suddenly realized that he came here as a messenger of love and faithfully delivered it through his willingness to be a vessel of the Creator.

    When I read that Kenny Ortega said that Michael just looked “bio-luminescent” the night before he died, it suddenly made sense to me. Many times I’ve lost precious pets who displayed a true brilliance right before they left me. He was preparing for his transition to spirit. Regardless of how much I delve into the dark history involving the music industry and the press and begin to piece together what lead to June 25, 2009, I believe, as I’ve heard others say, that he knew and this was his final gift. Certainly he was a truly “chosen” human being. He experienced both the highest adoration and love any person has ever experienced while hear on Earth but at the same time, he also suffered the deepest pain of misunderstanding, loneliness and torment. His lessons were great ones. His life is a constant demonstration of love, grace and forgiveness. If he could carry such enormous burdens and still give back, we can go forward and change hearts, one at a time.

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  23. Girl from Asia said . . .

    There got to be a divine reason for so many of us to feel this way. I am pretty sure that God is behind all this and Michael was truly a gift from God. He was sent to us to make us realize love is the most precious and powerful feeling that we have. I get that. I grew up with him (I was born and grew up in Korea) and was dazzled by his out of this world talents just like the rest of the world and always thought he was up there in a class of himself, but I hadn’t really known of the human side of Michael Jackson until he passed. The more I find out about him, the more I love him, especially the man. What a beautiful and loving man he was inside and out! I am still devasted by his death and don’t think I will ever come to terms with it, but I can’t help but think that God works in a mysterious way and he took away his angel from us to let us wake up and love one another. As Michael always said: “We are all One and Love is the answer.” Michael is my inspiration and I am a better person because of him. I feel really sorry for those who do not get what Michael is all about; I feel so lucky to be part of Michael’s Army of Love.

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  24. Theresa Biggerstaff said . . .

    This could be me. I don’t understand myself at all. I always loved Michael’s music through the years but never really knew nor cared to know about his personal life. That’s personal. I was very busy with a stressful career and my family through the years and didn’t pay attention, am not a tabloid reader but a music lover but my life was so busy, that I didn’t even buy a lot of music for many years. I still have my original 1982 copy of “Thriller” though.

    I knew that Michael had passed away. Who didn’t know? It was everywhere. I watched a little about him and sat through 5 hours of the Jacksons: An American Dream. It was like I was hit with a lightening bolt. I started out by buying a few albums of his and now I can’t get enough of his music and messages in that music. It has brought me in touch with the music in my body and soul. I always liked Michael’s music and persona. But, now that I have learned to much more about him, I love both him and his music even more.

    I am involved in discussion groups, receive the Inner Michael newsletter, and am happier than I have been in a long time. I am a kinder and gentler me. I have met so many wonderful people who are MJ supporters. With admirers like that, there must be something incredible special about this man. Michael inspires us all to be better people if we just open ourselves to the message. Keep on Michaeling.

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  25. Greet Boete Belgium said . . .

    Charlene, this poem is absolutely beautiful. And I agree with all of you. The same changement in my life. He is ever present, guiding us, teaching us. And what I find remarkable, that he can do it with so little words, two books, yet a very filled life and many beautiful songs. But this man is incredible. And the song “This Is It”, maybe he was talking about us. I did not know a love as big before. I did not expect it. And it is like he really is my brother, even much closer. It feels I know him for a 1000 years, yet only 10 months, and more and more every day. I look at the world differently. Kenny Ortega said this too, “after every encounter”. Thank you Rev. Barbara.

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  26. Joy C said . . .

    Amazing! I could have almost the very same words in an interview….only a few changes. The day Michael passed I was devastated. I had loved him from my childhood years, but lost track of him in the last 15 years or so. He is definitely leading me on a very deep spiritual journey. The last 10 months have been filled with many emotions! I am still asking a few questions like: what is my specific mission? I am stepping forward everyday!

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  27. Julie Warren said . . .

    I believe a lot of us are “awakening.” Realizing what it really means to love. Our inner selves are turning inside out and we are all beaming with light. Each day I say to myself “Oh Great One, please give me the wisdom and knowledge to love those who hurt me, to find the smallest of good in each of all you have created, help me show the others what I know and feel.” I don’t like to title our creator, because we all call him/her by a different name, but he/she is all in one the same to all of us. Our Creator!

    Posted May 15, 2010 at 12:02 pm | Permalink
  28. Lady from Southwest said . . .

    I woke-up this morning, felt compelled to turn on my computer and saw the message to open Inner Michael. There it is – the exact thing that is happening to me. I truly have been at a loss for what is happening. I had heard Michael’s music growing up, yet he was never fully in my radar. When all of the negative stuff was happening, I didn’t want to believe it but man that media is crafty and I started to wonder (believe me I have made my amends on that). It took me 5 months from the day he died to have some kind of fire lit in my belly. The first night I watched a video (I was compelled to search Michael Jackson online) and I was hooked. I too stayed up till the early morning hours and that was it – I was on the journey.

