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Not So Strange, Obe Wan

It happened again today. Someone sent yet another email letter about their experience in the theater and someone I ran into while Christmas shopping told me that she read my guest column and then the piece about “This Is It” and wanted me to know something:

“This is going to sound strange…”
“Probably not.”
“There is something about the movie, about seeing Michael Jackson, about…”
“What do you mean, yes? Do you know what I am talking about?”
“Well, yes; I hear that a lot.”
(And the story begins…)
“I was drawn to the movie “This Is It.” It was almost magnetic, I had to go back again…”
“Uh huh.”
“And then I started playing all his music again…”
“Uh huh.”
“And then I read his book…”
“And then I went to you tube and started watching the videos…”
“Of course you did.”
“And I was up all night.”
“And how did you feel the next day?”
“Well, I kind of felt two things. I really missed him. And I’m not really a fan. I mean I didn’t know his work and his life except for, well, you know…”
“Uh huh. And now?”
“Well it’s really strange, but I miss him. And I feel kind of lost. Or like something is lost.”
“Something you can’t put your finger on, right?”
“Yeah. I’m not sure I can explain it.”
“That’s Ok, you don’t have to. I get it.”
“So what is going on?”

(Here is where I smile and just ask questions:)
“When you were in the movie, or afterward or maybe later, what did you notice? How did you feel? How did you get home, do you remember? What were your emotions doing? Did you feel lightheaded? Did you dream that night? Of what? Did something later in the day or night startle you? Did you have “goose bumps” or did the hair stand at attention somewhere on your body? Did you “shake something off” after the movie? Feel disturbed? Did you cry? Did something feel unfinished?”

“How did you know?”
“Well, I’ve seen this before. Stay tuned.”
“For what?”
“I’m not sure. But something.”
“I even ordered the DVD.”
“Of course you did.” (smile)
“Why do you have that maddening smile on your face?”
“Oh no reason. I LOVE it! You are one!”
“One what?”
“Not a what, a who.”
“Yeah, who’s on first.” (now it’s a grin)
“First? First what?”
“Well, look, I’d say you should watch what shows up in your life; I think you’re going to have some work to do.”
“Funny you should mention that; I’ve had this feeling that I’m supposed to be doing something but I have no idea what.”
“Hmmmm, really?”
“Yeah it’s really weird.”
“Not so weird, Obe Wan.”
“What? What did you call me?”
“Oh nothing. I just think it’s all very interesting.”
“Yeah well you got any idea what’s going on?”
“Uh huh. Go to: , scroll down until you see the earth and the title “Did You Get the Invitation?”
“And then?”
“You might want to rent the movie.”


  1. Rafaella said . . .

    I am reading all the entries so far and I am enjoying it. My story with Michael started before the movie and I don’t think you’d find me nuts if I said, he is put me to work on my long forgotten dream that has to do with films. I am still trying to accept all the change that has hit my life since his passing but there is no denying he changed me completely and for better, including make me bond with friends from all over US, instead of the world this time. I like what I am reading so far and I will be checking Onewordsmith soon as well.

    Posted April 27, 2010 at 3:05 am | Permalink
  2. gertrude said . . .

    Yup. He snapped us awake when he passed. It’s so rare, fascinating and gripping. There are so many millions who can’t get him out of their minds, who are tugged and tugged and tugged at – “find me. find who I really was. who I really am. come with me. there is nowhere else to go. I love you all. I love you more.” Got it? good. let’s dance. And let’s never stop speaking the truth about Michael, about his innocence and magnificence. Let’s starve the odious monster who slanders him and robbed us of him. It calls itself ‘media’, ‘journalist’, ‘author’,’tabloid.” Turn them off. Good. Let’s dance.

    Posted July 3, 2010 at 8:14 pm | Permalink

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