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Michael and the Drum- A Dialogue

D: “Your eyes sparkled tonight.”
B: “Really?”
D: “Yeah, in fact you kind of sparkled. And you had that look.”
B: “What look?”
D: “Well, it’s not just your eyes that sparkled. You kind of sparkled. Like you just came from a spa or something.”
B: “Interesting choice of words– Sparkle.”
D: “So what’s going on? Are you in love again or something? What secret have you been keeping from me?”
B: “No, not ‘in love’—more like ‘Love in;’ I had just come from a love in. I was hanging out with Sparkles—Sparkle people. And John Lennon. I suppose you could call it a spa—a Sparkle bath. Bathed in L-O-V-E.
D: “Ok, now you got me. You’d better spill it Cheyenne Sister!”
B: “Yeah OK, Oneida ‘Princess!’ I know, never turn your back on an Indian! Well, before I came to circle tonight I went to a ‘love in.’ It’s a worldwide love meditation held by Michael’s Sparkle people. See, in one of Michael’s songs he talks about creating a “Major Love” around the planet. It’s a reference to the spiritual planetary wave. And a fan has created a space to do the meditation every month on the 25th day. She sent an invitation and the link. People all over the world focus on love and sending out love to the world.”
D: “And they get together every month? Because of Michael? Amazing. Wow; so how was it?”
B: “Brings you to your knees. I was sobbing. I felt it; I felt the love. It was like being in the John Lennon vibe again. I just cried and cried. This is ‘good medicine’ they do.”
D: “Aho! No wonder you looked radiant. You know, during the circle- I looked over at you and you were gone. You were rockin’ it, sister. I have no idea where you were, but you weren’t here.”
B: “I know. I travel. And did you feel the Haiti thing? I just set an intention for Haiti. For healing. And when I started with the rain stick, I had no idea where it would go. But the circle started the syncopation right away. How cool was that? And who was echoing the chant with me—that was haunting. It had to be B, right? She knows how to get between the harmonies. She’s intuitive that way. I couldn’t open my eyes. I was afraid I would lose the vision—I could see them; I could see the Haitians. I could see them healing; healed. Talk about major love.”
D: “I know that one was awesome. The whole circle was feeling it. And the Elders were there—did you hear them?”
B: “You know, I did hear a kind of drone in the background. You think it was the Elders? I thought it was overtones. They were all around us. That sanctuary amplifies everything; the acoustics are stunning in that space.”
D: “Oh the Elders were there. They were standing around the circle. We called and they came.”
B: “Ok, I got goose bumps now. What an amazing day. Thank you for arranging the circle.”
D: “I am so happy to do it. I love it. I thought about Michael too in tonight’s circle. You think he was here?”
B: “Oh yeah. I think Michael definitely was hanging out in a few places tonight. I don’t think Michael ever had the chance to go to a drum circle.”
D: “It’s really sad, isn’t it—how he never had a normal life. How he never got to just hang out with ordinary people? You think he would have liked jamming in drum circle?”
B: “Are you kidding? Well, he certainly would have understood the voice of the drum, the spirit of the drum and the drumming. How drums speak to you. How sometimes they tell you what they want to play, want to say. He would have understood the prayers in the drum, in the spirit. And Spirit. Michael would have felt the Elders. Felt Creator.”
D: “Yes; I was just thinking about his Black and White video. I know what it meant to me when I first saw it. I think Michael would have loved Pow Wow too. He would have danced, would have fit right in.”
B: “Well he sort of got a feel for it tonight.”
D: “You think he was there?”
B: “I think Michael loved it.”
D: “Could you see Michael sitting in circle? Imagine smudging Michael Jackson and his drum in circle!”
B: “Did you just say… ‘Imagine?’ There’s John again.”
D: “Oh, now I have goose bumps.”
B: “Maybe we should intentionally invite Michael next time. We could give him his own chair. We could smudge him. Leave a drum there for him. What do you think?”
D: “Oh my God, would that be an awesome experience. That’s great. I love it! Good medicine.”
B: “May we invite John too?”
D: “Oh yes! Of course! Wouldn’t that just be a major love in!”
B: “Maybe we could ask for healing from Spirit. And for healing the shadow. And for Major L-O-V-E”

D: “We could intentionally drum with Michael for Michael.”
B: “A love-in with drums! Stellar idea!”
D: “I think we should do it! Let’s!”
B: “Whoa, what was that?”
D: “I don’t know; it sounded like a drum. Can’t be. Everybody’s gone.”
B: “Maybe not everybody.”
D: “Wow, did you feel that? That was strange. What do you think that was?”
B: “I think Michael loves the idea.”


  1. BeGodsGlow said . . .

    Thanks 🙂 It was so wonderful, really! This month I felt it on a whole next level. Wow. And your drum circle sounds amazing, btw. I could totally imagine Michael there. I think he'd love it.

    Posted January 31, 2010 at 8:32 pm | Permalink
  2. orchidcolors said . . .

    I love you for this blog entry. Both Michael and John were — and are! — supreme magic makers.

    I've felt the call of my drum before…the Creator's call. It's such a wonderful feeling.

    This also makes me fantastically excited to join a drum circle at my school. It'll be awesome, I just know it! 😀

    Posted February 14, 2010 at 8:43 am | Permalink

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