    I am fortunate to have a friend who is completely supportive and even said to me that he thinks it is a spiritual awakening thing that is happening. Recently we watched This Is It on DVD and I saw it. In the commentaries – he was emitting that love through his eyes into the band members, etc. Shaktipat? I believe it is called and I felt I received it as well. Now I keep asking Michael for the direction I am to take for my work and I do believe it is already sending me forth. I look at children in a new way. I see the spirit that they are. I made a decision to react from LOVE and nothing more. Spreading love. That all came through from Michael. I woke-up a few mornings back and received the message that it isn’t about a single Messiah waking up the planet rather we are moving towards living on a planet of 100,000 Buddhas, for example. That was what he was intending to do; to wake us up. I am so grateful for this website – I feel connected and “okay”. [Shaktipat is the conference of Kundalini energy to another by a spiritual adept through the eyes, hands, Ajna Chakra or third eye -Rev. B]

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  29. Anne Mette Jepsen said . . .

    Again: Thank you Rev. Kaufmann! I loved your term “Sparkle people” and I love “Michaeling”…. I’m SO grateful that Michael has lit his light in me…Thank you for this spiritual meeting place for Sparkle people who are Michaeling 🙂 LOVE and GRATITUDE Anne Mette, Denmark

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  30. elizabeth- cawobeth said . . .

    This conversation describes the compelling vibes of a powerful love. Michael is not only a leader and regarded as an idol, genius, and more; Michael is a powerful mediator. Michael’s messages have a genuine way of bringing people together by simply being a loving person who cares about others. His messages remind us that I am you as you are me. He has a special way of bringing the best out in each of us because he sings of what’s valuable in life, just being himself; not trying to be anyone else but hinself. He didn’t purposely set out to be a leader, I don’t think But he’s done this so beautifully, in so many ways. he’s been a strong power of example because he’s been true to his words as a young boy “I only sing what I mean. I don’t sing it if I don’t really mean it.” Does this not remind us “to thine own self be true? Thus, he succeeds in inspiring many of us to be the best that we can be, by being one of us.

    Posted May 17, 2010 at 6:50 am | Permalink
  31. Wendy Sylvia said . . .

    Wow, this is amazing – it’s like I woke up and wrote this myself. I can’t even begin to explain what has been happening to me since last summer, but it’s a comfort to know that so many are experiencing something similar. I was beginning to think I was losing my mind, I mean really. I have never been a very religious person, at all, but since Michael’s passing I have been experiencing something so spiritual it’s inexplicable. It’s been such a spiritual awakening for me. And now I am reading about others having a spiritual awakening after his death – it CANNOT be a coincidence. ‘Spiritual journey,’ I agree.

    Posted May 18, 2010 at 7:12 am | Permalink
  32. Nicole P-H said . . .

    After reading this whole conversation, I understand that Michael is gathering all of us through his message of pure LOVE. I agree with Elisabeth : Michael is a powerful mediator who teaches us that WE ALL ARE ONE. I believe that we all have truly become “Michael’s Family,” his “sparkle people.” I feel so blessed and happy to be a member of this family. Blessings, Light and Peace from Nicole (France)

    Posted May 19, 2010 at 7:15 am | Permalink
  33. Irina said . . .

    LadyfromtheSouthWest: Thanks for mentioning Shaktipat. That tells me I’m not that weird. And I think he’s using all forms available, yes, all, even touch IS possible. And more over I think he’s combining pretty much all deities, sources and possibilities. I would describe it as Egyptian Alchemy Meditation with an Hinduistic Arthanari deity showing up- third eye. AMAZING. Not only does “I-Podomancy” work but synchronistically at 3 am I will come across the next helpful meditation, most of which point me personally to Egyptian Alchemy. Incredible, really. He’ll even guide you through it if you let him.

    Posted May 19, 2010 at 11:22 pm | Permalink
  34. Ness said . . .

    Though I was embarrassed to admit, his music was kind of’ absent in my life for less than a decade. However, during that absence my admiration for him never dies. I never doubted him and never stopped adoring the man. I grew up with him; he’s part of my youth and innocence. When he died, I was devastated and cried a river of tears. Somewhere in my moments of grief, I wonder why I left his music so long that I regret it now. I didn’t predict this sad scenario, it leaves me searching trying to make up perhaps for the lost times. Since his passing; I try to glimpse something that connects my glances to his music, life and death.

    Michael was so special, there’s something about him I can’t explain. Now I’m trying to return all the favors he did for me. My cousin and I put up Michael Jackson Flash Mob Philippines to organize a series of thematic events in honor of the Most Honorable Man I’ve known in my entire life. We don’t want people to forget him, I want the Filipino people and the world remember his name and his legacy forever … We loved him so much and nothing can change that.

