Inner Michael » This is it? What now? Can we transform dark shadow?

This is it? What now? Can we transform dark shadow?

The piece about Michael and Shadow was disturbing, yes. Shadow is disturbing. And the kind of dark shadow that Michael Jackson had to duel was not a pretty commentary on human nature. Truth is sometimes painful. We look away because we can’t bear it. Shadow is defeated when it is revealed in truth and honesty. An honest and direct look is not always easy.

It is quite probable that those who are guilty of heaping shadow on Michael know somewhere in their hearts what they did. We always know. To expect them to make amends is asking them to face squarely the darkest part of self. And as we see, it is not easy to look it steadily in the face.

The field and memes or cultural myths surrounding Michael and his story are concretized or solidified in the minds of many. The field can be changed. We, together can take on shadow and we can transform it. It is a high game we play. Ready?

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