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Thank You

How do I say thank you to companions in my global family? There is no way to properly do it for there really are no words. Come back anytime as I will periodically have messages for you. Please leave messages for me too or send an email at the address I sent you. We have a bond that will never be broken. May you be blessed.

This will never convey it but words are all we have….

English– Thank you

Spanish– Gracias

French– Merci  Beaucoup

Italian– Grazie

Japanese–  Arigato  ありがとう

Chinese– do jeh, daw-dyeh

German– Danke sehr

Thai– Khop Khun Mak Kha

Russian– Spasiba

Korean–  감사합니다 gamsahabnida

Icelandic– Takk

Hawaiian– Mahalo

Hebrew– Toda

Greek– Efharisto


~Rev. B. Kaufmann


  1. Christiane Rousseau said . . .

    Thank you for all your dedication Rev. Barbara Kaufmann. I would love to receive more of your work if that’s possible. You have done a great service for all of us. Bless you now and forever ❤️❤️❤️
    Justice For Michael ❤️
    Peace and love Christiane

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  2. Josie said . . .

    Thank you, again Rev. B you helped so many of us understand that we are not alone with this connection we have with Michael. It made me feel better knowing that these feelings out of knowehere that hit me like a ton of bricks even though it’s hard, there is a reason for it. You helped us acknowledge that we can spread his knowledge so that others don’t go through what he did by spreading the truth the right way. That words full of lies hurt like daggers. Thank you for taking the time with us and even spending time with us by making conference calls in which we conversed and you also did visualization exercises/ meditated with us. Thank you for your wonderful articles helped open us all up and guide us toward making things better for the world and Michael’s legacy. Thank you for helping us acknowledge even though many don’t “get” why we feel the way we do there is a reason behind it. We are all connected by this “love” for a reason. Thank you, thank you again. Good luck on your new mission/journey in life. Thank you for being here for us and a “voice” for the “voiceless”: much love to you.

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  3. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    I am reading all of the surveys sent back to me. This comment was in a survey and I think it needs to be addressed. It’s quite likely this person has repeated this story to other people- that has actually happened to me before and it was hurtful.

    I have no idea why people fabricate stories and attack others. I wish to address it here:

    Here is the comment as written:

    “I felt disappointed with Rev. B because she co-opted Stanislaus and Christina Grof’s work around Spiritual Emergency without citing her sources or giving credit to them for their, at the time, cutting edge research. She could have shared that info so others could take it further in their own pursuit of spiritual knowledge without setting herself up as the expert. I mentioned this to her, privately, and she asked me not to “out her”. Really disappointed in her for that. I would have respected her more if she “owned” this oversight and went public with it when I brought this to her attention :(. Lack of integrity there.”

    My answer: My training in Spiritual Emergency was in seminary at Sancta Sophia in Oklahoma. It was additional training after graduating from the Beloved Community in Oregon.

    The materials are indeed from Stanislav Grof and Christina (if the individual was familiar with the materials, I would expect them to spell the authors’ names correctly.)

    There are references throughout the work to the sources and to publications. There are also references in the Michael Messages. The book on Spiritual Emergency by the Grofs was published in 1990 and was not “cutting edge at the time” of Michael Jackson’s death in 2009; it was in fact part of the lexicon of mental health, being used a great deal by ministers while counselling the bereaved.

    I had previous training in Holotropic Breath Work (also Grof.) My “Spiritual Emergency” training was from a PhD educator whose dissertation was in the spiritual emergency that accompanies death, dying and esoteric realms and literature.

    In counseling many of the 10,000 people who read my work, I often referred them to Grof and the website for more in depth material. I always sourced information and never set myself up as the originator of spiritual emergency work but as a practitioner of the work.

    This comment is hurtful because it is dishonest– something Michael Jackson fans find offensive and which is part of the trauma associated in grieving his death. Michael was accused of things that never would have occurred to his mind.

    In addition, I would never request that someone not “out” me– I’ve been upfront about everything at Inner Michael because a traumatized individual does not need additional trauma caused by a mentor, minister or counsellor who would dare lie to them. That would be an insult and injury to someone who put their trust in a third party. Trust is a sacred gift to betray it is far too unkind. The conversation cited here never happened.

    These are the tactics individuals use who are envious of others’ accomplishments. They attempt to discredit those they feel competitive with. As Michael Jackson fans, please don’t do that. You know how jealousy hurt him. More times than not, when we throw shade at another, it’s our own shadow that we refuse to own so we request someone else to wear our shadow for us. I hope this individual finds their way out of jealousy and back into the light.

    Rev. B.

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  4. Gloria Christopher said . . .

    Dear Rev.B, in reference to the above comments directed to you. They leave me with the same feeling I never seem to get over and remain absolutely astounded by hearing and reading comments made about Michael that could not possibly be true. And have not ever yet been able to understand why people do this to him or you or any other person. I think these people are just full of fear for some reason and just can’t let the light in. I think all I can do is bless them and release them to their choices.
    Lovingly, Gloria

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  5. B. Kaufmann said . . .

    Thank you Gloria. I’m with you and I stagger in disbelief at gross misinterpretations of my intentions because I know what they are and I’m self-reflective enough to examine them having been gratefully taught by some astounding teachers through the years. If anything I’ve been too protective of fans because of how gritty the grieving and anguish. To be accused of harming them is anathema to who I am. What’s sad about this kind of fear is this: look at the imagination and creativity this magnitude of fiction required to project onto me. That is talent going to waste in the pursuit of diminishing others while the self and soul of this person shrivels. The soul always knows what you’re up too. You cannot lie to your soul.

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