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  35. admin said . . .

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  36. Nirendell said . . .

    I must say which many said before, that I feel the same way. I see now I’m not alone. We are not alone. I can clearly see he is with us, he never left. I knew about him after his death, (I am just 16) but when I first saw that R.I.P Michael Jackson, I was saying: Oh no, can’t be true…though I really knew nothing about him: just that he was a singer, who had plastic surgery (thanks to the stupid tabloids). After that, I listened to all his albums, watched videos…etc. And he changed me, emotionally, I feel like I lived in darkness before, but now I’m on a journey to the Light. It is just now dawned on me, how much he inspired me, he brought me closer to God, I started to write poems, to draw, to dance, to sing, to learn guitar…wow, he has a GREAT POWER OF LOVE. I feel blessed knowing him, I thank God for that everyday.

    Posted May 25, 2010 at 7:40 pm | Permalink
  37. cynthia said . . .

    This piece is quite heartfelt and insightful. Michael Jackson was a jewel that was sorely underappreciated. Someone who had so much love in his heart it was hard to contain. I hope his message will continue to inspire others to do their best and look to themselves to change the inner man within. I believe Michael understood this journey would not be easy but he tried. We have to try to become better everyday and recognize the power of LOVE.

    Posted May 26, 2010 at 12:04 am | Permalink
  38. gertrude said . . .

    In case there are lingering doubts in anyone that these very similiar and spontaneous global Michael Encounters are not really happening, I want to post something regarding the completely unexpected way that Michael had started affecting me:

    When I really listen to what Michael poured into the art he left us, especially the songs from Invincible, I feel whatever hardness has encased my heart as protection against “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” and the viciousness that dwells alongside so much beauty in this realm and tries rabidly to devour it – I feel that hard protection around my heart break and fall off and leave that beating wound in my chest free to ache, pleasantly, with pain Ive tried so hard to numb. I start to feel a bit like who I really am – like that very little kid I used to be, roaming around the neighborhood, exploring peoples’ gardens, being stunned that the flowers from one lady’s bush of Bleeding Hearts really looked like hearts with a little drip of blood on the end. The kid who used to go sit in a wild patch of vegetation at the end of the street and let worms, ants and caterpillars crawl on her because she couldn’t imagine anything more amazing to do than watch bugs. The kid that felt ecstatic bliss at being alive and huge love for everything and one.

    I feel infused by that unerring lovingness of MICHAEL’S when I’m listening to what he poured of his inner beauty into his work. He never allowed the world to harden him. Those of us who do not have “ears to hear and eyes to see” have thought him weak, but he was almightily strong. It takes an absolute Titan to remain the loving being he truly is in the face of Evil’s relentless onslaught – and that is what he did. I feel shamed and healed at the same time when I listen to Invincible – ashamed that I became hard when he stayed gentle although he endured as deep a pain as any could, and healed because through his art he reaches in and tears that hardness off my heart. Tears fall and gratitude returns. It does not make me feel “OK” with the world. It just makes me feel okay with being steadfast in efforts to be like him – to be the kind of person I know it is right to be. It makes me okay with feeling pain because when Im feeling that its because my heart is loving. It’s because I’m maintaining my integrity and doing that can make me glad. Michael died with the magnificent integrity of never becoming the vicious person in retaliation that he was constantly being attacked by, for absolutely no reason. The 25th of May is only 2 days away. On that day I will listen to Invincible over and over and let it rip the death off my heart so I can feel and live. Maybe I’ll eat something Mexican while I’m at it. {Michael loved Mexican food}. Anyone care to join me?

    Imagine my amazement when I discoverd how much of the profound experience I began having through Michael’s art was also being experienced and discussed here by people from far and wide! Michael hasn’t left us – I FEEL that he is here and with every and anyone who wants him to be with them. And the healing vibration he left for us in his music and dance will fortify us in our quest for his justice. Can I get an Amen?

    Posted May 27, 2010 at 7:49 am | Permalink
  39. Kim said . . .

    First, thank you Barbara once again for a wonderful article. As many others have stated, that interview could have been me. I believe that I was on a path to becoming more conscious since 2007; however two events in my life have escalated my spiritual journey; a serious health issue and June 25th when Michael transitioned to his next life. I also believe he is still here with us; guiding those who were awakened and heard his message. By the looks of what has been posted, I’m not saying anything that is not already known.

    Michael inspires me to be a better person. He inspires me in everything I say and do. I have made a vow (yes a vow) to spend the rest of my life in service of others. Michael is my inspiration. I have many conversations with Michael, God and my angels. I ask for guidance to put me on the right path to be able to carry out Michael’s message of putting L.O.V.E. and light back into the world. I’ve met so many people who are on the same mission. That in itself has shifted the vibrational energy in a more positive direction. Just think about once we start seeing and feeling the results of all the work that is being done to change the world and make it a better place. Wow, what a significant impact that will be! I can’t wait and I truly feel blessed and humbled to be a part of this wonderful movement of changing the world….It’s all for love, L.O.V.E. Namaste to you all!

    Posted May 29, 2010 at 9:31 pm | Permalink
  40. Just a Fan said . . .

    Hi everyone,

    I too have had some experiences that I did not understand. Everyone thought I was going crazy. I did not understand everything that was happenning to me. I’ve been living with this since I heard the news of MJ and up until this day. I was never a true fan. When MJ passed, I cried and felt this pang in my heart, like I knew him before, but I’ve never seen him or heard about him, it really felt like I lost a family member, I grieved and cried, watched his video, I wanted to know MJ, not what was written in the trash mags. I didn’t follow his music or him at all. I was reminded of him in ways that no one could understand. I would read License plates and the last letter would be MJ, I go to a store and the cashiers name is Michael, The License plate would have a dealer name of Michael’s. A Jehova Witness would come up to me and hand me flyer to read. A gentleman ran out of gas in front of the gate where I worked at, I asked him if he needed help, he said yes, I got the guys in the office to bring him gas, we spoke briefly, he told me his name was Michael, then he told me that he wasn’t the archangel Michael, but I was an angel to him for helping him out. These occurances happen every day. I can feel his presence. Sometimes while lying in bed I smell a hint of a scent that is unrecognizable. It’s like everything I am seeing and reading is like a glipse of the future being shown to me. It’s overwhelming. I keep MJ in my heart, and feel his love. I have this feeling that he is helping me. Can he be my guardian angel looking out for me? And I keep hearing the song “Can You Feel It” and “Lovely One” on the radio all the time.

    Posted June 13, 2010 at 12:31 am | Permalink
  41. Simona said . . .

    Oh well… this is my story as well …. enchantment, pure magic. Oh, and pure sorrow, heartbreaking and really impossible to endure at times – when the notion of his absence strikes me so hard that I can’t even breathe. I can’t tell anyone about it, I can’t because nobody around me will understand so I let my “Inner Michael” speak for me. It just comes so natural now – acting more kindly, smiling more, listening, caring. It is him. But I can’t tell anybody that it is him, and this is very very painful. I don’t understand it myself – but reading this, reading all of your comments helps me somehow – it is soothing. I only know one thing, though – This is for good. I mean, this feeling is here to stay, it’s forever. It’s too deep and strong to doubt it. And it’s all for love, L.O.V.E.

    Posted June 16, 2010 at 2:37 pm | Permalink
  42. gertrude said . . .

    The kinds of things that are posted here have been happening to me and who knows to how many others around the globe. It brings me to tears because we can’t talk about this with anyone around us or even close to us and yet we have linked up to each other through the miracle of this global net to know that this is real. It’s as if as soon as he passed, he also tapped us all and said “OK, its time to wake up now!” When he passed I, and so many others, snapped AWAKE – and I was so shocked to discover that I thought I HAD been awake but was actually fast asleep. Or asleep at the wheel – or SOMEthing. I didn’t believe for a second that he had died when I first read it on the net – in fact I said out loud to my co-workers “God, how disgusting!! just because Farrah Fawcett dies they have to make someting up about Michael Jackson dying! Why do they always have to HARASS him?” No one else believed it either. I fully expected the next thing I would read was that the report was a hoax – so when it wasn’t, I felt like I’d been hit by something. I was never one who kept tabs on him. I had stopped being the kind of fan who needed to know personal things about my heroes shortly after puberty. I do remember I smelled a rat both times he was accused, and wasn’t really surprised when he was exonerated, even though I hadn’t really followed either incident that much and did not know the details. I never read tabloids and turned away from “news” reports about him because I always found even them to be unbelievable and offensive.

    Then he passed and something really fierce ran through me that I had no explanation for. I started doing my OWN research thinking, “Im going to get to the bottom of this story, and if he’s guilty he’s guilty and if he’s not he’s not but I am going to find out for myself.” The more you know about the real Michael the more incredulously grateful you become that you have lived when he did and have had him as a backdrop to your life for so long. There is never a day I do not think about him and ponder the meaning of having experienced him, and ponder the meaning of this phenomenon we are talking about here. There is never a day I dont ponder what I should best be doing as a member of his Force. I come here and breathe a huge sigh of relief. I have to re-read these posts regularly because what I am experiencing is so inexplicable I often question my sanity. None of my other heroes had ANY effect on me like this when they died – my LOVED ones haven’t even had this effect on me at their passings. This still perplexes me – until I come here. This Michael-thing is for life, ISN’T it?

    Posted June 20, 2010 at 6:51 am | Permalink

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